April 26, 1888

The following was transcribed from an original copy of The Clyde Times, a 4-page newspaper published in Clyde, NY. This newspaper published day-to-day news for the town of Galen and communities in eastern Wayne county towns. All spellings are as in the original and will not be "corrected." As our volunteer time is at a premium and the transcription takes a long time to do, the tedious process of bolding names individually wasn't done. Please use the search function of your browser to find persons of interest.

The Clyde Times, Vol. XXXIX. No. 17
Clyde, Wayne Co., N.Y., Thursday, April 26, 1888
Published by Irwin A. Forte.

Murder and Suicide at Newark.

The village of Newark was greatly excited over a double tragedy - murder and suicide - that occurred in that village Wednesday morning. Jealousy was the cause of the fearful crime. William Bullock, the murderer, was an employe (sic) of the West Shore RR. Co. as car inspector. For some time he had been jealous of his wife, and it would seem that his suspicions had so preyed upon his mind that he had worked himself into a state bordering on frenzy. Bullock worked nights, but on Tuesday he requested his son to take his place and here remained at home. From the statement of a boarder who occupied an adjoining room the couple must have quarreled nearly all night. About 5 o'clock the boarder heard five shots fired in quick succession, then all became still, but being sick he was unable to leave his bed to ascertain the cause. On the return of Bullock's son from his labor the horrible discovery was made that his father had murdered his mother and then committed suicide. Three children - two boys and a little girl, are left to mourn their parents' sad fate. (p. 3)

Natural History Society.

The Natural History Society held a well at tended meeting at the residence of Malcom Little on Saturday evening, April 21st. On this occasion Geo. C. Watson read an interesting paper on the earth worm, lumbricus, and officers were elected for the ensuing quarter as follows: President, Miss Sarah A. Little; Vice-President, Mrs. F. H. Valentine; Secretary, Geo. C. Watson; Curator, W. L. Devereaux. The next meeting of the Society will be held at the residence of W. L. Devereaux, on Tuesday evening, May 1st.

Pacific Guano.

E. W. Sherman, of Clyde, is agent for the Pacific Guano Company. A fresh supply constantly on hand at the Company's building in Clyde.

Real Estate Transfers.

Following are the recent real estate transfers in this vicinity:

Daniel Curtiss to Medora Curtiss, property in Wolcott; $500.

William Marriott and wife to Jerome Hubbard, property in Butler; $500.

Fred Nusbickel, Jr., and wife to Magdalena Bastian, property in Lyons; $1,700.

Charles Hazen to Mary C. Norman, property in Lyons, $957.

Francis C. Carr to Edward H. Sanders, property in Lyons; $1,500.

C. F. Espenhain to Harry Kaiser, property in Lyons; $1,350.

J. H. Morrrow and wife to Lucinda C. Lyons, property in Rose; $150

E. E. Brewster and wife to Samuel Moon, property in Rose; $1,850.

W. R. Graham and wife to Frances J. Slocum, property in Rose; $600.

Prohibition Delegates.

Following are the delegates from Wayne county to the Prohibition State Convention, to be held at Syracuse June 26th-27th: M. C. Welcher, Arcadia; Valois Henderson, Butler; Wm. Nichols, Galen; Mrs. A. Knight, Huron; Rev. E. P. Smalley, Lyons; C. L. Waite, Macedon; Riley Sanford, Marion; O. L. Whitney, Ontario; J. W. Hardy, East Palmyra; Rev. C. Shaw, Rose; Chas. Mills, Sodus; Richard Crandall, Savannah; E. L. Cooper, Williamson; Wm. Rogers, Wolcott; Fred A. Lewis, Walworth; Rev. J. M. Ward, Butler; C. W. Lane, East Palmyra.

Salvation Army in Clyde.

Maj. Webster, of the Salvation Army will open a station in Clyde, at the Town Hall, on Saturday evening, April 28th. Capts. Anderson, Merry and Payne and Lieuts. Andrews and McCoy will be present to assist in the services, which will be continued through Sunday. All are invited to be present at these meetings.

Democratic Caucus.

