Some Early 1880s Marriages

Town of Galen, Wayne County, NY

Contributed by Leola Sutton

"Parents are listed, and all places given are in NY State unless otherwise indicated."

15 December 1881
James T. GRAHAM 22 Galen to Anna RAUSER 21 Clyde
Walter Graham and Maria COLE
Fred Rauser and (not given)

21 December 1881
Franklin MCGRAW 26 to Sarah A. TURNER 21 both of Clyde
Hazskiah McGraw and Martha STOCK
John Turner and (not given)

1 January 1882
William HEIT 26 to Delia WEED 23 both of Galen
Jacob Heit and Magdalena MILLER
Selleck Weed and Louisa SLAWSON

10 January 1882
Sanford TUCKER 37 Covert to Cynthia VANSLYKE 32 Joy Magnelo
James Tucker and Matilda WILKINS
Jonas VanSlyke and Cornelia SMITH

11 January 1882
William JENKINS 25 Vermillion OH to Maria HEISLER 23 Huron
Myron Jenkins and Sarah MAGEE
Henry Heisler and Barbara MANNES

14 January 1882
William NICHOLS 25 to Minnie MCGRATH 17 both of Galen
William M. Nichols and Elizabeth BEURMAN
Syman McGrath and Katharine WARD

17 January 1882
Thomas WILLIAMS 28 England to Ann Elizabeth TUFFTS 25 Clyde
Charles Williams and Sinah BARABAS
George Tuffts and Susan WOOLASTON

19 January 1882
Aden STORY 22 Junius to Jennie HANCOCK 25 Galen
George Story and Martha LEROY
George Hancock and Adelia FURLONG

1 February 1882
George FOIST 25 to Ella BURT 21 both of Galen
John Foist and Mary FERGESON
Iva Burt and Jane NICHOLS

1 March 1882
Frank BREWSTER 22 Wolcott to Georgianna HANCOCK 22 Williamson
Albert Brewster and Eveline SNODAKER
George Hancock and Adelia FURLONG

6 June 1883
Lester PETTEYS 26 Savannah to Susan HEIT 26 Galen
Moses Petteys and Jane CRAWFORD
George Heit and Mary EYRE

27 June 1883
Hugo BRAND 30 Bavaria to Maria YOUNG 23 Clyde
John Brand and Caroline ZWISTEIN
Robert Young and Emilly HARPER

26 July 1883
George REYNOLDS 42 Galen to Sarah SEARS 39 Lyons
A.S. Reynolds and Martha BARKER
William Sears and Emmarett AGIUS

20 August 1883
Melvin BILLINGTON 18 Bridgeport to Ella PHILLIPPS 18 Clyde
Philip Billington and Sarah PALMER
Stephen Phillipps and Sarah TOWNSEND

25 September 1883
William BOWFINGER 18 to Mary MATHEWS 27 (no places given)
John Bowfinger and (not given)
William Mathews and Sarah STIELE

10 October 1883
John VANAMBURG 24 Clyde to Cornelia MOORE 17 Huron
James VanAmburg and Sarah WINCHELL
Robert Moore and Martha NICHOLS

11 October 1883
Martin SOURS 40 Clavarack to Maria ARVIN 46 DeKalb
John Sours and Catharine MICHAEL
Michael Arvin and Jane JOBLIN

28 October 1883
Willie SPRAGUE 18 Savannah to Millie LAUPMAN 17 Butler
Stephen Sprague and Sylvia HALL
Casper Laupman and S. PORTER

13 November 1883
Ambrose TOMPKINS 27 MI to Cornelia STRATTON 25 Galen
L.P. Tompkins and Phebe EMERY
Oliver Stratton and Sarah WEED

27 November 1883
James F. LORD (no age given) Hamilton to Emma SAYLES 35 Clyde
Horace Lord and Jennett WILLARD
S.J. Sayles and Lavina OTIS

28 November 1883
Samuel SICKLES 22 NY to Elizabeth GALLOWAY 20 Tyre
Isac Sickles and Harriett CASE
Suset Galloway and Elener BAKER

5 December 1883
Bowman PETTINGER 23 Wilkes Barre PA to Emily MESTLER 23 Germany
J.H. Pettinger and Mary HUSTON
John Mestler and Elizabeth MILLER

5 December 1883
William DOTY 20 Butler to Carrie DRURY 19 Huron
John Doty and Emeline BENNETT
Alvin Drury and Jane GRAHAM

12 December 1883
Willard POST 24 Butler to Isadora WALDRON 22 Wolcott
Alonzo Post and Eliza SIMPSON
Beryl Waldron and Ann COOPER

15 December 1883
Henry GROPPE 26 OH to Elizabeth WRIGHT 21 Galen
John Groppe and Maggie SNYDER
Charles Wright and Lydia GARLIC

23 December 1883
Charles GRAHAM 32 Port Byron to Clara WALDRUFF 21 Clyde
Henry Graham and Sarah LAMKIN
Jacob Waldruff and Catherine GROESBECK

26 December 1883
John DOOLITTLE 27 Pittstown to Ella YORK 21 Huron
Waite Doolittle and Caroline WALKER
George York and Elizabeth LOOKER

31 December 1883
George EARLES 24 Tyre to Mary HARRINGTON 21 Clyde
Calvin Earles and Sarah TRAVIS
William Harrington and Catherine MITCHELL

Submitted by Leola Sutton

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