Espenscheid Cemetery
This is the same cemetery as ALTON Cemtery

Town of Sodus

Wayne County, NY

Located one mile north of the village of Alton, town of Sodus.

This record is taken from the Clark records of 1880 and from the tombstone inscriptions taken in 1945.

KOHL Michael Mar. 17, 1862, 50y (Clark says April 17)
"Gott lob der alles wohl gemacht
Got weig Preis es ist vottbracht."
KOHL Our Mother, March 13, 1812 - June 20, 1881
"How desolate our home bereft of thee"
WHEELER Margaret A. wife of Ed. 1861-1924
WHEELER Mother (no dates or name)
BIRD Harriet 1855-1920
BIRD Floyd her son 1878-1905
RAIL Edward 1855-
RAIL Alice DECKER wife 1860-
RAIL May Rebecca 1886-1897
PERKINS Edward E. 1874-1940
PERKINS Ina HOXIE wife 1882-
PERKINS Wm. E. son 1913-1918
VANDUSER Thomas D. 1844-1900
VANDUSER Adelia A. wife 1852-1915
VANDUSER Mary E. 1878-1880
VANDUSER Garfield 1881-1887
POND Rev. Francis E. 1873-1940
POND Nellie A. wife 1868-19
GLOVER John W. 1850-1932
GLOVER Kate HAUSMAN wife 1852-1930
GLOVER Francis A. July 5, 1882, 61y 10m 14d
MILLS Mary Elizabeth wife of James MILLS & former wife of Francis GLOVER, Apr.18,1896, 65y6m6d
ESPENSCHEID Nicholas dR. 1866-1917
CASE Sophia wife of Albert, Feb. 28, 1879, 35y 11m 3d
"Blessed home land ever fair
Sin can never enter there
And the soul in Jesus blest
Shall have an everlasting rest."
"There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God, Heb.4:9"
CASE Harriet A. wife of Albert, May 21, 1868, 42y 3m 23d (Clark records say March 21)
"Weep not for me my friends so dear
I am not dead but sleeping here.
As I am now you all must be
Prepare yourselves to follow me."
CASE Harvey, Jan. 1. 1876, 87y 11m 8d
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints"
SEELY Isadora F. dau of O.W. & A.E., Jan. 8, 1869, 3y 9m 13d (Clark records say 13y)
"Our earthly rose has faded
Our earthly hope has flown.
Angels hath come and bore
Our little Isadora home."
STEVENSON James S. Aug. 2, 1890, 75y 8m 8d
CASE Bessie dau Sanger W. & Hattie C. Mar. 23, 1887, 9m 28d
CASE Rev. Harmon Jan. 25, 1879, 28y "He rests from his labors"
"Servant of God well done
Thy glorius warfare's past.
The battle's fought, the race is run
And thou art crowned at last."
ROWLAND Reuben 1825-1909
SUTLIFF James H. 1820-1902
SUTLIFF Emeline 1835-1910
SUTLIFF R. Laverne 1861-1910
SUTLIFF Annie S. 1860-1940
SUTLIFF Ravelle C. 1870-1939
CLARK Leonard 1856-1926
CLARK Mary WELCH wife 1863-1936
VANDAME Antoinette wife of A. March 15, 1898, 58y
BROWN Alma E. wife of Elroy G. Aug. 11, 1900, 27y
HATCHER Delia L. wife E.G. July 7, 1864 - Sep. 11, 1891
DAVENPORT Chas. P. 1876-1930
STEELE Hattie Bell dau T.M. & M.R. 1877, 5y
BAKER J. 1810-1888
HOUGHTON Benjamin G. Feb. 22, 1864, 40y (Clark records say 44y)
HOUGHTON Margery A. WILLIAMS wife June 4, 1893, 63y
HOUGHTON Charles B. Feb. 11, 1871, 21y
"Dearly loved and early lost"
(Benjamin G. member of Co. C, 160 Regt.) "We loved him"
