Winegar Hill Cemetery

Town of Butler

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Winegar Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Also known as Grave Yard Hill and Fowler. Located near intersection of Slyburg Rd. and South Butler - Conquest Roads.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 89 north from Savannah. Make right onto South Butler-Conquest Rd. The Cemetery is on the Right hand side of the road up hill in the woods, just after Slyburg road.

BIBINS Charity MILLARD wf. E. & dau. E. & M. 21 Apr. 1821, 32y
BURCH Ephraim 9 Nov. 1846 73y 3m 3d
CALKINS Elizabeth wf. Joshua 11 Jan. 1848 80y 6m 27d
CRAW Seth 15 Jan. 1849 87y 1m 27d
CRAW Rhoda wf. 13 Jul. 1829 67y
DOUD Jane wf. Orin 5 Oct. 1823 21y
DUSENBERRY Rev. 28 Jul. 1842 53y
FRENCH Emily dau. Artimus & Rebecka 14 Sep. 1814 7y
FRENCH Amos son Artimus & Rebecka 12 Sept. 1814 4y
HARRINGTON Cynthia wf Nathaniel 11 Sep. 1826 35y 3m 3d
HARRINGTON Jane wf. Nathaniel 1815 33y
HOW (HOWE) Florence (Florina) 23 Sep. 1813 34y
JEFFERIES John B. d. 31 Mar. 1837
KING Orman 26 Sep. 1839 44y
KING Polly B. wf. 6 Feb. 1851 55y
KING Lydia O. dau. 30 Apr. 1851 27y 7m 4d
POMEROY S. 4 Jul. 1846 29y 4m 4d
POMEROY Deborah wf. 21 Apr. 1844 25y 6m 13d
POMEROY Elzab 13 Mar. 1854 66y
WELLS Anthony 12 Apr. 1842 47y
WENDOVER Philena J. dau. Henry & Mary 23 Apr. 1848 1y 1m 1d [see note below]
WINANS Silas 25 Sep. 1823 63y Rev. War
WINEGAR Old Rick (stone broken) [see note below]
WINEGAR wf. (no name or dates)
WINEGAR Elizabeth wf. Uldrick 13 mar. 1854 66y 6m 29d
WINEGAR Lydia Louise dau. Uldrick & Elizabeth 12 Sep. 1828 21y
WINEGAR Lewis H. son ? & Merriman 9 Feb. 1839 1y 8m 5d [see note below]
(Above entry added by Mrs. Shirley Vella RD1 Auburn, NY 21 June 1980)

Winegar Hill Cemetery is located 1 mile East of South Butler on the south side of the Butler-Conquest Road. It is a part of the farm land now owned by Steve and Laura Plucinik. The cemetery stones were originally read in the early 1940's. Sometime after that vandals broke almost all of the gravestones. During the following years, the underbrush took over and most of the stones were covered by debris and soil when Robert K. Mead entered the cemetery in the Spring of this year (2000), looking for the graves of his Great Great Great Grandfather Seth Craw and wife Rhoda.

After the removal of over 60 trailer loads of brush, grapevines, and small trees, Mr. Mead eventually located and unearthed the stones he was looking for. After he had repaired the broken pieces, the tombstones were erected in their original location. Seth Craw was a Revolutionary soldier, and the local D.A.R. Chapter will place a permanent marker on the grave. Bob Mead would like to hear from anyone who has relatives buried in this cemetery. His address is 3514 Route 414, Clyde, NY 14433.

He is hoping to unearth other stones that are still buried. He has determined that there are approximately 20 fieldstones with no markings that likely indicate more people are buried here.

Corrections to the above listing as provided by Mr. Mead are:
Philena WENDOVER - age 7 (not 1)
Uldrick WINEGAR - (not Old Rick)
Lewis H. MERRIMAN 9 February 1839, age 1

Leola Sutton

Winegar Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Contributor and Preparer - Leola Crane Sutton, former Town of Butler Page Editor

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