2 Small Palmyra NY Cemeteries

Hopkins a.k.a. School House #7 Cemetery

Town of Palmyra

Wayne County, NY

Schoolhouse #7 Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

2005 Driving Directions - From Palmyra take Rte. 21 North. Make Right turn onto North Creek Rd. after bridge. Follow to end of road when it bends to the Left. After bend in road, Cemetery is on the immediate Left, across the road from the school house.

Notes on the original 1930s cemetery list: "Cemetery on opposite corner from greenhouses north of East Palmyra. Cobblestone school house on corner, now used as tool shop. 1937."

Howell, Orson, son Jacob & Emily, Aug. 28, 1837, 6y 5m 3d
Howell, Harriet, dau. of jacob & Emily, Sept. 5, 1830, 1y 1m 21d
Howell, Anne, dau. of Seth & Mary, Nov. 19, 1802, 1y 5m 12d
Hopkins, William and Eunice his wife who died of fever on *July 7, 1793, he aged 67, she aged 58
Hopkins, ____, 1799, (name gone)
Hopkins, John, March 15, 1833, 80y and as read in 1952: Hopkins John, March 17, 1835, 80y, son of W. & E.
Hopkins, Azuba, wife, Apr. 18, 1845, 83y 8m 18d
Hopkins, Mary, wife of John, 1815, 83y
Hopkins, John, 1829, 9y
Patrick, George N., son of Robert & Marietta, June 1828 in his 1st yr

[Another note from the Historian's Office typescript - *Note: John LaPrana checked stone 4/20/84 and feels date should be July 17, 1793. A close-up view of the stone below shows that Mr. LaPrana was correct.]

Schoolhouse #7 Cemetery

Photograph Contributed by and
© 2006 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Sacred to the memory
of Wm. Hopkins &
Eunice his wife who
died July 17
Wm. aged 67
& Eunice 58

Ennis Farm or Goldsmith Gemetery

Town of Palmyra

Wayne County, NY

Reported to have been on Ennis farm, first right hand farm on East Palmyra Road off Palmyra-Marion Road. Can find no trace and no one knows about it. It may have been confused with a cemetery on the Henry Mitchell farm just east.

Cemetery on corner of Palmyra-Marion Road and second left road north of Palmyra near cobblestone house (1952 Thompson's Grill) now disappeared. August 1952 visited this site and Mr. Hervey Thompson present owner said that gravel was taken from this spot and graves were destroyed. He had one stone at his house with the following inscription:

Greenwood, Paul, Nov. 17, 1841, 74y 1m 14d

Excerpt from deed recorded in Wayne County Clerk's office, Lyons, N.Y.:
Liber 29, page 375, dated May 11, 1841: "and further excepting two square rods of said premises occupied as a burying ground which is to be enclosed and kept enclosed in a good fence by Festus A. Goldsmith, his heirs and assigns and which two square rods are not to be included in this conveyance."

This cemetery has now (1954) completely disappeared and no known records of burials here is believed to be in existence. Mr. Charles Congdon of Palmyra told me (1954) that when property was later sold for a gravel pit, all the land including the cemetery was plowed up and stones and remains were lost.

Margaret H. Merhoff
Wayne County Historian

2005 Driving Directions - in 2005 Daryl VerStreate, while making his pictorial survey of Wayne County cemeteries, was unable to locate this cemetery.

A cemetery near Palmyra, in Ontario County, NY.

List of names of soldiers buried in Port Gibson Cemetery

Town of Manchester

Ontario County, NY

Silas Phelps, Revolutionary War, died 1855, age 96, no record
Philip Salpaugh, War of 1812, died May 2, 1849, 74 years
Elijah C. Phelps, War of 1812, died March 31, 1831, age 30 years
Timothy Bigelow, War of 1812, died Sept. 11, 1814, age 41 years
Alanson Brown, War of 1812, June 27, 1793-Feb. 27, 1872
H. DePung, Mexican War

Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812, page 415
No.: 11,959
NAME OF APPLICANT.: Saulpaugh, Philip, by Widow,
RESIDENCE OF APPLICANT.: Manchester, New York,

These lists were donated by the Office of the County Historian, Wayne County, NY.

Volunteer typist: Allyn Hess Perry of Lyons, NY

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