South Sodus Cemetery, Part 1

Town of Sodus

Wayne County, NY

South Sodus Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Located in South Sodus on Route 14. Record from tombstone (1960) inscriptions and Clarkrecords circa 1882.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 14 North heading into the Town of Sodus. Cemetery is in the hamlet of South Sodus on the corner of Rte. 14 and Wayne Center Rd.

ACKERMAN M. 1857-1929

Sylvia Clementine, dau. of Clement & Sylvester, July 3, 1854, 3y 4m28d

"An angel wandering oer the earth
Espied a lovely flower
He paused to think how fair twould bloom
In Eden's loveliest bower."

Linnie, son Chas. G., Aug. 1856, 2m 10d

Jonathan, Feb. 28, 1797-Jan. 18, 1883
Zorada L. BAKER, wife, Feb. 26, 1809-Dec. 29, 1888
Benjamin L., New York Wagoner, 34 Engineers, W.W. I, Dec. 16, 1886-July 14, 1948
Benjamin L., May 6, 1859-Dec. 2, 1913
James, July 24, 1892, 64y 11m 27d
Mary McGEOWAY, wife of James, Dec. 10, 1891, 63y 7m 13d
Saxon B. Gavitt1860-1934
Jennie Rae, Dec. 18, 1896, 28y 10m 7d

John D. 1854-1931
Anna E., wife, 1853-1925
Myron M., Feb. 8, 1825-Mar. 13, 1905
Catherine B., wife, Dec. 7, 1830-May 3, 1922
Alvah B., son, Oct. 21, 1860-Feb. 23, 1861, 4m 2d

"The flower fadeth"

Ede, Dec. 31, 1787-Dec. 1870, 82y 11m 2d
Malinda, wife, Jan. 8, 1788-Dec. 19, 1874 86y 11m 11d
Mary, Oct. 17, 1820-June 25, 1842, 22y
Ruhamy, Sept. 26, 1822-Oct. 21, 1908
Mary E. 1858-1939

Rev. Ashael, May 26, 1853, 45y

"Servant of God well done, in sure and certain hope of a blissful immortality"

Carrie, only dau. Ashael & Eliza, June 13, 1869, 20y 2m 19d

"Dearest Carrie thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God who hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Cornelius C., Mar. 23, 1916, 83y, Co D. 111th N.Y.S.V.
Emily, wife, 1834-1917
Benjamin H., March 28, 1889, 80y
Anna VanWORMER, wife of B. J., Oct. 15, 1823-Jan. 17, 1907
Temperence, wife of B.H., March 21, 1864, 53y 3m 25d
Elizabeth, Nov. 1, 1878, 82y

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

John A., Dec. 26, 1857, 71y 4m 9d

"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ my Saviour doth appear."

Amy, wife, Dec. 21, 1843, 85y 1m 16d
Hiram, June 12, 1841, 37y

"Prepare to meet thy God.
Pass a few swiftly years
And all that in bodies live
Shall quit like me the vale of tears
The righteous sentence to receive."

Maria E., Apr. 22, 1831-Dec. 2, 1850

"Maria we no more
Can claim thee for our own
In purer skies thy spirit gleams
Before the eternal throne."

Enoch, Jan. 21, 1830-Aug. 8, 1854

"What is this world at best
Though decked in vernal bloom
By hope and youthful fancy dressed
What but a ceaseless toil rest
A passage to the tomb."

Nettie, dau. L.H. & L., July 17, 1877, 7y 8m

"Look ever to Jesus, he will carry you through"

Bertie, son, July 17, 1878, 2y (Clark says 2m)

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

Rilla, dau., Sept. 16, 1879, 12y 7m 18d

"How lonely we are without you, yet by the grace of God, we'll meet you in heaven."

Loren H., Apr. 18, 1919, 79y 8m 23d
Louise, wife, Dec. 19, 1892, 51y 6m
Levi S., June 8, 1869, 62y 1m 16d

"Servant of God well done!
Thy glorious warfare's past,
The battles fought, the race is won
And thou art crowned at last."

