1891 Directory of the Village of Clyde

Town of Galen
Wayne County, New York

ab-above. bet-between. b or bds-boards. c or cor-corner.
do-ditto. E.-East. em-employed. Ex.-Express. h-home. junc-Junction.
manf- manufacturer. n-near. N.Y.C.R.R.-New York Central Railroad.
N.Y.C. & H. R. R.R.-New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. N.-North.
opp-opposite. P.O.-Post Office. S.-South.
Tel.-Telegraph. W.-West. wid-widow

- A -

Ackerman Laura Mrs. h Sodus n Columbia
Ackerman Lyle, estate, drugs and stationery, Glasgow n Ford
Ackerman Mary, widow, h Sodus n Columbia
Adams, A. E., chief engineer fire department, h 29 Glasgow
Allen Adelbert, porter Clyde Hotel
Allen James, maltster, h DeZeng n Glasgow
Allen Lewis, laborer, h Galen n Caroline
Allen Mark, hostler, Clyde Hotel
Allen Nettie Mrs., h 8 Orchard
Allen Peter, horse dealer, h Waterloo
Allen Sarah, widow, h Mill c Geneva
Allen Thomas A., laborer, h Factory
Allen William, laborer, h Duncan n Factory
American House, H. W. Townsend, prop., Ford
Ames Charles H., machinist, h Lock n Frederick
Ames Robert, tallysman, h Water c Orchard
Andrews Harriet M., widow, h 6 Waterloo
Andrews Augustus, glass blower, h W. Genesee
Anguish Albert, baggageman N. Y. C. & H. R. R., h Lock
Angus Gilbert F., cartman, h Factory
Armitage B. W., h 13 Orchard
Arnold J. N., physician, Glasgow h Dezeng c Sodus
Arzberger Christina Miss, dressmaker, bds Caroline
Arzberger Martha Miss, tailoress, bds Caroline
Arzberger Thomas, ice dealer, h Caroline
Aurand Elizabeth L., widow, Waterloo c. Geneva
Aurand Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, h Waterloo c Geneva, res. do
Austin Friend (Austin & Guy) bds Park c Sodus
Austin & Guy (Friend Austin & Michael Guy) blacksmiths, Erie canal n lift bridge
Avery Rowennea, widow, h Lock n brickyard

- B -

Bacon Gaylord R., man'g'r Clyde Glass Works, h W. Genesee
Baggerly Peter, commercial traveler, h Galen road
Bailey Samuel, laborer, h Mill ab Geneva
Baker Geo. O., attorney and counsellor at law, Glasgow c Ford, h Water n Cayuga
Baker Sarah A., widow, h 39 Caroline
Ball Frederick, laborer, bds Elizabeth n DeZeng
Ball Susan Mrs., h Elizabeth n DeZeng
Barber William J., lumber dealer, also contractor and builder, Pearl ab Washington, h do
Barnes Caroline, widow, h Lock c Fulton
Barnes Catherine, widow, h Fulton n Lock
Barnes Ransom R., clothing, Graham block, h Caroline
Barrick Charles, laborer, h 23 Geneva
Barrick William G. (Barrick & Smith) bds Water
Barrick & Smith (W. G. Barrick and G. S. Smith) harness makers, 5 Glasgow
Barrows Albert H., carpenter, h Lock n DeZeng
Barton Frank S., physician, 32 Glasgow, h Sodus
Barton Lena, wid, h W. Genesee c Factory
Bates William H. Rev., pastor Pres. Church, h 22 Caroline
Beach James E., miller, h Ford
Beattie John, glass blower, bds 56 Columbia
Becker George P., fireman, N. Y. C. & H. R. R.R., h E. Genesee
Becker John M., farmer, h Lock
Becker William H., switchman, h 6 Waterloo
Beckett William, laborer, h DeZeng n Factory
Belden George, bds Duncan
Benjamin Anson, farmer, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Benjamin Grant C., tel operator, N. Y. C. & H. R. R.R., bds Lock
Benjamin Nelson, farmer, L. Glasgow ab Sodus
Benninghoff Albert B., harness maker, bds DeZeng
Benninghoff Milton, physician, Ford, h Sodus
Bent Augustus C., h Waterloo
Bettles Thomas, gardener, h Lock n Caroline
Betts Leonard W., laborer, h Columbia
Billings Charles, shipping clerk, 1 Glasgow, h DeZeng
Bills B. Frank, foreman, h Orchard n Water
Birdsell Ada Miss, saleslady, 27 Glasgow, res Galen
Birdsell George, laborer, bds Galen c Caroline
Birdsell William A., h Galen c Caroline
Blasdell Charles F., maltster, h 32 DeZeng
Blasdell Katie, dressmaker, bds Galen
Blasdell Pomeroy, farmer, h Galen
Bliss Almina O., widow, h Lock
Bliss George S. (Bliss & Swift) 7 Glasgow, h Lock
Bliss Gilbert R., harness maker, bds Lock
Bliss & Swift (Geo. S. Bliss and S. P. Swift) hardware, stoves, etc., 7 Glasgow
Bloodgett Asa T., gentleman, h 47 Galen
Blodgett Charles W., barber, 18 Glasgow, h 77 do
Blodgett J. A. Mrs., h 28 DeZeng
Blodgett M. J., doors, sash and blinds, Columbia, h Caroline
Blood Newton S., laborer, h Lock
Bofinger William, laborer, h Glasgow
Bonser Eliza Miss, dressmaker, W. Genesee
Boothe Harriet, widow, h 33 DeZeng
Botsford George H., carpenter, h Sibley
Boucher Wallace, teamster, h 12 Geneva
Boucher William W., laborer, h 12 Geneva
Bowles William, maltster, h Lock n Washington
Bowman Chester H., maltster, h 19 Geneva
Bowmaster John, foreman marble works, Glasgow, h do
Boyce Addison, laborer, h Duncan ab DeZeng
Boyce Adelbert, laborer, h Factory n Duncan
Boyce Peter, laborer, h Factory n Duncan
Boyle Patrick, laborer, h Meadow
Bradburn Georgia Mrs., dressmaker, N. Park n Glasgow, h do
Bradley Bert, jeweler, bds 69 Glasgow
Bradley Ernest, clerk, 27 Glasgow
Bradley James, harnessmaker, h Columbia
Bramer William H., laborer, h Rees
Breed Adelbert, laborer, bds Lock
Breed Moses, h Lock n Washington
Bremer William, laborer, h Rees n Columbia
Brewer Charles, laborer, h Factory
Brewster Claista (sic) L. Miss, dressmaker, bds Sodus
Brewester (sic) Sarah, widow, h Lock n Caroline
Brewster William W., blacksmith, Caroline, h Lock
Brink Ruth Mrs., res Factory c Caroline
Brisbin George E., bookkeeper, h 24 Caroline
Britton Charles, magician, h 85 Glasgow
Brooks Alfred, laborer, h Erie canal bank
Brooks Thomas W., clerk, 16 Glasgow, h 43 Sodus
Brown Caleb J., laundry, Columbia, h 49 Sodus
Brown Charles, maltster, bds American House
Brown Charles, teamster, res 17 DeZeng
Brown Charles, carpenter, h E Genesee c Galen
Brown Charles C., carriage maker, Ford, h Galen
Brown David, maltster, h John n DeZeng
Brown David Jr., laborer, bds John, n DeZeng
Brown Foster, em. laundry, bds 49 Sodus
Brown Fred. D., machinist, bds 77 Glasgow
Brown George A., harness manf., 1 Glasgow, h Caroline
Brown John, maltster, h John n DeZeng
Brown Sarah A. Mrs., h 77 Glasgow
Buell Mary E. Miss, Preceptress Clyde High School, bds Sodus
Bulger Augustus, hostler, bds 11 Columbia
Burch Ziba, hostler, h DeZeng
Burlison George W., laborer, h 33 DeZeng
Burnett Anson C., farmer, bds Clyde Hotel
Burnett William, civil engineer and surveyor, h Columbia
Burton Hiram, farmer, h Lock n Fulton
Burton Phebe C. Mrs., h Lock n Fulton
Bush Peter, laborer, h 5 Glasgow
Butler Ann, widow, h Caroline n Lock
Butterley Frances B., wid, h 52 Columbia

