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Wayne County, NY

This page is for posting photos of Wayne County residents or photos taken at Wayne County studios that *you'd like to reunite or share with a descendant or will be donating to a historical society*. If you have a Wayne County photo you'd like to post on this page, let us know and tell us what you have and we can discuss file format. Please do not send pictures or other types of files without notice, as I delete all email that I'm not expecting that contain attachments.

Eva May Corteville


A big thank you to Laura Perkins, Oswego County NYGenWeb Coordinator, for this photograph of Eva May Corteville!

I came across a photo of a young girl, photo taken by The Stacy Studios, Sodus and Sodus Point, NY. The parents are also on the Farm Directory for Sodus. The front of the photo in corner is written "Eva." Back of photo reads, "A Merry Christmas from Eva May Corteville." It was never mailed out, probably hand-delivered.

I checked on ancestry and found:

1910 Census - Sodus, Wayne County
Corteville, John W. ae 42, b. abt 1868 NY, head
Mary S. ae 40, b. abt 1870 NY, wife
Eva May, ae 15, b. abt 1895 NY, daughter
James P. ae 45, b. abt 1865 NY brother
Cornelia Dekkers, ae 76, b. Holland, mother-in-law

1920 Census - Sodus, Wayne County
Corteville, John W. ae 53, b. NY, Parents Holland Dutch, Clerk Gen'l Store
Mary S. ae 50, b. NY, Parents Holland Dutch
Eva May ae 24, daughter, b. NY, Parents b. NY, teacher at school

1930 Census - Niagara Falls, Niagara County
Corteville, Eva May, ae 35, lodger (with someone else), teacher public school

1930 Census - Sodus, Wayne County
Her parents still living.

John W Corteville, ae 63, odd jobs
Mary S Corteville, ae 60
James Corteville, ae 65, brother, farm truck
Eldon A. Sanford, ae 25, boarder, teacher in public school

Eva May Corteville Signature

Ameele Family


Here's a cabinet card taken by S. C. Gurnee, photographer of Marion, N.Y., titled on back with the name "Maggie" in old fashioned handwriting and "4 gen. of Ameele's" written below in another hand. As to which Ameele's these are of the many who resided in Wayne County at the turn of the 20th century, one person's identity is pretty certain - the older gentleman would be Peter van den Ameele, b. July 11, 1822 in Holland and d. Nov. 1, 1904, who rests in Ridge Chapel Cemetery in Williamson. As there are four generations of Ameele's represented, I've taken a guess as to their identities, and I'd appreciate receiving descendants' input about this. Much information has been contributed on about the Ameele's and I spent some time reading through all posted lineage of the descendants of Peter van den Ameele of surname Ameele.

The older man appears to be in his late 70s, early 80s, and is probably in poor general health. His eyes are closed, and he's possibly not too aware of his surroundings or what's taking place. This is a professional photo taken outside of a residence, by S.C. Gurnee of Marion. My take on this is that if a better photo could have been gotten of him, then this photo would not have been printed for the family. They were used to seeing him this way, and we the viewers have a name that comes to mind in observing his sad condition. Due to the ages of the small children and others in the photo, I feel that this was taken the year of the senior Peter's death in 1904.

The gentleman at left is possibly Mr. Ameele's son Abram Ameele, b. 1852, d. 1933. As this man appears to be in his early 50s, I don't think that he's Peter's son Peter Ameele b. 1847.

The woman seated at your left bears strong similarity of facial characteristics to the younger man who I feel is Abram Ameele, and if this is Abram, this is probably his daughter Susie Ameele Bushart, 1873 - 1905, wife of John Bushart. She appears to be in her late 20s to very early 30s. The little girl at center, who is in her "2's", is likely her daughter, Gladys Bushart, born Aug 31, 1901.

I believe that the very young woman sitting at right is Susan, wife of Peter A. Ameele (he b. 1871-1920), and that the infant child she's holding is Lucinda Ameele, b. 1904, and that the male child (between 1 and 2 years old) being held by the woman seated at left is Howard P. Ameele, b. 1902 / 1903. I've eliminated by birth dates all other children that were posted on line on as being descended from the original Peter van den Ameele, the older man in this photograph.

Click HERE to see a large detail of this photo, showing their faces up close.

So who was "Maggie"? "Maggie" is likely the individual who owned or who was gifted with this photograph. Maggie could be the elder Peter's daughter Magdalena (1849 - 1939, wife of Isaac Mahieu), or Magdalena Vercruisse (1846 - 1912, wife of Peter Ameele 1847-1931). If the latter Magdalena, she would be the grandmother of the two smallest children shown. Neither of these Magdalena's would appear ca. 1904 to be in their 20s. However, Peter and Magdalena Vercruisse Ameele also had a daughter Magdalena, who was b. ca. 1887 and appears as age 12 on the 1900 census.

Zeroing in on the date: The minutiae of details to the blouses, e.g. full sleeve gathered into narrow banded cuff worn by woman at left, and more fashionable bishop-sleeved blouse with lace cuffs and open collar, and stiff, flared paneled skirt worn by the woman at right, are most definitely datable to between 1900 and 1905. Focusing in more - the collar on the woman at left, while banded, is not high and wired. Her skirt has a defined, separate waistband. Younger women everywhere, even in rural areas, made an effort to wear the latest thing, and they all could sew and order patterns through the mail. The full blouse worn by the young woman at right is what's called a Byron or poet's shirt, similar in style to those that came out in the late 1960s. This photo pre-dates 1905, when the "pouter pigeon" or Gibson Girl silhouette came into fashion. I would guess by style subtleties alone that this photo was taken in 1903 or 1904. If you showed this photo to a costume historian, I'm confident that they would agree with me. This photo was taken in the spring, summer or early fall, as the women and children are wearing light-weight clothing outdoors in Wayne County.

