Born in Wayne County, N.Y.

Source: The Political Blue Book of Rochester, N.Y., 1903-1904, by W.S. Harrison. Rochester, N.Y.: Press of the Rochester Herald Co. 1903.

The following four Rochester, New York politicians were born in Wayne County. New researchers or out-of-state residents might not be aware that Monroe County, and it's big city of Rochester, adjoins Wayne County on it's western border. Monroe County is a great place to go searching for missing Wayne family groups or individuals, due to its proximity to Wayne County as well as the employment opportunities provided by the city for well over 150 years. Today many people commute the relatively short distance to Rochester, and areas of specific towns, such as Macedon and Williamson, and pleasant villages elsewhere in Wayne County, have become "bedroom communities" for the city. Submission of additional information about persons profiled or their family background is most welcome, to post at the end of this listing.

Philetus Chamberlain

Philetus Chamberlain, who is at this writing a candidate for the third time as a member of the school board, enjoys the distinction of being the only member of the old school board. Mr. Chamberlain is a well known practitioner of law, and previous to his very recent nomination has always been identified with the republican party. He was born in Wayne county, April 14, 1855. He graduated from the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary and the Syracuse University. Upon completing his studies he entered the office of Martinedale & Oliver, of this city, and was admitted to the bar in 1879. He has practiced law in his own name for the past twenty-two years and now occupies offices in the Ellwanger & Barry building.

Mahlon B. AdamsMAHLON B. ADAMS

A man well known to the politicians of Rochester is Undersheriff Mahlon B. Adams who was appointed to his present position by Sheriff Bailey, upon his taking office. Mr. Adams was born in Wayne County, May 13, 1849, and has lived in Rochester nearly all of his life. For many years he represented the sixth ward in the Common Council and previous to then he was identified with the Republican party in ward committees, etc. He came in the sheriff's office as a deputy, January 1, 1901, serving in that capacity two years, or until his appointment by Sheriff Bailey, January 1st, 1903.


Robert Averill, third assistant to the district attorney, was born in Palmyra, N.Y., and is the son of E.S. Averill, one of the oldest newspaper men in this state. Upon completing his education he entered the office of Hon. Charles McLouth, Palmyra, and after reading law for several months was admitted to the bar in June, 1893. Mr. Averill soon afterwards moved to this city and was a member of the firm of VanAuken, Macomber & Averill. He was appointed to his present position January 1, 1899.

George L. MeadeGEORGE L. MEADE

The newly elected supervisor of the sixth ward is George L. Meade, a Republican and young lawyer of sterling integrity, and a member of the firm of Webster, Meade, Straus & Raines. Mr. Meade was born in Clyde, April 25, 1869, and his early years were spent on a farm. He graduated from the Clyde high school and the University of Leabon, Ohio, and after spending one year teaching school he came to this city to study law. He was admitted to the bar February 7, 1896. This is Mr. Meade's first public office, and there is no doubt but that he will look after his constitutents in a most able manner.

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