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Clyde Trolley Station

Clyde Trolley Station and Tracks, Clyde, N.Y.

Source: Grip's" Historical Souvenir of Clyde, Copyright 1905, "Grip", 109 Corning Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.

The "Grip's" books were put out by a small company in Syracuse. Grip published small books about other villages in the Finger Lakes as well, such as Lyons, Wolcott, Seneca Falls and Waterloo. A copy of the Clyde book is available for your viewing at the Office of the County Historian in Lyons, N.Y. For further information about people and places listed, contact the Office of the County Historian.

The first locomotive in Clyde came to this village over the Syracuse & Rochester railroad, then in process of construction, from the east Nov. 11, 1852. The road then had been built as far west as Clyde and was in process of construction in the village. In April, 1853, The Clyde Times announced that "one passenger train a day goes through the village in each direction, going west about ten A.M. and east about three P.M." The next announcement was that regular trains would begin running on this road about June 1, 1853, and that the fare between Syracuse and Clyde would be about seventy-five cents and between Syracuse and Lyons ninety cents, about the same as at present.

On May 31, 1853, it was announced that the "Rochester & Syracuse direct railroad" would be opened on June 6, 1853, with a way train leaving Clyde in the morning and an emigrant train at night, in each direction, adding, "the express trains will not be put on under a fortnight."

The First Attorneys admitted to practice in the county of Wayne at the Court of Common Pleas (first session) held at the Presbyterian church, Lyons, Tuesday May 27, 1823, Judges Tallmadge, Sisson, Arne and Monax on the bench, were the following -

Wm. H. Adams, Frederick Smith, Orville L. Holly, Wm. J. Hough, Graham H. Chapin, Hugh Jameson, John Fleming, Jr., Wm. Wells, Alexander R. Tiffany, Thomas P. Baldwin, Charles F. Smith, Edward M. Coe, David Hudson, Jesse Clark, Nathan Parke, Lansing B. Mizner, Jared Willson, Lemuel W. Ruggles, Mark H. Sibley, John Burton.

County Clerks: Terms of Those Who have Held That Position (Alphabetical Order)

Barber Jr., John, 1826-'31
Bixby, Abel J., 1879-'81
Chapman, Daniel, 1842-'6
Collins, Thaddeus W., 1867-'9
Cuyler, John L., 1832-'4
Cuyler, Ledyard S., 1894-present
Foster, Cullen, 1835-'9
Gavitt, Saxton B., 1852-'7
Gates, Alfred H., 1873-'5
Hawley, James, 1840-'1
Lyon, Lyman, 1858-'63
Mason, Clark, 1864-'6
McGonigal, ___, 1882-'4
Peacock, Fred, 1891-'3
Richardson, Israel J., 1824-'5
Redfield, Albert F., 1870-'2
Sweeting, Volney H., 1876-'8
Thomas, Byron, 1885-'7
Williams, Alexander B., 1847-'51
Wells, Edward B., 1888-'90

Do you have an old newspaper clipping to share about Clyde or it's residents (non-obit), or your own personal copy of the old Grip's book of Clyde? Please contact Martha about posting information on this page.

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