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Clyde Hotel

Clyde Hotel, Clyde, N.Y.

Source: Grip's" Historical Souvenir of Clyde, Copyright 1905, "Grip", 109 Corning Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.

The "Grip's" books were put out by a small company in Syracuse. Grip published small books about other villages in the Finger Lakes as well, such as Lyons, Wolcott, Seneca Falls and Waterloo. A copy of the Clyde book is available for your viewing at the Office of the County Historian in Lyons, N.Y. For further information about people and places listed, contact the Office of the County Historian.

Clyde Lodge, No. 341, F. and A.M. (Condensed from an elaborate history compiled by George O. Baker) - On June 7, 1823, the Grand Lodge granted a charter to John Lewis as Master, Henry W. Northrup as Senior Warden, and Artimus Humeston as Junior Warden, to organize, institute and open a lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, to be known as Galen Lodge, No. 367, to be held in the town of Galen, N.Y.

The first meeting of the lodge, Oct. 15, 1823, was held in the store building of Sylvester Clark, now occupied as a residence by Mr. Cotton on the corner of Waterloo and Geneva streets, on the south side of the river, in a room then used for nearly all the public assemblages of the place. There were present John Lewis, W.M.; Hibbard West, S.W.; Artimus Humeston, J.W.; Jabez Spicer, Secretary; Abram Knapp, Treasurer; Nelson Smith, S.D.; John Condit, J.D., and brethren Peleg Petteys, Edward Burrell, Levi Tuttle, David W. Perrine, James Sears, Eli Frisbie, Arza Lewis, William DeGoyler, and visiting brothers James M. Watson, and Sanford Sisson. Several petitions were presented and referred to appropriate committees.

John Lewis, the first master, was a practicing physician. He died in 1834, and his remains lie in the Masonic lot in Maple Grove cemetery where they were taken by the Clyde Lodge from the old cemetery.

Soon after the organization of the lodge the alleged expose of Masonry by Morgan and his tragic disappearance resulted in the decline of the order at Clyde, and "we find," writes Mr. Baker, "this final record of Galen Lodge, No. 367: -

"At a regular meeting of the Galen Lodge held at the lodge room in the Clyde Hotel, Feb. 15, 1832. Lodge opened in due form. Members present, John Condit, Worshipful Master; T.J. Whiting, Daniel Dunn, S.M. Welch, J.A. Pendleton, A. Lewis, Orren W. Giles. Lodge closed in due form."

"This faithful band of seven masons met," adds Mr. Baker, "opened the lodge in due form, and, so far as records show, closed in due form for the last time."

"The next heard of masonry in Clyde" continues Mr. Baker, "was in 1854 - twenty-two years after the last meeting of old Galen lodge. At the Grand Lodge held in June 1854, a charter was granted for the formation of Clyde Lodge, No. 341, Free and Accepted Masons. The charter bore date July 6th, 1854. The first meeting was held July 25, 1854."

"John Condit, who had been the Worshipful Master of old Galen Lodge when it 'closed in due form,' was named in the charter as Worshipful Master; Joseph Watson, Senior Warden; and Joseph Welling, Junior Warden. Joseph Watson had been made a mason in Galen Lodge and had kept the faith."

The actual number of members enrolled in Galen Lodge was 68. When the lodge suspended its meetings were held in the ball room of the Clyde hotel.

John Condit, prominent in the community, carried on blacksmithing, and erected a brick block on Columbia street in the eastern part of which he had his shop. It is now occupied by Winters' restaurant and Wood's barber shop. He was a colonel in the militia and a member of the Presbyterian church. He died in February, 1864 and was buried with Masonic honors.

"Joseph Watson, familiarly known as Captain Joe Watson and 'Uncle' Joe Watson was a man of varied occupations - canal-boat captain, keeper of line barn, merchant and a model farmer," writes Mr. Baker. "For many years he owned and resided on the farm on the south side of the river, now owned by Hemingway, and those old enough to remember will recall what a typical farm that was, and the kindly greeting of its owner always warmed the hearts of the brethren who stopped there. Brother Watson was the second Master of the lodge. He continued to be a member until his death in 1881."

