Source: "Boyd's Business Directory of over One Hundred Cities and Villages in New York State," by Andrew Boyd. Albany, N.Y.: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons. 1869.

CLYDE, Wayne County.

Wayne County formed April 11, 1823. Clyde was incorporated May 2, 1835. Population about 3,500. It is 186 miles from Albany and 112 from Buffalo. The village is located on Clyde river, received its present name in 1818; contains six churches, two banks, extensive distilleries, steam flour mills, furnaces and shops for the manufacture of agricultural implements, cooperage, brewery, two malt-houses, tannery, and other manufactories, as well as extensive forwarding and commission establishments. Glass of an excellent quality is made here. Tobacco of good quality is raised in the vicinity. Extensive fields of peppermint are seen beside the railroad. The plant is grown for making the essence, and is said to be one of the most remunerative crops that can be cultivated. About one-third of all the peppermint grown in the United States is raised about here.

Ackerman David S. (Williams & Co.), Columbia near Sodus
Adams Albert E. grocer, Glasgow
Allen John, wagonmaker, Sodus near the canal
Allen Peter B. carriagemaker, Glasgow c. Canal
Anthony Charles B. tobacconist, Glasgow
Armitage Benjamin, butcher, Columbia near Glasgow
Arzberger Thomas, shoemaker, Columbia n. Sodus
Aurand Charles (Aurand & Kenyon), rear Clyde Hotel
Auraud & Kenyon (C. Auraud and P. Kenyon), livery, rear Clyde Hotel

Baker George O. lawyer, also secretary Clyde Paper Manufacturing Co., Glasgow n. Ford
Barse George, saloon, Glasgow corner Ford
Bedell Levant, jeweler, S. Park near Glasgow
Blossom Peter A. hardware, Glasgow near Canal
Brewster B. (Cole & Brewster), opposite Park
Briggs S.H. (Briggs & Palmer), Glasgow
BRIGGS & PALMER (S.H. Briggs and P.H. Palmer), bankers, Glasgow

Candler George (Wood, Candler & Co.), Ford
Casey Martin (Perry & Casey), Columbia near Glasgow
Childs G.C. physician, Miller's new block
Child Samuel W. jeweller, Glasgow opp. Ford
Clarke B.F. (S.S. Morley & Co.), Glasgow corner Ford
Cline M. A. (Ross & Cline), Glasgow
Clyde Glass Works. Orrin Southwick, proprietor. Factory near Columbia
Clyde Hotel. Cole & Brewster, proprietors. Opposite the Park
Clyde Masonic Lodge No. 341, meets Masonic Rooms
Clyde Paper Manufacturing Co. Thomas P. Thorne, pres't; Geo. O. Baker, sec'y; Water
CLYDE TIMES (weekly). James M. Scarritt, editor. Glasgow opposite Ford
Cole Peter T. (Cole & Brewster), opposite Park
Cole & Brewster (P. F. Cole and E. Brewster), proprietors. of Clyde Hotel, opp. the Park
Colvin Darwin, physician, Ford
Colvin N. P. physician, Glasgow
Combs Theodore, wagonmaker, Ford
Conlin Joseph, blacksmith
Conroe Jacob (Conroe & Scott), Caroline
Conroe & Scott (J. Conroe and F. Scott), wagonmakers, Caroline
Convers Hiram, butcher, Glasgow near Ford
Cook Fred. butcher, Columbia near Glasgow
Cooper Ashbell, saloon, 20 Glasgow
Cowles Geo. W. lawyer, also Co. judge, Glasgow
Crane John L. (Lawton & Crane), Glasgow near Ford
Crowell John, boots, shoes &c., Miller's new blk.
Cuykendall M.S. (M. Munn & Co.) Glasgow

Davis Frank, barber, Glasgow
Dayton H. livery, in rear of Franklin House
Delany Geo. & Amos, grocers, Glasgow n. Ford
Denison Andrew J. music and sewing machines, Glasgow
Denison P.G. & Co. (T. Smith), dry goods, Glasgow corner East Genesee
Dennington Moody, grocer, Columbia n. Glasgow
Dickerson H.G. (Matteson & Co.), Millers new block
Dickerson H.G. jr. (Matteson & Co.), Miller's new block
Dreyer Lewis, lawyer, Miller's new block

Easton C.E. Mrs. milliner, Glasgow
Elliott Chas. E. malster, Ford near Glasgow
Ekert Arsnius, shoemaker, Ford

