Miscellaneous Cemetery Notes

Town of Sodus

Wayne County, NY

One grave, that of Miss Hannah Snow on Vosburgh Farm, Lake Road, later kown as Olin Jolley farm. Family tradition is that she was fiancee of a Mr. Clark who cleared a place in the wilderness for a home. She died before the home was ready and Mr. Clark buried her nearby. No other burials are remembered being there. [Note: see update below]

One grave, that of A. Briscoe, died May 21, 1791. Was first buried under a tree near lake shore at Briscoe's Cove. He was one of a surveying company that ran the New Pre-Emption Line, died and was buried at the end of the line on lake shore. The flat lake stone with his name and date carved by one of his companions is now (1952) in the Wayne County Museum, Lyons, N.Y.

Many years ago there was a cemetery east of the village on the Dennis LeFurgey farm, owned in 1952 by Mr. Edward Baker. It is believed the cemetery was located about where a dry house now stands near the road. Miss Ida Wilson of Sodus a descendant of the LeFurgey family told the County Historian that her father had his father and mother moved many years ago to the Sodus Rural Cemetery and it was her belief that the Lefurgeys and others buried there were also moved to the Rural Cemetery. (See listing of LeFurgey Cemetery)

Just to the south of the above farm on same side of road in an orchard back of the present (1952) Morris Buerman farm home was a small family plot now gone for many years and no one remembers who was buried there.

THE FOLLOWING ARE CLARK RECORDS (written in 1882, so references made to property owners of that time, not the present):

Clark records circa 1882: Another place where the colored people buried their dead is on the east end of the former Boyd farm, the one now owned by the Sergeant Brothers on the Old Geneva Road. It is difficult to see why this place was selected rather than one in the vicinity of the settlement. It is now only a clear plat about two rods square, with neither stone nor signs of graves. The plow has yet spared the place and at the present writing (1882) it is in the midst of a cornfield. In the nature of things it can hardly be saved from general cultivation many years longer. It is very near to the east line of the farm and thus but a short distance southwest of the barn belonging to John Bates which stands on the lot on the south part of his farm. The following persons were buried there and probably others: Thomas Lloyd and three of his children, Margaret, Betsy, Henrietta; two children of Mary Lee, Jane and William.

Clark records circa 1882: Reed family lot. This is situated on the old Joshua Reed farm now owned by John A. Boyd. It is simply an open rectangular plat, clear of underbrush and rubbish, simply covered with grass. It is not enclosed by a fence and though its limits are carefully respected by the present owner, yet in time it must naturally entirely disappear. It contains at the present time (1882) but one stone bearing the following inscription: Orville B., son of Bethuel & Elizabeth Reed, died Sept. 21, 1851, aged 11 mo. and 19 days. There are little or no evidences of other graves, such mounds as may have originally marked them are now pretty nearly leveled. It is understood that the following persons must have also been buried there: Deacon Joshua Reed; his mother an aged lady who passed the last years of her life in his family; his daughter, Ann Reed, who died in the bloom of early youth; one or two sons of Joshua Reed; and one of two children of Mrs. Ashby, formerly Maria Reed and afterwards Mrs. Sheldon Goodsell.

At the Settlement, on the lot of Henry Squires, there are also buried several members of the Lloyd (colored) family. The mother, Rosetta Lloyd and children, Thomas, Julia, Abram and Edward. The father, Thomas Lloyd, was buried on the Boyd Farm.

At the Widow Porter's place on the Margaretta Road there was also buried, as he requested to be, Peter Brown (colored). The grave is in the rear of the house.

Shaker Cemetery, south side of Red Mill Road, east of Manor House Road, called 7 Acre Lot, almost on the Pre-Emption Line. Chas. Howard and Wm. E. Heck remember carrying stone from cemetery to ravine and threw in. Mr. Wm. E. Heck lived 1880, Red Mill, Sodus, was Shaker saw mill, originally on Salmon Creek (3rd Creek), last was blacksmith shop was east Sodus-Huron line (last sentence typed exactly as written).

Burials in Orchard of William Vosburgh (handwritten, possibly 1977) Three children of Colin Smith - Sophia Smith, Ruth Smith, and Edwin Smith
A child of Robert Gothrop
Hannah Snow
Mrs. Nathan Strong
Includes very bad photocopy of stone or handwritten sheet re: Hannah Snow, and transcribed as follows:
Hannah M. Snow
March 29, 1822
19 years

[November 2005 Location Update per Daryl VerStreate - "I could not find this cemetery. Please refer to County Historian map for further location."]

Old Mill Street Cemetery

Town of Sodus
Wayne County, NY

Old Mill Street Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

This list puzzled the unknown historian who typed the list. Typescript says:
(see Cemeteries, Wayne County, Sodus, file for CIRCULAR signed by Lewis H. Clark, Byram Green, Levi Gurnee)

The following people are listed on that CIRCULAR mentioned above but are not in our records of tombstone inscriptions of that cemetery, nor are they listed in Sodus Rural Cemetery. April 29, 1977

Bell, Margaret S.
Clark, Martha
Featherly, Frank B.
Gardner, Eliza
Gordon, Mary
Green, Maria
Knight, Sophia L.
Knight, Esther
Osborn, Benjamin
Turner, Laura

These listings were donated by the Office of the County Historian, Wayne County, NY.

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