January - May 1901

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January 2 - Bert CRAWFORD, Clyde, age 29, b. Romulus, laborer to Carrie ALLEN HALSTEAD, Clyde, age 51, born Nottingham, England.

His parents: George CRAWFORD and Clarissa M. BISHOP

Her parents: John ALLEN and Charlotte VORMAN

January 20 - Francisco Vincenzo MORTOCCIO, Rochester, age 32, b. Italy, musician to Felicita SICCORANGO, Clyde, age 28, b. Italy.

His parents: Joseph MORTOCCIO and Isabella MIGLIANO

Her parents: Raphael SICORRANZO and Teresa SANTOLI

(Her surname is spelled in two different ways)

January 31 - Charles HART, Marengo, age 27, b. Junius, farmer to Emma STICKLES, Clyde, age 27, b. Clyde.

His parents: Samuel HART and Cornelia GILBERT

Her parents: Albert STICKLES and Nettie MOON

January 31 - Ernest L. DITTON, Huron, age 21, b. Rose, laborer to Maud R. CRAFT, Waterloo, age 24, b. Tyre.

His parents: Charles DITTON and Lavina PHILLIPS

Her parents: Hiram CRAFT and Frances BRACER

February 13 - G. Henry REYNOLDS, Wayne Center, age 21, b. Michigan, farmer to Nellie J. STEITLER, Galen, age 23, b. Galen.

His parents: George L. REYNOLDS and Phebe M. TAYLOR

Her parents: Henry P. STEITLER and Katherine W. KLIPPEL

February 21 - John COLVIN, Jr., Marion, age 21, b. Sodus, farmer to Helen Lillian MILHAN, Marion, age 21, b. Marion.

His parents: John COLVIN and Minnie MASON

Her parents: Morton MILHAN and M.J. BARCLAY

February 25 - Charles L. BICKNELL, Clyde, age 23, b. Phelps, farmer to Frankie S. WALDORF, Clyde, age 19, b. Columbia Co.

His parents: George BICKNELL and Alice SIMMONS

Her parents: James WALDORF and Esther MILLER

February 27 - Frank A. KELSEY, Galen, age 49, b. Galen, farmer to Anna E. JOHNSON, Clyde, age 47, b. England.

His parents: Samuel KELSEY and Susan BLISS

Her parents: John B. JOHNSON and Marian PRESTIN

March 13 - Ernest G. KETCHUM, Clyde, age 21, b. Clyde, farmer to D. Belle SAMPSON, Clyde, age 21, b. Clyde.

His parents: Albert L. KETCHUM and Satie GRAHAM

Her parents: A.P. SAMPSON and Lucy E. SHERMAN

March 14 - Peter L. ALLEN Jr., Clyde, age 32, b. Watertown, baker to Corinne SMITH, Rose, age 31, b. Rose.

His parents: Peter L. ALLEN and Josephine WAKEFIELD

Her parents: Richard SMITH and Frances PORTER

March 16 - Francisco CAPPARELLI, Clyde, age 24, b. Italy, laborer to Teresa DiLEO, Clyde, age 18, b. Italy.

His parents: Pasquali CAPPARELLI and Mary T. SANGOSTI

Her parents: Guiseppe DiLEO and Fioranda SICCORANZO

March 21 - Adon J. HOFFMAN, Clyde, age 20, b. Clyde, clerk to Ida Mae BLODGETTE, Clyde, age 20, b. Clyde.

His parents: Seymour HOFFMAN and Julia EXNER

Her parents: John M. BLODGETTE and Janette HUNTER

April 1 - Louis W. BRADEN, Marengo, age 27, b. Dewitt, MI, farmer to Hattie S. STRATTON, Clyde, age 22, b. Marengo.

His parents: Joseph BRADEN and Helen WORDEN

Her parents: Theodore STRATTON and Cora BEADLE

April 3 - William PECKHAM, Martville, age 21, b. Martville, farmer to Hattie KOUTA, Clyde, age 16, b. Ira Hill.

His parents: Almon PECKHAM and Ella PECK

Her parents: Wm. A. MONTA and Ida STOUGHTENGER

April 5 - William O'DONNELL, Rose, age 26, b. Rose, farmer to Helen O. AVERY, Galen, age 20, b. Floyd.

His parents: Patrick O'DONNELL and Bridget ARCHFALL

Her parents: Edward AVERY and Mary CUSHMAN

April 10 - Edward LESTER, Galen, age 28, b. Galen, farmer to Mary RODWELL, Clyde, age 21, b. Galen.

His parents: Joseph LESTER and Margaret HART

Her parents: George RODWELL and Malinda OLIVER

May 10 - Ernest E. FAULKNER, Corning, age 20, b. South (?), PA, farmer to Ruby LeFEVRE, Clyde, age 17, b. Clyde.

His parents: Wm. FAULKNER and Cornelia WRIGHT

Her parents: Edward LeFEVRE and Emma McBETH

May 10 - Elijah C. LANGDON, Seneca Falls, age 28, b. Seneca Falls, butcher to Lucy Rosetta DAVENPORT, Clyde, age 18, b. Clyde.

His parents: John E. LANGDON and Nancy M. HARRIS

Her parents: Hiram A. DAVENPORT and Emeline CARSKADEN

May 15 - Alexander GREGG, Wolcott, age 27, b. Wolcott, farmer to Caroline VAN HOUT, Rose, age 27, b. Wallington.

His parents: Robert M. GREGG and Jane HILL

Her parents: David VANHOUT and Anna BURLEE

May 24 - Frank WHITE, Clyde, age 35, b. Keysville, mechanic to Emma J. STICKLES BELKNAP, Clyde, age 37, b. Wayne Center.

His parents: Henry WHITE and Esther VEAVER

Her parents: Edward STICKLES and Sarah CHATTERSON

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