Fellows Bros. (J.P. Fellows and I.D. Fellows). sewing machine agt., South Park
Fellows Irvin D. (Fellows Bros.), S. Park
Fellows Porter J. (Fellows Bros.), S. Park
Field Ambrose S. cabinetmaker, Glasgow
Finn Mary, grocer, Columbia near Sodus
First National Bank of Clyde. Capital, $50,000; C. Miller, Sr. prest.; S. Smith, cashier; Glasgow near the bridge
Fisher Adam, shoemaker, Columbia n. Sodus
Forncrook Jabez C. grocer, Glasgow
FRANKLIN HOUSE, Howes & Homes, props. Sodus n. R. R. depot. (see adv.)

Garlic W.H. blacksmith, Ford
Good Templars; meet Monday evenings
GORTON F. agent Wayne Paper Co. Ford
Graham Joseph, eating saloon, Col. near Sodus
Grand Army of the Republic No. 56
Green J. druggist, Columbia corner Sodus
Gree Rev, pastor, Methodist church
Griswold Chapter No. 201, meet 1st and 3d Mondays in each mouth

Hale Elias E. (Hale & McConnell), Glasgow
HALE & McCONNELL, (E.E. Hale and L. McConnell), dry goods, Glasgow
Hamilton Chas. & Son (J. A. Hamilton), dry goods, &c., Glasgow near Park
Hamilton J. Arthur (Charles Hamilton & Son), Glasgow near Park
Holmes Ezra (Howes & Holmes), Franklin House
Hovey Nathan, coal yard, Columbia cor. Sodus
Howard Caleb, blacksmith, Sodus near the canal
Howe Alfred C. clothier, Glasgow
Howes Orrin (Howes & Holmes), Franklin House
HOWES & HOLMES (O. Howes and E. Holmes), proprs. Franklin House
Humphrey Adelbert (F. Humphrey & Son), Geneva
Humphrey F. & Son (Adelbert), agricultural implements, Geneva
Hussack Charles, barber, Glasgow opposite Ford

Ives William C. watchmaker, Glasgow

Jennings C.C. telegrapher, Miller's new block

Kenyon H. P. (Aurand & Kenyon), rear Clyde Hotel
Knight Abraham, wagonmaker, Caroline

Lander Frank C. butcher, Columbia near Sodus
Lawton Charles D. (Lawton & Crane), Glasgow near Ford
Lawton & Crane (C.D. Lawton and J.L. Crane), lawyers, Glasgow near Ford
Lee John, blacksmith, Ford
Lick James M. carpenter, Columbia near Sodus
Livingston, George P. dentist, Glasgow near Park
Lux Barney, saloon, Columbia near Sodus

Maier Charles, saloon, Columbia near Sodus
MALL CHARLES S. eating saloon, Glasgow near Caual
Matteson Mary A. (Matteson & Co.), Miller's new block
Matteson & Co. (Mary A. Matteson, H.G. Dickerson and H.G. Dickerson, jr.), hatters, &c. Miller's new block
McConnell Lewis (Hale & McConnell), Glasgow
McDougal Rev. pastor Free Methodist church
Miller Bayard (Isaac Miller & Son), Columbia n. Glasgow
Miller Cornelius, prest. First National Bank of Clyde
Miller Cornelius, jr. dry goods, &c., Columbia n. Sodus
Miller Isaac, banker, Columbia corner Sodus
Miller Isaac & Son (B. Miller), druggists, Columbia near Glasgow
Moon George, blacksmith, Sodus near the canal
Morley Samuel S. postmaster, office S. Park near Glasgow
Morley S.S. & Co. (B.F. Clarke), hardware, &c., Glasgow corner Ford
MUNN M. & CO. (M.S. Cuykendall), cabinetmakers, Glasgow
Murphy James, grocer, Columbia near Glasgow

NEWLOVE THOMAS, brewer, Ford near Glasgow

Palmer P. H. (Briggs & Palmer), Glasgow
Pardee Albert, dry goods, Glasgow opp. Ford
Peck M.L. telegraph operator, Miller's new blk
Perkins Rush, dry goods, Glasgow cor. S. Park
Perry Henry (Perry & Casey), Columbia n. Glas.
Perry William F. (Skinner & Perry), Geneva
Perry & Casey (H. Perry and M. Casey), Columbia near Glasgow