Samantha, wife, May 13, 1890, 81y 8m 23d
Levi F., Sept. 16, 1864, 33y 6m 14d, Civil War

"Died in the service of his country in the late Rebellion"

Libbie, May 18, 1861, dau. of Rev. J. & E.
(Clark says ASHWORTH)
Martha, May 18, 1861, dau. of Rev. J. & E.
Katie, May 29, 1861, dau. of Rev. J. & E.

"Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven. On the morning of May 18, 1861 Jesus called to mansions of felicity Libbie and Martha, daughters of Rev. J. & E. ASHWORTH. Their mortal remains lie here in one coffin. Only 11 days passed ere their little sister Katie was laid by their side. I take these little lambs said he and lay them on my breast, thenceforth among the blest."

Lucy, wife of Thomas, march 21, 1846, 59y 7m 26d

"His own soft hand shall wipe the tear from every weeping eye
And pains and groans and gripes and fear
And death itself shall die.
Mourn not for me when I am gone
Nor shed one tear around my bier
But meet me around the throne.
Yes when you see my heart strings break
And sweet the moments roll
a mortal pailness on my cheeks and glory in my soul."

Andrew A., Feb. 5, 1860, 30y 10m 28d

"There is a house not made with hands eternal in the Heavens"

Truman C., Oct. 15, 1859, 59y 2m 15d
(same epitaph as for John Allen on page 1)
Mary, wife, Oct. 12, 1848, 50y 5m 3d
Ida E. WEEKS, wife of Chas. O., March 3, 1887 22y 4m
Esther, dau. C. O. & C. 1894-1894
Frances E., dau., Sept. 15, 1887, 7m
Elizabeth, wife of Andrew A., 1833-1920

Betsey, wife of James, Dec. 26, 1884, 58y 2m 26d
Cornelius, 1830-Feb. 21, 1882, 52y 20d

"Asleep in Jesus"

Lena F. 1839-1933
Dorothy L.

Albert E. 1873-1955
Carrie A. 1872-1943

Elisha, Oct. 7, 1859, 53y 11m 11d

"By the grace of God I am what I am"

Caroline, wife, Oct. 9, 1881, 54y 5m 5d

Elijah, Nov. 17, 1852, 45y 5m 29d

Sarah, wife of Robert, Dec. 26, 1862, 51y 5 m (Clark says 54y)

Jeanette, dau. Jeremiah & Mary Ann, July 5, 1848, 17y 4m 5d

"Consistent in life happy in death
Her immortality is blessed."

Jeremiah, July 22, 1844, 54y

"Adieu my dear friends adieu
Reluctant I give you my hand
No more to assemble with you
till we on Mount Zion whall stand."

Abram, son, March 20, 1843, 15y

"You've fought the fight the race is won
Thy joys in heaven are now begun
Thy tears are gone they sorrows flee
No more afflicted like me."

Richard, son, Nov. 20, 1841, 2 y (Clark says 24y)

"He spake at once my sins forgiven
And washed my load of guilt away
He gave me glory peace & heaven
And thus I found the heavenly way."

Nathaniel K., son White & Mary, Mar. 20, 1847, 22y 5m 17d

"Seek ye the Lord while he may be found
Call upon him while he is near
Before ye are buried under ground
Or at the judgment bar appear."

Nathaniel, son Jonathan & Susan, Sept. 19, 1850, 1y 4m 16d

John Edgar 1829-1899
Abraham 1819-1896
Caroline, 1827-June 25, 1852, 25y

"Dearest sister thou has left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He will our sorrows heal."

Isaac, Jan. 5, 1837, 4m 15d
Daniel, 1789-Jan. 19, 1839, 50y 19d

"Pass a few swiftly fleeting years
And all that now in bodies live
Shall quit like me this vale of tears
Their righteous sentence to receive."

