Some Late 19th Century Death Records

Town of Galen, Wayne County, NY

Contributed by Leola Sutton.

"Parents are listed when recorded, and all places given are in NY State unless otherwise specified."

Edward MURRAY 10 November 1883, age 20y11m5d, Laborer, born Clyde, John Murray and Bridget FRAHR, both born Ireland, Hemorrage of lungs, buried Clyde Catholic Cem.

Fred B. PARKER 12 November 1883, age 11y7m12d, born Lyndonville, Chauncey N. Parker and Adelia BARNARD, both born NY, Septicaemia and diptheria.

Henry P. HEIT 18 November 1883, age 30y9m18d, Farmer, born Galen, George Heit and Mary EYER, both born Hatten, Alsace, France, Paralysis due to spinal neuroma, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Lena ROBINSON 20 November 1883, (no age given) born Clyde, Thos. Robinson and Sarah BARBER, Diptheria terminating in croup, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Edith MARIETT 28 November 1883, age 6y, birthplace not given, Wm. Mariett, Diptheria, buried South Butler Cem.

Charles ARZBURGER 29 November 1883, age 18y, Laborer, born Clyde, Thos. Arzburger and Martha DILLON, both born Germany, Killed by cars NYWS & BRR Co., buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Celia A. SIMMONS 5 December 1883, age 7y7m24d, born Port Byron, D.L. Simmons, Jr. born Utica, and Zilpha M. Simmons, Diptheria, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Maggie SANFORD 8 December 1883, age 2y8m1d, born Galen, Wm. Sanford and Nellie LUFFMAN, born Wolcott, Catarrhal inf. of lungs, buried Lyon Cem.

Cassie E. SIMMONS 13 December 1883, age 5y7m23d, born Clyde, D.L. Simmons, Jr., born Utica and Zilpha M. Simmons, Diptheria, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Lewis J. SIMMONS 15 December 1883, age 3y23d, born Clyde, D.L. Simmons, Jr., born Utica and Zilpha M. Simmons, Diptheria, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Arnold GALUSHA 17 December 1883, age 8m7d, born Clyde, Richard and Bessie Galusha, Bronchitis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Matthew COSTILLO 23 December 1883, age 42y, Tailor, born Ireland, John and Ellen Costillo, both born Ireland, Pulmonary pthisis, buried Clyde Catholic Cem.

Lenora CONVERSE 1 January 1884, age 3y2m3d, born Lyons, Levi POWELL andCarrie POOL, Diptheria, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Erving CHASE 3 January 1884, age 13y, born Galen, Darwin Chase and Frances CLARK, Unknown cause of death, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Eliza CHILD 9 January 1884, age 79y11m16d, born NYC, John Carpenter, born NYC.

Thomas MCCLOSKY 15 January 1884, age 47y, Blacksmith, born Ireland, James McClosky, born Ireland.

Maggie MORIARTY 19 January 1884, age 12y6m23d, born Clyde, Michael Moriarty, born Ireland.

Nora WHALEN WHITTY 18 January 1884, age 23y10m3d, Housewife, born Savannah, Thomas Whalen, born Ireland.

John G. HOOD 25 January 1884, age 77y, Druggist, born Romulus, Andrew Hood.

Abigail T. HAND 30 January 1884, age 87y11m4d, Housekeeper, born VT, Levi TUTTLE, born VT .

Henry Harvey REYNOLDS 24 January 1886, age 17d, born Marengo, Bruce A. and Martha A. Reynolds, both born Marengo, Failure of respiration, overdose of opium, buried Junius.

Lucia JONES 27 January 1886, age 85, Ezra KNAPP, born US, Old age with nervous prostration, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Carrie G. SPENCER HEIT 30 January 1886, age 32y6m26d, Housekeeper, born Clyde, John M. and Wealthy R. Spencer, Nervous exhaustion and purpural mania, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Sarah A. EMIGH 13 February 1886, age 76y2m, Farmer's wife, born Dutchess Co., Beriah AUSTIN and Phebe SISCISBOY, paralysis, buried Ridge Rd. Cem.

Phoebe S. VANBUSKOCK 14 February 1886, age 61y10m2d, Housekeeper, born Varick, Seneca Co., Jacob P. Syron and Anna BACKOVECE, both born NJ, Hemiplegia, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Ellen Jane REYNOLDS 15 February 1886, age 20y5m, Housekeeper, born Scottsbush, Fulton Co., Patrick and Margaret TAMMEY, both born Ireland, Puerperal fever, buried Lyons.

Agustus EPOCK 17 February 1886, age 5m, born Syracuse, Agustus and Mary Epock, Accidentally smothered by the Mother laying on it while asleep, buried Clyde.

Edwin Abram WEED 19 February 1886, age 19d, born Marengo, Wallace, born Galen and Jessie M.Weed, born Pilsburg, IN, Convulsions - gastro enteritis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

(No first name) SCUTT 20 February 1886, age 2d, born Clyde, Freeman and Alvina W. Scutt, Infantile convulsions, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Hurburt GALUSHA 1 March 1886, age 13y6m, born Warren Co., Richard Galusha and Betsey Ann MEADS, Acute meningitis, buried Maple Glen Cem.