Joseph Welling, at the time he was named Junior Warden in the charter, was a lawyer of mark. He had been elected District Attorney the fall before and was then serving his first year in that office. Brother Welling about 1856 or 1857, moved to Lyons and later became Master of Humanity Lodge, No. 406. He was the first Colonel of the Ninth Heavy Artillery in the War of the Rebellion, and afterwards practiced law in Lyons and in Rochester. He died not many years since.

At the second meeting of Clyde Lodge, No. 341, held August 8, 1854, the following officers were installed: - John Condit, worshipful master, Joseph Watson, senior warden; Joseph Welling, junior warder; William C. Ely, treasurer; Aaron Griswold, secretary; W.G. Elliott, senior deacon; S.J. Child, junior deacon; Abner Hand, tiler.

Wm. C. Ely, treasurer, a leading capitalist of Clyde, held the office six years. He died in 1886. Aaron Griswold, the secretary, was a charter member of Griswold chapter - named in his honor - and was engaged in several occupations, merchant, boat builder, contractor, paper manufacturer, banker. He died in 1883. W.G. Elliott was a physician and druggist. He served the Union in the rebelion, and is now residing in Pontiac, Mich. Sylvester J. Child was a jeweler. He died in 1898.

Dr. Samuel Weed, a native of the town of Galen, practiced until his death in 1879. I. Thalheimer was received in the lodge in September, 1864, and is now the oldest living member. He now resides in Rochester. John Vandenberg, master in 1871-'3, was a lawyer of prominence, twice Member of Assembly and once District Attorney. He died in 1894. Dr. J.N. Arnold, master in 1876-'7, was a courtly gentleman whose death occurred in 1902. Hial A. Waterbury, master in 1894-'6, was a retired farmer of large means whose death occurred in 1898.

The last of the charter members to "join the great majority" was Sylvester J. Child, who died Jan. 8, 1898.

Moses Munn was the first initiated, Aug., 22, 1854. He died in 1871.

The first regular lodge room was in Odd Fellows' hall on the site of John Stock's building. The first meeting of the Masons in the present lodge room in the Graham block, then known as the Miller block, was April 5, 1864.

Clyde lodge is the mother of Red Creek lodge which was formed in 1864, Rose lodge in 1865, and Savannah lodge in 1867. On July 9, 1874, Clyde lodge laid the corner stone of the new high school of the village of Clyde on the north side of the river.

Griswold Chapter, No. 201, R.A.M., was chartered February 7, 1867. The first officers: - J.P., Aaron Griswold; K., J. Hasbrook Suhler; S., Robt. Dobyus; T., Hugh Boyd; C. of H., Seth Smith; P.S., Dr. Jas. M. Horn; R.A.C., John Tremperer; M. of 1st V., Edward B. Wells; M. of 2d V., Jacob Strauss; M. of 3d V., George O. Baker.

Masters of old Galen lodge: - John Lewis (charter) 1823-'5; Artimus Humestone, 1826-'8; John Condit, 1831 to the time of suspension, some years elapsing between that period and the organization of the Clyde lodge.

Officers of Clyde Lodge, 1905: - Master, Dr. G.D. Barrett; Sr. W., G.W. Ware; Jr. W, Dr. J.L. Thorpe; S.D., C.E. Zeluff; J.D., N.H. Arnold; S.M. of C., George J. Lauster; J.M. of C, E. Inman; Tiler, H.P. Kenyon. These officers were publicly installed January 2d, 1905.

