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Following is a partial transcription of Marion, Wayne County, NY 1855 census taken from hard copies located at the Wayne County Department of History in Lyons, NY. Page numbers refer to the typewritten 1855 Census, and the numbers before the names correspond to order in which the census was taken. The latter is important when trying to determine who lived next door to whom and if they may have been related.

Information given below includes the name, gender, age, relationship to head of house, occupation, and place of birth, (NY county, Country, or other state) for each individual. When all members of the household have the last same name it is not repeated. Conversely, if last names differ within a family they are shown. Finally, wherever information is known by the transcriber brackets [  ] are used showing information that is not part of the original census. Blank brackets indicate unreadable data. Please note that some people did not give their ages, and others did not give their names, so these were not typographical errors.In all cases it is hoped that this donated material may help others to find their Marion, Wayne County ancestry.

Page 7 

61 BUSH, Hannah E. F 30 Wife NJ (this record is the continuation of page 6)

Delbert M 1 Son Wayne


62 HOWELL, Amanda F 38 Onondaga

Louisa F 13 dau Wayne


63 TURCK, James M 52 Trader Columbia

Hannah F 54 Wife Dutchess


64 HIBARD, Robert M 44 Carpenter Dutchess

Vesta F 44 Wife CT

Robert D. M 18 Son Carpenter Cayuga

Mary F 14 Dau   Wayne

Martha F 14  Dau  Wayne

Alvira F 11    Dau  Wayne

Edward GARDNER M 22 Jr. Man Wayne

Pierce TRAVERSE M 24 Jr. Man Saratoga

Isaac CHAMBERLAIN M 74 F-in-law CT


65 NEGUS, Isaac M 37 Engineer Wayne

Amanda F 29 Wife Seneca

Samuel B. M 2 Son Wayne


66 OSBORN, I. W. M 39 B. Clergyman DE

M.L. F 35 Wife Madison

F. L. F 8 Dau Cayuga

A. M. F 4 Dau Wayne

I. W. Jr M 1 Son Wayne


67 EDDY, David M. M 36 Cabinetmaker Wayne

Olivia A. F Wife  33 Cayuga

Eliza C. F 9 Dau Wayne

David A. M 7 Son   

Seth M 74 Father MA

Melissent F 74 Mother VT

Lovina HOWELL F 24 Hired Girl Wayne

Levi WHITE M 24 Jr. Man Cabinetmaker Schoharie

Alfred WHITE M 21 Jr. Man Cabinetmaker Scoharie

Henry BETGER M 16 Jr. Man Upholster Germany


68 STANTON, Amasa M C. Clergyman Montgomery

M. M. [Mercia M. Sterling] F Wife Livingston

Amelia W. F Dau Livingston

Hannah [Maria] F 9 Dau Cayuga

Orville M 6 Son Wayne


69  ________  , Emerson M Dentist Saratoga

Abagail F Wife Greene


70 Barru[  ], John B. M 27 Shoemaker England

__________ F 27 Wife Wayne

Mary E. F 1 Dau Wayne


71 POND, Jutson [Judson] M 61 Oneida

Ruth [Cogswell] F 51 Wife Wayne


Page 18


[168 cont'd from page 17]


POTTER, Charles C. M 13 Son Wayne

Harmon S. M 9 Son Wayne

Ellen Alma PERSONS F 3 Adopted IN


169 LISK, Andrew B. M 47 Laborer Otsego

Almira F 43 Wife Otsego

Myron W,  M 13 Son Otsego


170 SANFORD, Isaac R M 64 Farmer CT

Patience F 61 Wife CT

Franklin M. M 22 Son Daguerrean Wayne

Emogene L. F 17 Dau Wayne

Peter FREES M 20 Hired Man/Laborer Germany

Sanford R. H. FRANKINBURGER  M 15 Boarder/Student Wayne (from family #149)


171 HALL, Joel M 70 Farmer CT

Anna F 69 Wife VT

Enos M 30 Son Farmer Wayne


172 HALL, Warren M 27 Farmer Wayne

Mary K. F 25 Wife Wayne

William L. M 1 Son Wayne


173 HOWARD, William W. M 43 Laborer N. Hamp.

Lucy Anne F 37 Wife Tompkins

Henry Nelson M 17 Son Sailor Ontario

Russell S. M 41 Brother Peddlar N. Hamp.


