Town of Galen & Village of Clyde
Miscellaneous Death Records

Contributed by Leola Sutton

"Parents are listed when recorded, and all places given are in NY State unless otherwise specified."

18 May 1897 Margueritte KELSEY, age 3y 27d, born Galen, Fred I. Kelsey, born Galen and Lenora SMITH, born Huron, Heart failure, obstruction of bowels.

18 May 1897 Darmin E. YURY, age 57y9m, Farmer, born NY, John F. and Mary A. Yury, both born NY, Carcionorins of liver.

3 June 1897 Christian KOBLEY, age 76y, Cobbler, born Germany, Christian Kobley and Alina WISE, both born Switzerland, Pneumonia, buried Clyde

3 June 1897 Maria FISCHETTE, age 4y, born Clyde, Thomas and Salome Fischette, both born Italy, Diptheria

6 June 1897 Mary I. WOOD, age 77y, Housekeeper, born Johnstown, Caleb GRINELL and Mary SEYMOUR, Exhaustion (Goitre), buried Brockport

7 June 1897 Nellie FITZSIMMONS, age 2y, born Clyde, Nicholas and Winifred Fitzsimmons, both born US, Scalded by hot water, buried Clyde

9 June 1897 Mary A. POWERS, age 74, Housekeeper, born London, England, Thomas and Mary A. BAUMAN, both born England, Heart disease, buried Clyde

11 June 1897 Bernard PETTEYS, age 1m, born Clyde, Lester A. Petteys and Susan D. HEIT, both born NY, Gastritis, buried Clyde

12 June 1897 Amattucia FISCHETTE, age 7d, born Clyde, Oliver and Filinia Fischette, both born Italy, Diptheria, buried Clyde

20 June 1897 Ellen SWIFT WEEKS, age54y5m13d, Housewife, born Colgrove, England, Frederick and Elizabeth Swift, both born England, Consumption, buried Rose

22 June 1897 Lesnia SIRNOLO, age 3m, born Clyde, Vito Sirnolo, born Italy, Marasmus, buried Clyde

22 June 1897 Christina WALHIZER, age 75y9m18d, born HesseDarmstadt, Germany, George H. YOUNG and Mary WISE, both born Germany, Diabetes, buried Lyons Rural Cem.

23 June 1897 Mary L. PERKINS, age 38y2m8d, Housewife, born Clyde, George and Lucy ALLEN BOWERING, Heart Disease and rheumatism, buried Clyde

25 June 1897 Hiram RANDALL, age 64y11m23d, Laborer, born Stonington, CT, Joshua Randall, born US, Apoplexy, buried Shepard, CT

28 June 1897 Jacko JUNI, age 7y, born Savannah, Tony and Yvina (?) Juni, both born Italy, Croup, buried Clyde

4 July 1897 Lydia HARPER KELSEY, age 41, Housewife, born Galen, Alexander HARPER

4 July 1897 John KAVANAUGH, age 41, Glass Blower, born Co. Kerry, Ireland, Patrick Kavanaugh, born Ireland

18 October 1898 Sarah GAY, age 73y5m 24d, Housekeeper, born Savannah, Peter and Permelia DILLS, Heart disease

5 November 1898 Gardner C. CHILDS, age 73y10m12d, Physician, born Bath, Gardner and Lucy Childs, Enteritis, buried Clyde

8 November 1898 Albert F. RUFFIELD, age 81y8m, Gentleman, born Victor, Luther Ruffield and Mary DRYER, both born MA, (?) of arteries of brain, buried Clyde

8 November 1898 Charity M. SYRON, age 75y, born Galen, Benjamin TRIPP and Mary BOURRELL, Pneumonia, buried Clyde

27 November 1898, Jacob HEIT, age 75y8m19d, Farmer, born Hatten, Alsace, France, Michael and Dorothy SPITTLER Heit, both born Hatten, Alsace, France, Apoplexy, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

1 December 1898 Nettie CONVERSE, age 43y2m, Housewife, born Rose, Almon HARPER, born Junius and Sarah A. JEFFERS, born Rose, Acute Perotinitis, buried Clyde

3 December 1898 Louis HARTMAN, age 46, Miller, born Clyde, John Hartman, born Germany and Mary STUMM, born Prussia, Bronchial consumption, buried Clyde

3 December 1898 Grace BLODGETT, age 16, Student, born Clyde, (?) and Jane Blodgett, born Lyons, Phthisis Pulmonalis, buried Clyde

17 December 1898 Angelo DIJOHN, age 78, Laborer, born Italy, Salvatore and Teresa DiJohn, both born Italy, Consumption, buried Clyde

