Ridge Chapel Cemetery Records, Part 1

(On Ridge Road) Town of Williamson

Wayne County, NY

Ridge Chapel Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Ridge Road runs east-west across Wayne County close to Route 104. This cemetery is in or near the town of Williamson. (hfa)

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 21N to Williamson. Left onto Ridge Rd. Cemetery is on corner of Ridge Rd and Ridge Chapel Rd.

Adams- see Andrew, Beach, Boynton, Sawyer, Williamson

Adams, Adella F., b 24 Apr 1862, d 29 Dec 1918, wife of Jay M. Adams

Adams, Alice R., b 1861, dau of James R. Adams and Mary Andrew or Mary Sawyer, d 1863

Adams, Alvin A., b 1864, son of James R Adams and Mary Sawyer, d 1867

Adams, Charles S., b 23 Dec 1857, d 28 Feb 1926, husband of Mrs. Ida M. Adams

Adams, Emily (Granger), b 19 Nov 1823, York, England, d 12 Jan 1901, wife of Orlando Adams

Adams, Hattie A., b 1854, d 1936, wife of H. R. Williamson

Adams, Ida, b 20 June 1856, dau of Mason L. and Mrs. Lydia P. Rogers, wife of C.S. Adams, d 26 Oct 1892

Adams, James R., b 1825, husband of Mary Andrew, and Mary Sawyer, d 1897

Adams, Jay M., b 19 Jan 1859, d 15 Aug, 1897, husband of Mrs. Adella H. Adams

Adams, Myron S., b 1865, d 1929, husband of Mary A. Beach

Adams, Orlando, b 19 Jun 1820, Williamson, Wayne Co., NY, d 12 Nov 1905, husband of Emily Granger

Adams, Orlando, b 11 May 1887, d 26 Oct 1926

Adams, Sarah A., b 1841, d 1908, wife of Rev. D.E. Hathaway

Alborn- see Lolley

Allaart, Abram, b 1861, d 1925, husband of Mrs. Nellie S. Allaart

Allaart, Nellie S. (Mrs.), wife of Abram Allaart, no dates given

Almekinder, John F., b 1890, husband of Mrs. Mabel L. Almekinder, d 19__

Almekinder, Mabel L., b 1894, wife of John F. Almekinder, d 19__

Ameele [VandenAmeele/O'Meal]- see Bushart, VandenAmeele

Ameele, Abraham, b 1852, d 1933, Husband of Mrs. Josina Ameele [Abraham Van der Ameele, b 26 Jun 1852, Zuidzande, Zeeland, Netherlands]

Ameele, Abraham Jr., b 1876, son of Abraham and Josina Ameele, d 1877

Ameele, Jacob, b 1886, son of Abraham and Mrs. Josina Ameele, d 1887

Ameele, Josina, b 1851, d 1928, wife of Abraham Ameele

Ameele, Mary, b 1884, dau of Abraham and Mrs. Josina Ameele, d 1884

Ameele, Peter, b 1875, son of Abraham and Mrs. Josina Ameele, d 1894

Ameele, Susie, b 28 April 1873, d 23 Mar 1905, wife of John Bushart

Andrew- see Adams

Andrew, Emma M. (Mrs.) b 1878, d 1919, wife of Henry J. Andrew

Andrew, Mary, b 1825, d 1882, wife of James R. Adams

Anthony, Joseph S., b 1828, d 1913, husband of Mrs. Martha A. Anthony

Anthony, Martha A. (Mrs.), b 1827, d 1893, wife of Joseph S. Anthony

Ardell, George, b 23 Feb 1817, d 4 Feb 1888, husband of Jane Wake

Ardell, Jane (Wake), b 9 Jan 1810, d 16 May 1895

Bailey- see Trimble

Baldwin, Frances, b 1877, wife of Jay G. Baldwin, (no date of death)

Baldwin, Jay G., b 1878, husband of Mrs. Frances Baldwin (no date of death)

Baldwin, Olive, b 1902, dau of Jay G. and Mrs. Frances Baldwin. D 1919

Ballinger, Gladys, b 1905, wife of Harry Ballinger, d 19__

Ballinger, Harry C., b 1905, d 1934, husband of Mrs. Gladys Ballinger

Bassage- see Lolley

Bassage, Louie [Louise], b 1852, d 1906, wife of Geo. P. Lolley

Beach- see Adams, Mair

Beach, Amanda, b 22 Nov 1822, d 14 May 1905, wife of Augustus Beach

Beach, Augustus, b 13 May 1818, d 14 May 1905, husband of Mrs. Amanda Beach [Correction: he died in November 1892]