174 TRUAX, Barons M 30 Blacksmith NJ

Mary Anne F 22 Wife Greene

Charles M 1 Son Wayne

Ellen Amanda F 1 Dau Wayne

William W. ROBERTS M 48 Boarder/Blacksmith Columbia


175 ROBERTS, Henry M 50 Blacksmith MA

Margaret F 49 Wife Columbia

Caroline F 16 Dau Monroe


176 ATWOOD, Warren M 25 Wayne

Thankful [Sherman] F 30 Wife Wayne

Nancy SHERMAN F 59 M-in-law RI [Widow of Gideon Sherman]

Lucy D. BODINE F 35 Boarder

George DUNN M 21 Hired Man Columbia


177 RICE, Simeon M 50 Monroe

Rebecca F 47 Wife Wayne

Stephen M 18 Son Wayne

Phebe Ann G 16 Dau Wayne

Julia E. F 11 Wayne

Andrew THOMPSON M 17 Hired man Wayne


178 RICE, George M 52 Onondaga

Rachel F 45 Wife Onondaga

Delinda F 29 Dau Wayne

Veniah W. M 18 Son Wayne



Page 37


345 WILCOX, Andrew S. M 21 Farmer Wayne

Eliza Jane F 20 Wife Wayne


346 WAKE, Jonathan M 38 Farmer England

Elizabeth A. F 29 Wife CT

Elizabeth SANFORD F 77 Gr Mother CT


347 BRIGGS, Abram M 35 Blacksmith MA

Elizabeth  F 37 Wife Ontario

Sarah F 12 Dau Wayne


348 WITHERDEN, Thomas M 37 Farmer England

Susan F 24 Wife England

Emily Jane F 8 mo Dau Wayne


349 HARKNESS, Seth E. M 26 Farmer Wayne

Mary F 25 Wife CT

Clarence M.  M 4 Son Wayne

Betsey F 62 Mother Onondaga


350 PRATT, Amos M 64 Farmer Washington [County, NY]

Serenna F 55 Wife MA

Mary  F 21  Dau Wayne

Juliette F 17 Dau Wayne

Phebe F 15 Dau Wayne


Juliette Pratt later md. William See, son of Abram See who was family number 355. Checking back to your Pratt page, Amos is there alright.

The 1855 census book apparently is apparently just a dilapidated or burnt fragment, only three towns transcribed by the historical society and those with gaping holes. Abram's brother John should be listed in there but is not on the surviving parts. However, Abram's son Truman See is found:

1855 Marion (Wayne) NY, transcription
fam. #153
Kellogg, Norman 39 b. Wayne farmer
MaryAnne 39 wife, b. Wayne
Elizabeth 15 dau b. Wayne
Frank 3 son b. Wayne
See, Truman 21 hired man b. Wayne farmer

Since Truman married a wife Elizabeth who was consistently in later censuses 5 or 6 years his junior, I'm willing to bet a quarter that she was Norman Kellogg's daughter.

David See
[Note: Interested in See Family research? Ask Dave about his newsletter!]


351 BUTLER, Samuel B. M 41 Farmer MA

Harriett D. F 33 Wife Wayne

Casen Dane F 12 Dau Monroe

Ruel H. M 10 Son Niagra

Asa J. M 3 Son Niagra


352 SHERMAN, Harvey M 51 Farmer Wayne

Lucinda F 51 Wife Otsego

William [H.] M 24 Son Wayne

Howard M 15 Son Wayne

Emeline F 12 Dau Wayne


353 CLARK, Jedediah M 58 Farmer Madison

Arminda F 44 Wife Dutchess

Janette F 20 Dau Wayne

Emogene F 17 Dau Wayne

Isabella F 12 Dau Wayne

Josephine F 10 Dau Wayne

Clementine F 6 Dau Wayne

Adelaide F 1 Dau Wayne


354 DEXTER, Thankful F 70 Widow VT

Harriett _ _ _LEY F 48 Dau Tailoress/widowed Madison

Jane _______ F 47 Dau widowed Madison


Page 38


355 SEE, Abram M 59 Farmer Saratoga

Getty [Gertrude Pratt] F 50 Wife Dutchess

Andrew M 26 Son Farmer Wayne

William M 23 Son Farmer Wayne

Louisa F 20 Dau Wayne

Peter M 17 Son Wayne Farmer


356 COGSWELL, William [Jr.] M 39 Farmer Wayne

Eliza [Tucker] F 47 Wife Conn.

