Miller or Sand Hill Cemetery


Wayne County, NY

Miller or Sand Hill Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

1/2 mile south of intersection of Van Vleck Road & Route 89. Tombstone readings taken 6 May 1965.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 89 North. Cemetery is on the Right hand side of the road before Van Vleck Rd.

ALLEN Henry D. d. 22 Feb. 1851 28y
ALLEN E.W. d. 19 Dec. 1833, 37y
ALLEN Lendia wife E.W. d. 7 Aug. 1832 34y
ALLEN Louisa dau d. 1832 1y 4m 4d

ANGUS Guyen son John & Polly d. 23 Oct. 1859, 8m 15d

BAKER George N. son J. & C. d. 16 Apr. 1853 19y 2m 22d
BAKER Abraham d. 1 Feb. 1857 67y

BARRELL Charles H. son D.D. & A.J. d. 27 Mar. 1855 4y 23d
"The lovely flower must fade."

BROWN William A. d. 30 Oct. 1851 24y2m

"Friend nor physician could not save
His mortal body from the grave
Nor can the ground confine it here
When Christ shall call him to appear."

CALKINS Clarissa V. dau A. 1841-1926

COOK Deloss d. 21 Mar. 1852 34y

"Sleep on dear father,
have thy rest
God called thee,
for He thought it best."

COOK Anna wife of Nathan d. 25 Mar. 1856 81y

"Sleep on dear mother and take thy rest
We soon shall join thee and be forever blest."

COOK Nathan son N. & A. d. 17 Sep. 1834 28y

DEAN Joseph d. 6 Feb. 1842 56y

"Upon his grave shall blessings rest
Kind, good and ---?"

DEAN Levi, son Joseph & Betsy d. 3 Dec. 1838 22y

EGGNOR William d. 18 Apr. 1859 43y
EGGNOR Trypheny, his wife d. 16 Dec. 1854, 42y

ELLIOTT Thomas d. 13 Jul. 1903 86y "At Rest."
ELLIOTT Ann, his wife d. 12 Dec. 1901 85y
"At rest but not forgotten."
ELLIOTT William, their son - no dates

FENN Austin d. 16 Jan. 1810 24y 9d
FENN Mary C. d. 30 Aug. 1821 33y
FENN Elmey E. d. 2 Jul. 1846 6m 8d
FENN Nelson G. d. 17 Dec. 1851 33y 2m 29d

"Friend nor physician could not save
His mortal body from the grave
Nor can the ground confine it here
When Christ shall call him to appear."

FENN Fanny M., his wife 8 Jun. 1824 - 26 Oct. 1917, 93y 4m 18d

FITCH Ebenezer, Esq. d. 6 Jul. 1830 47y
FITCH Polly Viele, formerly his wife d. 16 Jun. 1867 [age buried]
FITCH Elisha d. 29 Dec. 1816
FITCH Giles d. 15 Nov. 1863, 78y 7m 10d
FITCH Perlina, his wife d. 2 Nov. 1872, 87y 15d
FITCH Melissa (dates buried)
FITCH Calcina d. 9 Sep. 1821, 14d
(Two above were children of Ebenezer & Polly)
FITCH infant daughter d. 7 Nov. 1856
FITCH Emma E., dau. E.S. & E.J. d. 1861, 6y 10m 23d

FOSMIRE John A. d. 10 Jun. 1876 40y Civil War Co.H.9th H.Art.

FOSTER George D. d. 26 Jun. 1851, 38y 8m
FOSTER Climena G., dau. G.D. & E.B. d. 11 Oct. 1846 11m

FOWLER J. Daniel d. 10 Apr. 1847, 87y

GALLOWAY Harriet B., wife Russell d. 5 Feb. 1877, 66y 1m 23d
"Gone but not forgotten."
GALLOWAY Selecta H., dau. R. & H.B. d. 20 Jun. 1857, 21y 2m 10d

GRANDY John T., son John & Polly d. 10 Apr. 1831, 14y 10m
GRANDY Garrett S., son B.H. & M.A. d. 29 Aug 1865,2y 3m 19d

GRANT James d. 12 Jun. 1873, 80y 1m 6d
GRANT Nancy, his wife d. 30 Dec. 1832 ,28y 8m 4d
GRANT Matilda d. 14 Jan. 1888,84y
GRANT H.B. d. 27 Dec. 1849, 23y 1m 16d
"Gone but not lost."
GRANT Esther Ann, his wife and dau. of A.A. & Phebe Stinard d. 30 Mar. 1853, 20y 5m 18d

"Weep not for me, for they that sleep in Jesus
Will God bring with him."