Phebe, wife, 1797-May 9, 1864, 87y

"There is rest in heaven"

John B. 1852-1916
Daniel, June 23, 1821-Feb. 26, 1897
Jane, wife, Apr. 21, 1821-Aug. 31, 1904
Erastus 1854-19--
Rose, wife of Erastus, 1855-1929

Ruth, wife of C. S., Oct. 18, 1875-Aug. 29, 1923 (or 1926)
Doris W., dau., 1 m

Frederick H. 1864-1936
Fredericka, wife, 1870-1898
Martha, dau., 1891-1913
Christian, May 14, 1837-July 4, 1899
Maria, wife, July 13, 1838-Oct. 24, 1908
Bertha L., wife of Ernest, Aug. 10, 1873-Apr. 20, 1901
Helen E., dau. Ernest & Bertha, Nov. 23, 1898-July 16, 1899

Fred 1870-1923
Jennie, wife, 1880-1923
George 1850-1924
Elizabeth, wife, 1857-
Matilda 1853-1876

Irwen A., son Andrew J. & Rosa, Aug. 13-Aug. 29, 1885
Augusta, dau. Andrew J. & Rosa, Sept. 1897-Apr. 1906
Andrew J. 1845-1915
Rose DUNN, wife, 1859-19
David V., Mar. 1818-June 1893
Elizabeth, wife of Peter, March 30, 1846, 31y 3m 23d
Stephen, Aug. 30, 1854, 11y 9m 4d

"Stephen tis hard to give thee up
To sever ties so dear
It almost breaks our hearts
To go and leave thee here."

John, May 6, 1887, 89y 6m
Elizabeth, wife, June 12, 1880, 67y 4m

"But this thing I know we two are so joined
He'll not be in glory and leave me behind."

Peter, Aug. 4, 1862, 69y 10m 24d

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Betsey, wife of Peter, May 10, 1861, 65y 6m 2d (Clark-Mar. 16)

"Why do we mourn for dying friends
Or shake at death's alarms?
Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call us to his arms."

John, Feb. 10, 1884, 60y, Co A, 15 Mich. Inf.

Frank, 1847-1927
Emma, wife of Frank, 1857-1931
Ora F. 1884-1945
Emma H. 1888-1957

Cornelius O. 1827-1922
Lucy, wife of Cornelius, 1818-1910
Thurlow, son C. A. & L., 1851-June 14, 1853, 1y 6m
Harriet O., dau. C. & L., 1855-Apr. 13, 1857, 2y 2m
Harriet E., dau. C.O. & L., 1857-Sept. 1, 1858, 1y 2m
Nelson H., son A. & B. A., 1852-Feb. 12, 1854, 8m 10d
Artemesia G. 1851-1905
Cornelius L. B. 1806-1897
Rose G. 1869-1904
Joseph 1857-1869
Melissa W. 1821-1863
Margaret A., dau. A. & B.A., Sept. 22, 1834-Apr. 21, 1872
Alvah, Jan. 27, 1799-May 5, 1874
Barbara A., wife of Alvah, Oct. 28, 1804-July 8, 1863
Emily, dau. A. & B. A., 1833-1916
Abram E., Feb. 9, 1891, 51y 18d, (9th Heavy Art. Co D, N.Y.S. Vol.)

William 1807-1889
Jane, wife, 1814-1869

James N., Oct. 10, 1877, 30y 3m 8d, Soldier
Ellen A., wife of James, 1850-1930

Martin 1835-1924
Johanna 1840-1926
Frank J., Oct. 17, 1901, 28y

John, Oct. 1, 1812-June 18, 1847, 34y

"And may each sympathizing friend
Unto the solemn voice attend
Which faintly echoes from the sod
It is prepare to meet thy God."

Thomas, June 6, 1836, 60y

Martha Ann, dau. Wm. & Jane, Apr. 15, 1851, 13y 4m 5d

"Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth"

Margaret M., July 25, 1874, 53y 4m 21d

"Fallen asleep in Jesus"

John, May 6, 1869, 82y, War of 1812
Elizabeth, Jan. 6, 1888, 88y
John Jr., son J. & E., Aug. 27, 1849, 15y 11m 22d

"Mourn not for the body but joy for the spirit
The body is perishing the soul doth inherit
A spark from the infinite God
Death claims but the body, whatere is immortal
Was borne by God's angels through heaven's bright portal
Ye give but the dust to the soil."

