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The following short history of the Hathaway family, with listings of death and marriage notices, was contributed by Ed and Sherry Golem. Ed is a direct descendant of Salmon Hathaway. "We've tried to include something for everyone who might be descended from Salmon's family even if it's just a starting place for them. We're always fascinated with siblings and what became of them rather than just the direct line of descent."

The Hathaway Family


Salmon Hathaway was born 1771 in Providence, RI, the son of Asa Hathaway(1744-1816) and Mary Phillips. He married Charlotte Cheeseborough born 1784 in Adams, MA, she the daughter of Elisha Cheeseborough II (1767-1835) and Sarah Yaw/Yeaw(1767-Aft 1811). Salmon and Charlotte left MA and settled in Palmyra, NY sometime around 1805-1807, before the birth of their 3rd child. Salmon owned a saddlery in the village and later a tavern. The Hathaways were Quakers and Salmon's grandson Lewis would later pass the story on to hisown grandchildren about slaves that were hidden in the basement of Grandpa's house on their way to freedom in Canada. Salmon died in 1834 but Charlotte lived to be 101 years old, at one time the oldest living resident of Palmyra. By the time of her passing in 1885, her descendents had spread to Pennsylvania and Michigan. Children of Salmon and Charlotte were:

John Hathaway Born 1803 in Adams, MA. As an adult, he lived for a time in Boston, MA but returned to Palmyra by 1850. He marries a woman named Eveline b. 1817, they are both deceased by 1854.

Cynthia Hathaway Born abt. 1805 in Adams, MA. Married in 1824 to James Field b. 1787 MA, son of David Field and Hannah Childs. They settle in Palmyra, Lenawee, MI (named for Palmyra, NY) in 1833 and appear in the 1850 census in the town of Adrian with children James Jr. age 19, Henry age Mary age 10, Catherin age 6 and Edward age 5. James died 1863 and Cynthia in 1872.

George Hathaway Born 1807 in Palmyra, NY. Married in 1833 to Adaline Kingsley Chase b. 1814. They also settle in Palmyra, Lenawee, MI and appear in the 1850 census in the town of Madison with children Edward age 9, Herbert age 5, and May 8 months. George dies in 1882, Adaline in 1884.

Sophia Hathaway Abt.1810-1863 in Palmyra, NY. Married in 1832 to James Jenner (1807-1853). Their children were Henry b.1833, William (1840-1871) and Charlotte b. 1844. James, Henry and William were at various times cabinetmakers, furniture dealers and undertakers.

Henry Hathaway 1815-1869 in Palmyra, NY. Married in 1851 to Eliza Lewis b. 1823 in Charleston, Montgomery, NY. Eliza was the daughter of John Lewis from NJ and Catherine Coakley from Saratoga, NY. Children of Henry and Eliza were:

Lewis Hathaway 1852-1933 married in 1891 to Anna A. Rose 1866-1944, daughter of Asa Rose and Hannah Simon. Their children born in Erie, PA were Helen 1895-1967 married Arthur Shafer abt. 1918. Henry 1897-1979 never married.
James Jenner Hathaway1854-1896, never married.
Catherine "Kate" Hathaway 1865-1935 married Charles H. Johnson 1861-1950, son of William R. and Lucy Wilson. Their children were Carlton L. b. 1890 and George A. (Archibald) b. 1896.

Mary Jane Hathaway 1819-1902 in Palmyra, NY. Married in 1840 to Henry Nottingham (1817-1892). In 1850 they are living in Buffalo, Erie, NY. In 1880 they are in Painesville, Lake, OH, nieces Catherin and Mary Field are living with them.

Charles Ganson Hathaway 1825-1902 in Palmyra, NY. Never married, in 1880 he is living with his mother Charlotte who was then 96 years old.

Submitted by Edward Golem "I am always looking for more information on descendents, please feel free to contact me if you'd like to share data."


Salmon Hathaway of Palmyra died 8/24/1834 in Lewiston, NY. Wayne Sentinel.

Henry Hathaway, age 55, farmer, born New York, died October 13,1869 in Palmyra. Survived by wife Eliza, sons Lewis and Jenner and daughter Kittie.

James Jenner Hathaway "The remains of James Jenner Hathaway, a well known Palmyran who died at his home in Findlay, Ohio, last Thursday, were brought here on Saturday for burial. Rev. Charles T. Walkley of Zion Episcopal church conducted the services at the cemetery, which were held at the chapel. Deceased was a bachelor forty-one years of age and died of a spinal disease... Mr. Hathaway was born and brought up in Palmyra, which he left some years ago to pursue his trade as machinist. For the past eight years he has been superintendent of a brickyard in Findlay, OH. He leaves a mother, Mrs. Eliza Hathaway (widow of Henry), who resides with his sister, Mrs. Charles H. Johnson (Kate) in this village and one brother, Lewis in Erie, PA." Wayne County Dispatch July 22, 1896.

James Field - d 19 Mar 1863, Kanasha, Wisc., age 70, b. Conway, Mass. former res. of Palmyra, Wayne, N.Y., settled in Palmyra, MI. in 1833. Wid. and children surv. Cynthia A. Field - d 2 Feb 1872, Adrian, wid/o James Field. Irena Hathaway about 21, wife of Asher, died 6/19/1823 in Romulus. Geneva Gazette.

Lucinda Hathaway 9, daughter of Josiah H., died 8/21/1841 in East Palmyra. Wayne Sentinel.

Rebecca Hathaway 67, wife of Ebenezer, died 5/29/1841 in Palmyra. Wayne Sentinel.

Sally Hathaway 21, wife of Edward T., died in Addison. Survived by husband and 2 small children. Steuben Farmers Advocate.


James Jenner married 2/9/1832 Sophia Hathaway, daughter of Salmon, in Palmyra; Rev. Whelplay. Wayne Sentinel.

Gilbert Hathaway married 6/13/1826 Mary Hurd, daughter of Gen. Timothy Hurd, in Starkey. Geneva Gazette.

Luther A. Hathaway married 8/29/1842 Clarissa L. Ripley in Macedon Locks; Rev. Philo Forbes. All of Macedon Locks. Wayne Sentinel.

James Field married 1/15/1824 Cynthia Hathaway in Palmyra by the Rev. Mr. Stockton. Wayne Sentinel

Henry Nottingham married 4/9/1840 Mary Jane Hathaway in Palmyra; Rev. C.M. Butler. All of Palmyra. Wayne Sentinel.

George A. Hathaway married 3/13/1833 Adaline Chase in Palmyra. Geneva Gazette.

Samuel H. Post married 5/19/1830 Elizabeth Hathaway in Palmyra. Geneva Gazette.

Henry Hathaway of Palmyra, married 11/18/1851 Eliza Lewis of Charleston, Montgomery County, NY, by Rev. Calvin Herrick. Wayne Sentinel.

Lewis Hathaway age 39, of Erie, PA married Anna A. Rose age 25, of Palmyra on June 13, 1891. Married in Palmyra at the Western Presbyterian Church by Pastor Stephen G. Hopkins. The groom was the son of Henry Hathaway (deceased) and Eliza Lewis Hathaway. The bride was the daughter of Asa Rose and Hannah Simon, both deceased. (From various sources)

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