- C -

Cable George C., barber, bds Caroline c Factory
Cady Henry, agent, druggist, Glasgow, coal, wood and ice dealer, Sodus, bds Clyde Hotel
Campbell P., baker, S. Park, h do
Campochian Solomon, laborer, h New
Cane John, gate tender, h DeZeng
Canning James, gentleman, res Glasgow n DeZeng
Canning James M., carpenter, h 80 Glasgow
Canning Mark, groceries, crockery, etc., 23 Columbia, h do
Carris Eliphalet J., grocer, Glasgow, h Caroline
Carroll Michael, laborer, h John n DeZeng
Case Charles, gentleman, bds Clyde Hotel
Case H., livery stable, Clyde Hotel, h Glasgow
Caughn John H. Rev., pastor Baptist Church, rooms Lock
Cavanaugh John, laborer, h 26 Meadow
Cavanaugh Mary, widow, h North
Chamberlain Charles, h Factory
Champion Rose Mrs., house keeper, DeZeng
Child Fred S., clerk, Glasgow, bds 13 W. Genesee
Child Gardner C., physician, N. Park n Glasgow, h 5 W. Genesee
Child S. J., jeweler and stationer, Glasgow, h 13 W. Genesee
Clabby James, em glass factory, h 46 Columbia
Clark Achsah Mrs., h Lock n Washington
Clark Charles C., farmer, h Mill
Clark Horace, clerk, Glasgow c Ford, bds 8 Ford
Clark Sylvester H., farmer, h 9 Waterloo
Clum Catharine, widow, h E. Genesee c Galen
Clum Orvill, laborer, bds Galen n Caroline
Clum Seth Mrs., h Galen n Caroline
Clyde Electric Company, E. M. McIntyre manager, secretary and treasurer
Clyde High School, Edward Hayward principal
Clydle Hotel, F. B. Smith prop'r, h Park c Glasgow
Coats B. F. Mrs., bds 12 Geneva
Coe Jesse H., bds 14 Waterloo
Coe Marshall, commercial traveler, h Glasgow
Colegrove Charles, maltster, h DeZeng n Glasgow
Colegrove Henry, h Rees n DeZeng
Colegrove James F., laborer, bds John n DeZeng
Colegrove John H., laborer, h Rees n DeZeng
Colegrove Joseph B., laborer, bds DeZeng c Rees
Colegrove William, h John DeZeng
Colegrove William, laborer, h 88 Glasgow
Colegrove William, laborer, bds Rees n DeZeng
Colegrove William, teamster, h Glasgow
Collier Albert D., furniture and undertaker, Glasgow, h Sodus
Collins, Chauncy B., h Sodus n Caroline
Collins Leonard, peddler, h Lock c Caroline
Colvin Darwin, physician, Sodus c W. Genesee, h do
Compson H. K., boat builder, h 3 Orchard
Conklin Henry, laborer, h Galen n Caroline
Converse Ira, butcher, h 53 Meadow
Converse Rosett, widow, h Meadow c New
Conway Frank, barber, 21 Columbia, bds Waterloo
Conway M. J. Mrs., h 2 Waterloo
Cook Orator F., farmer, h junc. Glasgow and Sodus
Cookingham L. D., grocer, Glasgow, h W. Genesee
Cooper Bayard J., painter, bds DeZeng n Lock
Cooper Calantha Mrs. h Glasgow
Cooper Lucy Mrs., h DeZeng n Lock
Copeland Arthur Rev., pastor M. E. Church, h Sodus
Corcoran Patrick, laborer, h DeZeng n Duncan
Cordon Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds 30 Meadow
Cordon, Michael, laborer, h Meadow
Corrigan Joseph G., marble and granite works, Glasgow, h 17 DeZeng
Corrigan Richard M., teamster, h Caroline
Corrin E. Q. (Hughson & Corrin) Columbia, h 16 Geneva
Cosselmon Albert, laborer, h Duncan
Cosselmon Charles H., laborer, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Cosselmon William H., clerk, 3 Glasgow, bds Glasgow
Costello Ann, widow, h 24 Meadow
Costello Cornelius, bds 45 Columbia
Costello James, laborer, h Cayuga
Costello John T., clerk, 17 Columbia, bds Cayuga
Costello Maggie Miss, dressmaker, res Meadow
Costello Mary Mrs., h Duncan n DeZeng
Costello Michael, laborer, h W. Genesee n Hill
Costello Michael N., laborer, h 29 Meadow
Cotton Charles, carpenter, bds Glasgow ab Sodus
Cotton Francis Miss, dressmaker, res Glasgow ab Sodus
Cotton Edward, laborer, bds Glasgow ab Sodus
Cotton John, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Cotton Phineas, laborer, bds Glaslgow ab Socus
Cowles George W., County Judge, Burton block, h Caroline
Cragg Robert, glass blower, bds Caroline c Rees
Crane Adelia C., widow, h 39 Caroline
Crane Frank M., night operator W. S. R. R., bds 12 Geneva
Crawford Willard, milk dairy, Ford
Crouch Lewis, laborer, h DeZeng c Lock
Crouch William Mrs., h Lock n Caroline
Crouch William S., clerk, bds DeZeng c Lock
Crowell M. J. Mrs., h Sodus n Caroline
Crowley James, laborer, h Ford
Cullen Albert (Cullen & Taylor) bds 69 Glasgow
Cullen & Taylor (Albert Cullen and William Taylor) blacksmiths, Ford
Curren Timothy, section hand, R. R., h 4 Waterloo

- D -

Damms Joseph P., blacksmith bds Caroline
Davenport William E., laborer, h DeZeng c Factory
Davis Jerome, farmer, h Ford
Davis John H., hotel and restaurant, 19 Glasgow
Davis John W., farmer, h W. Genesee n Duncan
Davis Loren, bds 81 Glasgow
Day Ann Mrs., h Glasgow ab Sodus
Day Maria, widow, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Decker John H., maltster, bds DeZeng
De Golyer George, building mover, h 30 DeZeng
De Golyer James, stationary engineer, h 17 Waterloo
Delano Elbridge G., farmer, h E. Genesee
Delano U. S., maltster, bds E. Genesee
Delano Wareagle, farmer, bds E. Genesee
DeLany Frederick A., gentleman, h 84 Glasgow
DeLany Henry S., h Glasgow c Caroline
Delisle Emma Mrs., housekeeper, Columbia
Demming Frank Mrs., h Galen n DeZeng
Democratic Herald, Albert C. Lux, Publisher, Graham block
Denison Andrew J., steam fitter, h Lock n DeZeng
Denison Charles E., boots and shoes, 4 Glasgow, h Sodus
Denison Mary E. Mrs., h Sodus opp S. Park
Denison Porter G., dry goods, etc., Graham block, h Sodus
Dennington George A., freight agt., N. Y. C. & H. R. R.R., h 40 Waterloo
Desmon Timothy, em Galen Stock Farm, h do
DeZeng C. Mrs., h Sodus n S. Park
Dickie E. W., mason, h Glasgow
Dickie James, grocer, 49 Glasgow, h do
Dixon Henry, hair dresser, 21 Columbia, h 7 Glasgow
Dixon Henry Mrs., hair worker, 7 Glasgow, h do
Douglass Derrick, em Clyde Glass Works, h 20 Caroline
Driscoll Catharine, widow, h DeZeng ab Rees
Driscoll John, h Hill
Drury Fred C., foreman malt house, h Lock
Dunham Andrew, peddler, h DeZeng ab Rees
Dunlap Willis, em Galen Stock Farm
Durkee Polly, widow, res 26 Waterloo
Durkee William M., boilermaker, h Mill ab Geneva
Dussler Charles, law student, bds 15 Columbia
Dussler George, h 15 Columbia
Dussler George, saloon and restaurant, 15 Columbia, h do

- E -

Edwards & Co. (F. S. and Ira Edwards) hardware, stoves, etc., Glasgow c Ford
Edwards Frank S. (Edwards & Co.) h E. Genesee n Galen
Ekert Anna M. Miss, saleslady, 25 Glasgow, res 22 Geneva
Ekert Arsenius, shoemaker, 24 Glasgow, h 22 Geneva
Eldridge Charles S., can maker, bds 17 Glasgow
Eldridge S. L. Mrs., dressmaker, 17 Glasgow, h do
Ellenwood Henry, farmer, h 18 Water
Elliot Ellen, widow, h W. Genesee n Lock
Ely Charles H., carriage painter, 55 Glasgow, h do
Ely Charles A. Jr., printer, bds 55 Glasgow
Ely Charles D. (William C. Ely's Sons & Hoyt) also prop. Galen Stock Farm, h W. Genesee c Lock
Ely Fred H., insurance agent, bds W. Genesee n Lock
Ely George L., clerk, 30 Glasgow, bds W. Genesee
Ely Henry L., gentleman, res 55 Glasgow
Ely J. H., gentleman, h W. Genesee n Lock
Ely William D. (William C. Ely's Sons & Hoyr) h W. Genesee c Lock
Ely's William C. Sons & Hoyt (Charles D. Ely, William D. Ely and George H. Hoyt) man'f'rs of fruit jars and bottles, ft Factory
Engelhardt John, cutter, 22 Glasgow, h Galen
Ernst Charles A., cooper, bds Factory n Caroline
Ernst George H., cooper, bds Factory n Caroline
Ernst Henry, cooper, h Factory n Caroline
Ernst William N., laborer, bds Factory n Caroline
Exner Carrie B., artist, bds Frederick n Lock
Exner Horace, harness maker, h Frederick n Lock
Evans John Rev., rector St. John's Episcopal Church, h W. Genesee c Lock