Beach, John B., b 1868, d 1914

Beach, Mary A., b 1867, d 1921, wife of Myron S. Adams

Beach, Mina, b 1886, dau of William Beach, d 1936

Beach, Minnie A., b 1872, d 1911, wife of John B. Brach

Beach, Minnie O., b 1877, d 1933, wife of G.E. DeVelle (O.E.S. marker)

Beach, William H., b 1856, d 1922 (O.E.S. marker)

Beam- see White

Behage, Cornelia, b 1860, wife of Peter B. Behage, d 19__

Behage, Peter B., b 1877, d 1934, husband of Mrs. Cornelia Behage

Bel, Cornelius, b 1878, d 1922

Belham, Rachel (Mrs.), d 30 June 1849, age 23 years, wife of William Belham

Billing, Elizabeth (Mrs.), b 1852, d 1929, wife of John Billing

Billing, John, b 1839, d 1905, husband of Elizabeth Billing

Bleke, John B., b 1853, d 1926, husband of Mrs. Minnie Bleke

Bleke, Minnie (Mrs.) b 1848, d 1915, wife of John Bleke

Bobine, Jacob, b 1862, husband of Mrs. Jennie Bobine, d 19__

Bobine, Jennie, b 1860, d 1923, wife of Jacob Bobine

Bobine, Olive, b 1899, wife of Peter Bobine, d 19__

Bobine, Peter, b 1895, husband of Mrs. Olive Bobine, d 19__

Bolkhout. Iva L., b 29 May 1919, dau of J. and Mrs. M. Bolkout, d 20 Oct 1921

Bookout, John, b 1862, d 1932, husband of Mrs. Mary Bookout

Bookout, Mary, b 1858, d 1932

Borden, Infant dau of S. and Mrs. L. Borden, d 9 Mar 1868

Borden, Charlie, b 14 Dec 1861, son of Stephen and Mrs. Louisa Borden, d 6 Feb 1867

Borden, Louisa, b 13 Mar 1833, d 17 Aug 1895, wife of Stephen Borden

Borden, Stephen, b 16 Oct 1830, d 19 May 1869, husband of Mrs. Louisa Borden

Borden, Verna, dau of L. and Mrs. E. Borden, d 10 Aug 1901, age 10 years 7 mos, 13 days

Boynton, Orinda, b 4 Aug 1850, dau of Orlando Adams and Emily Granger, wife of D.F.H. Boynton, d 18 Feb 1881

Brach- see Beach

Briggs, Abram R., d 29 Nov 1881, age 63 years, 3 mos, 6 days

Briggs, Caleb, d 26 Jan 1873, age 42 years 2 mos, husband of Mrs. Helen Briggs

Briggs, Elizabeth, d 20 April 1897, age 78 years 11 mos, 12 days, wife of Abram R. Briggs

Briggs, Helen (Mrs.), d 13 Mar 1894, age 56 years 2 mos, wife of Caleb Briggs

Britton- see DeLue

Britton, Ann, b 1806, d 1871, wife of Richard Britton

Britton, Elizabeth, b 1839, d 1917, wife of Joseph Britton

Britton, John, b 1831, d 1900, husband of Mrs. Sarah D. Britton

Britton, Joseph, b 1833, d 1900, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Britton

Britton, Mary (Mrs.), d 30 Oct 1875, age 86 years 2 mos, wife of William Britton

Britton, Richard, b 1799, d 1896, husband of Mrs. Ann Britton

Britton, Sarah D., b 1830, d 1898, wife of John Britton

Britton, William, d 29 May 1876, age 79 years 8 mos, husband of Mrs. Mary Britton

Brock, Elizabeth, b 1811, d 1899

Brockoway, Abel, d 6 Oct 1839, age 38 years

Brockoway, Laura, d 22 Mar 1839, age 38 years

Brown- see Fewster, Pearsall

Brown, John L., b 1875, husband of (Mrs.) Susie Brown, d 19__

Brown, Susie (Mrs.), b 1877, wife of John L. Brown, d 19__

Browne, Laura A. Selby Fisby of Bournemouth, England, d 26 Oct 1897, wife of Hugh Grant Browne

Browne, Selby, infant dau, d 30 Sep 1897, age 4 mos

Brunswick, Elizabeth, b 1844, d 1910, wife of Marenus Brunswick

Brunswick, Marenus, b 1842, d 1896, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Brunswick