24 December 1898 Charles H. SMITH, age 52y11m26d, Farmer, born Saginaw, MI, George W. Smith and Mary ROSECRANS, Pneumonitis, buried Clyde

29 December 1898 T. A. STRATTON, age 51y6m, Farmer, born Galen Oliver and Sarah L. Stratton, born Galen, Phthisis Pulmonalis, buried Clyde

30 December 1898 Mary GROESBECK, age 82y6m15d, Retired, born Peterboro, Madison Co., Edward and Mary JONES, both born England, Paresis on softening brain, buried Clyde

8 January 1899 Charity IVES FORTE, age 81y6m21d, Housekeeper, born Cazenovia, ? Ives, born Salisbury and Clarissa GILBRUH, born Johnstown, General Debility, buried Cazenovia

9 January 1899 Addison TUCK, age 83y2m17d, Gardener, born VA, William (all that is recorded), Paralysis of heart, buried Clyde

11 January 1899 G.F. CHAPMAN, age 18y, Killed by the cars, buried Clyde

13 January 1899 Daisy MAYNARD, age 14, born PA, G.S. and Flora M. Maynard, both born PA, La Grippe

24 January 1899 William FLYNN, age 59y, Laborer, born Ireland, Patrick and Margaret Flynn, both born Ireland, La Grippe, buried Clyde

25 January 1899 Friend AUSTIN, age 57, Blacksmith, born Hillsboro, Columbia Co., David Austin, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde

26 January 1899 Terecina FISCHETTE, age 1m, born Clyde, Thomas and Mary Fischette, both born Italy, Pneumonia, buried Clyde

27 January 1899 Leona M. DAVIS, age 27y7m20d, School teacher, born Galen, James and Julia ADEN, both born Ireland, Tuberculosis, buried Clyde

27 January 1899 Louisa SHEPARD, age 60y, born Galen, Harry and Mary GORDON Shepard, both born NY, Influenza, buried Clyde

30 January 1899 Margaret R. HULL, age 82y22d, Housekeeper, born Scotland, Samuel and Margaret RITCHIE, both born Scotland, La grippe, buried Clyde

3 February 1899 Mary LAUSTER, age 60y, Housekeeper, born Germany, (?) and Barbara ALBAN, both born Germany, La grippe, buried Clyde

6 February 1899 Benjamin F. SHERMAN, age 67y, Carpenter, born Rose, Chas. B. and Lucina Sherman, both born Town of Butler, Cerebral Parisis, buried Clyde

8 February 1899 Wealthy SPENCER, age 71y, Housewife, born Pine Plains, Peter and Temperance KNAPP, both born Pine Plains, Apoplexy, buried Clyde

11 February 1899 Pomeroy A. BLAISDELL, age 75y, Retired, born Savannah, Parents born Savannah, (no names given), General debility, buried Savannah

12 February 1899 Mahala M. JENELL, age 67y2m, Nurse, born Knoxville, PA, Jonathan SALES, born VT and Mary GARLOCK, born CT, Congestion of lungs and weak heart, buried Rose Valley

14 February 1899 Michael POWERS, age 75y5m, Farmer, born Ireland, Edward and Ellen Powers, both born Ireland, Congestion of lungs, buried Clyde

15 February 1899 Ellen STORY, age 48y11m23d, Housewife, born Galen, Isaac and Emaline DULEY BENDLE, Ry(?) nyphrosis, buried Clyde

17 February 1899 Salmon H. SKINNER, age 83y1m8d, Farmer, born Saratoga Co., Adonijah Skinner and Abigail DAY, Grip, buried Clyde

19 February 1899 Pearl L. SEAMANS, age 1y7m6d, Infant, born Clyde, Caloni, born Throop and Julia M. Seamans, born Clyde, Pneumonia, buried Clyde

22 February 1899 Fanny HALLETT, age 63y6m, Housewife, born England, Wm. and Mrs. W. POTTER, both born England, Pulmonary tuberculosis, buried Clyde

26 February 1899 Marvin N. BRADEN, age 44y11m, Farmer, born Junius, John and Eliza Braden, born Junius, Acute pericarditis, buried Clyde

28 February 1899 Margaret CAHILL, age 28y5m, Housekeeper, born Clyde, Wm., born Montezuma and Johanna COSSELMAN, born Ireland, Bronchitis, buried Clyde

Submitted by Leola Sutton

Spellings are as given in the original records and will not be changed. For further information about persons listed, we thank you in advance for directing all inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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