Ridge Chapel Cemetery Records, Part 2

(On Ridge Road) Town of Williamson

Wayne County, NY

Ridge Chapel Cemetery

Ridge Road runs east-west across Wayne County close to Route 104. This cemetery is in or near the town of Williamson. (hfa)

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 21N to Williamson. Left onto Ridge Rd. Cemetery is on corner of Ridge Rd and Ridge Chapel Rd.

Kelsey- see Mason

Kelsey, Alfred E., b 1846, d 1926, husband of Mrs. Jane M. Kelsey

Kelsey, Erma J. (Hutchins), b 1839, d 1906, wife of James M. Kelsey

Kelsey, James M., b 1838, d 1918, husband of Erma J. Kelsey

Kelsey, Jane M., b 1852, d 1936, wife of Alfred E. Kelsey

Kentch, Diedame, d 29 June 1874, age 87 years (bur. On Thomas lot)

Kenyon- see Crossman, Orbaker, Smith

Kenyon, Amelia, b 1846, d 1925, wife of Wm. Kenyon

Kenyon, Harriet P., b 1814, d 1888, wife of Remington Kenyon

Kenyon, Remington, b 1803, d 1891, husband of Mrs. Harriet P. Kenyon

Kenyon, Wm., b 1840, d 1908, husband of Mrs. Amelia Kenyon

Koetzle, Arthur R., b 1904, husband of Mrs Hazel I. Keotzle, d 19__

Koetzle, Hazel I., b 1902, d 1935, wife of Arthur R. Koetzle

Krocke, Jerome, b 1858, d 1929, husband of Mrs. Joan Krocke

Krocke, Joan, b 1862, d 1930, wife of Jerome Krocke

Kussie, John A., b 1886, d 1928, husband of Mrs. Josephine Kussie

Kussie, Josephine, b 1889, wife of John A. Kussie, d 19__

Ladine, Caroline, b 1894, d 1927

Ladine, Elizabeth, b 1854, d 1917, wife of John Ladine

Ladine, John, b 1857, d 1937, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Ladine

Laing, John A., b 1816, d 1897, (Capt. Co. E., 111th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol.)

Lammes, Hellen, b 1887, wife of Reindert Lammes, d 19__

Lammes, Peter, b 1922, d 1923

Lammes, Reindert, b 1886, d 1928, husband of Ms. Hellen Lammes

Lancy, Abram, b 1853, d 1927, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Lancy

Lancy, Elizabeth, b 1861, wife of Abram Lancy, d 19__

Lancy, Jane, b 1825, d 1890, wife of Peter Lancy

Lancy, Peter, b 1827, d 1914, husband of Mrs. Jane Lancy

Larkins, Charles, b 1844, d 1922, husband of Mrs. Sarah E. Larkins

Larkins, Sarah E., b 1842, d 1903, wife of Charles Larkins

Leadley, Florence, b 1861, d 1911, wife of William Leadley

Leadley, Howard, b 1895, son of William and Mrs. Florence Leadley, d 1897

Leadley, Lillian, b 1893, dau of William and Mrs. Florence Leadley, d 1893

Leadley, William, b 1843, d 1910, husband of Mrs. Florence Leadley

Lee, Ida, b 1892, wife of Fred A. Lee, (no date of death)

Lee, Jane L., dau of Dan and Mrs. Julia Ann Lee, d 18 April 1852, age 28 years, 2 mos, 24 days

Lee, Julia Ann, d 21 Mar 1845, age 44 years, 1 mo, 26 days, wife of Dan Lee

Lee, Minerva R., dau of Dan and Mrs. Julia Ann Lee, d 4 Oct 1849, age 12 years, 6 mos

Lee, Susannah A., b 6 Feb 1835, dau of Dan and Julia Ann Lee, d 23 Feb 1855

Leenhonts [Leenhouts], Arthur J., b 1897, d 1903

Leenhouts, Jacob, b 1846, d 1926, husband of Mrs. Jozina Leenhouts [b 25 Apr 1846, Groede, Zeeland, Netherlands]

Leenhouts, Jozina, b 1842, d 1926, wife of Jacob Leenhouts

Leenhouts, Nellie, b 1874, wife of Peter Leenhouts, d 19__

Leenhouts, Peter, b 1872, d 1929, husband of Mrs. Nellie Leenhouts

Leenhouts, Stuart W., b 1911, d 1913

Leroy, Adrian, b 1853, d 1912

Leroy, Edith F., b 29 June 1881, d 1 Feb 1913, wife of Henry Leroy

Leroy, Viola M., b 16 April 1911, dau of Corneal and Mrs. Jennie Leroy, d 29 July 1911