At the Democratic Caucus held at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening, the following delegates were chosen: For the District Convention, to be held at Rose on Saturday, Charles Straughan, William Tobin, E. M. McIntyre, P. J. Welch, Henry Cady; for the County Convention, yet to be called, John H. Childs, Chas. A. Lux, James VanAlstine, Friend Austin, Frank E. McGrath; for the Assembly Convention, yet to be called, W. L. Devereaux, John R. WInters, L. A. Powers, Ernest C. Myers, Albert Lake.

Prohibition Club.

The Prohibitionists of this town will meet at the residence of H. S. Forncrook on Friday evening, May 4th, to take into consideration the formation of a Prohibition Club in Galen. All interested in the Prohibition cause are invited to attend.

Fire Council Meeting.

The Fire Wardens of the village of Clyde are requested to meet in the hose room of the Town Hall tomorrow (Friday) evening, April 27th, at 8:30 o'clock.

A. E. Adams, Chief Engineer.

Wyandotte Chickens Cheap.

Fifteen Wyandotte chickens (in the shell) for the small sum of 75 cents. Fifteen better ones for $1.00. Best yard in this part of the State. Black Minorca eggs $2.00 per sitting.

F. H. Valentine, Clyde.

Smoke the Cuban, the standard five cent cigar, manufactured by J. Webbers, Clyde, N.Y. Beware of imitations.


- J. Valentine is building an addition on his store.

- Mosher & Shaver will move their saw-mill to Huron this week.

- Rev. D. Brown and wife, (son of Rev. L. G. Brown,) are visiting his parents in this village.

- Mrs. Burrell, of North Rose, who had a cancer removed a short time since, is improving nicely.

- Rev. J. McMaster exchanged pulpits with the pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Ontario last Sunday.

- There was a maple sugar festival held in the parlors of the Baptist Church last Tuesday evening, which was well attended.


- Fred Sherman is in town again.

- Chas. Dayton has purchased a boat to be used on the river.

- L. C. Sherman and wife are in Syracuse for a couple of weeks.

- Large quantities of potatoes are being shipped from this place over the Central RR.

- E. H. Whitbeck has leased his farm, east of this village, and will move to Newark.

- About 300 invitations have been sent out for a May Party, to be held at Gregg's Hall, Friday, May 4th.

- Quite a number of sportsmen from Rochester and Syracuse are shooting on and around the river.

- A collection was taken at the Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday, for the fund toward building churches and schoolhouses for the Southern negroes.

- The Ladies' Social Union will give a "C" party in the church basement to-morrow (Friday) evening. Nothing will be placed on the table to eat or drink excepting things commencing with "C."

- Tuesday night two tramps were placed in the lock-up - one for creating a disturbance in the printing office, and the other for trying to steal an overcoat at the Goodman House.

- Savannah people are not troubled as much with tramps as they were before the resolution was passed preventing them from being kept in the lock-up. All tramps are now directed to the Poormaster, who lives two miles from the village.

- Sunday, toward night, a lad living on the Obadiah Carncross farm, near Bixby's Schoolhouse, while laboring under a mischievous turn of mind, wandered toward the barn and gathered a bundle of straw, to have a little fire. It turned out to be quite a large one, and soon the barn was entirely consumed. Unfortunately, there was no insurance. Surely, small boys and matches make a poor combination.

Proceedings of Village Board.

Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the village of Clyde, held Wednesday evening, April 11, 1888.

Present: A. H. Gillett, president; Wm. Tobin, Chas. Straughan, C. R. Miller and J. H. Collier, trustees.

Minutes of the previous meeting read for information.

On motion, the following bills were allowed and orders drawn on the Treasurer and charged to the funds below specified:

[Note: due to the time involved in typing dollars and cents numbers, the amounts paid to the individuals listed below have been omitted.]


