The typescript of the list of births that took place in the Town of Galen, Wayne County NY in 1847 was provided to us by the Wayne County Historian's Office. This is the only Wayne County 1847 birth list that we're now aware of. If you have questions about persons on this list, or about the availability of other town lists for this year, please save yourself time by not emailing this site's coordinators (who don't know), and directly contacting the County Historian's Office. If you do recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to either of the site coordinators listed on the front page of this site, so your information can be noted with their listing.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the registrars of the births. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or births didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.



Harriet Holcomb, January 5, Harrison & Mary Ann Holcomb

Jane Palmer Willing, January 12, Joseph & Mary Ann Willing

Emeline Cram, January 13, Roswell & Amy Cram

Mary Hellen Pierce, January 15, Horatio Nelson & Sarah Ann Pierce

Amanda Walker, January 17, Hiram & Cyntha Walker

Richard L. Jones, January 22, Powel B. & Sarah A. Jones

Elizabeth Osborn, January 24, David & Nancy M. Osborn

Ellen M. Dickerson, January 28, Robert & Polly Ann Dickerson

Sarah Closs, January 28, David & Mary Closs

Lucien L. Desmond, February 5, William & Mary Desmond

Martha Wood, February 8, Henry W. & Harriat Wood

Alice Ellen Lape, February 9, Philip Ira & Mary A. Lape

Hannah Vosburgh, February 13, John & Christina Vosburgh

Mary Elizabeth Peck, February 17, William H. & Lida Peck

George Shotwell, March 1, Benjamin & Catharine Shotwell

Darwin Chase, March 9, David & Margaret Chase

Susan Genung, March 10, Benjamin & Jane Ann Genung

Charles C. Knight, March 13, Abram & Mary Knight

George Henry Youngs, March 14, Henry & Louisa Youngs

Mary M. Aurand, March 16, Benjamin & Martha Jane Aurand

Lila Udora Perkins, March 20, Rush & Mary Perkins

Darwin Groosbeck, March 25, Hiram & Mary Groosbeck

Thomas E. Armitage, March 27, William & Adelia Armitage

Julius Vanderbilt (twin), March 30, Mordica & Hannah Vanderbilt

Eugene Vanderbilt (twin), March 30, Mordica & Hannah Vanderbilt

Mariah Grosekopf, April 3, Henry & Mariah Grosekopf

Mary C. Baker, April 9, Martin & Fanny Baker

James Willsey Cockshaw, April 10, John & Julia Mariah Cockshaw

Phebe Lorain Green, April 10, George H. & Eliza Ann Green

Chester A. Cooper, April 14, Ashbee & Mary Cooper

Margaret Elting Acly, April 18, Charles G. & Elizabeth Acly

Julia A. Stegar, April 18, John & Mary Stegar

Lucretia Margaret Dillingham, April 15, Humphrey H. & Catharine L. Dillingham

Oliver Perry Terbush, April 24, George & Martha Terbush

Elma Jane Peck, April 28, Arvin & Betsey Jane Peck

Alida Electa Hand, April 28, Henry & Catharine Hand

Albert Graham (twin), May 8, Walter & Jane Graham

Alfred Graham (twin), May 8, Walter & Jane Graham

Richard Stokes, May 20, James H. & Emeline Stokes

Charles B. Hooker, May 21, Zina & Caroline Hooker

Frances Sophia Coon, May 24, John & Sophia Coon

Elizabeth Adella Barnes, May 28, Horace & Sarah Barnes

Lester M. Lape, May 29, Samuel & Eve Lape

John P. Curtis, June 6, Richard & Mary Curtis

Ever Emigh, June 11, Peter & Sarah Ann Emigh

Eliza Jane Everhart, June 12, Samuel & Catharine Everhart

Simeon F. Coe, June 12, John & Maria Coe

Winthrop Jennison, June 14, David & Joanna Jennison

Grow (male twin), June 15, William & Julia Grow

Grow (male twin), June 15, William & Julia Grow