Lolley- see Bassage

Lolley, Charles W., b 1849, d 1911, husband of Jennie M. Alborn

Lolley, Emma L., b 1861, d 1935, wife of James T. Lolley

Lolley, George, b 1853, d 1925, husband of Louise Bassage

Lolley, James T., b 1861, d 1923, husband of Mrs. Emma L. Lolley

Lolley, Jennie M. (Alborn), b 1856, d 1916, wife of Charles W. Lolley

Lolley, Mildred, b 1903, dau of James T. and Mrs. Emma Lolley, d 1934

Mabeles, Hilda, dau of M. and Mrs. J. Mabeles, d 1920

Mabeles, Nellie, b 1914, dau of A. and Mrs. J. Mabeles, d 1918

Macagg, Charles, b 1838, d 1918, husband of Phebe A. Truax

Macagg, Etta, b 1867, wife of Geo. W. Macagg (no date of death)

Macagg, Geo. W., b 1862, d 1906, husband of Mrs. Etta Macagg

Macagg, John I., b 1879, d 1933

Macagg, Phebe A. (Truax), b 1841, d 1918, wife of Charles Macagg

Macagy, Glennie I., child of C. and Mrs P. Macagy, d 12 Mar 1877, age 2 years,8 days

Macy, Reuben, d 21 July 1867, age 19 years, 8 mos, 16 days

Mahieu, Abram, b 1876, d 1929 [Abraham le Mahieu b 13 Jul 1876, Zuidzand, Zeeland, Netherlands]

Mair- see Napier

Mair, Jane (Beach), b 1848, wife of William Mair, d 19__

Mair, William, b 1854, d 1923, husband of Jane Beach

Malcomb, Ella M., d 13 Sept 1877, age 18 years, 7 mos

Malcomb, Maggie, d 8 Sept 1872, afe 22 years, 10 mos

Malone, Joanna, b 1853, d 1930, wife of Michael Malone

Malone, Michael, b 1858, d 1928, husband of Mrs. Joanna Malone

Martin- see Rousseau

Martin, Jacob, b 1830, d 1917, husband of Lucina Rousseau

Mascle, May, b 1873, d 1910

Mason- see Shafer

Mason, Infants (twin children) of C. and Mrs. E. Mason, d 7 Feb 1908

Mason, Infant child of Charlie and Mrs. Elsie Mason, b 1916, d 1916

Mason, Charles, b 18 Nov 1824, d 25 April 1898, husband of Mrs. Iantha Mason

Mason, Charlie, b 1924, son of Charlie and Mrs. Julia Mason, d 1924

Mason, Charlie J., b 18__, husband of Julia A. Mason, d 19__

Mason, Durfee, b 6 April 1849, d 16 Sept 1913, husband of Mrs. Lillian Mason

Mason, Elsie G., b 1886, d 1921, wife of Charlie J. Mason

Mason, Harriet, b 25 Mar 1853, dau of C. and Mrs. I. Mason, d 26 April 1895

Mason, Iantha, b 18 Dec 1829, d 7 Nov 1905, wife of Charles Mason

Mason, Jessie E., b 3 April 1891, dau of Durfee and Mrs. Mary Mason, d 15 April 1893

Mason, Julia A., b 18__, wife of Charlie J. Mason, d 19__

Mason, Lillian, b 22 Jan 1859, dau of J. and Mrs. E.J. Kelsey, wife of Durfee Mason, d 13 Aug 1885

Mason, Mary E., b 28 May 1859, d 11 Nov 1913, wife of Durfee Mason

Mason, Muriel, b 12 Feb 1927, dau of H.R. and Mrs. M. Mason, d 12 Feb 1929

McCrea, James, b 1839, d 1918, husband of Mrs. Lydia C. McCrea

McCrea, Leslie, b 1886, d 19__

McCrea, Lulu M., b 1878, dau of James and Mrs. Lydia McCrea, d 1918

McCrea, Lydia C., b 1839, wife of James McCrea, d 1929

McCrea, Margaret, b 1862, d 19__

McKueu- see Wilcox

McKueu, Elmira D., b 1840, d 1912

McKueu, Michael, b 1850, son of Elmira D. McKueu (dead but date not given)

Melden, Hermones, b 1872, d 1925

Merser, Josiah Sr., b 23 July 1806, d 25 Oct 1881

Millard, Bertha, b 1886, dau of J. and Mrs. H. Millard, d 1890

Miller, George, b 1879, husband of Mrs. Mina Miller (no date of death)