Barber L., 1859-19
Elizabeth, wife, 1867-1929

Nicholas 1860-1917
Elizabeth 1875-1948

August 1861-1934

George W., Apr. 25, 1836-Sept. 13, 1900, Co F, 98 N.Y.S. Vol.
Mary E., wife, Sept. 25, 1843-March 20, 1911

Mary, wife of Truman, Aug. 3, 1880, 51y 5m 9d

William, Apr. 1, 1805-Sept. 30, 1855
Lucy, wife, March 3, 1811, Feb. 3, 1902
Carrie E., Dec. 25, 1910
M. Lauraine, wife of J.W., Apr. 30, 1854-Apr. 28, 1902

Samuel, Feb. 2, 1828-Dec. 22, 1899
Nancy, wife, Nov. 10, 1834-March 1, 1909

William P., Nov. 18, 1869, 50y 7m 9d

"Gone but not forgotten"

Sarah A., wife, Sept. 29, 1839-Feb. 22, 1897
Florence, dau., Feb. 27, 1870, 10y 2m 23d

"God only knows how I miss my darling child"

Helen C., wife of Wm. P. & dau. Wm. & P. JOHNSON, Sept 29, 1853, 23y

"Thou bright and lovely angel
Who seemed so formed for bliss
Too glorious and too heavenly
For such a world as this.
The memory of the past is blessed."

Charles, Oct. 20, 1819, 38y

"Sleep on till the blest morn shall come
When God shall call his children home
Then may we meet in realms above
To join in everlasting Love."

Eunice, wife of Charles, Sept 15, 1852, 67y (Clark says 64y)

"Oh how sweet to throw away
This frail tenement of clay
And in spirit soar above
To the home of endless love."
Willis A. 1868-1942
Evelyn D. 1878-10

John F., JAN. 28, 1858, 47y

Julia A., wife of Phineas, Oct. 14, 1860, 52y, erected by the children of Phineas Chapin

Arthur A., Sept. 13, 1850-March 20, 1920
Martha A., wife, Feb. 19, 1854-Apr. 29, 1889
Ruth, wife, Jan. 5, 1825-Jan. 13, 1903
Orville B., April 5, 1822-April 4, 1890

Julia TOLHURST 1874-1956 (on Chas. Tolhurst lot)

Samuel, May 20, 1845, 66y

"The vital spark is vanished quite
Yet tranquil smile sits there
It lingers like a ray of light
From fairer world that's near."

Christina, wife, Apr. 28, 1846, 63y (clark says 65y)

"Hail glorious gospel heavenly light
We live with comfort and with comfort die
And view beyond this gloomy scene the tomb
A life of endless happiness to come."

Stephen, son of Barret & Electa, Sept. 6, 1853, 2y 3m 6d

Charles A. 1855-1943
Adelia J., wife, 1858-1943

Lydia, July 12, 1843, 83y 1m 11d

"The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance"

George J., July 16, 1834-June 25, 1896
Mary E., wife, June 18, 1847-March 1, 1906

William H., son Wm. B. & Sarah, Feb. 21, 1839 6m 7d

Clarissa, wife of R.C., March 25, 1904, 62y
Jane, dau., Oct. 7, 1876, 7y 4m 6d
Carrie, dau., Oct. 28, 1870 5y

Benjamin, Nov. 28, 1858, 79y 5m 1d
Elizabeth, wife, Sept. 9, 1861, 81y 6m
Squire B., son Benj. & Lucy, March 17, 1849, 2y 7m 14d

Julia E., Aug. 22, 1819-July 9, 1874, 54y 10m 7d

"She hath done what she could"

Pine, Sept. 23, 1867, 66y 3m 1d

"Gone but not forgotten

Amy WEEKS, wife, Aug. 18, 1903, 93 y 1m 18d

Martha A., dau. A. & M., May 1, 1843, 6y 10m 14d

"Sleep on dear child and take thy rest
For God hath called thee to be blest."
Myron 1870-1940
Harry 1875-1945

Edwin S., son Dr. Albert & Mary, May 29, 1835, 3d
Charles, son Dr. Albert & Mary, June 3, 1838, 2d
Daniel, son Dr. Albert & Mary, Sept. 16, 1840, 29d

Majel E., 7/29/1930 - 9/22/2009

Jane, wife of John, Jan. 1875, 49y 3 m (Clark says Jan. 18)

"Dearest mother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hast bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

James M., Apr. 15, 1870, 55y 11m 17d

"It is the Lord let him do what seemeth him good"