Bullock, Alanson, d 25 Mar 1844, age 43 years, 8 mos, 23 days

Bullock, Sophia, d 27 May 1885, age 79 years, wife of Alanson Bullock

Burden, Charles B., b 1897, son of Thomas J. and Mrs Martha L. Burden, d 19__

Burden, Elizabeth, b 1872, d 1936 (sister)

Burden, George, b 1869, d 1930, husband of Mrs. Hattie M. Burden

Burden, Hattie M., b 1878, wife of George Burden, d 19__

Burden, Martha L., b 1870, wife of Thomas J. Burden, d 19__

Burden, Thomas J., b 1863, d 1933, husband of Mrs. Martha L. Burden

Burton, Amos, b 1839, d 1919

Burton, Frank, b 1875, d 1903

Bushart- see Ameele

Bushart, John, b 24 May 1867, d 6 Oct 1907, husband of Susie Ameele

Chase- see Trimble

Clarisse, Peter, b 1871, husband of Mrs. Susanna Clarisse, d 19__

Clarisse, Susanna, b 1874, wife of Peter Clarisse, d 1920

Clark- see Davies

Clark, Alfred M., (no information, could not read)

Clark, Andrew H., son of Ira and Mrs. Nancy Clark, d 10 Aug 1843, age 2 yrs

Clark, Charles L., son of Levi and Mrs. Pauline Clark, d 6 May 1816, age 1 yr

Clark, Frank Wake, M.D., b 1850, d 1928, husband of Mrs. Mary A. Clark

Clark, Ida, b 1858, d 1912, wife of J.P. Clark

Clark, Jermiah A., son of Arsel and Mrs. Adah Clark, d 15 Aug 1843, age 4 years, 22 days

Clark, John, d 5 Sep 1883, age 77 years, 7 mos, husband of Mrs. Mary Clark

Clark, Mary, d 5 Jan 1885, age 66 years, 8 mos, wife of John Clark

Clark, Mary A., b 1849, d 1938, wife of Frank Wake, M.D.

Clicquennoi, George, b 1882, husband of Mrs. Mae E. Clicquennoi, d 19__

Clicquennoi, Mae E., b 1847, wife of George Clicquennoi, d 19__

Collier, Ella M., b 1877, d 1935

Collier, Robert, b 1927, son of C. and Mrs. J. Collier, d 1928

Colwell, Ida M., b 1864, d 1938, wife of James Colwell

Colwell, Isaac, b 1841, d 1933, husband of Mrs. Jennie Colwell

Colwell, James, b 1860, husband of Mrs. Ida M. Colwell, (no date of death)

Colwell, Jennie, b 1851, wife of Isaac Colwell, d 19__

Cornish, Jay E., b 1869, d 1935, husband of Mrs. Lenora A. Cornish

Cornish, Lenora A., b 1872, d 1914, wife of Jay E. Cornish

Cornish, Mary M., d 24 Apr 1887, age 50 years, 5 mos, 18 days, wife of Edwin S. Cornish

Covey, Catherine, b 1869, wife of James Covey, d 19__

Covey, James, b 1865, d 1936, husband of Mrs. Catherine Covey

Covey, John, b 1893, son of J. and Mrs. Katie Covey, d 1914

Coville, Antha, dau of David and Mrs. Susan Coville, d 11 Feb 1865, age 40 years, 4 mos, 2 days

Coville, David, d 28 Dec 1871, age 83 years, 11 mos, 11 days, husband of Mrs. Susan Coville

Coville, Susan, d 7 Apr 1847, age 62 years, 5 mos, wife of David Coville

Cronk, Hiram L., d 6 Oct 1879, age 52 years

Crossman, Mary, b 1838, d 1861, wife of E. Crossman (Mary Kenyon)

Crossman, Sylvania E., b 1856, d 1863, dau of E. Crossman and Mary Kenyon

Crowe, Wm. H., b 1854, d 1928

Curtis, Henry, b 1844, d 1925, husband of Mary Fewster

Curtis, Mary (Fewster), b 1857, d 1935, wife of Henry Curtis

Daton, Alanson, son of Iram and Mrs. Sally J. Daton, d 2 Sep 1855, age 11 years, 11 mos

Davies, John K., b 1845, d 1933, husband of Mrs. Mary A. Davies (bur. On Clark lot)