BRITTAIN John H. Feb. 19, 1879, 70y 9m 26d
BRITTAIN Loelina wife Nov. 29, 1901, 86y 4m 8d
BRITTAIN Christopher Sep. 2, 1821, 56y
BRITTAIN Mary wife Dec. 26, 1846, 77y
WELCH W.W. 1835-1912
WELCH Sophia wife June 21, 1898, 52y
WELCH David Oct. 4, 1859, 73y 5m 16d England
WELCH Mary wife Feb. 19, 1884, 90y
TERRY Chas. Nov. 14, 1744, volunteered and was killed
in defense of his country in the war of 1812 at Sodus Point
TERRY Horace C. Nov. 11, 1794-Feb. 22, 1852, 57y
TERRY Emily WOOD wife of Horace Sep. 12, 1805-Jan. 23, 1871
TERRY Henry C. July 19, 1843-Apr. 10, 1859
TERRY Phoebe A. wife Nov. 29, 1834-Sep. 8, 1860
HEWSON John Jan. 24, 1876, 70y 3m
"Husband, father thou hast left us
Left us for a better land
Where enthroned a choir celestial
Hale thee to a happy land."
HEWSON Jane wife Jan. 19, 1892, 76y 10m 22d
HEWSON Oscar T. June 3, 1880, 31y 5m
Sweet is the memory of those we love. David G. HEWSON died Aug. 10, 1860, 17y 2m 11d
"Dearest David thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."
ANDREWS Henry F. 1841-1916
ANDREWS Elizabeth M. wife 1845-1921
HAMMOND Alvira E. 1837-1907
OSTROM Harry H. 1875-1898
OSTROM Jane LAWRENCE wife 1837-1921
LAWRENCE Isaac Dec. 13, 1869, 84y War of 1812
LAWRENCE Deborah Sep. 5, 1858, 58y
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints"
LAWRENCE John Oct. 4, 1861, 31y
LAWRENCE Henry Apr. 9, 1861, 26y
LAWRENCE Sally A. dau J. & D. Dec. 12, 1844, 12y 4m 27d
LAWRENCE Harriet A. dau J. & D. Apr. 15, 1851, 10y 9m 7d
LAWRENCE Phineas son of J. & D. May 26, 1833, 6y 9m 10d
LAWRENCE E.W. May 3, 1865, 45y
LAWRENCE Charlotte wife of E.W. Dec. 7, 1855, 32y 6m 5d
"She sleeps in death, the gentle wife,
The daughter kind and sister dear,
No thrilling pain or worldly care,
Can ere disturb her slumber here.
Yet while we miss and mourn her loss,
Yea more than worlds can tell,
We know twas God that called her hence,
He doeth all things well."
OSTROM H.I. Apr. 6, 1866, 75y
OSTROM Mary wife of Henry Oct. 12, 1874, 82y 11m 24d
NOTTINGHAM Josiah 1827-1904
FOSTER Margaret 1840-1904
STACY O. Burton 1872-1917
STACY Susan C. 1837-1915
STACY Rev. John B. 1829-1907
McDOWELL Chas. 1837-1913
McDOWELL Nancy wife 1845-1931
MILES C. Burns 1864-1939
CAMP Benjamin James F. 1857-1926
CAMP Matilda wife 1851-1926
RICE E.A. 1896-1917
TINDALL B.O. 1847-1916
TINDALL Frances wife 1855-1910
TINDALL Benjamin O. Co. c 120 N.Y. Inf 1846-1915
STEVENSON Hattie wife of George 1872-1905
ROGERS Lewis A. 1861-1940
ROGERS Clara E. wife 1872-1935
WIDEMAN Jay E. 1870-1941
WIDEMAN Cora U. 1870-1940
BOCKOVEN George C. 1826-1903
BOCKOVEN Lois A. wife 1839-1923
BOCKOVEN Mary 1859-1919
ALLEN Roswell A. 1836-1921
ROBEYN John 1874-1917
GUTTELING Anthon 1861-19
GUTTELING Dina wife 1870-1904
RUSH Lewis B. 1904-1938
RUSH Gordon C. 1897-1940
RUSH Hattie 1869-1940
RUSH Blanche 1893-1933
RUSH Gloria L. 1932-1936
RUSH Hickson 1867-19
