Partial Death Records
1910 - 1914

December 7, 1909 - January 9, 1915

Contributed by Leola Sutton, from the Galen Town Clerk's records

"When places are given, they are in NY State unless otherwise indicated. I believe these would be the only death records between the beginning and ending dates, but you should check for yourself."

7 December 1909 James F. REED, age 52, Laborer, b. MI, Parents Chas. H. REED, Wolcott and Sarah HOOKER, Galen, Pulmonary tuberculosis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

19 January 1910 Edward Philip BASTIAN, age 39, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Michael BASTIAN, Germany and Magdalena HEIDLEY, Germany, Ruptured pancreatic cyst, buried Lyons Elmwood Cemetery

13 February 1910 Harold R. BROWN, age 9 months, b. Galen, Parents W. Wray BROWN, Galen and Anna FOWLER, Pernicious anemia, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

21 February 1910 Eliza LIEK, age 86, b. US, Parents Wm. TAYLOR, US and Nancy MILLARD, US, Senility, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

9 March 1910 Eugene SHELDON, age 58, Butcher, b. Galen, Parent John SHELDON, US, Drowning accident, buried Marengo Friends Cemetery

26 April 1910 Caroline Eichenlaub DANGLER, age 19, Housewife, b. Galen, Parents Geo. H. EICHENLAUB, Galen and Wilhelmina STROHM, Lyons, Double lobar pneumonia, buried Lyons Elmwood Cemetery

20 May 1910 Vittilio CHIPPERANO, age 75, Laborer, b. Italy, Parents Veto CHIPPERANO, Italy and Atanonio DESANTO, Italy, Heart disease, buried Clyde Catholic Cemetery

27 May 1910 Doris DUNBAR age 75, b. Lee, Oneida Co., Cardiac dilatation, buried Lock Berlin Cemetery

6 June 1910 Henry EYER, age 63, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Frederick EYER, Germany and Magdalena LUX, Germany, Cirrhosis of liver, buried Lyons Rural Cemetery

13 June 1910 Helen FITZGERALD, age 70, Housekeeper, b. Ireland, Parents James KELLEY, Ireland and Margaret BOWEN, Ireland, Valvular heart disease, buried Clyde Catholic Cemetery

24 June 1910 Wellington WEED, age 53, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Selleck WEED, Galen and Louise SLAWSON, Galen, Chronic nephritis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

23 January 1912 Abbie K. BURTON, age 69, Housewife, b. Galen, Parents Jas. C. WATSON and Ruth LANGDON, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

6 February 1912 Maude L. BROWN, age 29, Housewife, b. Huron, Parents Chauncey HARPER, Rose and Mary SMITH, Galen, Diabetic coma, buried Rose Cemetery

14 February 1912 Anna STREETER, age 60, b. England, Father ___ FORD, England, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

23 March 1912 Danforth GAY, age 75, Laborer, b. NY, Parents Daniel GAY and Lydia INGHAM, Pneumonia, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

26 March 1912 Chas. AURAND, 83, Farmer, b. US, Parents Geo. AURAND and Lucinda GORDON, Self inflicted wound in throat and hanging, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

2 April 1912 Pearl Mary DEVEREAUX, age 19, Schoolteacher, b. Byron, MI, Parents Hull DEVEREAUX, Clyde and Bessie DOUGALL, MI, Acute tuberculosis, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

12 April 1912 Ellen KIRBY, age 97, b. Ireland, Senility, buried Clyde Catholic Cemetery

30 April 1912 Henrietta L. HESS, age 61, Housewife, b. Germany, Parents John MARCHON, Germany and Louisa LIPPERT, Germany, Mitral insufficiency, buried Lyons Cemetery

10 May 1912 Leon Joseph HALL, age 17, Farmer, b. US, Parents Caleb H. HALL and Deborah PETTEYS, Compound skull fracture, hit by trolley car, buried Savannah Ferris Cemetery

9 June 1912 Israel W. POWERS, age 76, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Erwin POWERS and Lucy GAY, Chronic heart disease, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

13 June 1912 Anna May JAMES, age 30, Housewife, b. NY, Parents Buell C. BROOKS and Rose F. PETTEYS, Valvular heart disease, buried Butler-Savannah Cemetery

28 July 1912 Ellen B. HORTON, age 74, Housewife, b. Patchogue, Parents Ananius SMITH and Betsy SMITH, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

24 August 1912 Seraph KELSEY, age 58, b. Galen, Parents Samuel KELSEY and Susan BLISS, Chronic hydrocephalus, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