- F -

Farrell Edward D., deputy postmaster, h 46 Water
Farrell John, gate tender, W. S. R. R., h Water
Farrell Julia Miss, tailoress, res Water
Fee Alexander, hostler, bds 11 Columbia
Ferguson Abraham, laborer, h Lock
Ferguson David, farmer, h Geneva
Ferguson David Mrs., h Columbia n Sodus
Ferguson John G., laborer, bds Lock
Fero Hannah M., h Lock n Washington
Field Albert, finisher, h Glasgow ab Caroline
Field Albert L., finisher, bds 78 Glasgow
Field Ambrose S., clothing, 35 Glasgow, h 78 do
Field George A., cutter, 37 Glasgow, bds 78 do
Field Willard N., furniture, 47 Glasgow, h E. Genesee
Finch Charles H., merchant tailor, 23 Glasgow, h Sodus
Finch Ernest E., clerk, bds Sodus
Finch Frank, seed dealer, P. O. building, bds 61 Glasgow
Finch William M. (Lape & Finch) res Rose
Fisher Adam (Fisher & Son) h Sodus
Fisher Michael A. (Fisher & Son) h Sodus
Fisher & Son (Michael A., and Adam) boots and shoes, 3 Glasgow
Fisk Hannah A., wid, h 21 Geneva
Fisk Hiram J., harness maker, bds Water
Fisk James F., laborer, h Glasgow
Fisk Ora A. Miss, milliner, res Water
Fitzgerald James, bottle blower, h Galen
Flanigan Mary, widow, h Mill ab Geneva
Flynn Alice, bds 53 Sodus
Flynn Edward (Flynn & Hayes) h Grevel
Flynn George, mason, h 37 Meadow
Flynn John, carpenter, h 27 Meadow
Flynn Mary Mrs. h 53 Sodus
Flynn R. Emmett, hair dresser, Clyde Hotel, bds do
Flynn Satie E., saleslady, bds 53 Sodus
Flynn & Hayes (Edward Flynln and Timothy B. Hayes) meat market, 5 Columbia
Foote Albert, clerk, bds 57 Sodus
Foote Josiah, laborer, h 57 Sodus
Forbes Adam V., news room and confectionery, 27 Glasgow, h Factory
Forbes Rachel, widow, h Factory n Columbia
Ford Charles H. (Smith & Ford) h DeZeng
Ford John, harness maker, h 73 Glasgow
Forgham Frank, carpenter, bds Waterloo
Forgham Margaret, widow, h Waterloo
Forncook (sic) Henry S., carpenter, h Lock
Forte Charity G. Mrs., res E. Genesee n Glasgow
Forte Irwin A., Publisher "The Clyde Times," Ford, h Caroline
Fowler Hiram A., h W. Genesee n Hill
Fraher Alice, widow, h 37 Meadow
Fraher Daniel C., horse dealer, h Columbia
Fraher Edward, salesman, h 20 Meadow
Fraher James, laborer, h 46 Columbia
Fransiscoe George, laborer, h Meadow n New
Fransiscoe Safronia, widow, bds 53 Meadow
Fulkerson Hannah, widow, h Caroline n Galen
Funkey Margaret Mrs., cook, Clyde Hotel

- G -

Gaffney Ellen, widow, h Burrall
Gaffney John, laborer, bds Burrall
Garlick Abner, gentleman, Orchard
Garlick Wm. H., horseshoer, Ford, h Glasgow
Garrity Bridget, widow, h 4 Lock
Gay Albert, maltster, bds DeZeng ab Galen
Gay Alfred W., laborer, h DeZeng c Rees
Gay George, horse jockey, h rear 20 Meadow
Gay Henry, laborer, h Mill
Gay Sarah, widow, h 24 Waterloo
German Carrie Mrs., h 17 Waterloo
Germond James, bottler, h Ford n Glasgow
Germond Letetia, widow, res Ford n Glasgow
Gibson Daniel, mason, h 57 Glasgow
Gibson Daniel Jr., laborer, bds 57 Glasgow
Gibson G. Fred, salesman, 29 Glasgow, bds Caroline
Gibson M. A. Mrs., dressmaker, Caroline, h do
Gilbert Mary A. Mrs., res Caroline c Glasgow
Gillette Avery H., produce dealer, h Columbia
Gillett John C., law student, Graham block, bds Columbia
Gillette William, farmer, h Glasgow
Gilroy Edward K., glass blower, h Caroline
Gilroy Lida Miss, millinery, Harmony Hall block, Glasgow, bds Caroline n Rees
Gleeson J. J. Rev., Rector St. John's Catholic Church, h Sodus n DeZengn
Goettel Philip H., bartender, Columbia c Sodus, h do
Golden D., h Hill n W. Genesee
Gordon Elizabeth, widow, h 8 Waterloo
Graham Alexander, speculator, h Water c Mill
Graham Archibald M., prop. Galen Mills, h Glasgow
Graham A. G., farmer, h Waterloo
Graham, Eliza Mrs., h Glasgow n Caroline
Graham Jennette Mrs., res DeZeng
Graves Charles, painter, h Galen c E. Genesee
Graves Charles A., gentleman, h Lock
Graves Euphemia S., widow, h Galen
Graves Susan A. Mrs., h 54 Columbia
Green Eliza Mrs., res Glasgow n DeZeng
Green George N. (Green & Gregory) h Glasgow
Green & Gregory (George N. Green and George F. Gregory) dry goods, cloaks and carpets, 25 Glasgow
Greenway George B. (Street & Greenway) h Sodus
Gregg George A., lawyer, Adams' block, Glasgow, h 80 do
Gregory A. Mrs., h Water n Cayuga
Gregory George F. (Green & Gregory) res New York city
Greiner John, glass blower, h 48 Columbia
Gridley Edward, h Sibley c Columbia
Grimshaw Amelia, widow, h Waterloo road
Grimshaw John, carpenter, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Grinar Ann A. Mrs., widow, h Lock n Columbia
Grinell Adelia Mrs., bds Lock c Washington
Griswold Charles A., clerk, bds Sodus
Groesbeck Charles S., clerk, h 79 Glasgow
Groesbeck James G., clerk, 26 Glasgow, bds 7 DeZeng
Groesbeck Josephine, wid, h Columbia c Factory
Groesbeck Lee, clerk, 27 Glasgow, bds 7 DeZeng
Groesbeck Mary, widow, h 57 Columbia
Groesbeck Sarah A. Miss, res 79 Glasgow
Groesbeck Satie L. Miss, saleslady, 25 Glasgow, res Columbia
Groesbeck Ward H., grocer, 26 Glasgow, h 7 DeZeng
Groeskoop Arthur F., bds Ford c Galen
Groeskoop George, laborer, bds W. Genesee
Groeskoop Isaac, laborer, h W. Genesee
Gunio Polly, widow, h Mill ab Geneva
Guy Michael (Austin & Guy) h Duncan n DeZeng

