Old Baptist Church Cemetery by Schoolhouse #6

a.k.a. Bryant Cemetery


Wayne County, NY

Cemetery Inscriptions from an old Baptist Church Cemetery, Macedon, Wayne County, N. Y.

Copied and compiled by Harriett M. Wiles. 1936.

Cemetery back of Schoolhouse, Dist. No. 6, Macedon, Wayne County, New York. The Baptist Church of Macedon was formerly located near this cemetery.

William A., son of Levi & Purlina, d. May 28, 1852, age 1 yr

John C., son of ? & Cynthia, d. Aug. 12, ___ (?)

Hezekiah, d. May 21, 1835, age 83 yrs

Frederick Auguston, son of R. ___ (?) & Harriet Church, d. June 14, 1839, age 5 yrs 4 mos

Gitty M., wife of J. W. Esq. and oldest dau. of the late Gen. J. Rhea of Trenton, N. J., d. April 9, 1826, age 41 yrs

David, b. Dartmouth, Mass., February 11, 1763, d. August 23, 1828

Cornelius, son of Erastus & Elizabeth, d. July 5, 1837, age 11 mos

W. G. N. (footstone)

Elijah, d. August 29, 1840, age 35 yrs

___ Levi, d. April 22, 1844, age 29 yrs

Mariah, wife of William, d. May 6, 1842, age 23-5-1

Mary M., wife of John, d. January 16, 1832, age 36 yrs 6 mos

Mary Jane, wife of William F., d. August 17, 1852, age 35 yrs

Job (wife or child?)

Israel, d. August 2, 1858, age 91 yrs Martha, his wife, d. August 8, 1832, age 55 yrs 4 mos

Isaac, d. November 8, 1833, age 51 yrs

Barnabas, d. December 20, 1813, in 44th yr of age
Ruth, his wife, d. September 28, 1848, age 74 yrs

Jacob, d. June 3, 1831, age 46 yrs
Lemuel, d. August 3, 1809, in his 63rd yr

?, wife of Webb, d. April 11, 1815, in 36th yr

William F., d. September 15, 1835, age 28 yrs

Azubah, wife of John, d. July 23, 1825, age 61 yrs

Sarah M., dau of Ephraim & Sarah, d. March 23, 1831, age 14 yrs
William, son of Ephraim, d. June 28, 1816, age 16 (?)
Ephraim, d. August 7, 1857, age 83 yrs
Sarah, his wife, d. April 7, 1843, age 66 yrs

Mahetable, wife of Dr. Elisha, d. April 24, 1820, age 38 yrs

Angelica, consort of Joshua, d. July 31, 1830, age 38 yrs
Joshua, d. Nov. 7 1832, age 48 yrs
Sarah, wife of ?, d. May 25, 1812, age 48 yrs

S., 1817, age 48 yrs

Alexander, son of Elias & Betsey, d. August 1, 1803, age 2 yrs 1 mo 15 das

Anna, wife of David, b. Novascotia, May 29, 1761, d. December 28, 1813

William, d. May 25, 1831, age 53 yrs 3 mos
A. S. (footstone)

Thomas, d. July 12, 1822, age 59 yrs 4 mos
Lucy, his wife, d. March 13, 1845, age 72 yrs 9 mos

Alice, wife of Enoch, d. March 16, 1818, age 35 yrs 4 mos
Enoch, d. Macedon, N. Y., August 18, 1839, age 62 yrs

Mrs. S., wife of Dr. L., age 81 yrs, d. January, 1822
C. H. (footstone)

Erastus, d. September 17, 1843, age 38 yrs

David, d. April 13, 1835, age 68 yrs

Betsey, wife of Aron, Rev. Soldier, d. October 19, 1851, age 70 yrs

Henry, d. February 8, 1836, age 74 yrs ? et M. (?) M. or Tiney, d. ___ 29, 1813, age 21 yrs

Leonard G., son of D.E. & J. A., d. October 7, 1859, age 1 yr

Hannah, wife of Cornelius D., d. August 15, 1832, age 42 yrs 4 mos 25 das

Sarah Jane, dau of John S. & Catharine, d. April 25, 1839, age 2 yrs 10 mos 1 da

Martha Ann, wife of Reuben B., & dau of Ezekiel & Harriet Smith, d. January 4, 1842, age 27 yrs 7 mos 6 das
Ezekiel, son of Reuben B. & Martha A., d. June 13, 1839, age 4 yrs 10 mos 10 das

Catharine, wife of John, d. May 26, 1842, age 31-8-15

Samuel, son of E. & Sarah, d. April 20, 1841, age 10 yrs

William, d. October 2, 1821, age 74 yrs 9 mos 6 das
? LE, d. October 1, 1842, age 26 (footstone is A.H.)