29 August 1912 Anna WELCH, age 83, Housewife, b. Ireland, Chronic nephritis and senile dementia, buried Clyde Catholic Cemetery

7 September 1912 Bridget CLASBY, age 84, Housewife, b. Ireland, Parents Thomas MULLIGAN, Ireland and Anna O'RIELLY, Ireland, Obstructive jaundice, buried Clyde Catholic Cemetery

12 September 1912 Matilda MCKINNEY, age 46, Housekeeper, b. Huron, Parents John FARROW, England and Lydia PETTES, Chronic nephritis, buried White School House Cemetery

3 October 1912 Philip HEIT, age 73, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Michael HEIT, Alsace and Dorothy SPITTLER, Alsace, Accidental drowning, thrown from wagon when it tipped over, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

7 October 1912 Westley Howard MATTHEWS, age 4 months, b. Galen, Parents Joseph MATTHEWS, Wayne Co. and Martha VAN NESS, Seneca Co., Cholera, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

14 October 1912, Alice Aurand COONEY, age 61, Housewife, b. NY, Parents Wm. AURAND and Catherine HENDRICKS, Sarcoma of liver, buried Rose Cemetery

17 October 1912 Irene BOUNHEIMER, age 20, Dressmaker, b. Galen, Parents Geo. BOUNHEIMER, Lyons and Lillie KNAPP, Alton, Typhoid fever, buried Lyons Elmwood Cemetery

18 October 1912 Henry LINDT, age 87, Carpenter, b. Germany, Parent Fred LINDT, Germany, Hemorrhage in bladder, buried Lock Berlin Cemetery

12 November 1912 Phebe B. REYNOLDS, age 81, b. Greenfield, Parents Geo. S. ALLEN and Sally BOWEN, Dilatation of heart, buried Southwick Cemetery

5 December 1912 Maria WAY, age 82, b. NY, Parents Wm. DEVOE and Hannah ANTHONY, Chronic myocarditis, buried Galen Shepard Cemetery

12 December 1912 Frances KEHOE, age 64, Housewife, b. US, Parents Wm. GAY and Elizabeth COLEGROVE, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

29 December 1912 Albert Elias REYNOLDS, age 60, Farmer, b. Lyons, Parents Elias REYNOLDS, Chatam and Laura WILBUR, Columbia Co., Angina pectoris, buried Lyons South Cemetery

17 or 18 January 1913 Joseph FRANKLINS, age 30-35, found dead on railroad track with fractured skull, held for identification

24 January 1913 Mary A. POWERS, age 40, Schoolteacher, b. Galen, Parents Morris POWERS, Ireland and Mary MURRAY, Ireland, Pulmonary tuberculosis, buried Clyde Catholic Cemetery

14 March 1913 Celesta A. Taylor MARSH, age 59, Housewife, b. Waterloo, Parents Chas. TAYLOR and Mary RICHARD, VT, Sepsis from gangrenous bed sores, buried Waterloo Cemetery

18 April 1913 Thomas WALLACE, age 76, Farmer, b. Ireland, Parents John WALLACE, Ireland and Ann GILWER, Ireland, Valvular heart disease, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

25 May 1913 Charles H. HART, age 34, Laborer, b. Rose, Parents Ira HART, Rose and Cornelia CUSHMAN, Accidental drowning, buried Wolcott Cemetery

8 June 1913 Franz MILLER, age 84, Farmer, b. Germany, Parents Geo. MILLER, Germany and Eva _____, Germany, Arterial sclerosis and senility, buried Lyons Cemetery

29 July 1913 Infant HESS, age 2 hrs., b. Galen, Parents John HESS, Lyons and Wilhelmena WEDEN, Lyons, Premature birth, buried Clyde Cemetery

4 August 1913 Geo. H. GANSZ, age 16, Farmer, b. Lyons, Parents Geo. H. GANSZ, Sr., and Mary WELSH, Clyde, Diabetes, buried Lyons Cemetery

1 October 1913 Robert YOUNGS, age 9 days, b. Galen, Parents Fred J. YOUNGS, Benisea and Laura DOUGLASS, Huron, Malnutrition and premature birth, buried Wolcott Cemetery

20 November 1913 Irwin GILMORE, age 14 days, b. Galen, Parents William GILMORE and Edith BRADEN, Galen, Purpura hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

9 December 1913 John DOE, hit by engine on NYCRR, skull crushed

16 December 1913 William H. KITCHEN, age 39, Farmer, b. Sodus, Parents Wm. KITCHEN, Sodus and Helen POLLOCK, Sodus, Suicide by hanging, buried Lyons Cemetery