Miller, Mina, b 1876, d 1922, wife of George Miller

Milliman, Adah, b 1873, d 1896

Milliman, Bathsheba, b 1835, d 1919, wife of C.W. Milliman

Milliman, C.W., b 1828, d 1899, husband of Mrs. Bathsheba Milliman

Minor, James M., b 1883, d 1919

Mitchell, Mary (Stewart), b 1852, wife of Robert Mitchell, d 19__

Mitchell, Robert, b 1858, d 1835

Mogray, Abram, b 1864, d 1934, husband of Chloe Thayer [Abraham Mogre b 3 Jun 1864, Groede, Zeeland, Netherlands]

Mogray, Chloe (Thayer), b 1852, d 1935, wife of Abram Mogray

Mogue [Moque]- see Goosen

Moll, Cornelia, b 1838, d 1915, wife of Peter H. Moll

Moll, John M., b 1864, d 1935

Moll, Peter H., b 1833, d 1905, husband of Mrs. Cornelia Moll

Moll, Peter H., b 1873, d 1933

Monson, Catherine, d 17 Dec 1868, age 69 years, wife of Nicholas Monson

Monson, Nicholas, d 18 Aug 1847, age 52 years, husband of Mrs. Catherine Monson

Mullie, Catherine, b 1859, wife of John Mullie, d 19__

Mullie, John, b 1859, d 1922, husband of Mrs. Catherine Mullie

Mullie, Lillie B., b 1874, d 1910, wife of Peter Mullie

Mullie, Peter S., b 1870, d 1909, husband of Mrs. Lillie B. Mullie

Napier, Frank C., b 1873, husband of Mrs. Mary Mair, d 19__

Napier, Mary (Mair), b 1880, wife of Frank Napier, d 19__

Nash, Albert B., b 12 Mar 1861, (no date of death)

Nash, Charles J., b 24 April 1855, d 11 April 1904, husband of Sarah L. Fish

Nash, Edson J., b 2 Mar 1888, son of Chas. Nash and Sarah Fish, d 14 April 1918

Nash, Jennie E., b 22 Oct, 1862, d 9 Sept 1893, wife of Albert B. Nash

Nash, May Alberta, b 2 Dec 1886, dau of A.B. and Mrs. J.E. Nash, d 1 June 1887

Nash, Sarah L. (Fish), b 16 Jan 1857, d 28 Dec 1931, wife of Charles J. Nash

Niles, Allen J., b 1859, son of Nathan and Mrs. Mary Niles, d 1879

Niles, Eunice, b 1823, d 1860 (was the mother of Charles Barnhart)

Niles, James D., b 1858, son of Nathan and Mrs. Mary Niles, d 1896

Niles, Jane, b 1858, d 1867

Niles, Mary, b 1818, d 1869, wife of Nathan Niles

Niles, Mary, b 1837, d 1904, wife of Solomon Niles

Niles, Myron A., b 1856, son of Nathan and Mrs. Mary Niles, d 1858

Niles, Nathan, b 1828, d 1890, husband of Mrs. Mary Niles

Niles, Solomon, b 13 May 1782, d 6 Feb 1813

Niles, Solomon, b 1838, d 1883, husband of Mrs. Mary Niles

Niles, William, b 1813, d 1888

Nye- see Smouten

Orbaker, Abram L., b 1865, husband of Eva A. Kenyon, d 19__

Orbaker, Anna V., d 27 Aug 1889, age 67 years, 1 mo, 20 days, wife of Jacob Orbaker

Orbaker, Eva A. (Kenyon), b 1870, wife of Abram Orbaker, d 19__

Orbaker, Gallie E., child of J.M. and Mrs E.E. Orbaker, d 15 April 1889, age 9 mos, 15 days

Orbaker, Jacob, d 11 May 1900, age 82 years, 1 mo, 4 days, husband of Anna V. Orbaker

Orbaker, Kenneth, son of Abram Orbaker and Eva Kenyon, d 19 Oct 1918, age 24 years (? 2 Co., 309 Inf., 78 Div., A.E.F. Killed in Argonne battle, world war)

Orbaker, Peter, son of J. and Mrs. A.V. Orbaker, d 24 Aug 1870, age 29 yrs.

