Ebenezer Still

Walworth, NY

Contributed by Ralph L. Still III in 1998:

Ebenezer STILL is my ggggrandfather. Ebenezer STILL was born about 1766. He was a Farmer in 1800 in Wayne Co., NY. He died on 8 Feb 1848 at home in Walworth, Wayne Co., NY. He was buried in West Walworth Cemetery, Wayne Co., NY. Very little is actually known about Ebenezer as to appearance or personality. We do have facts of his activities obtained at the Wayne County Court House and Wayne County Historical Society at Lyons, New York. He enlisted in the "Army of the Revolution" as a private in March, 1781, in the 10th Mass. Reg. commanded by Colonel Tupper and in 1782 consolidated into the 6th Mass. Later they were "shifted" into the 2nd Reg. and in 1784 received an honorable discharge. As he was born in 1766 he could have been scarcely 15 years of age. He was from Westfield, Mass. No mention in any of his papers of his father or any relatives. Written in the family records is Norton's "Grandfather came from Sweden in the English Army - 3 brothers named Stilson who dropped the 'son' and stayed". It appears that there may be much truth in it. There were several that could have been Ebenezer's father or uncles that enlisted from that part of Mass.

Ebenezer had not received only a small part of his pay in 1786 and he sold his "discharge" to a Mr. Baker for a "one horse cart" as he had given up hoping to collect. At this period where settlements were far apart and none large enough to support a real business the businessmen went from settlement to settlement, either horseback or wagon, carrying their tools. Ebenezer was probably a boot-maker as several of his boys were he could have made a good living with this trade while looking for a good place to settle. This transaction had taken place in New Marborough, several miles west of his home in Westfield. Five years later found him in Windsor, several miles to the north. Here he was married to Susanna Preston. Several years later we find them in Wayne Co., NY.

His will mentions Walworth as his home which he bequeathed to his wife with the estate, also 55 acres in Perinton, Monroe Co., NY. We have no clue to the reason of their setting in Walworth and perhaps other places in Wayne Co., NY, but the Erie Canal could have been a deciding feature. This canal was completed in 1822 and provided work for many until its completion. Then it became their principal means of transportation, of produce as well as travel. Walworth, Palmyra, Lyons and Macedon, all towns mentioned in their records, are on or near this canal. It also helped open up new lands in northern New York State. He had moved from Westfield, Mass to western NY. His sons appeared to have the same yearning for new territory.

Of his 8 sons, three eventually settled in Mich., one farther west in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, while still another far west to Otoe Co., Nebraska. The sons of which we have been able to obtain records of wills, obituaries and land contracts have been good citizens and neighbors which does credit to Ebenezer and Susanna as parents. Very little has been said of Susanna. We assume she was a strong, capable woman. We have a record of fourteen children. Two have no birth dates available. The remaining twelve lived to adult-hood. This was unusual when so many babies didn't survive. Her husband respected her intelligence and capabilities as he made her his sole heir in his will. The will she left was well thought out.

Found in West Walworth Cemetery, Wayne Co., NY.

Willard, d Aug. 20, 1853, 35-8-20.
Ebenezer, relict of the Revolutionary Army, d. Feb. 8, 1848, 82 yrs.
Susanna, relict of Ebenezer, d. Oct. 16, 1850 75-3-25.

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