Fish Cemetery

Town of Williamson

Wayne County, NY

Fish Cemetery

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Located on west side of Williamson-Pultneyville Road, 962 Lake Ave., back of cherry orchard between Elliott and Jablonski farms, just south of Teats Farms. Badly overgrown, some stones down. Part of this cemetery is surrounded by an iron fence but there are many graves outside to the west. May not be complete as some stones are probably buried.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 21N across Rte. 104, just past Pund Rd. on the Left hand side. Cemetery is on private property behind someone's house.

CHURCH Phebe, Sep 3, 1827, 29y, Wife of Joseph
FISH Wright R., Mar 31, 1881, 53y, Died in WA, D.C.
FISH Anastasia E., d. Feb 8, 1882, Died in New Orleans, LA (above two on one shaft)
FISH Resolved, Jan 11, 1850, 57y 2m 21d, Died on the plains on his way to California
FISH Joanna, Jan 1, 1820, 65y, Wife of Stephen
FISH Stephen, Jun 9, 1827, 82y 2m
Above three all on one shaft. This shaft is down and the 4th side buried.
FISH Isaac, Aug 26, 1866, 81y 8m
FISH Mary LOCKE Oct 17, 1790-Apr 25, 1869
FISH Horrice, Sep 21, 1821, 3y, Son of I. & M.
FISH Mary Dec 10, 1820, 7y, Dau of I. & M.
FISH Isaac L., Mar 8, 1831, 6m, Son of I. & M.
FISH Hiram, Aug 1824, 3y, Son of Isaac & M.
LOCKE Tryphena, Aug 27, 1842, 82y, Wife of Fortunatus
PALLISTER William T., Sep 10, 1853, 6y 6m 28d, Son of Wm. & Elizabeth
PALLISTER Charlotte E., Oct 7, 1850, 2m 27d, Dau of Wm. & Elizabeth

"Sweet babe, she tasted of life's bitter cup,
refused to drink the potion up.
But turned her little head aside.
Disgusted with the taste and died."

VAUGHN Louisa A. Jul 26, 1888, 72y 1m 20d, Wife of Erastus
VAUGHN Mary G. Villetta Sep 10, 1843, 2y 1m 2d, Dau of Erastus & Louisa
VAUGHN Erastus, Sep 6, 1866, Rest in Heaven, Large headstone, face down

Outside Fence

FISH William W., Jan 15, 1847, 20y 15d, Son of Thomas & Sarah
FISH Helen M., Jul 10, 1833, 4y 10m 10d, Dau of Thomas & Sarah
FISH Sarah, Jul 5, 1833, 2y 5m 29d, Dau of Thomas & Sarah
FISH Sarah S. Mar 31, 1855, 66y 8m 18d, Wife of Thomas
FISH Thomas, Aug 22, 1874, 79y 5m 15d, Husband of Sarah
LEWIS Uriah, May 3, 1781-Feb 8, 1865, Born New Jersey
REXFORD Achsah, Nov 18, 1838, 33y 5m 18d, Wife of Horace

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June 16, 1999  Marge Sherman Lutzvick gets to the bottom of a fishy story!

"Today after you told me about new stuff on the page I went to look. I found the Fish Cemetery in Williamson, and couldn't believe my eyes.

In my grandfather Myron Sherman's memoirs that are included in my book he talks about his family moving from Marion to Pultneyville for awhile, and that they (rented) lived on the "Wright Fish farm." Well, being a Nor'westerner I assumed it was just that - a fish farm. We grew up with them on the West Coast.

Well, there in the Fish Cemetery in Williamson lies ole Wright Fish and his wife Anastasia. And a whole lot of other Fishes, too. Couldn't believe it. Wright died in 1881 in WA, D.C., and my great grandfather, Clark Sherman, died in 1880 in Pultneyville.

Anyhow, just an interesting side note. I do have Fish family in my Wayne County Springer/Sherman family, (new-found info) but that's another story. I am sure that they were all related in Pultneyville, but I am too tied up in other families to look closely. I am beginning to believe that I was from all of the Wayne County families. No wonder I feel like I am home when I go there. It's in my genes!!!

In any case I sure am glad to see that cemetery."

Fish Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Fish Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

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