Sanford or Culver Cemetery

Town of Palmyra

Wayne County, NY

Sanford Cemetery

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2005 Driving Directions - Hydesville Road from Newark toward East Palmyra. As you enter Palmyra, Hazen Lane is on the Right. Cemetery can be seen from Hydesville Road, on both sides of the road on Hazen Lane.

A Pioneer Cemetery (Sanford) 1.

This cemetery is located in the town of Palmyra, Wayne County, New York; about 2 miles north of Newark, New York, on the north side of the East Palmyra-Newark Road, also known as the Slab City Road. A lane called Hazen Lane runs north from the main highway directly through it, cutting it into halves. It is on a rise of ground surrounded by stately trees, the ground showing evidence of having been cut over a year or two since. It is probably one of the oldest cemeteries in Wayne County, as in it are buried some of the Long Island Colonists who came up the Ganargua River about 1792 and settled East Palmyra. Original memorandum of purchase bears the signatures of William Hopkins, Elias Reeves, Joel Foster, Abraham Foster and Luther Sanford.

Graves on west side of lane
Culver  Moses, Nov. 1819, 72y
Culver  Abigail, wife of Moses, Feb. 1801, 60y
Culver  Apolos, Aug. 1814, 25y
Culver  Apolos, son of Apolos & Ruth, March 14, 1836, 22y
Culver  Margaret M., wife of Chauncey, Oct. 30, 1848, 84y
Culver  Deborah, wife of Cooper, June 10, 1840, 52y
Culver  Walter Jr., Sept. 22, 1839 or 59, 2y
Rowley  Aletha, daughter of Sylvanus & Nancy, Sept.22, 1833 or 55, 2y
Rowley  Sylvanus, 1810-1900
Rowley  Nancy, wife of Sylvanus, 1817-1899 or 98 (a rough stone marker)
Rowley  Daniel, son of Alexander & Hannah, July 10, 1825, 18y

Graves on east side of lane
Parker Rev. Preston R., June 3, 1795 - Dec. 1, 1858 (a small monument. His wife is buried in Willow Avenue Cemetery, Newark.)

Sanford Cemetery

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A Pioneer Cemetery (Sanford) 2.

Payne  Melissa, a relict of Andrew W. Payne and daughter of Rev. P.R. & Laney Parker, Aug. 17, 1849, 24y
Payne  Kuron, March 17, 1849 or 40, 11m
Payne  Dexter, Mar. 28, 1849 or 38, 11m
Sanford  Children of Luth & Ruth Sanford:
Sanford  "In memory of Daniel, son of Luther & June Sanford, Aug. 25, 1813 in his 16th year."
Sanford  Luther, Sept. 17, 1846, in his 80th year
Sanford  "In memory of June, consort of Luther Sanford, died Sept. 17, 1813, aged 57 years"
Sanford  Andrew, son of J. & Adelia, 1849, 2y
Fox  Ellen D., daughter of Daniel (David?) and Elizabeth, Sept. 8, 1848, 2y 8m
Rowley  Alexander, July 6, 1855, 87y 2m 14d
Rowley  Hannah, wife, Apr. 22, 1845, 74y 8m 28d
Rowley  Francis, son, Sept. 6, 1831, 66y
Scotten  Ambrose, son of Walter & Almeda, Mar. 2, 1812, 2y 10m
Mugridge  Aurelia, wife of Joseph and dau. of Rev. P.R. & Laney Parker, Aug. 12, 1853, 25y
Mugridge  Elmer, son of J. & A., 1849, 1y
Mugridge  Helen, dau. of J. & A., Sept. 30, 1830, 5m
Tubbs  Janet B., wife of James H., 1866, 26y
Hassett  Mabel, dau. of Wm. & Rhodel, Aug. 6, 1866, 18m 12d
Beal  Ambrose, son of J.B. & M.J., 1841, 9m

Sanford Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

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