Davies, Mary A., b 1850, d 1925, wife of John K. Davies

DeFlyer, Elsie May, b 1905, dau of John and Mrs. Jennie DeFlyer, d 1920

DeFlyer, Jennie, b 1882, wife of John DeFlyer, d 19__

DeFlyer, John, b 1883, husband of Mrs. Jennie DeFlyer, d 19__

DeFlyer, Peter, b 1846, d 1919, husband of Mrs. Susie DeFlyer

DeFlyer, Susie, b 1850, d 1920, wife of Peter DeFlyer

DeFrine, Isaac, b 1838, husband of Mrs. Josena DeFrine, d 1911 [Izaak de Freijn b 6 Nov 1838, Cadzand, Zeeland, Netherlands]

DeFrine, Josena, b 1839, d 1902, wife of Isaac DeFrine

DeHord, Carrie B., b 1892, wife of George B. DeHord, d 19__

DeHord, Frances, b 1853, d 1917, wife of John DeHord

DeHord, George B., b 1892, d 1936, husband of Mrs. Carrie B. DeHord

DeHord, John, b 1851, d 1938, husband of Mrs Frances DeHord

Delelys- see DeRight

DeLue, Christopher, b 1873, husband of Ella Britton (no date of death)

DeLue, Ella (Britton), b 1865, d 1917, wife of Christopher DeLue

DeMallie- see Vanderlkye

DeMallie, Abraham, d 31 Mar 1908, age 54 years

DeMallie, John, b 1861, husband of Mrs. Mina DeMallie, d 1919

DeMallie, Mina, b 1857, wife of John DeMallie, d 19__

DeMay, Alice, b 1854, d 1934, wife of John DeMay

DeMay, John, b 1850, d 1920, husband of Mrs. Alice DeMay

DeMay, Kenneth, son of John and Mrs. Alice DeMay, d 6 April 1916, age 4 years

DeMay, Nellie, b 1876, d 1924

DeMay, Norma, b 1910, d 1924

Demelt, Mary, b 1830, d 1901, wife of Washington Demelt

Demelt, Washington, b 1828, d 1906, husband of Mrs. Mary Demelt

DeNeef, John C., b 1871, d 1923

DeRight, Hermones, b 1852, d 1929, husband of Mary DeLelys

DeRight, Mary (DeLelys), b 1856, wife of Hermones DeRight (no date of death)

DeRight, Samuel, b 24 May 1886, son of Hermones DeRight and Mary DeLelys, d 16 Dec 1886

DeRoo, Abraham, b 1873, d 1936, husband of Mrs. Helena DeRoo

DeRoo, Harold Lee, b 1910, son of A. and Mrs. H. DeRoo, d 1918

DeRoo, Helena, b 1879, wife of Abraham DeRoo, d 19__

DeRoo, Isaac Henry, b 1901, son of M. and Mrs H. DeRoo, d 1906

DeRoo, Marinus, b 1875, d 1902

DeRue, Jacob C., b 1865, husband of Mrs. May L. DeRue, d 19__

DeRue, May L., b 1874, d 1932, wife of Jacob DeRue

DeVelle- see Beach

Dickenson- see Johnson

DuBurk, Anthony, b 1849, d 1936, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth DuBurk

DuBurk, Elizabeth, b 1857, wife of Anthony DuBurk, d 19__

DuBurk, Jennie, b 1874, wife of William DuBurk, d 19__

DuBurk, Jennie M., b 1886, wife of Peter DuBurk, d 19__

DuBurk, Peter, b 1884, husband of Mrs. Jennie M. DuBurk, d 19__

DuBurk, William, b 1874, husband of Jennie DuBurk, d 19__

Eddy- see Fish

Eddy, Ellis, B., b 1876, d 1932, husband of Mrs. Elsie M. Eddy

Eddy, Elsie M., b 18__, d 19__

Engelsen, Edward, b 1865, d 1934, husband of Mrs. Nina F. Engelsen

Engelsen, Nina F., b 1868, d 1935, wife of Edward Engelsen

Engleson, Rodger Leigh, b 1928, d 1934

Everett, Washington, b 11 Oct 1838, d 6 Jan 1875, (G.A.R.)

