Odds and Ends Cemeteries of Wayne County, NY

The first two small cemeteries were originally published in the 9-volume book "Early Settlers of New York State" by Janet Wethy Foley in March 1935. The third cemetery was published by Ms. Foley in March 1942. Formatting has been slightly changed for presentation on this site.

Original Editor's Note from Janet Wethy Foley in Vol. I, March 1935.

"Mrs. W. F. Garlock copied these tombstones for us."

In a fence corner, Town of Arcadia, Wayne County, about three miles north of Newark, N.Y. [page 108)]

COMSTALK, Joseph, d. Dec. 31, 1832, 31
COMSTALK, Mary, dau. of Jacob and Harriet Comstalk, d. March 22, 1841, 14
COMSTALK, Louisa E., dau. of Joseh and Harriet Comstalk, d. Aug. 16, 1834

"In an apple orchard in the Town of Sodus, on the East Side of the Penn. R. R. near Wallington Junction, Wayne Co." [page 108]

KITCHEN, Matthew, d. June 8, 1867, aged 87 yrs. 10 mo. 1 day
KITCHEN, Sarah, wife of Matthew, d. Apr. 29, 1832, 53
KITCHEN, Sara, wife of Matthew, d. Nov. 1, 1855, 77
AUSTIN, Julian, wife of Thomas Austin, dau. of Martin and Doratha Garrison, d. Jan. 19, 1846, 29 yrs., 10 mo., 27 days
GAFFIELD, Charles H., son of G. and M. Gaffield, d. Jan. 31, 1864, 15
KITCHEN, Dorothy, dau. of D. and G. Kitchen, d. June 13, 1872, 31 yrs., 5 mos., 22 days
GIBSON, Mary, wife of George Gibson, d. March 7, 1863, 79
GIBSON, George, d. June 28, 1830, 55

Van Fleet Cemetery

Town of Wolcott
Wayne County, NY

Township of Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y., Corner of Red Creek-Fairhaven and Blind Sodus Roads.

Ground in very poor condition, badly overgrown, and many stones face down. These were all turned over and copied.

