Marion Cemetery

Marion, NY

Surnames B

Bailey, Milo, 1810-1841

Bailey, Mother (no dates)

Bailey, Henry E, 1843-1916

Bailey, Arabelle Barton, wife, 1850-1917

Bailey, Henry E, 1813-1869

Bailey, Hannah T, 1816-1887

Baker-see Potter, Mary J [On same plot as:]

Baker, Jacob, Nov 1,1789-Sep 23,1872

Baker, Jane, 2nd wife, May 25,1801-Dec 18,1869

Baker, Wm A, (lot 53) 1847-1921

Baker, Kittie T Kane, wife, Mar 29,1849-____

Baker, Geo W, son, Sep 22,1877, 9 mo

Baker, John W,1825-1899

Baker, Lucy A Potter, wife, 1825-1912

Baker, Chas. H,1849-1923

Baker, Emily Parker, wife, 1850-1938

Baker, Our Babe (no dates)

Barclay-VanWorst (no dates)

Barclay-see Milhan, Mary

Barns, Mary Ann, (lot 132) wife of Alonzo, Dec 25,1855, 26-7-12 [See also Bourne, Clarissa. Same lot number]

Bartle, Chas, May 10,1909, 88 yr

Bartle, Julia, wife,1831-1905

Barton, David, 1821-1891

Barton, Celestia, wife, 1826-1896

Barton Mary E,dau, 1878, 20 yr

Barton, Mary Eliz, dau, 1857-1878

Barton, Abbigail May, daughter, 1860-1909

Barton-see Bailey, Arabelle

Bavis, Frank C, 1870-____

Bavis, Georgia L, wife, 1876-1916

Bavis, Iona, daughter, 1902-1904

Bavis, Viola, 1915-____

[Between Frank Bavis and John Bavis families was listed the Edward Coveny family.]

Bavis, John, 1844-1926

Bavis, Mary E[F?], wife,1849-1918

Bavis, William, 1894-1925

Baylard, Edward, 1864-1929

Baylard, Jennie LeRoy, wife, 1863-1932

Baylard, Isaac, (lot 113) 1820-1904

Baylard, Susan N, wife, 1844-1917

Baylard, Anna (no date)

Beach, Luther, (lot 109) Nov 20,1846, 45 yr [See also Skinner, Caleb. Same lot number, with wife Julia Beach]

Beach, Angelina E, Oct 7,1891, 85 yr

Beach, Mary J, May 4,1858, 26 yr

Beal, Helen M, 1843-1923

Beam, Wm, 1818-1885

Beam, Clarinda Wallace, wife, 1818-1894

Beam, Francelia, 1855-1877

Beam, Jerome, son, 1849, 6 yr[Stone says 1843-1849]

Beam, Willie, son, 1851,2 yr

[since transcriptions:

Beam, Andrew, 1850-1930

Beam, Harriet, 1852-1931

Beam, William, 1852-1854]

Beam-see Shult, Catherine

Beam, Adam, Sept 10,1864, 77 yr

Beam, Jane, dau, 1846, 6 yr

Beam, Catherine, wife, June 8,1836,38-5-26

Beam, Sarah, 1833, 9 yr

Beam, Desdamona Ann, wife of John, July 29,1860, 32-9-6

Beam, John, Mar 25,1896, 77 yr

Beam, Sarah, wife, May 27,1884, 47 yr

Beaty, Alexander, 1847-1927[Stone says 1921]

Beaty, Ellen A, wife, 1856-1937

[Not on list:

Beelaard, Peter, born in Yzendyke, Holland, Aug 21,1823, died in Marion, NY, Oct 24,1864

Beelaard, Joanna, wife of Adrian, born in Yzendyke, Holland Jan 1, 1802 died Marion, NY, Feb 22, 1866

Beelaard, Mary, dau of William & Cath... , Sept 5, 1866, 5 yr 5 ds]

Bennett, Chas W, 1821-1901

Bennett, Elvira M, 1819-1897

Bennett, Geo M, 1862-____

Bennett, Frances S, 1848-1854

Bennett, Chas Jr (no dates)