Martha BRIGGS 1 March 1886, age 78y21d, born Columbia Co., Phineus and Abgialle REED, Senile debility with advanced age, buried Maple Glen Cem.

Salvia C. BOICE 2 March 1886, age 34y1m15d, Housekeeper, born Clyde, Soloman and Rhoda SKINNER, Plura Pneumonia Exposure, buried White (?).

Alvina WRIGHT SCUTT 4 March 1886, age 40y10d, Housekeeper, born Clyde, Chas., born England, and Angeline Wright, born NY, Exhaustion from diarrhea following Brights disease, Valvular disease of the heart and childbirth, buried Maple Glen Cem.

James MURPHY 9 March 1886, age 28y6m22d, General laborer, born Clyde, James and Ellen KELLY Murphy, both born Clyde, Stricture of bowels, buried Seneca Falls

Elias WILLIAMS 10 March 1886, age 68, Carpenter, born Stonington, CT, Rockwell Williams, Exposure, buried Maple Glen Cem.

Louisa BONSER 19 March 1887, age 57y4m22d, Dressmaker, born London, England, Thomas Bonser and Mary A. SPENCER, both born England, Hemiphigia and Tuberculosis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Abel CROSBY 30 March 1887, age 64y6m, Railroad employee, born MA, Joseph and Ruth Crosby, Struck by railroad engine, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Hattie CONVURSE 30 March 1887, age 2y8m, born Clyde, Eugene and Mary J. Convurse, Menengitis, buried Clyde old cemetery

Catharine BACKMAN 1 April 1887, age 83, Housekeeper, born Livingston, (No parent names), Cardiac failure from advanced life, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Melia A. ELSWORTH 2 April 1887, age 56y1m18d, Housewife, born St. Joe Co.,IN, Johnson SAMPSON, born KY and Margret EDWARDS, born NC, Apoplexy, buried Watkins.

Irene EXNER 3 April 1887, age 38y4m8d, Servant, born Galen, James and Jane Exner, both born NY, Pneumonia, buried Ev(?) Cem., Savannah.

James M. ARMATAGE 4 April 1887, age 40y7m4d, Druggist, born Clyde, James Armatage, born MA and Eliza MAGEE, born Syracuse, Apoplexy and Alcoholism, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Mary CANFIELD 7 April 1887, age 68y6m2d, Housewife, born Hilsdale, John L. and Cornelia BECKER, both born Hilsdale, Mitral disease of the heart, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Ida May STEMP 15 April 1887, age 1m, born Clyde, Thomas Stemp and Lydia L. CANNING, both born NY, Premature - about 7 month gestation, J.Stillman in charge.

Philip ALLEN 16 April 1887, age 27y11m16d, Farmer, born Syracuse, M. and Ellen Allen, both born Tiperary Co., Ireland, Consumption, buried Clyde Catholic Cem.

Nellie L. CRANE 23 April 1887, age 19y9m17d, born Clyde, John L. Crane, born Butler and Adelia BAKER, born Port Byron, Encephalitis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Daniel ACOMER 24 April 1887, age 56y3m3d, Stone Mason, born Ireland, (no parents given) Fracture of Skull, buried Ev(?) Cem. Savannah

Augusta H. CASEY 20 April 1887, age 45y11m10d, Dressmaker, born Clyde, Ade Howe, born Poughkeepsie and Amelia C. Howe, born Saratoga, Suicide by shooting through head with pistol, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

Louisa A. WILLIS 24 April 1887, age 79y8m12d, Housewife, born Orange Co., Daniel H. SNEDAKER and Experience HULTZ, General debility and paralysis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cem.

John Henry WASHIER 1 May 1887, age not given, born Clyde, John Washier (rest unreadable).

Esther Malinda JONES 17 March 1897, age 52y1m1d, Housekeeper, born Huron, Benjamin S., born Phelps and Betsey GOULD Jones, born Farmington, Consumption and bronchial trouble, buried Clyde

Ella M. LEE 13 March 1897, age 37, Housewife, born Montezuma, Elisah BLOWER, born Marcellus and Eliza BLOWER, born Savannah, Post partum hemorrhage, buried Clyde.

Flora Ellen RODERSEE 17 March 1897, age 42, Housewife, George WOODWORTHY, born Tyre, Organic heart disease, buried Clyde.

John VANNESS 23 March 1897, age 80y3m25d, Laborer, born Dutchess Co., John Van Ness and Mary NICHOLOY, both born US, Chronic diarrhea, buried Clyde.

James MACK 25 March 1897, age 65, Blacksmith, born Ireland, Parents not given, Consumption and ulceration of stomach, buried Clyde

Lois SMITH 1 April 1897, age 3d, born Galen, E. and Emma Smith, both born Galen, Probable obstruction of bowel, buried Rose .