Parkhill, Eugene, b 1840, d 1913, husband of Mrs Harriet Parkhill

Parkhill, Harriet, b 1840, d 1918, wife of Eugene Parkhill

Parslow, Eliza J., d 23 July 1885, age 46 years, 3 mos, wife of J.E. Parslow

Parslow, Harvey G., b 1862, d 1933, husband of Mrs. Jennie H. Parslow

Parslow, Jennie H., b 1867, wife of Harvey G. Parslow, d 19__

Pearsall, Ann L., d 27 Aug 1899, age 81 years

Pearsall, George Adelbert, b 11 Aug 1853, d 8 Jan 1903, husband of Martha Vaughn

Pearsall, Hannah H. (Brown), b 8 Mar 1824, d 20 Jan 1904, wife of Jacob D. Pearsall

Pearsall, Jacob D., b 9 July 1821, d 2 Feb 1890, husband of Hannah H. Brown

Pearsall, Martha (Brown), b 8 Dec 1853, d 12 July 1938, wife of George A. Pearsall

Pearsall, Tirzah, d 14 Aug 1880, age 64 years

Peckham, Edith, b 1885, d 1904, wife of W. Peckham

Peer, Andrew S., b 1840, d 1912, husband of Mrs. Clara M. Peer

Peer, Clara M., b 1839, d 1910, wife of Andrew S. Peer

Peer, Harriet, d 12 Sept 1894, age 76 years, wife of John H. Peer

Peer, John H., d 1 Jan 18__, age 81 years, husband of Mrs. Harriet Peer

Pelham, David, son of Andrew and Mrs. Mary Pelham, d 12 July 1850, age 23 years, 1 mo, 8 days

Peterham, Eva (Pulver), b 18__, d 19__, wife of Frank Peterham

Peterham, Frank, b 18__, d 19__, husband of Eva Pulver

Peterham, Ronald D., b 9 April 1932, son of Frank Peterham and Eva Pulver, d 26 June 1932

Pickett, Estella, b 1896, d 1933

Pickett, Katherine, b 1868, d 1933

Pickett, Thomas S., b 1860, d 1925

Pool, Henry, b 1866, d 1937, husband of Welhmina Pool (Kipper lot)

Pool, Welhamina, b 1870, wife of Henry Pool, d 19__

Potter, Adelbert G., b 16 June 1849, son of D. and Mrs. S. Potter, d 2 June 1899

Potter, Charlotte, d 31 Mar 1853, age 27 years, 3 mos, 12 days, wife of George Potter

Potter, Clorinda, d 5 Aug 1873, age 28 years, wife of Sylvester Potter

Potter, Davis, b 23 Dec 1820, d 6 Feb 1904, husband of Mrs. Sarah Potter

Potter, Eliza A., b 20 Oct 1827, d 30 Sept 1883, wife of George Potter

Potter, George, b 23 June 1826, d 13 Feb 1882, husband of Eliza A. Potter

Potter, Sarah, b 7 May 1820, d 16 April 1904, wife of David Potter

Potter, Sylvester, b 16 May 1840, d 2 Jul 1898, husband of Mrs. Clorinda Potter

Pound, Harvey H., d 15 Sept 1899, age 65 years, husband of Mrs. Martha P. Pound

Pound, Martha P., d 21 May 1911, age 63 years, wife of Harvey H. Pound

Powell, Lucy Ann, dau of Jesse and Mrs. Elizabeth Powell, d 20 May 1826, age 7 mos

Pratt, Abram W., child of W. and Mrs. C. Pratt, age 11 days

Pratt, Alanson, W., b 16 Mar 1834, d 2 April 1904, husband of Mrs. Martha R. Pratt

Pratt, Arthur S., b 1861, d 1939, husband of Lucy B. Stebbins

Pratt, Catherine, b 18 Mar 1813, d 8 April 1885, wife of Wesson Pratt

Pratt, Charles W., b 1850, d 1924, husband of Mrs. Ida E. Pratt

Pratt, Ida E., b 1851, d 1902, wife of Charles W. Pratt

Pratt, John B., b 1820, d 1906, husband of Mrs. Nancy H. Pratt

Pratt, Libbie E., b 1880, dau of Charles W. and Mrs. Ida E. Pratt, d 1881

Pratt, Lottie M., b 25 Feb 1875, d 25 April 1877

Pratt, Lucy B. (Stebbins), b 1874, d 1920, wife of Arthur S. Pratt

Pratt, Martha R., b 27 Feb 1838, d 30 Mar 1918, wife of Alanson Pratt

Pratt, Mary J., b 10 Jul 1838, d 11 Nov 1883

Pratt, Millie R., b 9 Aug 1873, d 22 Nov 1897

Pratt, Nancy H., b 1826, d 1912, wife of John B. Pratt

Pratt, Polly C., b 9 Mar 1802, d 12 Aug 1831, wife of Wesson Pratt

Pratt, Sarah E., child of W. and Mrs. C. Pratt, age 2 years, 25 days, (no dates)

Pratt, Wesson, b 13 Dec 1802, d 30 June 1894, husband of (1) Polly C.; (2) Catherine Pratt