D. Ferguson, team
C. Zeluff, team
Wm. Gillett, team
Wm. Crawford, team
Jno. Gilllett, team
Jno. Davis, team
S. D. Streeter, team
Wm. Johnson, team
Wm. Tobin, team
A.H. Smith, team
C. Vanamburg, team
Wm. Hollenbeck, team
R. H. Jones, team
M. Lape, team
Wm. Howlin, labor
J. McDougall, labor
E. Golden, labor
P. Blaisdell, labor
H. J. Brown, labor
J. Stickles, labor
J. Mack, labor
W. Myers, labor
I. Sickles, labor
J. F. Yury, labor
Jas. Hanlon, labor
J. Mack, labor
P. Boyle, labor
W. Ernst, labor
M. Costello, labor
D. Guy, labor
P. Ragan, labor
N. Blood, labor
M. Costello, labor
P. Cain, labor
Peter Roy, labor
Jas. McCombs, labor
J. Crowley, labor
A. Flannigan, labor
Jas. Hornigan, labor
P. Kavanaugh, labor
J. P. Thompson, labor
H. Wilson, labor
E. O'Brien, labor
R. Gay, labor
J. Stoker, Jr., labor
Chas. Colgrove, labor
C. Veelie, labor
Jas. Hanlon, Jr., labor
Thos. Orr, labor
C. Banick, labor
K. Quinn, labor
J. Fiske, labor
J. McMann, labor
W. Fraher, labor
J. Vincent, cleaning walks


P. Sloan, rent Protective's room..... 15.00

On motion of Mr. Tobin, resolved that the above bills be accepted and the treasurer be instructed to cash the same.

On motion, the bills of A. Davis and J. L. McDougall were laid on the table.

On motion adjourned

G. A. GREGG, Clerk

Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Clyde, held Wednesday evening, April 18, 1888.

Present, A. H. Gillett, president; Charles Straughan, J. H. Collier, C. R. Miller and Wm. Tobin, trustees.

On motion, the following bills were allowed and orders drawn on the treasurer and charged to the funds below specified:


M. Lape, team
W. Hollenbeck, team
E. Golden, labor
G. R. Bliss, labor
P. Kerrigan, labor
J. Parks, labor
C. Barrick, labor
C. Vealie, labor
J. Horrigan, labor
J. Mack, labor
J. Kavanaugh, labor
C. Chamberlain, labor
Jabez Fiske, labor


P. B. Allen, lighting lamps, .....7.50
Geo. DeGolyer, ", .....15.00

On motion, John C. Gillett was appointed clerk, pro tem.

The recommendation of the fire committee for the appointment of A. E. Adams, to be chief engineer of the Clyde fire department; John H. Miller, to be first assistant engineer, and Albert C. Lux, to be second assistant engineer, was accepted on motion of Mr. Straughan.

On motion of Mr. Miller, $200 was granted to the Protective Steamer Co., to aid in the purchase of uniforms.

Motion to adjourn and carried

JOHN C. GILLETT, Clerk pro tem


Whereas, my wife, Adah Livingston, has left my bed and board, without just cause or provocation, I hereby forbid all persons from harboring and trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date.

ADAM LIVINGSTON. Galen, April 19th, 1888.

Is this the same man? The 1860 - 1880 censuses list an Adam Livingston in the Town of Wolcott as having a wife named Mary. From the 1867 Hamilton Child Directory of Wayne County, living in Red Creek: Livingston, Adam, farmer 100.

Geneva & Lyons RR.
Lehigh Valley 6:06 A.M. Lehigh Valley 8:00 A.M.
S.G. & C. 6:35 A.M. S.G. & C. 10:15 A.M.
Lehigh Valley 10:45 A.M. S.G. & C. 3:25 P.M.
S.G. & C. 12:35 P.M. Lehigh Valley 6:45 P.M.
S.G. & C. 5:25 P.M. S.G. & C. 8:30 P.M.
Lehigh Valley 7:30 P.M. Lehigh Valley 8:37 P.M.

The wart on the face of Gen. Grant, which is faithfully reproduced in his portraits on the genuine $5 silver certificates, is lacking in the counterfeit, and its omission furnishes a ready means of detection.

Doing Business Every Day.

The Granite and Marble business of E. B. Wells, established in 1860, is still continued by him, under the management of Mr. John Bowmaster. Persons contemplating purchasing anything in this line should call and examine work and prices at this establishment. We have between seventy and eighty finished monuments, in granite and marble, on hand to select from - an opportunity presented by no other similar firm in Western New York. Our prices are the lowest and our work the best. An inspection of our stock will prove what we say.

E. B. Wells

Notes and Notings.

- Remember Dr. Farlin at the Baptist Church next week.

- Navigation will probably open on the canal about May 10th.