Nelson P, d. April 16, 1848

This cemetery is in frightful condition, overgrown with weeds, and wholly uncared for.

"In the eastern part of the town near schoolhouse No. 6 is another old burial place. It is on the west side of the road and is on land once owned by Lemuel Spear. The present Baptist Church of Macedon once stood near it. The society was organized in 1800 as the Baptist Church of Palmyra. The early records of the ground were lost, but in 1813 a committee was appointed to build a fence around the yard." Pioneers of Macedon, compiled by Mary Louise Eldredge, 1912.

All of the above is from the typescript titled:

Cemetery Inscriptions from an old Baptist Church Cemetery, Macedon, Wayne County, N. Y.

Copied and compiled by Harriett M. Wiles. 1936.

Mrs. Harriett M. Wiles
333 East 43rd St.
New York, N. Y.

NOTE: this was her address in 1936. Mrs. Wiles is long since deceased.

IMPORTANT: For further information about persons listed or about this cemetery, please do NOT email the site coordinators as we have no further information.

The above cemetery inscriptions list was prepared by Harriett M. Wiles (Mrs. Frank Burr Wiles) in 1936. It's unknown whether she ever walked the cemetery herself or had access to readings done by others. The passage from Eldredge's 1912 Pioneers of Macedon book was originally written by Lizzie J. Baker in 1894. Mrs. Wiles left off the last sentence of the passage - "Several stones remain and it has never been given up to other use, but the whole yard is in a neglected condition." This indicates that a reading might have done before 1894, that Baker's 1894 assessment of quantity of stones was an understatement, that there was cleaning up between 1894 and 1936 and more stones surfaced, or that the list was a compilation using various sources. Mrs. Wiles' own heading for the cemetery says that it was "copied and compiled" by Harriett M. Wiles.

Spellings of names are as on the typescript. However, in preparing it to post online, abbreviations for months have been expanded (e.g. Aug. = August) so that there is less likelihood of error in reading on line. Writing out the full spelling of a month is a good practice to get into, whether handwriting or typing up your research notes, as over the years Jan. can eventually be misinterpreted as Jun., and vice versa.

Who Was Harriett M. Wiles?

Historian and genealogist Harriett M. Wiles was born in Wayne County. She traveled throughout New York State over several decades of the first half of the 20th century, copying old manuscripts and abstracting names from church and court records, as well as newspapers. It's ironic that she devoted years to compiling so many resources for people to find their families, yet her life and its end is so far elusive.

Mrs. Wiles was born in Newark NY on April 20, 1876. She's listed in the 1880 census of Arcadia as Harriett Everts, age 4, daughter of farmer Adelbert M. and Alice Everts.

Her father and paternal grandparents are listed on the county historian's office list of Newark Main Street Cemetery:

Everetts, Adelbert M. age 39 yrs. Nov. 16, 1885.
Everetts, Peter M. husb. Maria B. 33 yrs. Aug. 11, 1849.
Everetts, Maria B. wife Peter M. age 62 yrs. Oct. 22, 1882.
Everts, Peter M. Aug. 11, 1849 35-11-14.

A partial view in The Handbook of American Genealogy for 1937 shows:
WILES, Harriett May Evertts (Mrs. F. Burr), b. Newark, N.Y, Apr. 20, 1876; ed. teachers training sch., Columbia Coll.; m. Nov. 7, 1898, Frank Burr Wiles of Syracuse, N.Y. Librarian.

Mrs. Wiles lived at least into the 1950s. A June 22, 1950 social mention in The Lyons Republican noted that Mrs. Wiles had returned to her home on Vienna Street, Palmyra, after spending some time in New York City. A social mention from the October 28, 1954 issue of The Lyons Republican stated that Mrs. F. Burr Wiles of Palmyra had recently moved to 206 E. Miller St. in Newark. A partial view of an issue of The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record for 1955 shows her name in a list as Mrs. Frank Burr Wiles Rolfe.

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