Pulver- see Peterham, Rossley

Pulver, Elmer, b 1888, child of G.H. and Mrs. M. Pulver, d 1900

Pulver, Jennie M., b 1870, dau of Wm. H. and Mrs. Mary C. Pulver, d 1892

Pulver, Mary C., b 1846, d 1921, wife of Wm. H. Pulver

Pulver, William, b 1838, d 1904, husband of Mrs. Mary C. Pulver

Reed- see Vaninger

Rider, Catherine V., b 16 Sept 1844, d 2 Dec 1908, wife of John L. Utley

Robine- see Hennekey

Robine, Anna, b 1862, d 1938, wife of Peter Hennekey

Rogers- see Adams

Rogers, Mary E., b 1902, dau of A.E. and Mrs. A.E. Rogers, d 1910

Rogers, Mary H., b 1864, wife of Willis P. Rogers, d 19__

Rogers, Willis P., b 1863, husband of Mrs Mary H. Rogers, d 19__

Rossley, Mattie, b 1880, d 1933, wife of J.W. Rossley (sister of George Pulver)

Rousseau- see Martin

Rousseau, Lucina, b 1842, d 1910, wife of Jacob Martin

Ruffell, George J., b 1853, d 1922, husband of Mrs. Ida E. Ruffell

Ruffell, Ida E., b 1861, d 1933, wife of George J. Ruffell

Russell- see Fish, Stewart

Russell, Lucy, wife of Daniel Russell, d 21 Feb 1853, age 65 years, 6 days

Sabin, Elsie E., b 1853, d 1937, wife of George M. Sabin

Sabin, George S., b 1852, d 1918, husband of Mrs. Elsie E. Sabin

Sanford, Jane (Hoagland), b 7 Nov 1833, dau of A. and Mrs. E. Sanford, d 14 Mar 1858 (married)

Sanford, Orlando, b 31 May 1828, d 5 Mar 1902, husband of Jane Hoagland

Sawyer, see Adams

Sawyer, Mary, b 1847, d 1898, wife of Jas. R. Adams

Sayles- see Williams

Sayles, Atkinson, d 26 July 1891, age 81 years, 3 mos, 15 days

Sayles, Atkinson, b 10 Sept 1851, son of Enoch A. and Mrs. Delilah W. Sayles, d 28 Feb 1910

Sayles, Mary, d 3 Oct 1892, age 84 years, 1 mo, 21 days

Sayles, Thomas, d 17 Feb 1857, age 81 years, 7 mos, 23 days

Selby- see Browne, Fish

Shafer, Jane Mason, b 17 Feb 1860, d 24 Nov 1937

Sheahen, Hannah A., b 1851, d 1937, wife of Thomas Sheahen

Sheahen, Thomas, b 1848, d 1907, husband of Mrs. Hannah A. Sheahen

Short, Chester F., b 2 Feb 1823, husband of Mrs. Lydia B. Short, d 29 July 1886 (Co. E., III Reg. N.Y. Vol.)

Short, Lydia B., b 11 Oct 1828, d 2 Dec 1897, wife of Chester Short

Sigsby, Rebecca Rose, b 1830, d 1913, wife of Thomas Sigsby

Sigsby, Thomas, b 1823, d 1909, husband of Mrs. Rebecca Rose Sigsby (Co. B., 14th N.Y.H. Art.)

Skellinger, Arena, d 28 Aug 1878, age 81 years, 11 mos, wife of Samuel J. Skellinger

Skellinger, Mary J., dau of Samuel J. and Mrs. Arena Skellinger, d 7 July 1861, age 24 years, 14 days

Skellinger, Samuel J., d 17 June 1845, age 51 years, 2 mos, 16 days, husband of Arena Skellinger

Sleith, David, son of J. and Mrs. S. Sleith, d 6 Mar 1851, age 6 years

Smith, _____, dau of Jarvis L. and Mrs. Amanda H. Smith, b 1882, d 1909

Smith, Adrian, b 1847, d 1932, husband of Mrs. Magdalina Smith

Smith, Amanda H., b 1831, d 1908, wife of Jarvis L. Smith

Smith, Chester, b 1872, d 1907

Smith, Clarka {sic}, Rev., d 13 Sept 1844, age 34 years

Smith, Edward, b 1860, son of Jarvis L. and Mrs. Amanda H. Smith, d 1913

Smith, Eliza (Fullagar), b 1846, d 1915, wife of Jarvis L. Smith

Smith, Emma (Kenyon), b 1843, d 1925, wife of George J. Smith

Smith, George J., b 1851, husband of Emma Kenyon (no date of death)

Smith, J. Jay, b 1892, d 1938

Smith, Jarvis L., b 1836, d 1917, husband of Amanda H. Smith

Smith, Magdalena, b 1855, d 1931, wife of Adrian Smith

Smouten, Artie (Nye), b 1841, d 1921, wife of Charles Smouten

Smouten, Charles H., b 1840, d 1930, husband of Artie Nye

Soudan, Elizabeth, b 1802{sic}, d 1921, wife of John Soudan [that would make her 119 years of age at death) [Mrs. Elizabeth Soudan was probably born in 1882 rather than 1802]