Ranger Henry P. photographer, Glasgow near Park
Reed Charles W. flour and feed, Ford c. Glasgow
Reed Chas. W. (Southwick & Reed), n. Columbia
Reed Francis C. lawyer, Miller's new block
Robinson Thomas, lawyer, Glasgow
Roffee E.M. dentist, Glasgow
Ross Kate (Ross & Cline), Glasgow
Ross & Cline (Kate Ross and M.A. Cline), milliners, Glasgow

Sage Rev. pastor Baptist church
Sayles Annie, milliner, Miller's new block
Saxton Charles T. harness maker, Glasgow
SAXTON CHARLES T. lawyer, Miller's new block
SCARRITT J.M. publisher Clyde Times, Glasgow opp. Ford
Scott Freeman, (Conroe & Scott), Caroline
Seaman Levi E. grocer, Columbia corner Sodus
Shafer Marcus (Marens?), carpenter, Ford
Sherman Benj. F. saloon, Columbia n. Glasgow
Shorter John, barber, Columbia near Glasgow
Simmons S.N. Miss, milliner, Glasgow
Skinner S.H. (Skinner & Perry), Geneva
SKINNER & PERRY (S. H. Skinner and Wm. F. Perry), lumber, Geneva
Smith Charles, barber, S. Park near Glasgow
Smith Chester, druggist, Glasgow near Park
Smith Jarvis E. physician, Glasgow near Park
Smith Seth, cash'r First National Bank of Clyde
Smith Thomas, maltster, Genesee
Smith Thomas (P. G. Denison & Co.), Glasgow corner East Genesee
Snedaker L. Mrs. milliner, Glasgow near Park
Sons of Temperance meet Wednesday evenings
Southwick Orrin (Southwick & Reed), Clyde Glass Works
Southwick & Reed (O. Southwick and Chas. W. Reed), Clyde Glass W'ks, Factory n. Columbia
Spencer ___ (Terry & Spencer), Columbia
Star Albert, saloon, Columbia near Sodus
Stewart Father, priest, Catholic church
Stoetzel Fred'k, bakery, Columbia near Glasgow
Stow Delancy (Wm. S. Stow & Son), Sodus opp. S. Park
Stow Wm. S. & Son (B. Stow), lawyers, Sodus opp. S. Park
Strause Jacob, tailor, Glasgow near Park
STREETER S.D. & J.M. storage and forwarding merchants, Ford near Glasgow
Stumm Lewis, flour mill, Ford
Sullivan Timothy, grocer, Columbia near Sodus

Talheimer Isaac, clothing, Glasgow near Ford
Tallman Tunis D. clothier, Glasgow
Terry John G. (Terry & Spencer), Columbia
Terry & Spencer (J.G. Terry), lumber yard, Columbia
Thomas John (Thomas & Tillow), Ford n.Glasgow
Thomas & Tillow (J. Thomas and Robt. Tillow), carpenters, Ford near Glasgow
THORNE THOMAS P. malster, Ford near Glasgow; also prest. Clyde Paper Mfg. Co.
Tibbetts Emma J. milliner, N. Park
Tillow Robt. (Thomas & Tillow), Ford n. Glasgow
Tipling T. (Tipling & Tuttle), Glasgow opp. Ford
Tipling & Tuttle (T. Tipling and W.B. Tuttle), grocers, Glasgow opp. Ford
Tobin Michael, produce, Columbia near Glasgow
Tobin Mike, cooper, Columbia near Sodus
Trember Jacob E. grocer, Glasgow near Park
Tuttle William B. (Tipling & Tuttle), Glasgow opp. Ford

Vandenburg Aaron, harnessmaker, Glasgow
Vandenburg John, lawyer, Glasgow near Ford
Vantassel A.L. (Henry Vantassel & Son), Miller's new block
Vantassel Henry & Son (A. L. Vantassel), dry goods, Miller's new block

Waldorf David I. produce, Glasgow cor. Canal
WAYNE PAPER CO. Isaac Miller, prest.; F. Gorton, agt., Ford
Wells Edward B. marble works, Columbia near Sodus
Weed Samuel, physician, Glasgow near Park
Williams Elias (Williams & Co.), Columbia near Sodus
Williams William J. butcher, Columbia near Glasgow
Williams & Co. (E. Williams and David S. Ackerman), grocers, Columbia near Sodus
Wilson Rev. pastor Presbyterian church
WOOD, CANDLER & CO. (S. Wood, G. Candler & S. Wood), machinists, Ford
Wood Seth (Wood, Candler & Co.), Ford
Wood Sidney (Wood, Candler & Co.) Ford

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