Elective Officers of Clyde Lodge from July 25, 1854 - December 31, 1905
YearW. MasterSr. WardenJr. WardenTreasurerSecretary
1854John ConditJos. WatsonJos. WellingW.C. ElyAaron Griswold
1855John ConditJos. WatsonMoses MunnW.C. ElyW.G. Elliott
1856Jos. WatsonJos. WellingW.C. ElliottW.C. ElySeth Smith
1857W.G. ElliottAaron GriswoldMoses MunnW.C. ElyWellington Colvin
1858Aaron GriswoldSamuel WeedI. ThalheimerW.C. ElyByron Ford
1859Aaron GriswoldSamuel WeedSeth SmithW.C. ElyByron Ford
1860Aaron GriswoldSamuel WeedSeth SmithP.M. De ZengS.H. Skinner
1861Samuel WeedSeth SmithD.O.O.A. BurnhamJos. WatsonJ.F. Van Buskirk
1862Aaron GriswoldSamuel WeedSeth SmithJos. WatsonJ.H. Jones
1863Aaron GriswoldSamuel WeedHartwell StartJos. WatsonJ.H. Jones
1864Samuel WeedGeo. BakerHartwell StartJos. WatsonI. Thalheimer
1865Geo. BakerEdw. B. WellsD.O.O.A. BurnhamAaron GriswoldB.F. Clark
1866Geo. BakerEdw. B. WellsD.O.O.A. BurnhamAaron GriswoldE.F. Palmer
1867Edw. B. WellsJohn VandenbergJ.M. ScarrittS.H. BriggsJ.F. Van Buskirk
1868Edw. B. WellsJohn VandenbergG.L. OsborneI. ThalheimerJ.A. Hamilton
1869Edw. B. WellsJ.M. ScarrittThos. RobinsonI. ThalheimerJno. Newton
1870Edw. B. WellsJohn VandenbergJacob StraussI. ThalheimerJ.N. Arnold
1871Jno. VandenbergJohn TremperD.C. MyersI. ThalheimerJ.N. Arnold
1872Jno. VandenbergD.C. MyersW.H. BarnesI. ThalheimerJ.N. Arnold
1873Jno. VandenbergJ.A. HamiltonN.A. FinchSeth SmithJ.W. Hinman
1874Edw. B. WellsD.C. MyersW.N. FieldHartwell StartJ.W. Hinman
1875Edw. B. WellsD.C. MyersJ.N. ArnoldW.H. Groesbeck occupied the position down to 1887F.S. Reed, three meetings. J.E. McGinnis, the present secretary, followed Reed and served continuously since, (the remarkably long period of thirty years)
1876J.N. ArnoldW.N. FieldJ.W. Hinman

1877J.N. ArnoldW.N. FieldT.W. Mackie

1878Geo. O. BakerT.W. MackieS.G. Babcock

1879Geo. O. BakerS.G. BabcockFrancis Noy

1880Edw. B. WellsFrancis NoyW.W. Legg

1881Francis NoyW.W. LeggF.H. Terry

1882Edw. B. WellsPaul GreinerJ.G. Corrigan

1883W.N. FieldA.H. SmithThos. Williams

1884W.N. FieldJ.P. RufJ.R. Miller

1885W.N. FieldJ.R. MillerJ.G. Corrigan

1886W.N. FieldC.H. HamiltonJ.J. Cookingham

1887C.H. HamiltonW.W. LeggJ.H. ChildsLouis Nichols
1888John P. RufG.R. BaconG.P. LivingstonLouis Nichols
1889John P. RufThos. WilliamsE.C. MyersLouis Nichols
1890John P. RufJ.S. BarnardW.W. LeggJ.J. Cookingham, the present treasurer, havng occupied the place ever since.
1891John P. RufJ.R. MillerW.A. Patten

1892G.R. BaconH.A. WaterburyW.R. Vrooman

1893G.R. BaconH.A. WaterburyW.R. Vrooman

1894H.A. WaterburyW.R. VroomanB.N. Marriott

1895H.A. WaterburyW.R. VroomanB.N. Marriott

1896H.A. WaterburyB.N. MarriottA.C. Lux

1897B.N. MarriottA.C.LuxC.E. Jones

1898B.N. MarriottC.E. JonesD.L. Edwards

1899B.N. MarriottE.Q. CorrinD.L. Edwards

1900E.Q. CorrinD.L. EdwardsG.D. Barrett

1901E.Q. CorrinD.L. EdwardsG.D. Barrett

1902E.Q. CorrinD.L. EdwardsG.D. Barrett

1903D.L. EdwardsG.D. BarrettG.W. Ware

1904D.L. EdwardsG.D. BarrettG.W. Ware

1905G.D. BarrettG.W. WareG.L. Thorpe

A photo in the book showing the Masonic officers in 1905 included N. Arnold, H. Kenyon, F. Baker, E. Scutt, G.J. Lauster, J.J. Cookingham, Dr. G.D. Barrett, Dr. D.L. Edwards, George Ware, and J.E. McGinnis. Also depicted is a portrait of John Condit, charter Master in 1854.

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