- H -

Haight John E., delivering clerk, h DeZeng c Galen
Haight Martha A., widow, h DeZeng c Galen
Hak Charles, shoe maker, 28 1/2 Caroline, h do
Hak John, clerk, Glasgow, bds Caroline
Hall Edward, glass blower, h Caroline c Factory
Hamilton Alonzo W., night watchman and policeman, h E. Genesee
Hamilton Charles, ex-banker, h Sodus c DeZeng
Hamilton Fred T., laborer, h W. Genesee
Hand Sarah J., widow, h 18 DeZeng
Hanlon James, h DeZeng
Hanlon James Jr., glass blower, bds DeZeng
Hanlon John section hand, h Erie Canal bank
Hardy Saliby, laborer, h Duncan n DeZeng
Harmon Mary Mrs., bds 47 Sodus
Harper Ida E Mrs. (Harper & STrong) S. Park, res do
Harper Reuben L., farmer, h S. Park
Harper & Strong (Ida E. Harper and Frances M. Strong) millinery and fancy goods, S. Park
Hart Eugene C., maltster, h Factory n DeZeng
Hartman John, farmer, h DeZeng ab Duncan
Hartney Martin, laborer, h Duncan n DeZeng
Haugh Frank A., manager, Columbia, h DeZeng
Haugh John, farmer, h DeZeng
Hawley William H., laborer, bds 24 Waterloo
Hayes Timothy B. (Vlynn & Hayes) h Water c Waterloo
Haynes Sarah, widow, h Caroline c Factory
Hayward Edward, Principal Clyde High School, h W. Genesee n Factory
Hecox Charles B., laborer, h Rose road
Heit Lottie, widow, h 22 River
Hemingway Dwight E. (H. C. Hemingway & Co.) bds Clyde Hotel
Hemingway, H. C. & Co., packers of canned goods, Geneva
Hendricks Albert, carpenter, h 4 Rees
Hendricks Thomas, section foreman, bds Cayuga
Hennesey Mary Mrs., housekeeper, W. Genesee c Lock
Hiller Christopher, harness maker, bds Water
Hinman Jasper W., cashier, Briggs National Bank, h E. Genesee
Hixenbaugh Ida S. Miss, tailoress, res Factory
Hixenbaugh S. M. Mrs., h Factory n Columbia
Hoffman Seymour, glass packer, h Columbia
Hogan James, laborer, h John n DeZeng
Holdridge Emma, widow, h 59 Columbia
Holleran Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, res Mill
Holleran Martin, section hand, h Mill
Holleran Patrick Mrs., h W. Genesee
Holmes Alphonso O., h W. Genesee
Hopkins Albert (Hopkins & Son) bds Lock
Hopkins Allen D. (Hopkins & Son) bds Lock
Hopkins Augustus M., h W. Genesee
Hopkins George L., clerk P.O., bds W. Genesee
Hopkins James D. (Hopkins & Son) h Lock
Hopkins Nettie Mrs., dressmaker, Glasgow, h do
Hopkins William, laborer, h Glasgow
Hopkins & Son (J. D. and Albert Hopkins) blacksmiths, res Caroline
Hosack Charles Mrs., h Lock ab Washington
Hovey Euretta Mrs., h 7 W. Genesee
Howard James L., Justice of the Peace, h 24 Water
Howe Amelia F., widow, h DeZeng n Lock
Howe Charles A., clothing, Crowell Block, h 45 Caroline
Howe Mary, widow, bds Mill ab Geneva
Howes Thomas, stationary engineer, h 20 Waterloo
Howley Bridget, widow, h 38 Waterloo
Howley John, laborer, bds 38 Waterloo
Howley Patrick, tailor, h 38 Waterloo
Howley Patrick H., tailor, bds 38 Waterloo
Hoyt George H. (William C. Ely's Sons & Hoyt) h 3 W. Genesee
Hoyt George H. Jr., shipping clerk, bds 3 W. Genesee
Hugson (sic) Eugene N. (Hughson & Corrin) h 84 Glasgow
Hugson (sic) M. M. Mrs., res 84 Glasgow
Hugson (sic) & Corrin (E. N. Hugson (sic) and E. Q. Corrin) hardware, stoves, etc., Columbia
Hull Jason C., shoe maker, h Cayuga c Water
Hull Jehel C., shoe maker, h Cayuga c Water
Humphrey Elmer E., engineer, h Glasgow
Hunt Wm. A., Assistant Cashier Briggs National Bank, h 31 W. Genesee
Hurley Dennis, maltster, h Lock n Washington
Hurley John L., laborer, h E. Genesee n Ford
Hurley Nattie A., clerk, 21 Glasgow, bds Lock
Hyland Benjamin, pot maker, bds American House
Hyland John, night operator, bds 69 Glasgow

- J -

Jackson A. H., groceries and provisions, Columbia n Glasgow, h Sodus n P. O.
Jackson Elizabeth E., widow, h Lock
Jackson, Frank B., laborer, bds Lock
James James S., carpenter, h W. Genesee
Jefferson Lewis, coachman, h Lock
Jepson Terresa S., widow, vest maker, h Cayuga
Jewell George Mrs., nurse, h 85 Glasgow
Jewell Mahala, widow, h 85 Glasgow
Johnson Charles, painter, h Rose Valley road
Johnson J. B., tile and brick mfr., Fulton, res Lyons, N.Y.
Johnson Mary E. Mrs., h 8 Ford
Johnson Thomas W., tile and brick maker, h Lock
Johnson William, gentleman, h 41 Sodus
Jones Carrie I. Miss, bds 70 Glasgow
Jones C. Edward, bookkeeper, h 37 W. Genesee
Jones Charles E., cooper, h Columbia
Jones Jennie Miss, dressmaker, res Caroline
Jones Mary A., widow, h Caroline c Rees
Jones Richard, teamster, h Ford
Jones William D., notary public, 70 Glasgow, h do
Jones William D. Mrs., nurse, h 70 Glasgow
Jones Wm. H., printer, "Clyde Times," bds 70 Glasgow
Jordan Edward, hostler, bds Caroline n Gaton
Joyce Bridget Mrs., h Caroline n Glasgow
Joyce Kate Miss, dressmaker, Caroline, bds do
Joyce Thomas W., glassblower, h W. Genesee

- K -

Kane Cornelius, laborer, bds Cayuga
Kane John, blacksmith, bds 8 Ford
Kane Sarah, widow, h Meadow n New
Kane Sylvester, glass blower, bds Meadow
Kane Thomas, section foreman R. R., h Grenel
Karrigan Ellen, widow, h Cayuga
Karrigan Thomas, cigar maker, bds Cayuga
Keenan Mary Miss, dressmaker, W. Genesee c. Rees, bds do
Keesler J. A. (Wood & Keesler) h 8 DeZeng
Kehoe James, tailor, bds Clyde Hotel
Keine Patrick, laborer, h Cayuga
Keller Anna Miss, dressmaker, bds Caroline
Keller Frank, harness maker, bds Caroline
Keller George, moulder, bds Caroline
Keller John, moulder, h Caroline c Galen
Keller William, butcher, bds 9 DeZeng
Kelley Elizabeth, widow, h 38 Waterloo
Kellogg John T., salesman, h W. Genesee
Kelly James, laborer, h Cayuga
Kelly Michael, laborer, h Grevel
Kennedy Charles R., maltster, Ford, h W. Genesee n Sibley
Kennedy Thomas G. Mrs., widow, res 16 W. Genesee
Kenyon Hial P., produce dealer, 57 Columbia, h do
Kerns Charles H., dye works, 9 Glasgow, h do
Kerrigan Thomas, cigar manufacturer, Columbia, h Cayuga
Kerrigan William J., glass blower, h Columbia
Ketchum Albert L., farmer, h Water c Mill
Ketchum H. O., farmer, h W. Genesee
Kiggins Catharine Mrs., grocer, 17 Columbia, h Caroline
Kiggins Thomas C., manager, 17Columbia, h Caroline
King Albert, maltster, h DeZeng n Factor
King Daniel, maltster, h E. Genesee n Galen
King Ebenezer, maltster, h DeZeng ab Rees
King Henry, laborer, h 22 Meadow
Kingsburg F. H., bds 69 Glasgow
Kinslee Timothy, laborer, h DeZeng ab Rees
Kipp John, laborer, bds DeZeng n Glasgow
Kirby Anna Miss, dress maker, 27 Geneva, res do
Kirby Margaret, widow, h 27 Geneva
Kise J. A. Mrs., h 8 Orchard
Kline Carrie Miss, dress maker, bds 47 Sodus
Kline George, harness maker, bds 47 Sodus
Kline Valentine, shoe maker, h 47 Sodus
Knight Ella Miss, elocutionist, res Caroline c Factor
Knight Henry C., manager strap factory, Caroline, h do
Knoblock Katie Mrs., bds Ford
Koons George W., dry goods, etc., 24 Glasgow
Kreiss Christopher, h South Park