Catherine BLASDELL 15 April 1897, Housekeeper, born Savannah, Dan GAY, Heart failure, old age, apoplexy, buried Clyde.

Sophia MALCHOFF 17 April 1897, age 81y2m29d, Retired homemaker, born McKelberg, Germany, John and May LAFFERT, both born Germany, Acute Nephritis, buried Clyde.

Philip James WALSH 19 April 1897, age 26y, Laborer, born Clyde, John Walsh, born NY and Mary CRAW, born Ireland, General debility of kidneys and liver, buried Clyde.

Nellie COSTELLO 22 April 1897, age 24y, Housekeeper, born Clyde, Matthew and Ann Costello, both born Ireland, Phthisis pulmonalis, buried Clyde.

Rosa JOHNSON 22 April 1897, age 7y10m, born Galen, Thomas Johnson, born Canada and Anna Johnson, born Ireland, Abscess of liver and organic heart disease, buried Clyde.

PITZZERUSO 25 April 1897, Laborer, born Galen, James and Josephine Pitzzeruso, both born Italy, Pneumonia, buried Clyde.

Laura A. CLOSS 5 April 1897, Housewife, born Sodus, Orson HEWITT, born NH and Ann HEWITT, born Sodus, Cardiac dropsy, buried Clyde

Nicholas FITZSIMMONS 2 May 1897, age 45, Farmer, born Canada, Nicholas Fitzsimmons, born Butler, buried Clyde.

James KELLEY 2 May 1897, age 50, Laborer, born Dublin, Ireland, James and Mary Kelley, both born Ireland, Heart disease, buried Clyde.

George H. HOYT 14 May 1897, age 73y8m8d, Glass Manufacturer, born ME, George W. Hoyt and Marcia JONES, both born ME, Nephritis, buried Clyde.

William O. GRAHAM 14 May 1897, age 34y9m20d, Farmer, born Galen, Aler Graham, born Galen and Romelia CENTER, born Columbia Co., Apoplexy, buried Clyde.

Howard ARMITAGE 19 May 1897, age 2hours, born Galen, Stanley, born Galen and Estelle May Armitage, born Tyre, Malformation, buried Tyre.

Clementine PITZZERUSO 21 May 1897, age 7m, born Clyde, Rocco and Teresa Pitzzeruso, both born Italy, Convulsions, buried Clyde.

Evan ROBERTS 22 May 1897, no age given, Farmer, born Utica, David Roberts, born Marcy and Ann Roberts, born Wales, Explosion of dynamite, buried Newark.

Julia Ward ELY 22 May 1897, age 63y, Housekeeper, born Clyde, Smith Ely, born Warren Co. and Mary WARD, born Metz, Tuberculosis of the intestines, buried Clyde.

Henry HEIT 25 May 1897, age 73y6m10d, Farmer, born Hatten, Alsace, France, Michael Heit and Dorothy SPITTLER Heit, both born Hatten, Alsace, France, Heart disease, buried Lyons Rural Cem.

Mary O'GRADY 27 May 1897, age 68y, Housewife, born Ireland, Edmond and Ellen FLYNN, both born Ireland, Chronic brights disease, buried Clyde.

Joanna JENISON, May 1897, age 88y, Housewife, born Columbia Co., Winthrop PHELPS and Mrs. Phelps, both born US, Grip, buried Lyons.

George DENEL 5 June 1897, age 47y9m, Farmer, born Herkimer Co., Steven Denel, born Herkimer Co., Diabetes and severe cold, buried Lyons.

Allen SCOTT 8 June 1897, age 72y7m, Laborer, born Sennett, William and Eunice Scott, both born US, Killed by the cars, buried Newark.

Freda C. MARSHALL 20 June 1897, age 2y6m8d, born Rose, George W. Marshall, born Erie Co. and Elia Marshall, born NE, Capillary bronchitis, buried Rose.

Patrick B. MURRAY 24 June 1897, age 50y, Laborer, born England, John and Margaret Murray, both born Ireland, Phthisis pulmonalis, buried Clyde.

NOTTINGHAM 3 July 1897, 1d, born Clyde, Frank, born Palmyra and Anna Nottingham, born Lyons, Premature birth, buried Clyde.

William CLABBY 24 July 1897, age 19y4m1d, Glass Cutter, born Clyde, James Clabby, born Ireland and Margaret Clabby, born England, Heart disease, buried Clyde.

Alice E. SCHOONMAKER 20 August 1897, age 31y10m18d, Dressmaker, born Montezuma, John JETTY, born Canada and Mary NYE Jetty, born Montezuma, Heart disease, buried Clyde.

Mary Ann BABCOCK 18 August 1897, age 83y4m14d, Housewife, born Durham, CT, Gelial HULL, born Durham, CT and Mary HULL, born Hadden, CT, Dropsy.

Teresa KEENAN 29 August 1897, age 1y1m23d, born Syracuse, James Keenan, born Oneida and Irene Keenan, born Phoenix, Entero colitis, buried Clyde.

Submitted by Leola Sutton

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