RUSH Marion F. CLARK 1939-1941
FULLER Ralph Philo son Chauncey & Carrie 1891-1893
FULLER Alice Margery dau 1894-1895
SEYMOUR Adelbert 1844-1871
SEYMOUR Ellen L. wife of P.A. & dau of H.S. & M. POMEROY, Dec. 10, 1871, 24y 4m 28d
"This I do in remembrance of my daughter Ellen. Having the glory of God and her light was like unto a stone most precious even like a jasper stone clear as crystal."
SEAGER Clive 1858-1894
SEAGER Mertie PERDUYN 1869-1940
MOREY Fanny 1862-1939
HOXIE Orren K. 1841-1913
HOXIE Stella E. wife 1857-1915
HOXIE Elizabeth former wife 1840-1974
HAUSMAN John 1899-1928
KEMP Elizabeth wife of Casper Oct. 16, 1894, 76y
PHILO G.E. 1849-1904
PHILO Jane A. wife 1843-1915
FOWLER Addie B. wife of J.N. 1877-1895
FOWLER Charley M. 1873-1876
PHILO G.W. Oct. 8, 1866, 8y 11m 15d
PHILO George W. March 18, 1901, 78y 9m 7d
BROWN Henry O. Oct. 19, 1878, 34y 14d
"He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down. But we have a blessed hope that we shall meet to know each other on the Resurrection morn." Precious is the memory of those we love.
BROWN Mary wife & dau E.D. & E. BRADSHAW, May 26, 1881, 33y 3m 17d
"As I silently stand by her tomb
And mourn for the dear one that's gone
My heart is relieved of its gloom
By the hopes of a resurrection morn."
VANANTWERP Peter Mar. 31, 1837, 93y, War of 1812
VANANTWERP Abram 1830-1890
VANANTWERP Martha W. wife 1834-1905
VANANTWERP George W. 1854-1901
VANANTWERP Josephine wife 1856-
EMERY George 1851-1931
EMERY Alice A. PHILO wife 1853-1912
EMERY Walter D. Jan. 24, 1825-Mar. 25, 1897
EMERY Arlda A. CRAIG wife 1850-1895
EMERY Charles 1858-1932
EMERY Ada BROCKMAN wife 1862-
McDOWELL David Co D 9 N.Y.H.A. 1842-1917
McDOWELL Almira wife 1843-1907
HAUSMAN Wm. H. 1848-1918
HAUSMAN Louise E. wife 1858-1905
HAUSMAN Peter July 29, 1877, 64y 2m 17d "At Rest"
HAUSMAN Catherine wife Aug. 26, 1892, 71y
BUTTON Mary Jane Nov. 1, 1865, 25y 10m 20d
"Dearest Mary thou hast left us
And they loss we deeply feel
Yet tis God who has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."
BUTTON Catherine Priscilla Feb. 1, 1865, 20y 5m 26d
"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
Nor can the earth confine it here
When Christ our Saviour doth appear."
WELCH Robert 1866-1938
WELCH Margaret BARR 1839-1920
PITCHER James D. 1861-1925
PITCHER Nina A. WELCH 1862-19
PITCHER Irma dau M.A. & C. (no dates)
WELCH John 1827-1904
WELCH Caroline 1826-1896
PHILO Charley M. only son Geo. E. & Jane Dec. 25, 1876, 3y 29d
"Farewell sweet darling Charley
Sleep on and take your rest
Till Jesus bids you welcome come
And be his honored guest.
PHILO Jane A. wife of G.W. Oct. 8, 1866, 39y 11m 15d
"Gone but not forgotten"
CARVER Katie E. dau John & E.H. Oct. 1, 1857, 1y 1m 12d

(This record is taken from the Clark records of 1880 and from the tombstone inscriptions taken in 1945.)

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