Irena Oxner, June 16, James & Jane Oxner

Elizabeth Fapar, June 16, Joseph & Jacobina Fapar

Laura Agusta French, June 20, Silas B. & Mary A. French

John Billings Shorter (Negro), June 20, Charles & Mariah Shorter

Ema Caroline Sabin, June 21, Benjamin F. & Mary Ann Sabin

Abram H. Halsted, June 22, Abram F. & Lydia O. Halsted

William Lovejoy, June 28, I.R. & Phebe Lovejoy

Hood (male), July 8, John G. & Eliza Jane Hood

Jacob Vanamburgh, July 14, John & Loiza Vanamburgh

Henry Kellogg, July 20, Ethan B. & Sally A. Kellogg

Garrett Bryant Miller, July 22, Isaac & Elizabeth Miller

Charles W. Weeks, July 27, Nathaniel N. & Lucy Weeks

Deloz Powers, July 28, William & Harrite Powers

Fanny Maria Blighton, July 28, William & Sarah Ann Blighton

Julia Pardee Hendricks, August 11, Aaron T. & Mary Hendricks

George Dolph, August 11, Hezekiah L. & Sylvia Dolph

Hannah Louiza Disbrow, August 8, Fairbanks & Susannah Disbrow

John Burt, August 19, William & Mary Burt

Adelia Fish, August 22, Abel & Martha Cordelia Fish

John M. Mackie, August 30, Matthew & Elizabeth Mackie

John Walter, August 31, Philip & Dorothy Walter

Theodore Taylor, September 1, James A. & Hannah Taylor

Charles Henry Batterson (twin), September 2, Calvin A. & Sarah Batterson

Batterson (male twin), September 2, Calvin A. & Sarah Batterson

Rachel Lamb, September 11, Orrin & Sally Lamb

Susan Gance, September 11, Herman & Lydia Gance

Jane Adell Lyon, September 14, Emerson & Emily S. Lyon

Charles Howe, September 19, Alfred C. & Aurelia Howe

Robert James McMillin, September 20, Benjamin & Martha A. McMillan

Emma Allen, September 25, Peter B. & Sarah Allen

Edward Harris, September 30, John M. & Cornelia Harris

Harriet A. Perry, October 6, Nathaniel & Harriet Perry

Susan Burnett, October 7, Harrison & Ellen Burnett

Richard Coller, October 21, David & Prudence Coller

Emma Serena Sayler, October 22, Sylvanus J. & Lavina Sayler

Sally Race, October 23, Peter & Elizabeth Race

Colvin (female), October 31, Deloz W. & Amanda Colvin

Christina Benning, November 1, Carl & Barbery Benning

Sarah Ann Foot, November 1, Albert & Phebe Foot

Ann Maria Baccus (Negro), November 1, Enoz & Elizabeth Baccus

Matilda Ann Pearsall, November 3, Andrew & Matilda Pearsall

Christina Long, November 3, Philip & Margaret Long

Susan I. Reed, November 10, Charles & Susanna Reed

Mary Eller, November 11, John & Christina Eller

John Z. Adams Wills, November 13, John & Polly Wills

Edward Field, November 13, Luther & Mary Field

Henry Oyer, November 17, Geo. H. & Delany Oyer

Charles Whittlesey, November 24, Charles & Louiza Whittlesey

Charles Groskopf, November 25, Henry & Mary Groskopf

Francina Burr, December 5, Horace & Eliza Burr

James Daily, December 14, Michael & Margaret Daily

Frances Augusta Carpenter, December 20, Samuel D. & Eliza M. Carpenter

Barrows (male), December 26, Samuel & Sylvia Barrows

Mary Elizabeth Elmendorf, December 22, William & Clarisey Elmendorf

Eleanor Marsh, December 23, Thomas & Priscilla Marsh

Armitage (female), December 26, Joseph & Elizabeth Armitage

Charlie Chittester, December 31, John N. & Mary Chittester

NOTE:The original list is on file at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, N.Y. The site coordinators and site volunteers have NO information whatsoever about any of the persons listed, or availability of other lists for 1847. We thank you in advance for not emailing us, but directing ALL requests for information to the Office of the County Historian.

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