- L -

Ladd Curtis, harness maker, h 35 Geneva
La Fevre Edmond, laborer, h DeZeng c Galen
Laidlaw Charles R., machinist, h W. Genesee n Rees
Lake Charles, bds Ford
Lake Frank, night baggageman N. Y. C. & H. R R.R., h Lock
Lamb Edwin, laborer, h Sodus n DeZeng
Lamb William E., clerk, 4 Glasgow, bds Sodus
Lamoreaux J. C. Mrs., h N. Park n Sodus
Lampson William H., carpenter, h DeZeng
Lane Michael, maltster, h 43 Meadow
Lape Adelia J. Miss, school teacher, bds Caroline
Lape Ellen Mrs., h Fulton n Lock
Lape Fred, laborer, h DeZeng c Galen
Lape Maria, widow, h Caroline
Lape P. Ira (Lape & Finch) h Caroline
Lape & Finch (P. Ira Lape and William M. Finch) coal and wood, Sodus c Columbia
La Rue Joseph, box maker, bds Lock
Lauster Henry P., butcher, h W. Water
Lauster Nicholas, meat market, Columbia, h 29 Geneva
Lauster Philip, bds S. Park
Lauzon Venus, cooper, h 54 Columbia
La Vancher William, h Columbia c Lock
Lawrence Ann, widow, h 59 Columbia
Lawrence Benjamin, glass blower, h Ford
Lawrence Benjamin F. Jr., glass cutter, h 31 DeZeng
Lee Henry T., bookkeeper, Clyde Glass Works, h 18 W. Genesee
Leege Fred, saloon and pool room, S. Park, h do
Legg William W., glass blower, h 28 Caroline
Legg William W. Jr., glass blower, bds 28 Caroline
Lembcke Theodore M., laborer, h Factory
Lewis Gardner T., variety store, N. Park, h do
Lewis L. J., laborer, h E. Genesee
Liek James M., contractor and builder, h W. Genesee
Littlejohn Arthur E., tinsmith, bds r 29 Geneva
Littlejohn J., h Galen
Littlejohn Thomas, laborer, h r 29 Geneva
Livermore Alexander J., apprentice, bds 21 Rees
Livermore Joseph W., glass packer, h 21 Rees
Livingston Phebe S., wid, h 82 Glasgow
Lock Samuel, h 34 DeZeng
Lockwood James, stationary engineer, h Glasgow
Louster Henry, h Water n Orchard
Lux Albert C., publisher Democratic Herald, Graham block, h W. Genesee
Lux Alice E. Miss, compositor, res W. Genesee
Lux Amelia E. Miss, res Lock n Washington
Lux Charles A. (E. Lux & Son) coopers' flag., Canal, h Cayuga
Lux Daniel E., book keeper, h Lock
Lux Ernest D., book keeper, William, bds 50 Lock
Lux E. (E. Lux & Son) h Columbia
Lux E. & Son (Charles A.) coal and wood; also coopers, William
Lux George F. Mrs., h Lock n Washington

- M -

Mack James, blacksmith, h 28 Ford
Mack James, laborer, h DeZeng ab Rees
Mack James H., batch maker, h Lock
Mack John, laborer, h DeZeng
Mackie Thomas Mrs., h Mill c Geneva
Malany Eugene, harness maker, h W. Genesee
Malany Sarah A., widow, h Cayuga
Mantle Charles, harness maker, 18 Geneva, h do
Marriott Byron N., principal South Side School, bds 8 Waterloo
Marsh Garrett E., carpenter, h Lock
Marsh P. S. Mrs., h 12 Geneva
Marshall Sarah M., widow, h DeZeng
Martin Hughes, bottle blower, bds Columbia
Matthew John, laborer, h DeZeng c Galen
Matthews William L., stationary engineer, h Galen
Maunder Frederick, bds 63 Glasgow
Maybie George, hostler, W. Genesee c Lock, bds do
McBeth Daniel, laborer, bds 5 Glasgow
McCarthy James, laborer, h Ford
McCarthy James, maltster, h E. Genesee
McCarthy James Jr., laborer, bds E. Genesee
McClaskey Catharine, widow, h Galen
McCombs Samuel S., laborer, h W. Genesee
McDermott Mary, widow, h 28 Meadow
McDermott Mary Miss, tailoress, res 28 Meadow
McDougall Ann Mrs., h Glasgow ab Sodus
McDougall Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker, Glasgow, res do
McDougall Enos E., harness maker, bds DeZeng
McDougall Lorenzo, laborer, bds Glasgow
McDougall William T., gentleman, h DeZeng
McEligott Thomas F. (Murphy & McEligott) 33 Glasgow, h Caroline
McEwan John, laborer, h Lock n Caroline
McGinnis John E., bookkeeper, h 7 W. Genesee
McGloin Bridget Mrs., h Cayuga n Meadow
McGowen Patrick, laborer, h 54 Columbia
McGrath Ann J., widow, h 45 Columbia
McGrath Frank, maltster, h 73 Glasgow
McIntyre Calvin (Warner & McIntyre); also (Calvin McIntyre & Son) h Sodus
McIntyre Calvin & Son (Edward M.) maltsters, Glasgow
McIntyre Edward M. (Calvin McIntyre & Son); also manager Clyde Electric Co., h Sodus n Caroline
McMahon James, laborer, h Grenel
McMullen Edward, boatman, h 15 Caroline
McMullen Henry, teamster, bds Lock n DeZeng
McMullen Michael C., glass worker, h Caroline
McVicar John D., foreman "Times Office," h 5 Waterloo
Meade Brothers (James H. and Will E.) boots and shoes, 9 Glasgow
Meade James H. (Meade Brothers) 81 Glasgow
Meade William E. (Meade Brothers) h North Park
Meier Ernest C., saloon, bds Caroline
Merrill Colonel E. (P. Merrill & Son) h Water
Merrill C. S., lumber dealer, Columbia, res Seneca Falls
Merrill Pulaski (P. Merrill & Son) h Water
Merrill P. & Son (C. E.) drugs and crockery, Glasgow, c Ford
Merritt William, farmer, h North of DeZeng
Millard Edwin H., tinsmith, h W. Genesee c Hill
Millard George F., tin manufacturer, 41 W. Genesee, h do
Miller Charles R., glass blower, h Rees
Miller Frank F., farmer, bds W. Genesee
Miller Fred W., farmer, h W. Genesee
Miller Herman, harness maker, bds Clyde Hotel
Miller James R., glass blower, h 30 Caroline
Miller William H., bartender, S. Park, bds do
Millies John, harness maker, h 33 Geneva
Minnie Joseph, maltster, h Ford
Monroe Joseph, laborer, h Columbia
Moon Henry C., stationary engineer, h Ford
Moore Newton J., farmer, h W. Genesee
Moran Anna Miss, school teacher, h Cayuga
Moran James, section hand, h 40 W. Genesee
Moran John, maltster, h Cayuga
Moran John E., section hand, bds 40 W. Genesee
Moran Kittie Miss, school teacher, h Cayuga
Moran Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, 40 W. Genesee, r es do
Morey Henry, teamster, bds Galen
Moriarty Michael, h W. Genesee
Mowbray John A., veterinary surgeon, Caroline, bds 69 Glasgow
Moyles Patrick, laborer, h 32 Meadow
Munn Frank P., manager W. U.T. Co., also card printer, Graham block, bds Glasgow
Murphy James, gentleman, h DeZeng
Murphy John, h Rees n Columbia
Murphy Joseph E. (Murphy & McEligott) h 45 Glasgow
Murphy & McEligott (J. E. Murphy and T. F. McEligott) hardware, stoves, etc., 33 Glasgow
Murray Ellen, widow, bds 27 Meadow
Murray Honora, widow, h 24 Waterloo
Murray John, fireman, W. S. R. R., h Ford
Murray Patrick, laborer, h 31 Meadow
Muth James R., photographer, N. Park, h do
Myers Dewitt C., gentleman, Cayuga
Myers Ernest C., saloon, Columbia c Sodus, h Caroline
Myers Frank, laborer, h Ford
Myers William A., restaurant, Columbia, h do

- N -

Near Elizabeth Mrs., bds Lock n Washington
Nelson Fred E., hair dresser, 18 Glasgow, h E. Genesee
Newberry Stephen R., stationary engineer, h 27 W. Genesee
Newlove Charles E., h Ford
Newlove Mary Miss, boarding, h Ford
Nichols James B., bds 69 Glasgow
Nichols James B. Mrs., res 16 W. Genesee
Nichols James M. Mrs., h 23 W. Genesee
Nichols Louis, glass cutter, h Sodus
Nichols Stephen, painter and paper hanger, bds Galen
Nichols Webester (sic) S., engineer, bds Sodus
Nichols William, laborer, h Sodus
Nichols W. C., confectionery and fruit, S. Park, h Sodus
Nobles Frank, miller, h Lock c Frederick
Nobles Walter, apprentice, bds Lock
Nolan Ann, widow, h 46 Galen
Nolan George, glass blower, bds 46 Galen
Noon Bridget, widow, h 36 Meadow
Noon Daniel, glass blower, bds 36 Meadow
Noon Timothy, glass blower, res 36 Meadow