Soudan, John, b 1878, husband of Mrs Elizabeth Soudan (no date of death)

Soudan, Mabel, b 1905, dau of John and Mrs. Elizabeth Soudan, d 1906

Stark, Bromie H., b 1864, child of John and Mrs. Hannah Stark, d 1883

Stark, Hannah H., b 1821, d 1883, wife of John Stark

Stark, Josiah J., b 1853, d 1933, husband of Mrs Nancy R. Stark

Stark, Nancy R., b 1862, d 1936, wife of Josiah J. Stark

Stebbins- see Pratt

Stevens- see Vaughn

Stevens, Wm. G., b 1882, d 1906

Steurrys- see Goosen

Stewart- see Fish, Mitchell

Stewart, Caroline M. (Russell), b 18 Oct 1825, d 18 Nov 1851, wife of Ezra P. Stewart

Stewart, Ezra P., b 24 Dec 1818, d 8 Nov 1896, husband of (1) Caroline M. Russell, (2) Mary A. Westover

Stewart, Mary A. (Westover), b 11 May 1828, d 7 April 1893, wife of Ezra P. Stewart

Stoddard, Lucy L., dau of A.H. Stoddard, d 18 May 1853, age 15 years

Stoddard, Mary Ann, d 19 June 1845, age 28 years, wife of A.H. Stoddard

Surens, Andrew, E., son of Charles and Mrs. Mary Ann Surens, d Mar ____, age 5 mos, 2 days

Surens, Emma, dau of Charles and Mrs. Mary Ann Surens, d 21 Oct 1873, age 5 years, 8 mos, 13 days

Surens, George, son of Charles and Mrs. Mary Ann Surens, age 29 days, (no date)

Swift- see Wake

Swift, Martha, b 1816, d 1873, wife of Geo. Wake

Tassell- see Thomas

Tellier, Gilbert J., b 1922, son of S.A. and Mrs. M.B. Tellier, d 1926

Thayer- see Mogray

Thomas- see Kentch

Thomas, Adelbert W., b 16 Sept 1856, d 23 July 1878

Thomas, Henry J., b 183_, d 1915, husband of Phoebe J. Tassell

Thomas, Hosea, b 27 Dec 1799, d 25 Sep 1977, husband of Mrs Ruth A. Thomas

Thomas, Libbie, dau of Wm. And Mrs. Vania Thomas, d 15 Mar 1860, age 1 year

Thomas, Mary, b 1833, d 1914

Thomas, Phoebe J. (Tassell), b 1842, d 1927, wife of Henry J. Thomas

Thomas, Ruth A., b 9 Mar 1807, d 13 Jan 1888, wife of Hosea Thomas

Thomas, William, d 14 April 1865, age 32 years, husband of Vania Thomas

Thompson, Orphas, child of Anthoney and Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, d 8 Nov 1848, 23 years, 7 mos, 28 days

Thorp, Hannah, d 15 April 1820, age 77 years, 1 mo, 6 days, wife of John S. Thorp

Thorp, John S., d 4 July 1869, age 81 years, 3 mos, 14 days, husband of Mrs. Hannah Thorp

Thorp, Sarah J., dau of Wm. And Mrs. Charity Trimble, wife of Chas. F. Thorp, d 12 Aug 1881, age 20 years

Trimble- see Thorp

Trimble, Agnes, b 1837, d 1901, wife of John Trimble

Trimble, Alice H., b 1864, wife of G. Walter Trimble (living when record was made)

Trimble, Charles, b 1825. D 1896, husband of Rosetta Chase

Trimble, G. Walter, b 1862, d 1923, husband of Mrs. Alice H. Trimble

Trimble, John, b 1822, d 1897, husband of Mrs. Agnes Trimble

Trimble, Mary, d 7 Nov 1866, age 39 years, 8 mos, 25 days, wife of Chas. Trimble

Trimble, Rosetta (Chase), b 1848, d 1929, wife of Charles Trimble

Trimble, Sophronia (Bailey), b 1835, d 1918, wife of Walter Trimble

Trimble, Walter, b 1830, d 1899, husband of Sophronia Bailey

Trion, Jennie J., b 1870, d 1916, wife of John Trion

Trion, John, b 1864, husband of Mrs. Jennie J. Trion, d 19__

Truax- see Macagg

Truax, Elizabeth, d 12 May 1863, age 59 years, 4 mos, 13 days, wife of Jacob Truax

Truax, Jacob, d 7 May 1878, age 83 years, 10 mos, 11 days, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Truax

Trumbull, Gladys D., b 1914, d 19__ (daughter)

Trumbull, Olive A., b 1880, d 19__ (mother)

Utley- see Rider

Utley, John L., husband of Catherine V. Rider, d 31 May 1920, age 82 years (Co. D, 1st Wis. Inf. G.A.R.)