Bennett, Stephen, 1819-1848

Benton, Chas Peter,Nov 7, 1937,69-8-12

Berzine, Philip, 1852-1902

Berzine, Mary, wife, 1853-1928

Berzine, James A, son, 1889-____

Bilby, Joseph P, 1820-1907

Bilby, Mary M Morgan, wife, 1835-1914

Bilby, John H, 1817-1902

Bilby, Cynthia Luce, wife, 1819-1898

Bilby, Wm, Oct. 30,1861,71-12 days

Bilby, Mary, wife, Dec 1,1864,70-10-13

Birch, Dorothy May, 1933-1936

Bishop-see Phelps, Phebe

Blackman, John, Dec 18,1875,24 yr

Blankenburg, Cornelius, 1867-1938

Blankenburg, Lucy, wife, 1884-____

Blankenburg, James C, 1896-____

Blankenburg, Mary S, wife, 1898-____

Blankenburg, Arlene H, daughter, 1919-1924

Bliss, Robert G, 1930-1943

Boekhout, James,Jan 7,1832-Dec 10,1906

Boekhout, Frances,wife,June 20, 1831-Jan 31, 1901

Boekhout, Bernard, 1921-1922,son EJ & SJ

Boekhout, Herbert, 1868-____

Boekhout, Carrie T, wife, 1871-____

Boerman, Shirley Jane, Nov 13,1937, 2 yr 9 mo

Boerman, Marinus, 1858-1928

Boerman, Anna, wife, 1857-1930

Boerman, Doris L, 1917-1937

[Following stone reads Bogert]

Bogart, Peter, (lot 142) 1858-1920

Bogart, Elizabeth, wife, 1864-1948

Bogart, [our mother], Elizabeth, wife of John B, May 11,1877, 59-1-28

Boone, Julia M, 1910-1937

[Boss-see note at Fairbanks at end of list]

Boss, Mary, wife Isaac, June 1,1885,51 yr

Boss, Isaac, April 3,1886, 59-11-3

Boss, Sarah, wife, March 29,1880,55-14 day

Boss, Irene, dau I & S, Jan. 25,1878,17 yr

Boss, Willie, son, 1880,15 yr

Boss, James, son,Mar 1,1920, 58 yr

Boss, John, 1854-1926

Boss, Lena, wife, 1854-1935

Boss, Esther, 1911-1925

Bosue, Catherine, wife of Henry, 1848-1929

Bourne, Clarissa A, (lot 132) wife of Richard,January 11,1854,51 yr

Bourne, Richard, 1806-1874[See also Barns, Mary Ann. Same lot number]

Boutall, John, 1828-1912

Boutall, Hannah M, 1829-1920

Boutall, Emma, wife of Frank, 1853-1925

Boutall, Wm J, 1855-1878

Boutall, Frederick, 1865-1895

Boutall, Frank T, 1853-1940

Boutall, Agnes E, wife, 1853-____

Boyce-see Austin, Armina

Boyce-see Phelps, Minerva

Boyce, Peter, Aug 21,1773-June 10,1844

[Followed entry for Phelps, Ezra T and wife Minerva Boyce]

Boynton-see Huntley, Mary

Bradley, Herman J, (lot 96) 1840-1909

Bradley, Harriet A, wife, 1837-1897

Bradley, Augustus B, Nov 17,1864,20-6-19

Bradley, W Frankie, May 26,1862,13-7-22

Bradley, Lewis, Jan 28,1864,82-5-10

Bradley, Sarah, wife, March 1,1872,84-9-10

Bradley, Wm, 1809-1894

Bradley, Mary C, wife, 1815-1893

Bradley, Delilah, wife, Feb 7,1861,50-8-13

Brainard, Lucy A, (lot 193) wife DA, Dec 7,1866,43 yr [Followed entries for Tobey and Lamb with same lot number]

[Brandon, Karl A, 1896-1969

Brandon, Lena M, 1891-1964

Brandon, Louise H, 1920-____ These were found on same lot as Fisher, Vandermeulen and Decker stones-lot 173 on list]

Brayton, Barnet, (lot 87) Apr 26,1798-Aug 22,1869

Brayton, Olive, wife, April 8,1803-Oct 23,1877

[Brayton couple was on stone with Gideon Skinner family]

Brewster, Henry T, 1816-1874[See Brewster note at end of list]

Brewster, Electa A, wife, 1821-1891

Brewster-see Adams, Mabel L

Brewster, Maude R, 1876-1928

Brewster, Eugene H, 1845-1929

Brewster, Anna A, 1847-1931

Brewster, Carrie E, 1870-1888

Brewster, Earnest B, 1874-1875

Brewster, Eugene R, 1898-1930

Briggs, Flora Bernice, (lot 197) 1894-1923

Briggs, Israel, June 6,1847,62-3-3

Briggs, Ruth, wife, May 22, 1864,68-9-21

Briggs, John, 1826-1888

Briggs, Melvina, wife, 1829-1918

Briggs, Caleb, (lot 59), Nov 20,1851,68-3-21[See Ray, Abby. Same lot number]

Briggs, Matilda, wife, April 2,1863,74-7-3

Brill, Derrick, 1838-1904

Brill, Susan, wife, 1838-1929

Bristol, Janette, (lot 94) wife of Elisha & dau James & Emma Galloway, May 13,1844, 33