Edwy, wife of Morris, June 11, 1837, 33y 8m 9d

"She has gome from this troublesome world, with Jesus forever to dwell"

Rachel, wife, March 21, 1849, 81y

Frank H., Nov. 8, 1862-Jan. 14, 1927
Mary M. ACKERMAN, wife, May 11, 1865-Nov. 9, 1936

John H., Apr. 20, 1870, 83y 5m 3d
Susan, wife, Apr. 26, 1868, 84y 6m 23d

Hiram T., Aug. 14, 1813-Apr. 3, 1892
Jane, wife, June 26, 1822-Jan. 11, 1892
Asa A., son H. & J., Sept. 6, 1844, 7m 1d

William, July 6, 1837-Sept. 13, 1886
Mary, wife, May 7, 1836-Oct. 25, 1913

Baby, April 20, 1882-Feb. 10, 1883 (on Thornton Lot)

Sally, wife of John, June 26, 1875, 69y 5m 26d

James, Nov. 8, 1862, Co F, 98 N.Y.S. Vol.
John w., May 5, 1864, Co D, III Reg. N.Y.S. Vol.

James, Sept. 25, 1844, 81y
Charity, wife, Sept. 12, 1847, 87y (Clark says 84y)

Benjamin, Dec. 17, 1913, 83y, Co D, III N.Y. Vol.
Robert, Feb. 15, 1871, 73y 8m 6d
Elizabeth, wife of Robert, March 8, 1873, 73y 3m 15d

Giles (dates illegible)
William H., father, 1865-1944
Dora V., wife, 1866-1952
Hazel M. 1888-1930
Raymond J. 1887-1919
Ada K. 1884-1936
Gene H., Nov. 29, 1888-Nov. 23, 1946

John, Dec. 30, 1887, 92y, War of 1812 marker
Jane, wife, July 9, 1866, 70y

"Weep not for me my friend most dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me."

Maria L., wife of Jeremiah K., Mar. 27, 1862, 17y 3m 4d

"We weep for the loved untimely fallen
For the youthful form in its pride laid low
The dawn of her life was full of promise
But tis closed and has left us in deepest woe
Gone in the bloom of her youth and beauty
We are left to grieve oer her sad sad fate
To think each look and word of coldness
With deep remorse but tis all too late."

Michael, Jan. 19, 1898, 83y
Helen M., dau. G.M. & M.M., Jan. 17, 1878, 28y 6d

"Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed."

Magdalena, wife of Michael, Aug. 22, 1867, 51y 2m 7d

"Dearest mother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God has has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Caroline, dau., March 5, 1859, 4y 11m 15d

Lorenzo, son Stephen & Sally, June 5, 1847, 17y
Lovisa or Louisa, Oct. 8, 1852, 69y 9m

James, June 1836, 79y, in War of 1812 and Revolutionary War
Isaac R., July 14, 1870, 70y 11m
Jane, wife, Jan. 4, 1873, 70y 8m 6d
Benton D., son I. & J., May 23, 1843, 5y 10m 15d
Franklin, son I. & J., May 23, 1843, 3y 10m 24d
C. C., Sept. 28, 1838-Mar. 4, 1899, Co D, III N. Y. S. Vol.
Emma J., wife, 1850-1925

Jacob, Jan. 15, 1844, 79y, War of 1812
Margaret Cornelia, dau. Jl. H. & E., Mar. 15, 1846, 2y 5d

"Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled
Then in heaven we hope to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed."

Margaret Mary, dau., J. h. & E., Oct. 3, 1843, 7y 4m 19d

"Dearest daughter thou hast left us
And thy loss we deeply feel
But this god that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

James J. 1860-1932
Rose A., wife and dau. of Cornelius & Emily ALLEN, 1876-19

William S., July 30, 1870, 96y 9m 15d

"Thy spirit and the bride say come and let him that is
athirst say come and whosoever will let him come."

Elizabeth, wife, Sept. 30, 1848, 56y 7m 10d

"Come children to my tomb and see
My name engraven here
Remember you must come to me
Be like your mother dear."