In summary, I'm proposing that the older gentleman is Peter van den Ameele b. 1822, the younger man is his son Abram Ameele b. 1852, the older young woman is Abram's daughter Susan Ameele Bushart b. 1873, and the oldest child is Gladys Bushart b. 1901, giving a direct line of four generations of Ameeles. The younger woman may be "Susie," the wife of Peter A. Ameele b. 1871, who was the son of Peter Ameele b. 1847 and Magdalena Vercruisse, and grandson of Peter van den Ameele. Susan Ameele Bushart died in March 1905, age 31 by the headstone dates. The waistband on the skirt of the woman who I think is she is worn slightly above the natural waistline and upon close examination of the full photo it appears that she might be in an early stage of pregnancy. Something for Ameele researchers to consider if you don't know the circumstances of death.

Delia Johnson


This group photo was taken at Marion High School sometime in the 1920s. Marked on back is "Delia Johnson - on steps in back row on left as you face the picture - next to girl in center." Delia is the girl wearing the checked dress. I found Delia b. ca. 1907 in the 1920 census of Marion, residing with parents Isaac (b. Holland) and Nellie, and sister Marion. I don't think this is a senior class photo as the clothing and hairstyles are early 1920s and some of the boys appear to be about age 13 - 14. If you recognize any of the other students, please let the site coordinators know. This photo will be donated to the Office of the County Historian.

Marion High School Photo

Click on the photo to view a larger image.

Aunt Jenny


Here's an antique cabinet card photograph titled on back "Aunt Jenny," done in the late 1880s / early 1890s by Elton Photographic Co. of Palmyra, N.Y. If you recognize this solemn young woman, please let the site co-coordinators know.

I'm going to take this opportunity to present some online findings regarding George M. Elton, a Wayne County photographer whose career spanned almost 6 decades, and who also had studios in Lyons and Clyde. His portraits turn up all over the Finger Lakes and his name is probably familiar to you from family photos that you have.

In's 1850 census database, George Elton, age 2, resided in Farmington, Ontario County, with Luther Elton age 44 b. VT, Harriet Elton age 36 b. England, Alexander Elton age 13 b. Canada, and Lovinia Elton age 7 b. Canada. There were also other Eltons in Farmington that year, all b. NY. In the 1860 census of Canandaigua, 12-year-old George resided in the household of a young couple, William and Emily, whose surname was interpreted by the transcriber as "Mddelbrock." That same census year, a Luther Elton age 49 b. CT resided in Palmyra. In the 1870 ancestry census database, George turns up in Palmyra and is said to be 22 years old, b. Canada, placing his birthdate as 1848. I'm unable to determine whose household he's residing in. George Elton, occupation "artist," is listed in the 1880 United States Federal Census of Palmyra as b. ca 1840 Canada, father b. Nova Scotia, mother b. Vermont.

By the 1900 Palmyra census, George has married and has a large family: George Elton age 50, Hattie Elton age 42, Lulu Elton age 18, George Elton age 15, Catherine Elton age 12, Jarvis Elton age 6, and Emily Mirrich age 62. In the 1910 census database both of his parents were said to have been born in England: George M. Elton age 62, Hattie Elton age 52, Katherine Elton age 22, Jarvis Elton age 16, and Emily Mirick age 72. In 1920, the parents of George M. Elton, age 71 b. Canada, are said to have both been b. New York! Also residing with him in 1920 are wife Hattie M. age 61 and Emily M. Merrick age 82, whose relationship is listed as mother-in-law.

In our online 1867 Hamilton Child directory of Palmyra, George M. Elton, who would have been about 18 or 19 years old at the time, is listed as being in partnership with award-winning Wayne County / Onondaga County / New York City photographer Ward Valencourt Ranger (soon to become instructor of photography at Syracuse University, and who was the father of landscape painter Henry Ward Ranger), as "Ranger & Elton." Perhaps George apprenticed with Ranger, who either recognized a precocious talent or trained him well. At that time another photographer, Henry P. Ranger, was working in Clyde on Glasgow St. (I've not found a relationship yet). In the 1872 Boyd's New York State Directory, George is on his own in Palmyra, listed as Elton, G.M., photographer, Main n. Market.

19th century photographers were often referred to as "Photographic Artists," and George M. Elton was most accomplished. Click HERE to see the backmark of this card, which lists the locations of competitions in which he received gold medals for his work!

George, Hattie, George Jr., and two other Eltons rest in the Palmyra Village Cemetery:

Elton, Geo. M., Dec. 15, 1927, 79y
Elton, Hattie, wife, Sept. 28, 1935, 77y 5m 11d
Elton, George M., son, Dec. 29, 1937, 52y 7m 5d

Elton, Alex T., Mar. 30, 1887, 49y [He was residing with George in the 1850 census.]
Elton, Susan, wife of Alex T., Sept. 26, 1898, 63y

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