Vanbortle, John G., b 1880, d 1924, husband of Mary Vanbortle

Vanbortle, Mary, b 1861, wife of John G. Vanbortle (no date of death)

Vandenameele, Peter, b 1822, d 1904, husband of Mrs. Peternella Vandenameele [Pieter van den Ameele b 11 July 1822, Zuidzande, Zeeland, the Netherlands]

Vandenameele, Peternella, b 1815, d 1894, wife of Peter Vandenameele

Vanderboegh, Jane Ann, b 1859, d 1917, wife of Matthew Vanderboegh

Vanderboegh, Matthew, b 1857, d 1929, husband of Mrs. Jane Ann Vanderboegh

Vanderbough, Jacob, b 1854, d 1933, husband of Mrs. Mary Vandebough

Vanderbough, Mary, b 1854, wife of Jacob Vanderbough, d 19__

Vanderlkye{sic}, Cornelius, b 1850, d 1917, husband of Lina DeMallie [Cornelis van der Lijke b 24 Dec 1850, Groede, Zeeland, the Netherlands]

Vanderlkye, Lina (DeMallie), b 1857 (no date of death) [Lijntje de Maillie b 17 Mar 1857, Breskens, Zeeland, the Netherlands]

Vanderweele, Lina J., b 1865, d 1937, wife of Marinus Vanderweele

Vanderweele, Marinus, b 1862, d 1911, husband of Mrs. Lena J. Vanderweele

Vandezandt, Jocinda, b 1818, d 1907, wife of Peter Vandezandt

Vandezandt, Peter, b 1824, d 1913, husband of Mrs. Jocinda Vandezandt

Vandyke, Charity, d 8 Mar 1857, age 92 years, wife of Henry Vandyke

Vanhall, Lena, b 1893, d 1925, wife of Abram Vanhall

Vanhee, Abraham, b 1846, d 1934, husband of Mrs Sarah Vanhee [probably Abraham van Hee b Retranchement, Zeeland, the Netherlands 17 Sep 1845]

Vanhee, John A., b 1873, son of Abraham and Mrs. Sarah Vanhee, d 1875

Vanhee, Sarah, b 1847, d 1927, wife of Abraham Vanhee

Vanhouter, Elizabeth, b 1862, wife of Josiah Vanhouter (no date of death)

Vanhouter, Josiah, b 1863, d 1919, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Vanhouter

Vanhouter, Peter, b 1851, d 1929

Vaninger, Cliffoed{sic} Payne, b 1896, son of John and Mrs. Mary Vaninger, d 1939

Vaninger, John, b 1859, husband of Mary Reed, d 19__

Vaninger, Mary (Reed), b 1868, wife of John Vaninger, d 19__

Vanputter, Wm., b 1835, d 1894

Vanzandt, Johnny Glen, son of Peter and Mrs. Morillae Vanzandt, d 2 May 1878

Vanzandt, Morillae M., b 1854, wife of Peter A. Vanzandt, d 19__

Vanzandt, Peter A., b 1850, d 1933, husband of Mrs. Morillae Vanzandt

Vasseur, John, b 1868, d 1919

Vaughn- see Harden, Harrison, Pearsall

Vaughn, Charles B., b 1844, d 1887, husband of Mrs. Elnora Vaughn

Vaughn, Elnora, b 1847, d 1926, wife of Charles B. Vaughn

Vaughn, Harriet (Stevens), b 1817, d 1885, wife of Samuel G. Vaughn

Vaughn, Samuel G., b 1816, d 1901, husband of Harriet Stevens

Vaughn, W.C., b 1 June 1827, d 22 April 1898

Vinkey, Charles, b 1850, d 1935, husband of Mrs. Phebe Vinkey

Vinkey, Phebe, b 1841, d 1907, wife of Chas. Vinkey

Wager, Father, b 1824, d 1901

Wager, Mother, b 1829, d 1903

Wager, William G., b 1854, d 1909

Wake- see Ardell, Clark, Swift

Wake, Ambrose, b 1864, d 1922, husband of Mrs. Sarah A. Wake

Wake, Anthony, b 1779, d 1868, husband of Mrs. Jane Wake

Wake, Elizabeth A., b 1825, d 1919, wife of Jonathan Wake

Wake, Geo., b 1825, d 1901, husband of Martha Swift

Wake, Mane, b 1784, d 1859, wife of Anthony Wake

Wake, Jane, b 1855, d 1904, wife of Robert Wake

Wake, John, b 15 Nov 1771, d 14 Dec 1866, husband of Mrs. Sarah Wake

Wake, John, b 1823, d 1915, husband of Mrs. Matilda Wake

Wake, Jonathan, b 1816, d 1898, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Wake