- The Rose Grand Army bill has been vetoed by the Governor.

- Wednesday evening the trustees voted $150 to each of the fire companies.

- More new awnings are going up, one in front of the Howe clothing store.

- Four Seneca Falls saloon men were fined $10 apiece for selling liquor on Sunday.

- The Sanitarium at Clifton Springs is to be converted into a hotel with all the modern improvements.

- -The side of the road bed of the West Shore RR, through the village is being improved by sodding.

- Chas. Straughan has bought out the interest of H. C. Seaman, in the South Side grocer store, and will soon take possession.

- The argument for a new trial in the case of Cyrus Foster, of Palmyra, will be made before Judge Cowles on Tuesday next.

- Through the efforts of Principal Hayward, the State teachers' examination will be held at Clyde, commencing on Monday, August 20th.

- Zenobia Commandery, Knight Templars, of Palmyra, held a very fine reception at their hall in that village on Tuesday evening, April 17th.

- There is considerable hooking of fish going on from the river bridges just now. It is as much of a violation of the game law as spearing them.

- Fifteen new cabooses have been received for the western division of the West Shore RR. hey were turned out by the Pullman Car Works, Chicago.

- Work is progressing in the preparation of the new flouring mill of Groesbeck Bros. & Co., and it is expected to be in readiness for business about June 1st.

- As a result of the snow-storm of Thursday night about one inch of snow covered the ground on Friday morning; and it h as felt all this week as if there were several more inches in the air.

- "Happy Mike," the conductor of the West Shore local, was not happy when he unloaded a three ton slab of granite at Clyde, N. Y., and found it was for Clyde, Ill. Mike did not swear.- Lyons Republican.

- The Central drug-store, in the Perkins block, has changed hands. The stock has been purchased by DeL. Stow, who is adding largely thereto, and who will endeavor to make the Central in every respect a first-class drug-store. Henry Cady, the former proprietor, will remain at the Central, where he will be pleased to see his friends.

- The Cashier of the Seneca Falls Savings Bank, N. P. B. Wells, has been arrested and lodged in jail at Waterloo, charged with appropriating funds of the bank to the amount of $10,000. Owing to the prompt action of the directors the deficiency will be made up, so that the depositors will not lose anything. It is not known what the final result will be in regard to the Cashier, who has heretofore had a high standing in the community.

- Rev. and Mrs. Thos. Tousey made Palmyra friends a visit last week.

- Mr. Jasper N. Hammond has been confirmed as Postmaster at Seneca Falls.

- Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Lux returned from their wedding journey Sunday evening.

- Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Pratt, of Rochester, have been guests at R. Perkins this week.

- Mr. Augustus Kelley has been nominated by the President as Postmaster at Port Byron.

- Mrs. W. S. Earnest was called to Dundee on Saturday, by the serious illness of her mother.

- Esq. Gregg, who has been a severe sufferer from rheumatism for several weeks past, is slowly recovering.

- Superintendent of Public Works Shanahan was in town on Friday looking over the work on the lock and lift bridge.

- By the death of a relative, the Joyce family, of Clyde, have fallen heirs to valuable property in New York. They are to be congratulated on their good fortune.

- Rev. Jas. P. Foster, who has been in charge of the Episcopal Church at Romulus, has had a call to the rectorship of the Episcopal Church at Trumansburg.

- Principal Hayward, of the Clyde High School, will lecture at South Butler tomorrow (Friday) evening. The citizens of that place are assured of a pleasant and profitable evening.

- Mr. Oliver Durfee, formerly a resident of Palmyra, has returned east from California, and will locate in Rochester as general manager of Culver's California Excursion Agency.

- Mr. John H. Gilbert, of Palmyra, one of the veteran printers of the STate, set his accustomed stick full of type in the office of the Courier on his 86th birthday - Friday, April 13th.

- Rev. Seward Robson, pastor of the Baptist Church at Seneca Falls, has accepted the editorship of the Weekly News, a temperance journal to be published in Rochester, and will enter upon his duties May 1st.

- Rt. Rev. Bishop Coxe, who has been seriously indisposed for some time past, will sail for Europe the first part of June. It is hoped that with a needed rest of several months abroad he will return greatly benefited.