Bristol, Edgar, son Elias H & Janet F, 1850, 12 yr

Brooks, Gerald, Dec 20,1943,36-4-13

Brown-see Wilcox [Also see Brown note at end of list]

Brown, Nelson, Mar 24,1882,79 yr

Brown, Nancy Tucker, wife, Mar 31,1881,74 yr

Brown, Hattie A, daughter, Feb 7,1849,7 yr 8 mo

[Wilcox, Lauren and Lucy J Brown Wilcox entry is listed between these two Brown families]

Brown, Fred. N. G. and Jennie Tremain, wife, drowned in Lake Ontario, N.Y., July 14, 1873, aged about 27 years "They were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided."

Brown, Edward, Mar 5,1893,86 yr

Brown, Mary, wife, Apr 17,1881,76 yr

Brown, Mary Ann, daughter (no dates)

Brown, Sarah C, 1837-1916

Brown, Gilbert, Co A, 9 NY H.A., 1837-1924

Brown, Arloa, wife, 1836-1909

Brown, Olive E [Listed with Green, Eli]

Brown, Isaac, 1869-____

Brown, Mary, wife, 1866-1922

5/27/05   Bruinix family contributed by Ruth A. Racki:

Mother: Margaret M. Bruinix, Born October 26, 1903, Died January 10, 1989
Father: Nicolas Hubertus Adrian Bruinx, Born April 3, 1900, Died November 16, 1981
Grandparents on father's side:
Jacomina Bruinix, Born 1876, Died 1961
Nicholas Bruinix, Born 1876. Died 1951

They are all buried side by side and in that order from left to right.

Bruischaart,(lot 179), Philip,1883-1938

Bruischaart, Phoebe, wife, 1892-____ [See also Rissew, Mary. Same lot number]

Brule, Abram, 1841-1903

Brule, Jane L, wife, 1846-1883

Brule, James, son, 1870-1891

Brule, Edward, son, 1872-1908

Brule, Baby, 1883

Brumfield, Richard, April 13,1879,67-8 mo

Brumfield, Electa Eggleston, wife, Jan 16,1892,73-3 mo

Bruysschard, Daniel, 1803-1882

Buckler, Jacob C, 1863-____

Buckler, Alice V, wife, 1864-19__

Bull, Gabriel, (lot 190) 1780-1856

Bull, Sarah, wife, 1773-1856

Bull, Mary A, 1807-1878

Bull, George, 1816-1874

Bull, Freddie, 1872-____

Burbank-see Atwood, Jessie K, and Horn, Frances A, and Engert, Rosa M, daughters of WW Burbank

Burbank, Wm W, (lot 189) Dec 25,1906,87 yr

Burbank, Frances A. Springer, wife, July 18,1878, 47 yr

Burbank, Willie Orleans, son,1862,8 yr

Burbank, Anna Virginia, 1862, 3 yr

Burbank, Mary Lelia Frances, daughter, 1863,7 yr

Burbank, Bessie Amanda, 1863, 7 weeks children of Wm. and Frances

[See Springer, Israel. Same lot number]

Burbank, S. M, (lot 188) 1815-1888

Burbank, Sarah H, wife, 1822-1888

Burbank, Byron M, son, 1856,3 yr

Burbank, Isabella, dau, 1847-1919

Burbank, Rev. Jacob, Born Washington, N.H., 1780-May 11,1863, 82 yr, graduate of Dartmouth in 1807, minister of gospel for 52 years

Burbank, Electa E, wife, born Groton, Conn, 1789-Nov 1,1881, 92-7-21

Burbank, Jacob A, 1821-Aug 18,1849,28 yr, graduate of Union College in 1844

Burbank, Electa A, daughter Rev. Jacob, born Claremont, N.H., 1812-1870 in Palmyra

Burbank, Samuel N, son Rev., 1824-1884, died in New Orleans, LA

[Entry following was Finite, Laura O, daughter of S M & S Burbank]

Burch, Frank J, (lot 102) 1879-1928 [See Truax, Burrous and Harbertson, Phineas. Same lot number]

Burch, Bertha A, wife, 1880-____[- 19__]

Burcroff-see Gilbert, Anna

Burden, Thomas, 1794-1868 [Followed by Witherden family including Susan Burden Witherden]

Burgess, Ruth Hauver, wife of Frank, 1871-1935

[Followed by two Hawver/Hauver families]

Burnett, Cordelia, (lot 88) wife of James, Jan 13,1869,41-6-25[See also Dolph, Jacob and Dusenbery, Myron. Same plot number]