- O -

O'Brien John, laborer, h Waterloo
O'Brien Simon, laborer, h Grenel
O'Connor John, bartender, Ford, bds do
O'Grady Michael, laborer, h 34 Meadow
Oliver Martha B., widow, h Caroline c Factory
Oliver Sarah F. Miss, dressmaker, Caroline c Factory, res do
Olmstead Jane, widow, h Columbia n Sodus
Olmstead Lucy R. Miss, dressmaker, Columbia n Sodus, res do
Ostrom Charles W., freight agent W. S. R. R., h 12 Geneva
Overocker Charles W., coal and wood, Glasgow, h 35 W. Genesee
Overocker Frank, laborer, h Frederick n Factory
Overocker Ida B. Miss, bookkeeper, res 35 W. Genesee
Overocker Jacob, confectionery and fruit, 7 Columbia, bds 69 Glasgow
Overocker Lydua A., widow, h 81 Glasgow

- P -

Paddock Levi, gentleman, h Lock c DeZeng
Palmer Edwin B., bookkeeper Briggs National Bank, bds W. Genesee
Palmer Lewis H., Vice President Briggs National Bank, h W. Genesee c. Factory
Parker Frank N., bookkeeper, h Waterloo
Parkes Jerome B., farmer, h Lock c Washington
Parsons Walter E., tanner, h Water
Patten Henry, clay moulder, h W. Genesee
Patten Melvin, canvasser, bds W. Genesee
Pausley Alexander, res n Water Works
Pausley Esther Mrs., h Galen n DeZeng
Pausley John, farmer, h n Water Works
Pausley William H., maltster, h Galen
Pease Zebulon B., harness maker, h Factory
Peck Alida, widow, h 8 Ford
Peckham Jesse, express driver, bds 63 Glasgow
Peckham Maria Mrs., h 63 Glasgow
Perkins Charles A., clerk, 32 Glasgow, h do
Perkins Frank R., clerk, 32 Glasgow, h Junc. Sodus and Glasgow
Perkins George D., laborer, h Galen n DeZeng
Perkins Hosea B., granite cutter, h Lock
Perkins Ladocia, widow, bds Caroline
Perkins Rush Mrs., widow, h N. Park
Perry Marion E. Miss, school teacher, res Water
Perry Mary L. Mrs., boarding house, Water
Perry Nancy, widow, h E. Genesee
Petteys A. Lincoln, laborer, h DeZeng
Phillips Stephen, cartman, h Cayuga
Pidge Asa, mason and brick layer, h Glasgow
Pidge Melvin R., mason, bds Glasgow
Podger James, laborer, h Frederick
Porter Stephen, cartman, h 67 Glasgow
Potter Seth, mason, h Lock n Washington
Potts Clark, Overseer of the Poor, h 5 Orchard
Powell James H., laborer, h Ford n DeZeng
Powers Lendal P., harness maker, h W. Genesee
Powers Lillian A. Miss, music teacher, res 18 W. Genesee
Powers Luther A., carpenter, h 10 Rees

- Q -

Quinn Carroll, laborer, h Fulton

- R -

Raigon Anna Mrs., h Duncan n DeZeng
Raigon Patrick, laborer, h Elizabeth
Ransley Charles, harness maker, h DeZeng
Ransley Frank, moulder, bds 69 Glasgow
Rapp Thomas W., clerk, Clyde Hotel, bds do
Rauser Elizabeth C. Miss, dressmaker, bds Lock
Rauser Fred., prop. Bus Line, h S. Park
Rauser Frederick D., cooper, h Lock, n Washington
Raviello George, laborer, h Cayuga
Raviello Nicholas, laborer, h Cayuga
Read J. S., physician and surgeon, Graham block
Ream Louis, harness maker, h 9 Orchard
Reaves James, gardner, h Ford below E. Genesee
Redder Edward F., maltster, h Genesee
Redder Henry, maltster, h Meadow
Redfield Albert F., h Water c Mill
Reed Charles W., h Frederick c Factory
Reed Charles W., maltster, Glasgow, h 16 W. Genesee
Reed F. C., lawyer, h W. Genesee c Lock
Reynolds Arnold, glass blower, h Columbia
Reynolds Eugene, laborer, bds Factory
Reynolds Frank, glass blower, bds Columbia
Rich Amos Rev., h Galen
Roberts Frank, laborer, h 56 Columbia
Roberts Isaac M., farmer, bds Factory
Roberts Nathan H., res Galen
Robinson James, laborer, h Factory
Robinson Jane Miss, school teacher, res W. Genesee
Robinson Thomas, lawyer, Harmony Hall block, h W. Genesee
Robus William J., Janitor, High School bldg, h 11 Caroline
Roch Fred, laborer, h Cayuga ab Grenel
Rodman John, laborer, h Meadow New
Rodman Mary, widow, h Meadow n New
Roe George G., harness maker, saddlery hardware, also postmaster, Columbia c Sodus, h DeZeng
Roffee Edson M., dentist, h 37 Caroline
Rose John, farmer, h S. Park
Rose John, clerk, Water c Waterloo
Ross Richard H., glass blower, bds Columbia
Rouser Frederick, cooper, h S. Park
Roy H. Guy, apprentice, bds Factory
Roy Joseph E., glass gatherer, h Columbia
Roy Peter, h Factory n Columbia
Roycraft Jennie A. Mrs., h 26 Waterloo
Ruf John P., dentist, 24 Glasgow, h W. Genesee
Rumsmoke Bastian, laborer, h Columbia
Russell Seymour, laborer, h Lock
Ryan James, section hand, W. S. R. R., h 33 Geneva
Ryan John, section hand, bds 33 Geneva
Ryan Philip, section hand, bds 33 Geneva
Ryerson I. M., clerk, Graham Block, bds Sodus c Caroline
Ryerson Miller, clerk, bds Sodus c Caroline