- Mr. S. H. Clarke has so far regained the use of his broken leg as to enable him to take a (very) little out door exercise. He says he expects to be over-town at an early day, to witness the improvements that have been made during his enforced absence over the river.

- Mr. Frank Haugh's pleasant face will no longer be seen behind the Postoffice windows. After a service of over 4 years, during which he has proven an efficient and accommodating Clerk, he has been compelled to resign the position on account of ill-health. He is succeeded by Mr. A. E. Adams.

- Mr. Samuel P. Baker, of Whig Hill, Oswego Co., father of Geo. O. Baker, Esq., and who had been a frequent visitor in Clyde, died in Gloversville, N. Y., on Saturday, April 21st, in his 88th year. The remains were taken to Oswego County for interment, and funeral services held at Constantia on Tuesday.

- Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wells will remove from Clyde to Lyons this week - the change being necessitated by Mr. Wells' official duties as County Clerk. They are among our most highly esteemed residents, and their departure will be sincerely regretted by many friends. It is hoped, however, that the removal may be only a conditional one, and that at the close of Mr. Wells' official term, they will again be "at home" in Clyde.

A Few Left of the celebrated Oliver Chilled Plows, which are being closed out at cost, at the
Clyde, N. Y.

Girl Wanted.

A competent girl, to do second work, is wanted by Mrs. L. H. Palmer.

Anniversary Entertainment.

To-morrow evening, Friday, April 27th, will be the first anniversary of the organization of Snedaker Post Women's Relief Corps, and the ladies who constitute the order propose to celebrate their first year's successful existence in a manner befitting the occasion. The G. A. R. Hall, the headquarters of the Corps, has been tastefully trimmed with flags and greens, and every arrangement is perfected for a right royal time, including a most entertaining programme of music, songs, recitations, etc., which is as follows:

Reception by the Corps, of the comrades of Snedaker Post, G. A. R., and J. N. Arnold Post, S. of V.

Duet, with full chorus ..... The Flag of the Free
Solo and chorus ..... We Drank from the Same Canteen
Solo ..... Who'll Save the Left
Solo ..... Happy Birds
Full Chorus ..... Battle Cry of Freedom

The programme will be interspersed with music by the Clyde Parlor Orchestra, and addresses from Grand Army comrades and others. It is expected that the Department President of the Corps, Mrs. Sarah C. Mink, of Syracuse, will be present on this occasion. An admission fee of 10 cents will be charged at the door, which will include refreshments. A most cordial invitation is extended to all to come and enjoy the pleasures of the evening.

Pathmasters Appointed for Galen.

The following are the Pathmasters appointed for the ensuing year:

1. W. Clouse 54. J. Finch
2. J. Clouse 55. Geo. Duall
3. W. Creager 56.
4. C. Kreusmark 57. G. R. Burkell
5. P. Clouse 58. C. Caywood
6. F. Desmond 59.
7. G.M. Wibert60.
8. H. Heisler 61. T. Wallace
9. L. Watson 62. F. Kelsey
10. E. Barnes 63. Chas. Meade
11. A.C. Syron 64.
12. E.L. Stratton 65. Geo. Gansz
13. Asa Traver 66. Phililp Heit
14. Chas. Moll 67.
15. S. J. Armitage 68. A.P. Hall
16. J. Thorn 69. M. McGraw
17. Wm. Jenkins 70. F. Backman
18. D.C. Freeland 71.
19. D.E. Jenison 72. Geo. Foist
20. C. Harper 73.
21. Jas. Aden 74. H. Hall
22. B. Salesman 75. Ira Burt
24. W. Groescup 77. Wm. Graham
25. H. Kellogg 78.
26. T. Brooks 79. W. Weed
27. R. Marriott 80. H. Benning
28. G.P. Foist 81. N.Y.C. & H. R. RR. Co.
29. John Paylor
30. A. Gordon 82.
31. C. Bastian 83. Geo. Haugh
32. H. Groescup 84. P. Vanderbilt
33. A. Gatzman 85. G. Reynolds
34. Geo. Hassig 86. M.W. Meade
35. Chas. Clouse 87.
36. Chas. Barker 88. B. & O. Tel. Co.
37. Wm. Barrett 89. W. Devereaux
38. W.S. Hunt 90. Fred Kreiss
39. P. Dower 91. H. Bish
40. H. Bockoven 92. O. Hopkins
41. P. Arbogast 93. G. Shepard
42. H. Shepard 94. Frank MIller
43. M. Murray 95.
45. Philip Clouse 97. A.P. Sampson
46. Wm. Osborn 98. H. Nelson
47. O.L. Langdon 99. H.S. Perkins
48. Jacob Heit 100. A.U. Tel. Co.
49. Jos. Lester 101. W.U. Tel. Co.
50. Fred Kelsey 102. W. U. Tel. Co.
51. H. Bishop 103. R.T. Tel. Co.
52. Benj. Weed 104. N.Y.W. Shore RR. Co.
53. Lewis Studor