KIDDER Susan M. Pierce, wife Frederick G. 14 Dec. 1833 - 11 Jan.1921

KING W.G. d. 28 Mar. 1855, 34y
KING Cordelia M., his wife d. 26 Sep. 1851, 30y
KING Emma E., dau. d. 25 Nov. 1862, 15y 9m 22d

LADUE Abraham d. 1 Feb. 1853, 67y

LEWIS Polly, wife Hiram d. 20 Jan. 1862 ,45y 10m 8d
LEWIS George, son Hiram & Mary d. 11 Apr. 1849, 17y 3m 11d
LEWIS Harriet, dau. Hiram & Mary 22 Jun. 1849 ,21y 1m 14d

"Remember youth as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you shall be
Prepare for death and follow me."

LEWIS Martha, dau. Hiram & Polly d. 26 Aug. 1851, 5y 8m 20d

MARSHALL Jacob P. (no dates)
MARSHALL Fanny C. Kidder, his wife 30 Mar. 1863 - 7 Jun. 1942

MERRELL (MERRILL) Simeon d. 24 Feb. 1851, 61y
MERRELL Phebe A. his wife d. 27 May 1833, 36y
MERRELL Charles W. son Simeon & Phebe d. 27 Jan. 1855, 21y
MERRELL Lucy J. dau. Simeon & Phebe d. 10 May 1857, 27y 19d
MERRELL Alcy Ann, dau. Simeon & Phebe d. 23 Feb. 1851 ,26y
MERRELL Norton W. d. 22 Nov. 1913 85y Civil War Co.D. 96th NY Vol. Inf.
MERRELL Mercy Ann, his wife d. 14 Aug. 1853, 24y

"Dust to its narrow house beneath
Soul to its place on high
They that have seen thy look in death
No more may fear to die."

MERRELL Miles B., son N. & M. d. 28 Oct. 1853, 6m

"He sleeps in Jesus and is blest
How sweet his slumbers are
From sufferings and from sin released
And freed from every care."

MIDGE (MUDGE)( MEDGE) Esther, wife of Joel d. 1 Jan. 1869, 65y 7m 18d

MILLER Mary A. wife John d. 31 Mar. 1850 ,43y
MILLER Samuel d. 24 Aug. 1841 in 74th yr
MILLER George A. son Mary & John d. 1849, 22y
MILLER Adelbert, son Addison & --? (rest buried)
MILLER Lany, wife of Samuel d. 28 May 1849, 79y 20d
MILLER Elizabeth, dau. Aaron & Elizabeth d. 1843, 1y,1m
MILLER Philip d. 31 May 1842, 25y
MILLER George, son of Philip d. 14 Sep. 1843

MINER Hannah, wife Joseph d. 23 Jun. 1842, 81y

MOORE Orson d. 5 May 1845, 41y
MOORE Orsena, dau. O. & L. d. Sep. 28, 1843, 1y 20d
MOORE Orin 1827-1916
MOORE Phebe 1834-1912
MOORE Abijah d. 28 Jan. 1859, 84y 2d
MOORE Franklin H. 1806-1890
MOORE Azubah, his wife 1811-1894
MOORE Harriet B., dau. F. & A. 1833-1854
MOORE Lucius M. d. 28 Nov. 1841, 38y 4m 2d
"He is not ready, but God hath took him."
MOORE Lamira, dau. Lucius & Ann d. Jan. 24, 1848, 17y 9m 26d

"Farewell, dear Lamira, Farewell
Sweet be thy quiet, dreamless rest
And while we weep around thy grave
Thy home we trust is with the blest."