Burr-see Love, Mary

Burr-see Knapp, Cynthia

Burr, Lindo[or e?]n, Jan 12,1858,80 yr

Burr, Martha, wife, April 2,1847,59 yr

Burr, Mary Jane, 1835-1927

Burr, Olive, Mar 2,1864,46 yr

Burr, Edward, (lot 130) Dec 30,1806-Jan 13,1896[See note for Burr at end of list]

Burr, Elizabeth, wife,Jan 18,1858,48 yr

Burr, Maria, wife,July 30,1884,83 yr

Burr, Wm Burr, Co. F., [11th] U.S. Inf, [Dec 13] 1826-1882

Burr, Anna, dau E, Sept 12,1872,28 yr

[Followed by entry for Adams, Myron and dau Lydia A Burr]

Burr, Benjamin, (lot 106) 1807-1886

Burr, Mary, wife, 1812-1836

Burr, Elizabeth, wife, 1819-1888

Burr, Martha A, 1839-1846

Burr, Amelia, 1842-1843 [See also Philip, M Jennie Burr. Same lot number]

Burr-see Sherwood, Sarah [Same plot number:]

Burr, Nancy, (lot 2, row 4) daughter of Sylvester & Mary, 1842, 24 yr

BURR (incorrectly listed as Burrud), Isaac, Mar 6, 1812 - Jan ___, 1881, 68 yr, 9 mo

BURR (incorrectly listed as Burrud), Nancy, wife, June 5, 1814 - Feb 7, 1889

Burrud, John B, Capt Co D, 160 NY Vol, Apr 28,1883,54 yr

Burrud, Louie Jenkins, wife, N.J., Feb 5, 1887, 25 yr

Burrud, Johnnie, Fanny and baby (no dates)

Burrud, Emily, 1859-1901

Burrud, Emily L, (lot 56) dau John & Sarah, Sep 1856, 23-8-3

Burrud, John, Nov 22,1869,84-4-21

Burrud, Sarah A, wife,Dec 25, 1878,84-1-4

[See Simmons, Sarah. Same lot number]

Bush, Anna Cook, daughter [of Abraham and Josina], 1838-1914[Listed with Abraham Cook family]

Bush, Leon (no dates)

Bush, Wm H, 1855-1915

Bush, Mary J Arnold, wife, 1856-1897

Bush, Jacob, 1868-____

Bush, Sarah, 1873-1939

Bush, Helen, 1907-1907

Bush, Thomas, 1896-1897

Bush, B Sanford, Jan 5,1818-Feb 18,1886

Bush, Hannah E, wife, 1825-1910

Bush, John J (lot 55), 1824-1858

Bush, Eliz. Snyder, wife of John Bush & Frederick Snitzel, 1827-1899

[See entry for Snitzel, Frederick. Same lot]

Bush, Wm H, son of John & Eliz, 1841,9 mo

Bush, Philip,June 25,1887,69 yr

Bush, Mary, wife, Nov 30,1883,67 yr

Bush, Mary, 1854,10 mo

Bush, Frank F, 1881-1915

Bush, Lewis R, 1927-1936

Bushart, Raymon, age 3 months

Bushart, Daniel, 1834-1922

Bushart, Nellie, wife, 1833-1881

Bushart, Daniel Jr, son, 1867-1883

Bushart, Jennie, second wife of Daniel, 1833-1910

[On same stone: Jennie Verbrige]

Bushart, Cornelius, 1868-____

Bushart, Jennie S Jores, wife 1873-____

[Followed by entry for Cook, Sanford and wife Bertha Bushart]

Bushart, Adriana, 1878-1935

Bushart, Jacob, 1870-____

Bushart, Nellie, wife, 1874-1922

Bushart, Daniel C, 1860-____

Bushart, Mary S[?], wife,1858-____

Bushart, John L, son, 1890-____

Bushart, Abram, 1865-1936

Bushart, Mary, wife, 1867-____

[Followed by entries for Cook, Samuel with wife Jennie Bushart, and Bushart, William]

Bushart, William, 1872-____

Bushart, Anna L Fisher, wife, 1875-1927

Butler, Caroline E, Dec 20,1905,63 yr

Butler, Henry, (lot 52) 1816-1887

Butler, Harriet, wife, 1818-1899

Butler, Adaline, 1845-1863

Butler, Harriet O, 1852-1860

Butler, John H, 1855-1860 [Same plot number, see Center, Sheldon and wife Agnes Butler]

Butts, Parce (lot 147) 1826-1908

Butts, Charlotte, 1824-1909

Butts, Henry L, son, June 7,1863,13 yr

[Followed by Allen, Chas. Same lot number]

Volunteer typist: Jennifer Cranch of Fairport, NY

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