Faulkner, Susannah, d 3 Oct 1854, age 33 years, 8 mos, 17 days, wife of Harrison H. Faulkner

Feezler, Adaline, d 10 April 1852, age 28 years, 13 days, wife of William Feezler

Fewster- see Curtis

Fewster, John, b 1846, husband of Juliet E. Brown, d 19__

Fewster, Juliet E., b 1854, d 1919, wife of John Fewster

Field, Frank F., b 1856, d 1917, husband of S. Edith Warner

Field, S. Edith (Warner), b 1866, wife of Frank F. Field, (no date of death)

Fisby- see Browne

Fish- see Nash

Fish, Etta J., b 6 Feb 1867, wife of William Z. Fish, (no date of death)

Fish, Fanny M. (Stewart), b 9 Jan 1817, d 13 Jan 1894

Fish, Harry I., b 24 Nov 1811, d 24 May 1897, husband of Polly M. Russell

Fish, I.N., b 1836, d 1898

Fish, Josephine Eddy, b 1842, d 1919

Fish, Josephine Eddy, d 20 Dec 1919, age 77 years, wife of Stephen Selby Fish

Fish, Mary M., b 27 May 1855, d 6 Jul 1904, wife of William Z. Fish

Fish, Polly M. (Russell), b 2 Dec 1815, d 2 Dec 1845, wife of Harry S. Fish

Fish, Stephen Selby, b 1839, d 1871

Fish, William Z., b 6 Apr 1854, d 5 Apr 1924, husband of Mrs. Mary M. Fish

Flowers, Isaac, b 1829, d 1913, husband of Mrs. Jane Flowers

Flowers, Jane, b 1831, d 1911, wife of Isaac Flowers

Fowler, George W., d 17 April 1849, age 57 years, I mo

Fullagar- see Smith

Fullagar, Thomas, b 20 July 1841, d 8 Oct 1901

Fullagar, W.J., d 23 Jan 1891, age 28 years, 8 mos

Gage, Cyrus A., b 1853, husband of Mrs. Hattie Gage (no date of death

Gage, Hattie, b 1853, d 1917, wife of Cyrus A. Gage

Gardner, Avis M., b 1 June 1808, d 7 Mar 1893, wife of C.B. Gardner

Gardner, Charles B., b 12 Sept 1796, d 14 Oct 1878, husband of Mrs. Avis M. Gardner

Gardner, Charles F., b 26 July 1838, son of Charles B. and Mrs Avis Gardner, d 28 Jan 1843

Gibbs, Amasa, d 22 July 1858, age 51 years, 8 days

Gibbs, Benjamin J., b 1819, d 1862, husband of Mrs. Mary L. Gibbs

Gibbs, Chas., son of Amasa and Mrs Rachel Gibbs, d 2 Aug 1825

Gibbs, Eunice, dau of Amasa and Mrs. Rachel Gibbs, d 12 Dec 1851, age 38 years, 6 mos

Gibbs, Geo. B., d 26 Aug 1876, age 25 years

Gibbs, George, d 2 May 1850, age 45 years, 1 mo, 2 days

Gibbs, Jas. H., son of J. and Mrs. M. Gibbs, d 11 July 1851, age 10 mos, 10 days

Gibbs, John Henry, son of Amasa and Mrs. Mary Gibbs, d 12 Sept 1860, age 5 years, 8 mos

Gibbs, Mary L., b 1823, d 1861, wife of Benjamin J. Gibbs

Gibbs, Polly, dau of Amasa and Mrs. Rachel Gibbs, d 25 Jan 1839, age 6 years, 8 mos

Gibbs, William, son of Amasa and Mrs. Rachel Gibbs, d 28 Feb 1813

Gildersleeve, John E., b 1890, d 1935, husband of Mrs. Maude E. Gildersleeve

Gildersleeve, Maude E., b 1893, wife of John E. Gildersleeve, d 19__

Godkin, Catherine M., b 1843, d 1912, wife of Robert H. Godkin

Godkin, Robert H., b 1848, d 1905, husband of Mrs. Catherine M. Godkin

Goff, Martha J., dau of Henry and Mrs. Eliza Goff, d 18 Nov 1872, age 12 days

Goosen, Abraham, b 1870, d 1925, husband of Mrs. Sara J. Goosen [b 4 Sep 1870 Retranchement, Zeeland, Netherlands]

Goosen, Johanna Mogue, b 1857, d 1923 [Johanna Steurrys b 23 Feb 1857, Zeeland, the Netherlands]

Goosen, Sara J., b 1884, d (no date of death) [Sarah Johanna Moque b 2 Apr 1874, Zeeland, the Netherlands, d 21 Oct 1953, NY]

Granger- see Adams, Boynton

Green, Lela M., b 1 July 1877, child of Alvin and Mrs. Sarah Green, d 19 Sept 1877