Kneeland's Crystal Creamery.

The only glass creamery, steel or iron tank; makes the best butter; no metallic taste of poisoning; requires less ice. The creamery took the first premium at the Wayne County Fairs in 1887. For circulars apply to the agent, Wm. McMath, Clyde, N.Y.

Local Correspondence.


- Undertaker Pickett has gone to New York to study embalming.

- Jacob Geither, Jr., has bought out the Schaub bakery, on Canal street.

- Geo. H. Cramer is building an office on Canal street, for his own occupation.

- There were sixteen births, thirteen deaths and six marriages in this town during the month ending April 15th.

- The Married People's Club had their first after-Lent meeting at Geo. H. Cramer's, on Tuesday evening of last week.

- Another of Dr. Jameson's children (the last of the five) came down with typhoid fever on Saturday. The others are convalescent.

- The Board of Education has increased the salary of F. H. Gardner, a teacher in the Lyons Union School, $50 a year - a well deserved compliment to his fidelity and efficiency.

- The Pat Rooney Company played for the Active Hose, on Friday night, and drew a great crowd; but Col. Sherman D. Richardson's entertainment for the G.A.R. Post failed to pay expenses.

- John Guenthner, of this town, has the contract for painting the canal bridges between Newark and Clyde, and has a large force of men at work. The job must be completed before May 10th.

- Major Roys went to New York last week, on business connected with the important suit in Berkshire County, Mass., which he was so fortunate as to win recently. There has been no appeal so far.

- Ronaldo Vanderbilt, of this town, has just sold to Henry Burgess his pair of sorrel colts for $400. They were the admiration of all the horsemen in Lyons. Ronaldo always has the beat of everything in the way of stock.

- Christian Dorntree, of Macedon, was in town on Friday, and made formal announcement of his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Sheriff next fall. Three years ago he was a candidate, and presented his own name in the convention - something no other candidate has ever had the nerve to do. He was unsuccessful then, but he hopes for better luck this year.

Sodus Center.

- An epidemic of measles is raging among the younger inhabitants of the village.

- Manly E. Sturges' new yacht, "Ethel," shows her heels to everything in the bay.

- Mrs. Robert Proseus has returned from a six months' visit in Logansport, Ind.

- Mrs. Albert Shepard and Mr. and Mrs. Chase H. Graham, of Clyde, visited friends in town last week.

- The Joy Base Ball Club has re-organized for the season. Challenges may be addressed to Leslie M. Snyder, Secretary.

- The Parsons' Malting Company have manufactured about 400,000 bushels of malt since last October. The season will close in about two weeks.

- The regular shoot of the S odus Gun Club was held at the Palace Hotel range, Wednesday afternoon. A large number of visiting sportsmen were in town.

- The marriage of Guy Lampson Pulver, one of our most highly respected young men, and Miss Myra Belle Griggs, was celebrated at the residence of the bride's parents in Yonkers, N. Y., Wednesday evening.

- At the annual election of officers of St. Luke's Church Tuesday evening the following were elected for the ensuing year: Jacob Pulver and E. B. Mather, Wardens: Sidney B. Coleman, Henry H. Peeler, Homer Hopkins, Vestrymen.

- One of the numerous contracts of the Northern Central RR. Co. is for delivering 125,000,000 pounds of soft coal at Sodus Point prior to August 1st. It will be shipped thence to Brockville, Ont., by the barges of the Ogdensburg Towing Company.