Amanda F 16 Dau Wayne

Melissa F 15 Dau Wayne

Morris J. M 7 Son Wayne

Thomas J. M 4 Son Wayne

Gideon SMITH M 29 Boarder Carpenter Wayne

James BROWN M 17 Hired Man Farmer Wayne


357 HUTCHINS, John M 40 Farmer Madison

Margaret A. F 38 Wife Ontario

Emma Jane F 16 Dau Wayne

Ann Eliza F 12 Dau Wayne

Mary L. F 5 Dau Wayne

Peter CATANZ M 17 Hired Man Laborer Holland


358 HUTCHINS, Margaret F 63 Madison


359 HUTCHINS, Mary Ann  [Kentch] F 42 Washington

Harriett F 17 Dau Ontario

Emma Ann F 14 Dau Wayne

Warren M 4 Son Wayne

Diadema KENTCH f 63 Mother Washington


360 HOPE, Thomas L. M 59 Laborer England

Rebecca F 59 Wife England

George M 27 Son England

William M 14 Son England


361 SKELLENGER, Amos M 28 Wayne

Diantha F 26 Wife Wayne

Louinda F 2 Dau Wayne

Mary D F 1 Dau Wayne


362 BURGAMINSTER, Daniel M 39 Laborer Holland

Elizabeth F 26 Wife Holland

Mary F 7 Dau Holland


363 CATLIN, Adrian M 50 Laborer Holland

Maria F 25 Wife Holland


364 GREEN, Ira M 64 Laborer Essex

Arena F 57 Wife Wayne

William SKELLENGER M 24 Step Son Wayne

Mary J. SKELLENGER F 23 Step Dau Wayne


365 THOMAS, Hosea M 57 Washington

Ruth F 48 Wife Washington

Warren M 27 Son Wayne


Page 39


365 cont'd

THOMAS, Sarah F 24 Dau Wayne

William M 22 Son Farmer Wayne

Henry J. M 17 Son Wayne

Mary F 21 Dau-in-law Jefferson

Myron H. M 6 mos Grandson Wayne


366 COGSWELL, [Son of William Sr.] Samuel M 46 Wayne

Angelina [SHERMAN, Dau of Gideon and Thankful] F 44 Wife Wayne

Mary Ann F 19 Dau MI


367 HUNT, Polly F 62 Suffolk

Phebe F 28 Dau Wayne


368 HUNT, Joseph M 23 Farmer Wayne

Mary F 20 Wife Wayne


369 SPOONER, William M 36 Farmer Otsego

Hannah F 34 Wife Wayne

George M 11 Son Wayne

Lewsi H. M 9 Son Wayne

Mary E. F 8 Dau Wayne

Sarah E. F 7 Dau Wayne

Elizabeth F 1 Dau Wayne


370 TERRY, Ebenezer M 58 Farmer Wayne

Luzina F 35 Wife Tompkins

Catherine L. FULLER F 5 Adopted Wayne

Susan Andd ODELL F 15 Boarder Monroe


371 NEWTON, Buckley M 53 Farmer Wayne

Sarah F 42 Wife MA

Alvina F 29 Dau School Teacher Wayne

Mary F 23 Dau Wayne

George (?) M 19 Son Farmer Wayne

Joseph M 17 Son Farmer Wayne


372 CONKLIN, Joseph M. M 57 Farmer Suffolk

Mary M. F 54 Wife Suffolk

Henry M 25 Son FarmerMonroe

Mary J. F 14 Dau Livingston


373 REESE, Beulah F 59 NJ

William R. HAINS M 27 Son Farmer MI

Francis H. REESE M 26 Son Farmer Monroe


374 RICE, Philip M 67 Farmer CT

Louisa F 58 Wife Canada

John M 27 Son Wayne

Emily F 20 Dau Wayne

Arvilla F 13 Dau Wayne


375 WISENTRAGER, Edward M 26 Farmer Germany

Sophia F 27 Wife Germany

Charles (?) M 2 Son Wayne


Page 40


375 cont'd


Anna L. SMELLS F 52 M-in-law Germany


376 CLARK, Jeremiah M 60 Farmer Madison

Betsey F 63 Wife Dutchess