Green, Lina E., b 28 Mar 1873, dau of Alvin and Mrs. Sarah Green, d 29 Mar 1895

Hall, Emma, b 1858, wife of J.D. Hall (no date of death)

Hall, J.D., b 1852, d 1906, husband of Mrs. Emma Hall

Hardcastle, Elizabeth, b 1859, d 1931, wife of Geo. R. Hardcastle

Hardcastle, Geo. R., b 1848, d 1931, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Hardcastle

Hardcastle, Mary Ann, b 1820, d 1873, wife of Thomas B. Hardcastle

Hardcastle, Mary Elizabeth, b 1830, d 1901, wife of Thomas B. Hardcastle

Hardcastle, Thomas B., b 1813, d 1901, husband of Mrs. Mary Ann Hardcastle

Harden, Charles B., b 1879, d 1894

Harden, Sarah Vaughn, b 1846, d 1915

Harrison, Edwin H., b 1839, d 1924, husband of Elizabeth Vaughn

Harrison, Elizabeth (Vaughn), b 1847, d 1924, wife of Edwin H. Harrison

Hathaway- see Adams

Hendricks, Elizabeth, b 1893, d 1934

Hennekey- see Robine [Hennekeij]

Hennekey, Elizabeth, b 1838, d 1914, wife of John P. Hennekey

Hennekey, John P., b 1837, d 1921, husband of Mrs. Maria Hennekey

Hennekey, Maria, b 1836, d 1891, wife of John P. Hennekey

Hennekey, Peter, b 1862, husband of Anna Robine (no date of death)

Hoagland- See Sanford

Hoagland, Albert, b 2 Dec 1794, d 25 July 1852, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Hoagland

Hoagland, Albert L., b July 1854, d Jan 1894, husband of Mrs. Hattie C. Hoagland

Hoagland, Charles B., b May 1853, d 13 June 1935, husband of Mrs. Nellie F. Hoagland

Hoagland, Elizabeth, b 20 Mar 1798, d 20 Jan 1865, wife of Albert Hoagland

Hoagland, Harriet L., b 26 Nov 1827, d 26 April 1892, wife of Wm. S. Hoagland

Hoagland, Mattie C., b Nov 1862, d May 1938, wife of Albert L. Hoagland

Hoagland, Nina L., b 10 July 1888, wife of Stanley L. Hoagland (no date of death)

Hoagland, Nellie F., b April 1862, wife of Charles B. Hoagland (no date of death)

Hoagland, Stanley L., b 8 July 1890, d 31 Aug 1917, husband of Mrs. Nina L. Hoagland

Hoagland, Wm. S., b 21 Dec 1821, d 12 June 1893, husband of Mrs. Harriet L. Hoagland

Hoevenaar, Isaac, b 1868, d 1915, husband of Mrs. Susan Hoevenaar

Hoevenaar, Peter, b 1989, son of Isaac and Mrs. Susan Hoevenaar, d 1907

Hoevenaar, Susan, b 1868, d 1929, wife of Peter Hoevenaar

Howell, George, d 9 Mar 1870, age 70 years, husband of Mrs. Mehietable Howell

Howell, Lovina, d 24 Sept 1896, age 63 years

Howell, Mehietable, d 30 Nov 1862, age 64 years, wife of Geo. Howell

Hoxie, Maryette, dau of Nelson and Mrs. Harriet Hoxie, d 31 Oct 1854, age 15 years

Huige, Susana A., b 4 Oct 1863, d 14 Mar 1898, wife of Peter Huige

Hutchins- see Kelsey

Johnson, Arthur C., b 1906, d 1928

Johnson, Herbert L., b 1864, d 1924, husband of Mrs. Mary Johnson

Johnson, John C., b 1853, d 1916, husband of Mrs. Sarah N. Johnson

Johnson, Lydia, b 18 May 1837, d 6 July 1872, wife of Joseph J. Dickenson

Johnson, Mary, b 1864, wife of Herbert L. Johnson, d 19__

Johnson, Rebecca, d 26 July 1838, age 50 years, 9 mos, 3 days, wife of Seth Johnson

Johnson, Sarah N., b 1855, d 1935, wife of John C. Johnson

Johnson, W. Monroe, son of Seth and Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, d 6 Jan 1859, age 9 years, 4 mos, 22 days

Ridge Chapel Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Ridge Chapel Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Volunteer typist: Helen Fisher Aponte

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