ACRE, Coonrod, Mar. 30, 1817 - Nov. 15, 1893
ACRE, Mary Ann, wife, July 7, 1873, 55y 7m 11d
ACRE, David, son, May 9, 1845, 4y
BLANCHARD, Salmon, Jan. 7, 1857, 69y
BLANCHARD, Hetty, wife, Feb. 4, 1881, in her 92nd y
BROOKS, Spancer G., June 1, 1879, 68y 4m
BROOKS, ___, wife, Apr. 1, 1880
BROTHERS, Charles H., adopted son of Garrett and Harriet Van Fleet, Oct. 16, 1865, 10y 4m 20d
COFFIN, George W., son of Isaac and Adeline, Nov. 1, 1858, 2y 6m 22d
GARNER, Jeremiah, 1816 - 1894
GARNER, Clarinda, wife of Garner, 1816 - 1885
GARNER, Mary, dau. of Garner and Clarinda, May 22, 1869, 24y
GRANDEY, Willis A., son of J. M. and Betsey, Dec. 29, 1853, 1y 5m 21d
HALENBECK, Laurentine, wife of Jacob, July 20, 1874, 46y 3m
HALLETT, William, Dec. 19, 1863, 53y 6m 3d
HOWLAND, Caleb H., DEc. 17, 1896, 64y, G. A. R. flag
HOWLAND, Mary, Sept. 7, 1916, 86y
HOWLAND, George H., son, Jan. 2, 1860, 6m
HOWLAND, Julia, dau., June 22, 1864, 7y 6m
HOWLAND, George H., son of Geo. H. and M. A., Feb. 2, 1851
JONES, Angeline, wife of Chancy, May 30, 1884, 65y
KING, George D., July 28, 1865, 77y 3m 8d
KING, Lany, wife of George D., June 9, 1873, 83y 7m 5d
KING, Geo. R., son of Geo. and Delana, Sept. 7, 1839, 18y 9m
KING, Cornelia, Jan. 24, 1831, 14y (next to Ann Price)
KING, Thomas G. (probably buried here, no stone found)
KING, Harriett, wife of Thomas G., Oct. 17, 1873, 49y 8m
KING, Mertie, dau., Mar. 28, 1880, 18y 10m
KING, Mariah, dau. of David and Catherine, May 6, 1864, 22y 5m
LOUNSBURY, Jesseh, son of D. and P. E., Apr. 23, 1851, 4y 5m 21d
MIXER, Elliott, Dec. 26, 1882, 74y 3d
MIXER, Eliza Ann, wife, Feb. 29, 1812 - Mar. 3, 1875
MOAK, Joseph, July 21, 1891, 82y
MOAK, Sophia, wife, Apr. 19, 1875, 65y 5m 26d
MOAK, Samuel, son, Dec. 21, 1865, 21y 11d
PHILLIPS, Andrew J., May 6, 1822 - Apr. 9, 1889
PHILLIPS, Jane C., wife, Oct. 28, 1821 -Sept. 6, 1884
PHILLIPS, Alice E., dau., Oct. 28, 1865
PHILLIPS, Little Ella, __, 5y 2m 24d
PHILLIPS, Henrietta, dau., July 16, 1858, 10y 5m 6d
PHILLIPS, Nathaniel, Oct. 2, 1853, 61y 10m
PHILLIPS, Mary, wife of Nathaniel, Apr. 6, 1868, 77y 5m 2d
PHILLIPS, Nicholas B., son, Apr. 10, 1853, 23y 3m 16d
PHILLIPS, William N., Mar. 10, 1875, 47y 6m 28d
PHILLIPS, Hannah E., wife, Dec. 17, 1868, 57y 1m 16d
PRICE, Ann M., dau. of Joseph and Ann, June 12, 1862, 18y 4m 10d
ROSBECK, Jeremiah C., Feb. 1, 1828 - June 14, 1883
ROSBECK, Mary A., wife, Sept. 11, 1871, 41y 6m 13d
SANT, Christian, Jan. 29, 1873, 74y 10m
SANT, Sarah, wife, Sept. 30, 1869, 71y 16d
SANT, John M., son, Oct. 18, 1862, 24y 3d
SANT, Peter, Sept. 24, 1854, 21y 1m 24d
SAYRE, James H., Aug. 20, 1864, 38y 2m 3d, flag (died in Auyer Hospital, Va.)
SAYRE, Selah, Nov. 14, 1873, 71y 9m 28d
SAYRE, Letty, wife, July 9, 1872, 81y
SAYRE, Walter D., son of Wm. B. and P., Nov. 15, 1878, 21y 2m 28d
SAYRE, Alice J., dau. of Wm. B. and Patience, Mar. 1860, 1y 5m
SANBURN, Stephen A., son of Orseamus and Frances, May, 1864, 2y
SANBURN, Ellion, dau. of Orseamus and Frances. Apr., 1864, 4y
SWARTOUT, Philip, son of P. and D., Oct. 8, 1810, 12y 8m 23d
TAYLOR, Frances A., dau. of Garrison and Jane, Oct. 31, 1861, 10y
TONES, John, Feb. 17, 1877, 83y 1m
TONES, Naomi, wife, Sept. 8, 1882, 83y 8m
TONES, Wm. K., son, Sept. 10, 1865, 34y 4m 20d
VAN AUKEN, Cornelia, dau. of Levi and Mary, Jan., 1858, 1y
VAN FLEET, ___, son of Garrett and G., Aug., 1862, 4m
VAN FLEET, Alanson, son of Garrett and G., Oct., 1854, 4m
VAN FLEET, Jane Ann, dau. of Garrett and G., Feb., 1854, 10m
VAN FLEET, Garrett, Dec. 3, 1884. Monument.
VAN FLEET, Mary Jane, Dec. 10, 1915 (no age). Monument.
VAN FLEET, George I., Mar. 6, 1883, 61y 5m 21d. Monument.
VAN FLEET, Betsey A. Wright, wife, Dec. 23, 1903, 73y 4m 22d. Monument.
VAN FLEET, Luther Elois, son of Peter and Rachel, 1852, 2y
VAN FLEET, John M., Apr. 27, 1874, 80y 6m 1d
VAN FLEET, Elizabeth, wife, May 25, 1871
VAN FLEET, Sally Ann, Apr. 17, 1805 - Feb. 18, 1825
VAN VALKENBURGH, Mary Jane, wife of John, dau. of Naomi and John TONES, May 3, 1865, 26y
WARNER, Lucinda, wife of Wm. M., Aug. 21, 1866, 33y 7m 19d (She was dau. of Walter and Catherine (SMITH) BLOOMINGDALE.)
WEATHERBY, Judson, son of L. and M. E., Apr. 1, 1843, 4m
WEATHERBY, John P., son of L. and M. E., Sept. 25, 1849, 5y 5m 8d
WILLEY, Minerva SANT, wife of Abraham, Jan. 18, 1845, 45y
WORMER, Alexander, son of P. C. and Maria, Jan. 18, 1845, 11m
WRIGHT, Thomas, Apr. 15, 1804 - July 5, 1888
WRIGHT, Sally, wife, Feb. 22, 1807 - June 20, 1883 (these graves near George Van Fleet)
WRIGHT, William A., July 17, 1873, 47y 29d

The above record was taken Aug. 7, 1941 by Mrs. R. W. Kimball, Irondequoit Chapter N. S. D. A. R.; Dr. R. W. Kimball, Elizabeth Rice, Dorothy Rice and Myrte Rice Haynes, Irondequoit Chapter N. S. D. A. R. Reprinted in March 1942 by Janet Wethy Foley in Early Settlers of New York State.

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