- S -

Sager Jacob, cabinet maker, h S. Park c Sodus
Salesman B., farmer, h Geneva
Sandell Robert, laborer, h DeZeng n Dundan
Sands Edwin, grocer, 21 Glasgow, h 14 Geneva
Sands Herbert, merchant tailor, Glasgow, h 14 Geneva
Saxton Charles T. (Vanderberg & Saxton) h E. Genesee c Galen
Saxton Daniel, harness maker, h Lock
Sayles John R., clerk, Glasgow c Ford, bds W. Genesee
Sayles Sylvanus J., traveling salesman, h W. Genesee
Schindler S. L. Mrs., h 34 W. Genesee
Schoonmaker James H., laborer, h Elizabeth
Scott Allen, laborer, h 5 Glasgow
Scutt Freeman, h 21 Waterloo
Scutt Peter, h 21 Waterloo
Sears Joseph H., stationary engineer, h Erie Canal bank
Seif John, upholsterer, bds S. Park c Sodus
Seigler Henry, harness maker, bds 43 W. Genesee
Shafer Marcus, contractor and builder, h 24 DeZeng
Sheehan Dennis, laborer, res 28 Meadow
Sheldon Elizabeth Mrs., h Galen n Caroline
Shepard Fred H., clerk, 3 Glasgow, bds 69 do
Sheridan Martin, laborer, bds 10 Waterloo
Sheridan Mary, widow, h 10 Waterloo
Sherman E. W. Mrs., h Factory n DeZeng
Sherman William, tanner, h Mill ab Genesee
Shipler J. W. H., photographer, Glasgow c Ford, h Columbia
Shoemaker John H., boatman, h R. R. track, n river bridge
Sickels Harriet Mrs., bds Mill ab Geneva
Sickels Samuel, laborer, h Mill ab Geneva
Simmons C. R. Mrs., h 23 DeZeng
Simmons D. L. Mrs., h Caroline
Simmons Henry E., undertaker, h Sodus
Simmons John M., bds 23 DeZeng
Simmons Richard, carpenter, h Ford n Galen
Simmons Zilpha Mrs., h 5 Sodus
Simons John L., cartman, h Factory
Skinner F. M., laborer, h Ford
Skinner Salmon H., farmer, h Waterloo c Water
Slade Amanda, widow, h 15 Carolne
Sloan Charles, manager C. S. Merrill, Columbia
Sloan George W., h Lock n DeZeng
Sloan Norman, gentleman, h 7 Orchard
Sly Allen A., maltster, h DeZeng n Galen
Smith Abigal, widow, h 3 Glasgow
Smith Arthur H., maltster, Sodus, h Glasgow c Caroline
Smith Calvin E., apprentice, bds 17 DeZeng
Smith Charles A., town clerk, Adams block, bds 69 Glasgow
Smith Charles G., clerk, Columbia, h Lock
Smith Charles M., day clerk, Clyde Hotel
Smith Charles O. (Smith & Ford) h Water
Smith Duke F., musician, bds Washington
Smith Edmund, laborer, bds 23 Waterloo
Smith Elizabeth Mrs., res Lock n Frederick
Smith F. B., prop. Clyde Hotel, N. Park c Glasgow
Smith Frank G., laborer, h Lock c Fulton
Smith Grant S. (Barrick & Smith) h Water n Waterloo
Smith Irving, laborer, bds 23 Waterloo
Smith Jarvis E., physician, W. Genesee c Lock, h do
Smith John B., baggage master, W. S. R. R., h 31 Geneva
Smith Joseph Q., bds Water n Mill
Smith Malting Co., E. Genesee
Smith Marshall, boarding house, 69 Glasgow
Smith Thomas Mrs., h E. Genesee
Smith Timothy R., h Washington
Smith William W., carpenter, h 8 Waterloo
Smith & Ford (Charles O. Smith and Charles H. Ford) tobacco, cigar, liquors, etc., 5 Glasgow
Snedaker A., gentleman, h Sodus n N. Park
Snedaker Warren B., confectionery, cigar, etc., N. Park, bds Sodus
Snow Matie, widow, h Sodus n Columbia
Snyder Calvin, hay presser, h Hill
Snyder Harvey B., em Galen Stock Farm
Soule Stephen W., clerk Columbia c Sodus, h 43 W. Genesee
Sours Philip, carpenter, h 39 W. Genesee
Spaulding George R. G., gardener, h Washington
Spaulding Hester A. Miss, dressmaker, bds Washington
Spaulding Jesse T., apprentice, bds Washington
Spencer Flora B. Miss, bookkeeper, 1 Glasgow, bds Lock
Spencer Ford A., grocer, 16 Glasgow, h 45 Sodus
Spencer John M., clerk, 16 Glasgow, h 45 Sodus
Spillane Dennis, glass blower, bds DeZeng c Duncan
Spillane John, laborer, h DeZeng c Duncan
Staub John, glass blower, h Caroline n Rees
St Clair James, hair dresser, Columbia, h do
Stevens H. B., prop. Clyde Gas Works, res Rochester, N. Y.
Stevens Sylvanus, engineer, h Elizabeth
Stevenson George, blacksmith, h 12 Waterloo
Stevenson William, laborer, bds 12 Waterloo
Stickles Edward, farmer, h Burrall
Stickles George, laborer, h Glasgow, ab Sodus
Stillman John R., sexton Maple Grove Cemetery, h DeZeng c Elizabeth
Stock John, meat market, 12 Glasgow, h Water
Stocker John, tailor, h Glasgow
Stockin Emma R., widow, h Sodus c Caroline
Stoeker John, gardener, h Glasgow
Stoeker John Jr., laborer, bds Glasgow
Stoetzel C. E. Mrs., h Glasgow n Columbia
Stoetzel E. Fred, bakery and restaurant, Glasgow, bds do
Stoffel Frank A., station agent N. Y. C. & H. R. R.R., bds 69 Glasgow
Stone Peter, laborer, h DeZeng n John
Stow De L., lawyer and insurance agent, Sodus c W. Genesee, h do
Strauss Jacob, clothing, 22 Glasgow, h 15 Sodus
Streeter J. M. (Streeter & Greenway) h 17 W. Genesee
Streeter S. D., h Caroline n Lock
Streeter & Greenway (J. M. Streeter and George B. Greenway) maltsters, Ford
Strong Edward D., grocer, Water c Waterloo, h S. Park
Strong Frances M. Mrs. (Harper & Strong) S. Park, res do
Stuck John, butcher, bds Water
Sullivan Mary Mrs., h Lock n Washington
Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 58 Columbia
Sullivan Timothy, glass blower, bds Lock
Sullivan William, laborer, bds Lock
Sutter Elizabeth, widow, h Waterloo ab Geneva
Swazler Elias, h 44 Galen
Swift Samuel P. (Bliss & Swift), h DeZeng n Glasgow
Syron Helen L. Miss, school teacher, res 13 Geneva
Syron Isabella H., widow, bds 51 Meadow
Syron Mary Miss, milliner, S. Park, h do

- T -

Tanner Maria, widow, bds 51 Meadow
Taylor D. J. M., clerk, 25 Glasgow, h Rees
Taylor George B., pattern maker, h 75 Glasgow
Taylor George Z., tanner and currier, Geneva, h 13 Waterloo
Taylor L. S., h 10 Geneva
Taylor Michael, laborer, h 23 Waterloo
Taylor William (Cullen & Taylor) bds Ford n Glasgow
Terry A. F., druggist and stationer, 2 Glasgow, h 35 DeZeng
Terry Fred H., drug clerk, 2 Glasgow, h DeZeng
The Briggs National Bank, J. W. Hinman, cashier, 37 Glasgow
The Clyde Times, Irwin A. Forte, publisher, Ford n Glasgow
Thomas Elsie Mrs., h 51 Sodus
Thomas Frank, harness maker, bds 51 Sodus
Thompson James P., laborer, h 25 Geneva
Thorn Phineas R. (T. P. Thorn & Sons) bds Factory
Thorn Seward T. (T. P. Thorn & Sons) bds Factory
Thorn Thomas P. (T. P. Thorn & Sons) bds Factory
Tibbetts Addison E., painter and paper hanger, h Lock
Tibbetts Charles H., painter, bds Lock n DeZeng
Tibbetts Harriett E., widow, h Lock n DeZeng
Tillo Robert, carpenter, h 74 Glasgow
Tobin Ellen, widow, h 11 Columbia
Tobin William, saloon and livery, 11 Columbia, h Factory
Townsend H. W., Prop. American House, Ford
Traver Asa, farmer, h Sodus c Caroline
Traver Heman D., bds Sodus c Caroline
Tremper J. E., estate, groceries, 31 Glasgow
Tremper James M., manager the Tremper estate, bds Clyde Hotel
Tremper Margaret J. Mrs., res E. Genesee n Glasgow
Tripp Mary, widow, h Lock n Caroline
Tuck Addison, retired, res Galen c DeZeng
Tuck Charles, mason, Galen n DeZeng, h do
Tuck Frank M., carpenter, h DeZeng
Tucker Alvah, laborer, h DeZeng
Tuffs George, Supt. Clyde Gas Works, h Caroline
Turner Charles, laborer, h Sodus
Turner Charles E., em Galen Stock Farm
Turner John, maltster, h Galen n Caroline
Turner John H., boiler maker, h Lock
Tuttle Anna Miss, dressmaker, Water, res do
Tuttle Chloe E. Miss, compositor "Times Office," bds Water
Tuttle David A., bds Water n Mill

- V -

Vail Enos A., glass blower, h DeZeng
Van Alstine James W., carpenter, h Elizabeth
Van Auken Charles A., em Galen Stock Farm, h do
Van Buskirk Amelia L. Miss, r es 33 Caroline
Vandenberg John (Vandenberg & Saxton) h DeZeng c Sodus
Vandenberg & Saxton (John Vandenberg, Charles T. Saxton) lawyers, Graham block
Van Duser John, painter and paper hanger, W. Genesee, h do
Van Tassel Adelbert L., h Sodus
Velie Cornelius, farmer, h Sodus
Ven Jensen James, laborer, h New n Cemetery
Vincent Albert, laborer, h Hill
Vincent Josiah, laborer, h Galen n E. Genesee
Vosburgh Lee, wagon maker, h Lock
Vrooman W. R., dentist, Burton block, h North Park