18 December 1913 Catherine PETTEYS, age 84, b. MA, Parents Albert WRIGHT and Laura SCUTT, Chronic valvular heart disease, buried Southwick Cemetery

19 December 1913 William GARRY, age 4 days, b. Galen, Parents Clarence GARRY and Lizzie DONNALLY, Premature birth, buried Harvey Shepard Cemetery

6 January 1914 Alvin BISHOP, age 72, Farmer, b. NY, Parents Freman BISHOP and Polly WHETHERBY, Uremic poisoning

15 January 1914 Francis SERVENS, age 69, Housewife, b. NY, Parents Judd STEVENS and Abigail OLMSTED, Acute nephritis, buried Southwick Cemetery

18 January 1914 Sarah GERSTER, age 62, Housewife, b. Clyde, Parent Philip SCHNEIDER, Germany, Enteritis, buried Lyons South Cemetery

26 January 1914 Frederick LIPPERT, age 75, Farmer, b. Germany, Cerebral meningitis, buried Lyons Elmwood Cemetery

27 February 1914 Sanford H. SNYDER, age 64, Farmer, b. NY, Parent Henry SNYDER, Plural pneumonia, buried Junius Dutch Reformed Cemetery

27 March 1914 Bertha STICKLER, age 50, Housework, b. US, Angina pectoris, buried Rose Cemetery

31 March 1914 Harvey L. NELSON, age 83, Farmer, b. US, Parents Eli NELSON and ..bele SLOAN, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

16 April 1914 Edward BROWN, age 74, Farmer, b. US, Parents Silas BROWN and Miranda COVEL, Chronic nephritis, buried Rose Cemetery

29 April 1914 Andrew J. HUTCHINGS, age 77, Cooper, b. Lyons, Parent Andrew HUTCHINGS, Heart disease, buried East Newark Cemetery

20 May 1914 Amy CHANDLER, age 5, Pupil in school, b. Savannah, Parents Frederick CHANDLER and Emogene POUND, Pneumonia, buried Crusoe Cemetery

28 May 1914 Martha HART, age 1 day, b. Galen, Parents Bert HART, Rose and Lena YOUNG, Premature birth, buried Lock Berlin Cemetery

8 June 1914 Jesse BLAUVELT, age 26, Laborer, b. MI, Parents Chas. BLAUVELT and ..urilla ANDERSON, Pulmonary tuberculosis, buried Wolcott Cemetery

28 August 1914 Katherine SMITH, age 53, Housewife, b. Poland, NY, Heart block, buried Lyons Elmwood Cemetery

13 September 1914 Eudora LAPE(S), age 65 b. Galen, Parents Samuel LAPE(S) and Eve ROSEMAN, Apoplexy, buried Phelps Cemetery

11 October 1914 Sarah HUTCHINGS, age 73, b. Seneca Co., Parent Wm. CALIN, Valvular heart disease, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

12 October 1914 Wm. C. AVERY, age 85, Farmer, b. England, Parent James AVERY, England, Arterial sclerosis, buried Wolcott Cemetery

16 October 1914 Anna O'DELL, age 59, Housewife, b. England, Parent Robert SHAW, England, Lymphatis of neck, buried Lock Berlin Cemetery

17 October 1914 Pauline POWERS, age 58, Housewife, b. Otsego Co., Parents Jas. NICHOLS, Germany and Catherine BAKER, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

28 October 1914 Daniel DEVOE, age 77, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Daniel DEVOE and Phoebe WHITE, Apoplexy, buried Lyons Cemetery

1 November 1914 Geo. F. HEIT, age 61, Farmer, b. Galen, Parents Jacob HEIT, Alsace and Magdalena MILLER, Alsace, Sarcoma, buried Clyde Maple Grove Cemetery

2 November 1914 Geo. MORSHEIMER, age 60, Farmer, b. Lyons, Parents Henry MORSHEIMER and Elizabeth OSWALD, Cerebral hemorrhage, buried Lyons Cemetery

7 December 1914 Mary A. STEVENS, age 74, Housewife, b. Stroudsburg, PA, Parents James HUESTON, PA and Margaret EVERHART, Chronic nephritis, buried Lock Berlin Cemetery

9 January 1915 ____ LEE, age 9 days, b. Galen, Parents Jas. Raymond LEE and Ida LEE, Premature birth

Submitted by Leola Sutton

Spellings are as given in the original records and will not be changed. For further information about persons listed, we thank you in advance for directing all inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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