William A., 1822-1909, Co E, 65 N. Y. Vol.
Susan 1819-1910

HAMLIN Dorr M., Dec. 4, 1852-Dec. 30, 1886
Emma A., wife, Aug. 13, 1853-Feb. 12, 1933

John, June 10, 1850, 63y 3m 12d
Patty, wife, Dec. 11, 1839, 49y (Colark says 1833, 42y)
Emogene, day. B., Apr. 3, 1857, 6y 2m 19d

Andrew J. 1837-1921, G.A.R.
Mary E. 1855-1942
Almira, sister Mrs. W. H. (Hodely?), Dec. 7, 1891, 48y

Henry, 1889, 63y, Co C, 6 N.J. Vol.
Edward, son H. & C., Mary 22, 1887-Nov. 1, 1906
Caroline H. 1851-1933

John 1835-1876
Lydia M. 1839-1910

Raymond L. 1888-1949
Bertha F., wfie of Raymond, dau. Wm. & Dora FONDA, 1891-1939
George S. 1861-1949
Estella V. 1864-1940

Aaron, June 18, 1858, 30y
Aaron, April 27, 1850, 64y 6m

"Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace."

Mary, wife, Dec. 17, 1834, 42y 8m

"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"

Catherine, dau., Nov. 8, 1837, 19y

"Jesus said unto her: I am the resurrection and the life;
He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live."

Cornelius B. 1854-1934
Alice, wife, 1853-1933

B. Learn, apr. 1854-Nov. 1928
Sophia M., wife, Aug. 26, 1850-Jan. 19, 1938
Olive J. 1884-1885
Mary A. 1883-1885
Bertha L. 1887-1888 (children of B. Learn & Sophia MILLER)

Thomas, July 9, 1880, 90y 2m, G.A.R.

"I know that my redeemer lives
And ever from the sky
Looks down and watches all my dust
Til he shall bid it rise."

Samantha, wife, Sept. 18, 1887, 92y 10d
Clark 1825-1899
Amarilla L., wife, 1829-1911
Marilla, dau., Oct. 3, 1863, 6y 20d

"The loved one"

Daniel J., Aug. 5, 1832-Dec. 4, 1892
Lucina G., wife, July 4, 1833-June 22, 1911
Thomas 1829-1905
Jane 1839-1922
Edna J., wife Thomas Jr., May 12, 1860, 25y 12d

"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ my Savious doth appear."

Wm. H., Apr. 14, 1830-Mar. 19, 1916
Ellen, his wife, Nov. 12, 1884
Sophia, Mother, Apr. 20, 1879, 75y 8m 6d
Allie, dau. W. H. & E., Dec. 4, 1884, 19y 10m 10d

Ann Eliza, wife of Gilbert, March 6, 1863, 47y 8m 6d

Abigail, wife of Benjamin & dau. Francis & Abigail MOSHER of Pittstown, Rens. Co., N.Y., March 8, 1847, 33y 7m 11d

"Thus to the Christians eye of faith
That fair pale silent form
Is but the dust, its tenant sould
Hath sought a happier home."

Susan W., wife of Wm., Feb. 18, 1859, 55y

"Rest sweet wife and mother rest, thy memory will be held in everlasting remembrance."

Mary, wife of Ezekiel, Nov. 26, 1849, 59y

Barney, Dec. 29, 1890, 65y
Julia A., wife, Apr. 17, 1889, 59y
Stephen, Dec. 19, 1866, 72y 4m 18d
Polly, wife, Apr. 13, 1887, 86y 5m
Sarah, June 4, 1868, 47y 7m 12d
Albert E., son S. & P., Nov. 10, 1866, 26y 3m 10d
Abram C., 1843-1921, Co D, III Reg. N. Y. Inf.
Jessie A., wife, 1844-1912
Matie A., dau. Ebenezer & Eunice, Feb. 18, 1887, 20y 6m 2d
Harriet, wife of B., Apr. 2, 1883. 63y 3m 1d
Elisha, Sept. 25 1883, 53y 11d
Elvira, wife, March 26, 1863, 26y 6m 23d

(Julia A., wife, no surname given, d. Oct. 14, 1860, 52y. This is next to Abigail, wife of Benjamin HUNT and might be another wife of Benjamin.)

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