- Sodus Council, Royal Templars of Temperance, is now the strongest organization of this order in the State. It initiated more new members least year than any other Council in the State. Since its organization six years ago, it has remitted to the Supreme Secretary $4,500.

-The annual dinner of the Shakespeare Club was served at the residence of E. B. Mather, on Maple street, last Monday evening, in commemoration of the poet's birthday, in accordance with the by-laws of the organization. For the entertainment of their guests on this occasion the club presented Julius Caesar.

- A larger number of changes in real estate titles have occurred during the past month than in any corresponding period in the history of the town. Among the more recent ones we have the following: George H. Case to Harry D. Case, hotel property at Sodus Point, $1; Lewis Case to H.H. Ostram, village lot in Alton, $200; Lewis Bush to Peter G. Dee, house and lot, $1,500; John H. Ward to W.P. Munn, vacant lot, $500; James H. Sutliff to Alice J. Courtwright, village property, $400; Geo. Baxter to Geo. Rawden, farm property, $4,000; A. Atwater to Josiah Bruno, farm property, $3,000; L.D. W hitney to Dorastus Whitney, farm property, $1. H. W. Bradshaw to F. M. Courtwright, house and lot, $1,450; Archibald M. Graham to Jacob Barclay, farm property, $2,800; H.H. Ostrom to Chas. G. Shannon, village property, $1; Harvey C. Weaver to Philip Muehl, farm property, $3,500; Lorenzo Whitney, Sr., to Lorenzo Whitney, Jr., farm property, $800; R.D. Wilcox to Cornelius Cole, farm property, $6,025; Jacob Geither to Chas. Stell, vacant lot, $50.

South Butler.

- A. T. Soule, of Rochester, was in town a short time last week.

- Mrs. J. F. Reed, of this place, visited her parents in Clyde last week.

- Rev. D. D. Davis, of Phelps, was the guest of friends in this vicinity last week.

- Miss Lillie Searle, of the Oswego State Normal School, is at home to pass a lengthy vacation.

- George Skinner and wife were at Jordan over Sunday, the guests of C. M. Crofoot and wife.

- Alfred Fry was seized with another attack of bleeding at the nose and mouth on Monday of this week.

- J. E. Hough was in attendance at the Congressional Committee meeting, which was held at Syracuse on Saturday.

- The members of Remington Post, No. 501, G.A.R. have secured the services of J. W. Hoag, Esq., of Wolcott, to deliver the address in this village on Memorial Day.

- We are informed that a match game of ball between the South Butler Base-Ball Club and the Savannah Club is to be played at Savannah on Saturday afternoon of this week.

- F. M. Johnson visited this village for the first time in nearly two years on Tuesday of last week. He has been sorely afflicted during the whole of his confinement to his home.

- The administrators of the Hibbard estate have been appointed as follows: Mrs. Jerome Hibbard, Miss Nettie Hibbard and Fremont Hibbard, and the manufacturing business will be conducted under the name of the Hibbard Basket Works in the future.

- Judging by the numerous tickets already disposed of, we should be very much surprised should not the lecture on the Revolutionary War to be given by Edward Hayward, Principal of the Clyde High School, at the Disciple Church on Friday evening, be attended by an audience which will fill the church. The children are especially interested, as a large portion of the entertainment - stereopticon views - will be principally for their benefit and instruction.

- At the Caucus held by the Republican electors of the town of Butler at Butler Center on Saturday afternoon, the following named gentlemen were elected as delegates to the District Convention, yet to be called: J. E. Hough, L. H. Dratt, G. J. Wilson, John Sprague and J. J. Fanning. A resolution was passed instructing the delegates to use their influence to secure the appointment of Hon. John H. Camp to represent this Congressional District in the Republican National Convention; also a resolution was passed to be forwarded to the Representative of this Congressional District, asking him to use his influence to have Congress pass a law giving the soldiers who fought in the preservation of our country in the war of the Rebellion pensions as a recognition of our gratitude t them.

