Wayne County Family Biographies

The Campe/Camp Family

By Allyn Hess Perry

Campe/Camp Family

Standing: Theodore, Albert, David, Peter, Edward, Cyril (Campe), Frederick

Seated: Mother Mary Nieskes, Emma, Father Charles Camp

Charles and Mary Nieskes Campe, along with their seven sons and one daughter, left Holland/Belgium and arrived in the United States in 1894, settling in Arcadia, New York. They were hard-working people, mostly working on farms. Various family members gradually lived in Clyde, Lyons, Sodus and Rochester. Only one of the sons spelled his name as it originally appears on their immigration records. Manydescendents have basically remained in the same areas where the boys settled. The only daughter, Emma, was unmarried.

Submitted by Co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry

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