Jeremiah Jr. M 25 Son Farmer Wayne


377 BROWN, George M 33 Farmer Dutchess

Sophia F 31 Wife Nova Scotia

George R. M 5 Son Wayne

Mary E.  F 2 Dau Wayne


378 WHITE, Charles M 45 Farmer England

Sarah L. F 45 Wife Westchester

Kate F 8 Adopted Holland


379 KNIGHT, Thomas J. M 52 Machinist MA

Almira F 51 Wife MA

Mary A. MOSES F 21 Dau MA

George S. KNIGHT M 17 Son MA

Almira E. MOSES F 4 Grand Dau  VT

Frances E MOSES F 1 Grand Dau MA


380 ROGERS Mason M 28 Farmer Wayne

Lydia F 28 Wife Wayne

Mary A. F 5 Dau Wayne

Lewis R. M 2 Wayne


381 LUCE, Daniel F. M 53 Farmer Wayne

Orpha F 42 Wife Wayne

Jefferson M 15 Son Wayne

Candace F 9 Dau Wayne

Sally FELLER F 27 Hired Girl Columbia


382 HARDY, Joel W. M 24 Farmer OH

Allathyna C. F 24 Wife Wayne

Delmar M 9 mos. Son Wayne


383 DEFRUYST, Marinus M 36 Holland

Penelope F 38 F Wife Holland

Penelope F 6 Dau Wayne

Marinus M 10 mos Son Wayne

Penelope BOSCHART F 61 M-in-law Holland

Adrisan FAAS m 30 B-in-law Farmer Holland


384 GRANGER, William M 35 Farmer England

Hannah F 31 Wife Wayne

Frances Ann F 12 Dau Wayne

William H. M 10 Son Wayne


385 BUTTS, [ ]arce M 29 Laborer Wayne

Charlotte F 27 Wife Wayne

Georgianna F 9 Dau Wayne

Henry Lyman M 6 Son Wayne


Page 43


403 cont'd (Do not have pages 41, 42)


GILBERT, Jane A. F 15 Dau Wayne

Silas SIMONS M 65 F-in-law Farmer MA

Ruth F 77 M-in-law RI


404 PRATT, Ira M 62 Farmer Washington

Jemima A. [Moody, Clark, widow of Rufus Clark] F 51 Wife Ontario

Morrison M 17 Son Wayne

Mary CLARK F 18 Step Dau Wayne


405 PRATT, Sidney M 46 Farmer Washington

Ester F 43 Wife Montgomery

Juliette F 19 Dau OH

Frances Amanda F 17 Dau Wayne


406THATCHER, Charles M 61 Farmer CT

Elizabeth F 47 Wife Herkimer

Salem M 14 Son Wayne


407 THATCHER, Romanzo M 30 Farmer Wayne

Lucy F 28 F Wife Wayne

Charles M 5 Son Wayne

Mary F 6 mos Dau Wayne


408 MCCUIN, Hugh M 50 Laborer Ireland

Ester F 40 Wife Ireland

Hugh M 18 Son Farmer Ireland

Margaret F 16 Dau Ireland

Eliza Jane F 2 Dau Wayne


409 MILHAM, Martin M 42 Farmer Columbia

Maria F 39 Wife Columbia

David R. M 20 Son Farmer Columbia

Mary E. F 18 Dau Columbia

Mahala F 17 Dau Columbia

Aaron D. M 13 Son Columbia

Stephen C. M 10 Son Columbia

Martha C. F 8 Dau Columbia

Martin J. M 4 Son Wayne


410 STEVENS, William M Farmer Schoharie

Christina F 36 Wife Columbia

Edgar M 10 Son Wayne

Franklin M 6 Son Wayne

Walter M 4 Son Wayne

Laura (?) F 2 Dau Wayne


411 VANBORTEL, Cyrus M 30 Farmer Holland

Isaac M Brother Farmer Holland


DEVEY, Isaac M Br-in-law Farmer Holland

Janette [VanBortel] F Sister Holland

John M Nephew Holland

Susan F Niece Holland

Mary F Niece Wayne

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