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The Descent of Robert Tedman

By Cyril H. Tedman

Robert Tedman (1780-1849)

Generation No. 1

ROBERT TEDMAN was born 28 March 1780 in Massachusetts (2,3), and died 23 November 1849 in Farmington, Ontario County, NY (3). He married first to MARY RICE estimated 1806. Mary was born 1789 in Macedon, NY (4), and died estimated 1815. He married second to SOPHIA estimated 1815. Sophia was born 29 October 1785 in Massachusetts (5,6), and died 16 November 1850 in Farmington, NY (7).

According to the book "Pioneers of Madecon," page 75: "It is stated in the Landmarks of Wayne County that 'Robert Tedman came from Rhode Island in 1810 and bought 140 acres in the northwestern part of the township.' It was on lot 622. His daughter Mary A, Married Nathan S. Son of Paul and Lois (Stone) Reed who came to the township in 1795." Robert Tedman was also listed on page 171, it being noted that he served as Overseer of Highways for District No. 17 at the first town meeting of the town of Macedon in 1823. (Courtesy of Kyle & Anita WHEELER, MN, 2000)

Robert Tedman is shown in the 1820 census at Palmyra, Ontario County, NY, and in the 1830 & 1840 census at Macedon, Wayne County, NY. According to the 1820 census, Robert was born between 1775-1794, which would make him between 54-73 years old when he died in 1848. In the 1830 census, his birth dates were between 1771-1780, which would make him 68-77 years old when he died. The burial records give the exact dates of birth and death which confirm the above. He was just over 69 years old when he died of consumption. Robert died in 1848, and is buried in the Friends (Quaker) Cemetery, in Farmington, Ontario County, NY. North Farmington Friends' Cemetery, Farmington, NY, is located at the north-east corner of the intersection of Sheldon Road and County Road #8.

The following year, 1849, his second wife Sophia died, and is buried there too. There is also an unmarked Tedman grave, and there is a suggestion that this is of Mary Ann REED, née TEDMAN, Robert's daughter by his first wife Mary RICE. (This is unconfirmed - Cyril H. Tedman, England, 2000).

Also listed in the household in the 1830 census were 1 male 20-24; 2 males and 1 female 15-19; 2 females 10-14; 1 male and 1 female 5-9; and 1 male and 1 female under 5 years old. (Source: Gene Smerchek, CO, 1999). To date nine of Robert Tedman's children have been identified. Levi J.'s inclusion awaits further verification: if this is achieved, the California and Minnesota Tedman families will be linked to those in Kansas. (CHT 1999).

Is it possible that Robert was a brother of James Tedman (Connecticut, c.1781-1790 to c.1851-1860)? If affirmative, this would link the above CA, MN and KS TEDMAN families with those in MI. (Cyril H. Tedman, England, Sept. 2000).

Age when deceased: 23 November 1849, 69 years, 7 months, 25 days. (7)
Burial: 1849, Friends (Quaker) Cemetery, Farmington, Ontario County, NY(7)
Cause of Death: Consumption (8)
Census 1810: 100010-20100 Twp., Ontario County, NY, (surname written TIDMAN) (9)
Census 1820: Palmyra, Ontario County, NY (10)
Census 1830: Macedon, Wayne County, NY (11)
Census 1840: Macedon, Wayne County, NY (12)
Residence: Before 1810, Rhode Island (13)

Summary of SOPHIA:
Burial: 1850, Friends (Quaker) Cemetery, Farmington, Ontario County, NY (14)

The children of Robert Tedman and Mary Rice are:

  • CHARLES P. TEDMAN, b. 1807 (15)
  • MARY ANN TEDMAN, b. 1811, Macedon, Wayne County, NY; d. 15 February 1835

The children of ROBERT TEDMAN and SOPHIA are:

  • ALMA JENKS TEDMAN, b. 1816, Perinton, Monroe County, NY; d. 22 March 1909
  • DAUGHTER II TEDMAN, b. Bet. 1816 - 1820 (15)
  • LEVI J. TEDMAN, b. 16 April 1821, NY, USA (16,17); d. 10 August 1906, Mt. Hope, Sedgwick County, KS (18); m. SUSAN JANE GRIMES, 1 August 1847, Macedon, Wayne County, NY. Levi J. Tedman's parental relationships await confirmation. For further details of Levi J. Tedman, see the Kansas Tedman pedigree. (Cyril H. Tedman, 2000) The 1880 Census, La Salle County, IL Soundex shows the spelling as TIDMAN. (19)
  • ANNA M. TEDMAN, b. Est. 1823
  • ANDREW G. TEDMAN, b. 1826, NY, USA.; d. 6 December 1911, Leavenworth, KS

The Second Generation

MARY ANN TEDMAN was born 1811 in Macedon, Wayne County, NY, USA.20, and died 15 February 1835 (20). In 1830 Mary Ann married NATHAN STONE REED (21), the son of PAUL REED and LOIS STONE, in Macedon, Wayne County, NY, USA. (21). Nathan was born in Macedon, Wayne County, NY, and died 14 January 1899 in West Walworth, Wayne County, NY, USA. The Reed family lived in Macedon from circa 1790, and for several generations thereafter. Mary Ann is possibly in the unmarked grave in Farmington Cemetery. (22) Nathan was buried after 14 January 1899, at West Walworth, Wayne County, NY.

Mary Tedman and Nathan Reed had two children:

  • STEPHEN REED, b. 1831; d. 1911; m. EMMA J. WEBSTER
  • ROBERT TEDMAN REED, b. 14 October 1832, Macedon, Wayne County, NY (23); d. 1906, Wayne County, NY (23); m. MARY ANN HOAG, 1853, Waterbury CT (23,24).

ALMA JENKS TEDMAN was born 1816 in Perinton, Monroe County, NY (25), and died 22 March 1909. Alma married JOHN VALLIER NESS KETCHAM (26). John was born 1810, and died 16 January 1886.

The children of Alma Tedman and John Ketcham are:

  • ERASMUS DARWIN KETCHAM (26), b. 28 January 1838, Perinton, Monroe County, NY (26); d. estimated 1908, Perinton, Monroe County, NY (26); Erasmus married CAROLINE BERTHA WEBSTER, 10 January 1881, Waterbury CT (26).
  • MARY S. KETCHAM, b. 1839

ANDREW G. TEDMAN was born 1826 in New York State (27), and died 6 December 1911 in Leavenworth, KS (28). Andrew married ELIZABETH VAN GIESON, daughter of JAMES VAN GIESON and CATHERINE BERRY. Elizabeth was born 1829, and died 1862. Andrew is listed in the 1850 Census of Varick, Seneca County, NY and the 1860 Census of Victor, Ontario County, NY. Andrew later moved out of New York State, probably after the death of his wife Elizabeth in 1862.

Andrew G. Tedman was married to Elizabeth Van Gieson, and there are some probate records of an Elizabeth Tedman in Victor, NY:

Surrogate Court Records, 1789-1926, S-Z, Ontario County, New York, USA:
Year: 1862
Town: Victor
Record Type: Intestate Court Document (31,32)
(Sources: Gene Smerchek; Kyle & Anita Wheeler, 1999-2000; FTM 2000)

In the Leavenworth, Kansas 1890 Veterans Census, Andrew G. Tedman is shown as a disabled soldier living at a veterans' home; he took part in the US Civil War, enlisting 13 August 1862 at Rochester, NY, as a private, aged 26 years. (This stated age is probably incorrect, as the census returns were consistent.)

Andrew served with Battery H, Co. 4th Heavy Artillery Regiment, New York, and was discharged for disability at Fort Marcy, Virginia on 18 February 1863. (Database: Full Context of American Civil War soldiers, Record 1679967.) (Source: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General, New York Roster, published 1894-1906) He was buried on 6 December 1911, Plot 17  3  20, at the Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth County, KS (29,30)

The children of Andrew Tedman and Elizabeth Van Gieson are:



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Submitted by Cyril H. TEDMAN
Hove, Sussex, England
November 2000

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