The Clyde Street Fair of 1899
The St. John's Catholic Carnival of 1899


As reported by the Syracuse N.Y. Post Standard

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from newspaper clippings at the Office of the County Historian


September 12, 1899



Programme for Days Given Out by the Committee

Clyde, Sept. 11 - Clyde has fully decided that a street fair and carnival is the right thing, and will hold one during the week of September 25-30.

The complete programme of the affair was issued to-day.

The formal opening occurs Monday. Tuesday will be a day of sports of all kinds. Wednesday is Firemen's Day, with a grand parade of visiting and local firemen. In the evening the finest display of fireworks ever seen in this section will be given under the direction of Michele Rosette of Rochester and Tony Barile of Clyde.

On Thursday, Elks' Day, a leading attraction will be a grand exhibition drill by the Amazon Drill Corps of Rochester Lodge of Elks.

Friday, Grangers' Day, will be characterized by an exhibition of prize animals and produce of all kinds.

Saturday is Dewey Day, and will be given over to patriotic demonstrations.

In addition there will be an attractive list of daily features.


September 29, 1899



Large Crowds in Attendance - Races and Sports To-Day.

Clyde, Sept. 28 - The Clyde merchants' street fair and carnival is proving a big success. Large crowds are in daily attendance. The races and sports postponed from last Tuesday on account of the rain will be run off to-morrow.

The boxing match last night in the opera house was somewhat of a disappointment, as Johns failed to show up, but Jimmie Hanlon, the local pride, scored one knockout and one decision.

George Drake, a boatman from Weedsport, came to the fair to-day and tried to beat a street fakir at the latter's game. After the fakir had won $40 Drake, it is said, tried to get even by grabbing the former's satchel and managed to get away with $18. Thereupon the fakir had him arrested, but the authorities soon released him when the facts of the case were known.

The exhibition drill today by the Amazon Drill Corps of the Rochester Lodge of Elks was exceptionally fine.

To-morrow is Grangers' Day.


October 1, 1899


Not a Popular Feature of the Clyde Street Fair.

Clyde, Sept. 30 - A spasm of virtue seized some of Clyde's citizens yesterday and as a result the fakirs running gambling devices at the street fair were obliged to leave town. Six of these devices were in operation, including one for playing the "ball game." After several farmers had lost all they had on the game they became righteously indignant and loud in their denunciation of the skin games. Chief among those instrumental in forcing the fakirs out of town were several known to be the most generous buyers of chances at local fairs. To-morrow, the last day of the street fair, there will be a big patriotic demonstration, including a fine parade by the Knights of S.F.I. Of Clyde and vicinity, oration by Colonel R.R. Riddell of Syracuse, songs by the Apollo Club and music by several bands. A salute of seventeen guns will be fired by Dr. Barrett's military company.


November 28, 1899



Clyde Young Men to Appear in Minstrelsy - St. John's Benefit

Clyde, Nov. 27 - The fair and carnival for the benefit of St. John's Catholic Church opened in the Clyde Opera House last evening.

At 8 o'clock Charles W. Field, esq., declared an address. Following this there was a minstrel performance, in which many of the young men in the village were part under the direction of Prof. __sek of Geneva. J.C. Gillette was the elocutor; E.Q. Corrin, C.M. Smith and Guy Shipler manipulated the tambourines and Dr. D.L. Edwards, Harold Murphy and A.M. Ehart the bones.


December 2, 1899



Good Programme Arranged for the Last Evening.

Clyde, Dec. 1 - The fair and carnival for the benefit of St. John's Catholic Church will be brought to a close to-morrow night. The undertaking has proved to be the greatest success of the kind ever attempted in this village.

The average attendance during the week has been over 1,000 each night. It is thought that the total receipts will be about $4,000.

The programme for to-morrow evening will include the cake walkers, the Quaker City Quartet, and Arthur Myers in piano solos.

The second meeting of the recently organized Saturday Night Club will take place to-morrow evening in the S.F.I. Hall, and will consist of a ball and reception.

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