- W -

Wadley Martin, livery stable, tow path, h DeZeng
Waite Willard, cooper, h 26 Waterloo
Wadley Frank, bds DeZeng n F actory
Waldruff Stephen, gardner, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Walker Clara B. Miss, school teacher, bds Factory
Wall Catharine, widow, h Factory
Walsh Edward, h Waterloo
Walsh Eugene, engineer W. S. R. R., h 19 Waterloo
Walsh James, clerk, 21 Glasgow, bds Cayuga
Walsh James E., bds 19 Waterloo
Walsh John W., saloon, 25 Columbia, h do
Walsh Mamie Miss, chamber maid, Clyde Hotel
Walsh Mary Miss, asst. cook, Clyde Hotel
Walters Mary A. Mrs., res Elizabeth
Wandell Harriet, widow, h Factory ab Fulton
Warner C. M. (Warner & McIntyre) res Syracuse, N.Y.
Warner & McIntyre (C. M. Warner and Calvin McIntyre) maltsters, Glasgow
Warren William, h 36 Carolne
Washier John, laborer, h Lock n Columbia
Washier Mary, widow,h Columbia
Waterbury Hiel A., farmer, h W. Genesee
Waterbury Thomas, painter, h S. Park
Waters Esther, widow, h N. Park n Sodus
Watterson John Mrs., widow, h 18 W. Genesee
Weaver Daniel, maltster, h North
Weaver Rebecca, widow, h Factory n Fulton
Webers Julius, cigar manufacturer, 14 Glasgow, h Caroline
Weed Sarah, widow, h Caroline n Lock
Welsh Ellen, widow, res Meadow
Welsh James, laborer, h DeZeng n Rees
Welch John, laborer, bds Ford
Welch Mary, widow, h Ford
Welch Michael, laborer, bds Ford
Welch Patrick, bartender, 11 Columbia, bds do
Welch Patrick Mrs., bds 4 Waterloo
Welch Patrick J., mermchant tailor, S. Park, h W. Genesee
Welch Sylvester E., glass blower, h Meadow
Wells Edward B., granite, marble and sewer pipe, Glasgow, bds 61 do
Wells Ella Miss, bds rear 20 Meadow
Wendell Horace S., ins. agent, Adams Block, h W. Genesee
Wescott Charles R., teamster, h Columbia
Western Union Telegraph Co., Frank P. Munn, manager
Westfall B. Frank, drug clerk, 2 Glasgow, E. Genesee
Westfall William H., h Caroline
Westfall William W., hair dresser, Glasgow, h Caroline
Wetherby Henry, printer, h DeZeng n Lock
Wetherby W. H. S., jeweler and optician, 27 Glasgow, h DeZeng
Whalen Catherine, widow, h Grevel
White Charles A., grocer, Columbia, h do
White Eliza Mrs., bds Lock n Washington
Whiting H. R., jeweler, N. Park n Glasgow, h Sodus
Wilcox Leon J., station and ticket agent, W. S. R. R., h do
Williams Albert, laborer, h DeZeng n Sodus
Williams E. Elsworth, physician, Glasgow, h do
Williams Thomas, glass blower, h 26 W. Genesee
Williams William L., gentleman, h Glasgow
Willoughby S. E., variety store, 28 Glasgow, h do
Wilson Barney, mason, h Sodus, north limits
Wilson Byron, mason, h Glasgow ab Sodus
Wilson Henry P., laborer, h DeZeng n Lock
Winchell Edward E., butcher, bds 51 Meadow
Winters Charles, bartender, Columbia, bds do
Winters Charles J., carriage maker, bds 45 Columbia
Winters James, mason, h 35 Meadow
Witherill Ira C., laborer, h 54 Columbia
Witt Mary F. Miss, res 42 Galen
Witt Michael, florist and market gardener, 42 Galen, h do
Witt Perley A. Miss, res 42 Galen
Woehr Charles, baker, h 11 Orchard
Wood Abram L., engineer, h 24 DeZeng
Wood Charles E., carpenter, h 49 Galen
Wood Charles N., mason, bds 24 DeZeng
Wood Henry I. (S. W. Wood & Son) bds 16 Waterloo
Wood Jane, wid, h E. Genesee n Glasgow
Wood Mary S. Mrs., res 82 Glasgow
Wood Nora Miss, school teacher, res E. Genesee
Wood Ray, bds 16 Waterloo
Wood Sidney W. (S. W Wood & Son) h 16 Waterloo
Wood S. W. & Son (H. I.) mfrs. portable engines, Ford
Wood William B. (Wood & Keesler) bds Clyde Hotel
Wood & Keesler (W. B. Wood and J. A. Keesler) flouring and grist mill, Ford
Woodbeck J. L., laborer, h 26 DeZeng
Worden Eugene J., clerk, 25 Glasgow, bds S. Park
Wright Adelbert P., laborer, h DeZeng
Wright Charles, laborer, h New n Meadow
Wright Etna F. Miss, saleslady, Graham block, res DeZeng
Wright Ford M., clerk, 19 Glasgow, bds do
Wright Frank G., laborer, bds DeZeng
Wright George A. & Co., dry goods, Glasgow c S. Park
Wright John, h DeZeng n Glasgow
Wyckoff Frank, printer, Times Office, bds S. Park

- Y -

Young Mary A., res 27 W. Genesee
Young Alonzo, bds 69 Glasgow

- Z -

Zeluff Charles E., meat market, 9 Columbia, h 9 DeZeng
Zeluff E. A. Mrs., h Sodus n DeZeng
Zulauf Fred W., apprentice, bds 45 Columbia
Zulauf Henry, laborer, h 45 Columbia


Supervisor - Chas. H. Ford
Town Clerk - Albert D. Collier
Justices of the Peace - J. T. Van Buskirk, J. L. Howard, W. H. Glbert, Geo. A. Gregg
Collector - Fred H. Shepard
Assessors - Avery H. Gillette, Frank L. Waldruff, Wm. Creager
Commissionsers of Highways - Harvey Shepard, Archibald Barton
Overseer of the Poor - A. O. Holmes
Constables - Jas. P. Thompson, Wm. H. Westfall, Jas. S. James, Edward Flynn, Doras Dunbar
Game Constable - Harvey L. Nelson
Excise Commissioners - Arsenius Ekert, Friend Austin, Frank E. McGrath


Trustees - Jas. Keesler, President; John P. Ruf, Chas. R. Laidlaw, Edwin Sands, Willard Crawford
Treasurer - B. Frank Westfall
Collector - Fred Rauser, Sr.
Police Justice - DeL. Stowe
Village Constable - John Haugh
Police Constables - Alonzo Hamilton, Edward Frahar


Meets 1st Tuesday in each month, A. E. Adams, engineer.
Protection Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, C. H. Ford, foreman
Ever Ready Chemical Co. No. 2, B. F. Westfall, foreman
Hydrant Hose Co. No. 3, Hiram Fisk, foreman


The Briggs National Bank, capital $50,000. Samuel H. Briggs, pres., J. W. Hinman, cashier


Democratic Herald, weekly, Tuesday, $1.50 a year. Albert C. Lux, publisher
The Clyde Times, weekly, Thursday, $1.50 a year. Irwin A. Forte, publisher


Sodus, cor. Columbia street, Geo. G. Roe, P. M.


First Baptist Church, Rev. John H. Caughn, pastor
First M. E. Church, Rev. Arthur Copeland, pastor
Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. H. Bates, pastor
St. Johns' Episcopal Church, Rev. John Evans, rector
St. Johns' Catholic Church, Rev. J. J. Gleeson, rector


Clyde Board of Trade, Chas. A. Lux, pres., DeL. Stowe, sec.

Clyde Electric Co., E. M. McIntyre, sec., treas. and man'g'r.

Maple Grove Cemetery Association, Geo. O. Baker, sec. and treas.

Snedaker Post No. 173 G.A.R., J. D. McVicar, commander. Meets every Friday evening.

Clyde Lodge, No. 341 F. & A. M., meets 2d and 4th Wednesdays, John P. Ruf, W. M., J. E. McGinnis, sec.

Griswold Chapter, No. 201, R.A.M., regular convocations 1st and 3rd Mondays, G. R. Bacon, H. P., J. N. Arnold, sec.

Clyde Lodge, No. 300, I.O.O.F., meets Thursday evening, Grant S. Smith, N. G., Albert E. Adams, sec.

Clyde Grange, No. 33, P. of H., meets Saturday p.m., W. L. Devereaux, M., S. H. Clark, sec.

Clyde Lodge, No. 95, E.O.M.A., meets 2d and 4th Thursdays, C. S. Groesbeck, pres., Edwin Sands, sec.

Ganargua Lodge, No. 193, A.O.U.W., meets 1st and 3rd Mondays, C. S. Groesbeck, N. W., J. D. McVicar, recorder.

Clyde Council, No. 156, R.T. of T., meets Wednesday evening, Chas. H. Tuck, S. C., A. V. Forbes, financial sec.

Clyde Lodge, No. 989, I.O.G.T., meets Friday evening, J. R. Miller, C. T., H. E. Simmons, sec.

Clyde Council, No. 132, C.B.L., meets 2nd and 4th Sundays, M. C. McMullen, pres., Wm. Allen, sec.

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