Wake, Louisa L., d 22 June 1853, age 33 years, 9 mos, 18 days, wife of Jonathan Wake

Wake, Marietta, b 1829, d 1852, wife of John Wake

Wake, Mary, d 7 Feb 1873, age 74 years, wife of William Wake

Wake, Matilda, b 1828, d 1850, wife of John Wake

Wake, Newton Manly, son of Thomas and Maria Wake, d 1846, age 1 year

Wake, Robert, b 1820, d 1901, husband of Mrs. Jane Wake

Wake, Sarah, b 15 April 1778, d 24 Nov 1844, wife of John Wake

Wake, Sarah A., b 1869, d 1929, wife of Ambrose Wake

Wake, Sophia, b 1827, d 1896, wife of John Wake

Wake, William, d 2 July 1878, age 69 years, 11 mos, 14 days, husband of Mrs. Mary Wake

Walker, Ruth A., dau of J.B. and Mrs. Lovina Walker, d 28 June 1864, age 8 years, 21 days

Warner- see Field

Waterman, Adelbert D., b 1876, husband of Mrs. Sarah May Waterman, d 19__

Waterman, Sarah May, b 1878, d 1916, wife of Adelbert D. Waterman

Westover- see Stewart

Weter, Hiram A., son of Roy and Mrs. Mary Weter, d 1862, age 1 year

Wheater, W.H., d 10 Dec 1862, age 34 years, 3 mos

White, Abijah, b 1818, d 1909, husband of Hannah L. Beam

White, Amos, d 12 Nov 1869, age 84 years, husband of Mrs. Sarah H. White

White, Amos, d 6 Mar 1828, age 2 years

White, Charles P., son of Abijah and Mrs. Mary E. White, d 18 Sept 1866, age 5 years, 11 mos

White, Eliza, d 22 Oct 1878, age 22 years

White, Eunice, dau of Amos and Mrs. Sally White, d 27 Feb 1826, age 10 years

White, Eunice Maria, dau of Amos and Mrs. Sally White, d 30 April 1830, age 4 mos

White, Hannah L. (Beam), b 1850, d 1933

White, Harriet A., b 31 July 1847, d 14 Aug 1919

White, Harriet Elizabeth, dau of A. and Mrs. M. E. White, d 6 Mar 1860, age 4 years, 9 mos, 6 days

White, Jane Ann, dau of Amos and Mrs. Sally White, d 20 May 1832, age 6 mos

White, Lester H., son of Amos and Mrs. Sally White, d 23 Nov 1812, age 3 mos

White, Maryetta, b 26 June 1828, d 14 May 1881, wife of Abijah White

White, Millie, dau of A. and Mrs. M.E. White (no dates given)

White, Polly, dau of Amos and Sally White, d 4 July 1821, age 4 mos

White, Sally Maria, dau of Amos and Mrs. Sally White, d 13 Oct 1825, age 2 years

White, Sarah H., d 23 Dec 1868, age 76 years, wife of Amos White

White, Sophia, d 28 Feb 1850, age 35 years, wife of Abijah White

Wilcox, Andrew, b 1833, d 1857

Wilcox, Charles, b 1819, d 1889

Wilcox, Earl, b 1794, d 1874, husband of Mrs. Jane S. Wilcox

Wilcox, Eliza B., b 1858, wife of Frank Wilcox, d 19__

Wilcox, Frank, b 1854, husband of Eliza B. Wilcox, d 19__

Wilcox, George, b 1822, d 1848

Wilcox, Henry, b 1823, d 1904, husband of Mrs. Mary R. Wilcox

Wilcox, Jane, b 1796, wife of Earl Wilcox

Wilcox, Louisa S., b 1821, d 1912, wife of Michael McKueu

Wilcox, Mary B., b 1831, d 1901, wife of Henry Wilcox

Wilcox, Myron, b 1829, d 1846

Williams, Delilah, b 27 Jan 1832, d 16 Aug 1878, wife of Enoch Sayles

Williamson- see Adams

Williamson, H.R., b 1850, d 1910, husband of Hattie A. Adams

Williamson, Nina May, b 1881, dau of H.R. Williamson and Hattie Adams, d 1886

Young, Gordon, b 1908, son of Geo. Durfee Young and Mrs. M.L. McKueu, d 1908

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