- Triple accidents occurred here during the past few days. On Friday evening, as Mrs. W. H. Cornell was turning a horse and wagon around in this village, the horse turned too suddenly and the result was that one wheel of the wagon was made a complete wreck; and on Saturday evening an accident occurred to David R. Hamilton's wagon, it being overturned and the top somewhat bruised by being turned about too short. A horse which belonged to Mr. Wurts, of Savannah, was hitched at Mrs. Hayes' residence on Sunday afternoon, and the horse rubbing off its bridle became frightened and broke loose and ran away. The wagon was ruined, and one of the t hills penetrated the horse near the fore leg, doing it considerable harm. The horse was caught in this village, and is now being cared for by "Chris" Adsit.

Unknown Location

(large piece of the paper torn off at upper right corner of page 2)

- David Lake received a telegram on Wednesday of last week, from his daughter, Phoebe, who resides in Colorado, stating that her husband, Mr. Graham, had died suddenly, and that she was quite sick. Mr. Lake left for Colorado the next morning.

- The Society of Earnest Workers, of the Presbyterian Church, met at the home of Mrs. R. E. Reed on Thursday afternoon last and reorganized. The officers elected were: Mrs. Wheedon Burrington, President; Mrs. Frank Sours, Vice-President; Mrs. Chas. S. Reed, Secretary; Mrs. S. E. Chapin, Treasurer. The Society voted to use the money in the treasury for some repairs on the church.

R., W. & O. RR.


Oswego, 5:15 p.m., 12:50 p.m., 7:45 a.m.
Sterling, 5:56 p.m., 1:34 p.m., 8:24 a.m.
Red Creek, 6:07 p.m., 1:45 p.m., 8:33 a.m.
Wolcott, 6:20 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 8:45 a.m.
Rose, 6:30 p.m., 2:11 p.m., 8:55 a.m.
Alton, 2:25 p.m., 9:07 a.m.
Wallington, 6:46 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 9:12 a.m.
Sodus, 6:53 p.m., 2:38 p.m., 9:19 a.m.
Williamson, 7:08 p.m., 2:53 p.m., 9:33 a.m.
Ontario, 7:19 p.m., 3:05 p.m., 9:45 a.m.
Rochester, 8:35 p.m., 4:10 p.m., 10:50 a.m.
Arrive at Niagara Falls, 11:50 a.m., 2:10 p.m.


Niagara Falls, 6:30 a.m., 3:50 p.m.
Rochester, 9:40 a.m., 3:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m.
Ontario, 10:50 a.m., 4:29 p.m., 7:52 p.m.
Williamson, 11:20 a.m., 4:40 p.m., 8:02 p.m.
Sodus, 11:13 a.m., 4:53 p.m., 8:15 p.m.
Wallington, 11:20 a.m., 5:00 p.m., 8:21 p.m.
Alton, 5:05 p.m.
Rose, 11:36 a.m., 8:55 a.m., 5:16 p.m., 8:36 p.m.
Wolcott, 11:46 a.m., 9:05 a.m., 5:27 p.m., 8:46 p.m.
Red Creek, 12:10 m., 9:17 a.m., 5:40 p.m., 8:58 p.m.
Sterling, 12:10 p.m., 9:26 a.m., 5:50 p.m., 9:07 p.m.
Oswego, 12:50 p.m., 10:00 a.m., 6:60 p.m., 9:45 p.m.
H. M. BRITTON, Gen. Manager, Oswego, N.Y.

N.C. RR. - Sodus Bay Division.
7:15 Sodus Point 7:07
7:24 Wallington 6:59
7:27 Sodus Center 6:55
7:36 *Zurich 6:46
7:43 *Fairville 6:39
7:52 Newark, N.Y.C. 6:17
7:54 Newark, W. S. 5:55
8:03 *Outlet 5:42
8:08 Phelps Junc. 5:35
8:17 Orleans 5:25
8:21 *Seneca Castle 5:20
8:25 *Flint 5:15
8:35 Stanley 5:10
* Stop on signal only

Mary Sharpless, of New York, aged 9 years, is said to be the richest child in America - being worth $9,000,000 in her own right. She is a daughter of a late member of the dry-goods firm of Arnold, Constable & Co.

Editor Pulitzer, of New York World, has purchased French's Hotel property on Park Row, for $630,000, and intends to erect thereon the finest newspaper edifice in America.

All spellings and misspellings of names and common words are exactly as given in the original text. For information about persons or businesses listed, we thank you in advance for directing ALL questions and research inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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