NASH Charles S., son A. & M.E. d. 14 Nov. 1852, 1y 3m 17d

OLMSTEAD Henry A. 1853-1927
OLMSTEAD Flora F., his wife 1858-1902
OLMSTEAD "Our little Lucy"
OLMSTEAD Ira M. d. 8 Mar. 1901, 79y 2m 8d
OLMSTEAD Olive L. Allen, his wife 19 Apr. 1826-15 Oct. 1911

PIERCE Fanny T. Willson, wife William F. 12 Jul. 1809 - 27 Oct. 1897

RAYNER Azur d. 26 Nov. 1848, 78y
RAYNER Matthew 16 Jan. 1828 - 28 May 1913
RAYNER Sophia S. 27 Jul. 1837 - 11 Sep. 1876

SNOW Francis, son Calvin & Nancy d. 22 Sep. 1838, 18y

"Hither my friends from far and wide
And see alas how young I died
And as you read the state of me
Think of the glass that runs for thee."

SOUTHWICK John d. 25 Apr. 1854 ,61y
SOUTHWICK Phebe, his wife d. 25 Mar. 1857, 59y

SPENCER Mary, consort of Captain Asaph d. 17 Jan. 1810, 27y

STINARD, Phebe, wife A.A. d. 19 Mar. 1860 ,47y 6d
"She died to live again."
STINARD James W. d. 25 Dec. 1857, 15y 3m
STINARD Augustus d. Sep. 1854, 19y 9m 9d
(2 above are children of Phebe & A.A.)
"All are born to die."
STINARD Mary d. 27 Jun. 1857, 5weeks

STUART Euphema d. 25 Jul. 1831, 2y 5m
STUART Irving d. 9 Jan. 1840 1y 8m
(2 above are children of George & Clarissa)

SWEET Polly d. 24 Nov. 1859, 20y
"Erected by her friends."

UNDERHILL John B. d. 26 Apr. 1878, 47y
UNDERHILL Mary Ann, wife of Alfred d. 28 Nov. 1866, 66y

UNDERWOOD John B. d. 26 Apr. 1878, 47y

VANLIERE Jacob 1846-1915
VANLIERE Elizabeth, his wife 1852-1892
VANLIERE Jennie 12y (no dates)
VANLIERE Lenard 4y (no dates)
VANLIERE Raymond 4m (no dates)

WADSWORTH Elisha b. 3 Mar. 1771, Stoughton, MA d. 1836 Butler, NY
WADSWORTH Parthenia Ogden, his wife (no dates)
WADSWORTH Lemuel, son b. 1809 Pittsford, VT d. Butler, NY (no dates)

WALKER Granville D. d. 15 Sep. 1873 42y 23m ,13d
WALKER Willie, son G.D. & S.S. d. 14 Sep. 1863, 1y 6m 7d
WALKER Levi d. 28 Aug. 1869, 77y 2m 20d
WALKER Climena G., his wife d. 22 Apr. 1851, 56y 6m

WATSON Joseph d. 10 Aug. 1860, 86y
WATSON Roxey, his wife & dau. of Major Daniel Fowler d. 25 Aug. 1877, 91y
WATSON Jane S. dau. d. 12 Jun. 1816, 29y 10m 15d
WATSON Cornelia, dau. d. 1 Aug. 1831, 10y WATSON James, son of J. & R. d. 12 Dec. 1846

WESTCOTT Philip, son R. & J.A. d. 18 Aug. 1840, 2y 9m 2d

WHEELER William d. 19 Mar. 1871 39y Civil War Co.A. 96th NY Vol. Inf.
WHEELER Clara, his wife d. 21 Dec. 1857, 57y 9m

WILKINSON Claude O., son P. & L. d. 18 Oct. 1855, 3y 6m

WRIGHT John W., son M.H. & S.A. d. 24 Jul. 1853, 8y 10m 5d

YOUNG Belinda, wife of Asa d. 21 Jun. 1844, 37y
(There are 2 small pieces of stone next to above grave.)
YOUNG Jane, wife of Isaac d. 2 Sep. 1858, 44 8m 25d

Contributed and Prepared by Leola Crane Sutton.

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