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This page is for posting photos of Wayne County residents or photos taken at Wayne County studios that *you'd like to reunite or share with a descendant or will be donating to a historical society*. If you have a Wayne County photo you'd like to post on this page, let us know and tell us what you have and we can discuss file format. Please do not send pictures or other types of files without notice, as I delete all email that I'm not expecting that contain attachments.


Little Clyde Girls

This ca. mid-1890s albumen print photo was a recent antique show find. Taken by Shirler, Clyde, N.Y., showing 11 girls ranging from about 10 to 14 years old. I've converted it to grayscale so that the details show. On the back they're identified as:

Bertha Lake
Sadie Coon
Grace Betts
Anna Brooks
Flossie Nichols
Flora Turner
Julia Baumeister
____ (first name not given) Berrlo/Burlo(?)
Maude Kelsey (Center)
Satie _____ (last name not given)
Maude Kelsey

A Julia M. Baumeister is listed elsewhere on this site as being a member of the class of 1899 of the high school in Clyde. Flossie J. Nichols was in the Training Class of Clyde during the 1902-03 school year.

If you can identify any of the girls to help us determine order of names, where they're from, or have further information about them, please contact the site co-coordinators. This photo will be donated to the Office of the County Historian.


Presenting two carte de visites sent in by Dean Johnson, both photographs taken at Ravell's photography studio in Lyons. The man is Mr. Van Auken, no first name, and his wife Julia. Julia's hair style and dress are typical of the mid to later 1860s, but may be more recent. " The old photo album I got this out of said her name was Julia Ann Burgess. I hope that is her name, as I am a descendant of her sister. One thing I do know - this man and woman are a married couple." If you can identify this couple, Mr. Van Auken's first name, or have information to share, please contact Dean directly.


Cahoon Kids


This exquisite child is i.d.'d on the back as Mable Agnes Goldsmith, Palmyra. No photographer's name given. Found in Ontario County in a junk box, no other associated photographs, in the summer of 2002. If she's related to you, please contact the site coordinators and tell us about her. This photo has been donated to the Office of the County Historian.




I found this photograph in August 2002 somewhere in upstate NY. I don't remember where as I must have gone to 50 antiques shops! On the back it says:

"Compliments of Roy Eugene Cahoon & Linda Emily Cahoon to Mrs. Lydia Snyder"

A large albumen print cabinet card, photo taken by Stacy Brothers photography studio, Sodus and Alton, N.Y. If you have information about these children to post under the picture, please contact the site coordinators.

Cahoon Kids

Cahoon Kids

This photograph is fading and much lighter than the scan. The original photo will be available for viewing at the Office of the County Historian, to whom I'll be donating it.

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