Located in the village and town of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y.

Lyons Rural Cemetery

Thank you to the six volunteers who digitally transcribed this cemetery - Nancy Taillie, Carol DeCook, Kathy Mott, Marcia Benton, Debra Page-Parker and Allyn Hess Perry!

Dr. Solomon Olin in his diary (1855) calls this Parshall Cemetery.

This record starts at the Blakeley-Lewis lot at the north and east of the circle in the mail drive, and proceeds north along the first line of lots to the end.

BLAKELEY LaMott M. 1826-1919
BLAKELEY Mary WARD 1800-1879
BLAKELEY Eudora L. 1845-1929
LEWIS Southard 1818-1858
LEWIS Elvira BLAKELEY wife 1820-1880
SHERMAN Emma B. 1863-19
PARSHALL LaMott B. 1898-1945
RICHMOND VanRensselaer Jan. 12, 1812-Nov. 2, 1883
RICHMOND Emma Amelia DENISON wife Jan. 17, 1815-May 18, 1854
RICHMOND Joanna TOWAR wife also June 8, 1833-Jan.24,1890
RICHMOND Denison Sep.17,1839-Oct.4,1888
RICHMOND VanRensselaer Jr. 1841-1852
FORFAR James Feb.12,1839-1890
FORFAR Jane wife Mar.8,1828-June 4, 1874
FORFAR George R. Aug.13,1860-Nov.24,1887
FORFAR George Sep.1,1857-Mar.23,1859
FORFAR Lillie J. Feb.10,1852-1871
FORFAR Vennor B. July 11,1881-Jan.27,1894
WHITLOCK Catherine 1843-1918
KIRKWOOD Margaret born Scotland Jan.12,1788-July 19,1861
TELLER Henry 1860-1919
TELLER Wilhelmina wife 1864-1899
TELLER Albert H. 1887-1907
TELLER Frederick 1852-1918
TELLER Mary wife of Frederick 1853-1922
TELLER Mary dau F.& M.1884-1894
TELLER William H. 1879-1944
TELLER Caroline wife 1880-19
YOUNG Edmond Lt. Co H 9th N.Y.H. Art. d. May 17,1881, 35y
YOUNG Julia Ann wife 1850-1925
YOUNG Levi 1865=1936
YOUNG Lottie C. wife 1869-1956
YOUNG Conrad Dec.31,1813-Dec.5,1897
YOUNG Salome wife 1826-1883
YOUNG Conrad son Conrad & Salome 1857-1859
YOUNG Henry 1847-1922
YOUNG Christine wife 1848-1926
YOUNG Conrad d. Sep.9,1862, 76y 2m 11d
MILLER Philip H. Nov.11,1821-Feb.11,1907
MILLER Mary M. wife 1823-1874
MILLER Wells 1861-1891
MILLER Pansy dau W. & Libbie 1891-1893
MILLER Walter L. 1868-1941
MILLER Maude C. 1872-1956
MILLER George H. son Philip & Mary 1859-1861
MILLER David H. son Philip & Mary 1862-1863
MILLER Delbert H. 1873-1944
MILLER Eva M. 1874-
ENGEL Daniel 1860-1932
ENGEL Emma E. 1861-1942
ENGEL Daniel d. Apr.13,1889, 58y 6m
ENGEL Saloma wife d. Jan.23,1907, 75y 3m
ENGEL Edith dau D.E.& E.E. d 1896, 11m 10d
ENGEL Chas. son d 1860, 8m 18d
ENGEL Henry son D.E. & E.E. d 1896, 1y 4m
ENGEL Emma dau D & S d 1876, 21y 8m
"Emma, you'll not sleep forever,
Soon we'll meet no more to sever."
PFITZINGER Rev. M. 1835-1919
PFITZINGER Anna Maria wife 1833-1909
PFITZINGER Jessie S. d 1879, 3y 5m 9d
PFITZINGER Edward J. d Oct.30,1869, 4y 8m 26d
PFITZINGER Julia C. Aug.5,1879, 15y
PFITZINGER Margaretha wife of George d July 1,1882, 79y 5m 24d
BURKE Charles W. 1872-1938
BURKE Edith BUISCH wife 1880-19
ROHR Dorothy 1824-1886 Mother
ROHR Jacob Sr. 1815-1880 Father
ROHR Samuel 1859-1887 Son
KAISER Philip 1850-1909
KAISER Sophy wife 1852-1933
REITER Frank 1891-1951
REITER Lena Y. 1889-1940
WARNER Frederick 1816-1882
WARNER Dorothea wife 1819-1896
WARNER Frederick 1841-1918
LEHR Rosa wife of Michael 1874-1898
VOELZER William 1844-1921
VOELZER Sophia wife 1848-1931
VOELZER Fritz 1841-1917
VOELZER Frederika BLANK wife of Fritz 18_1-1892
STONE Jesse 1888-1947
MASKOW Rosa GROSEN wife of Frederick May 15,1815-Aug.1,18_1
RAYMER John 1859-1935
RAYMER Mary 1862-1933
RAYMER John H. infant son of John & Mary
DANGLER Charles L. 1857-1937
DANGLER Christina wife 1866-1957
DANGLER LeRoy son of C & C 1896-1897
DANGLER Arthur 1887-19
DANGLER Lulu 1891-1959
DWYER Michael 166th N.Y.S. Vol. d Jan.22,1892, 55y
BRINK Mary MALLOW wife of Emil 1862-1898
GRIDLEY Jacob H. 1837-1904
GRIDLEY Mary E. SMALLBONE wife 1846-1920
SCHNEIDER Adam d Sep.10,1877, 53y 8m
KALLER Elizabeth wife of Frederick C. 1856-1895
SCHREOCK George 1858-1943
SCHREOCK Julia S. wife 1864-1946
SCHREOCK Gottfried d 1896, 4y
SHERMAN Abraham d Feb.5,1861, 86y
SHERMAN George d 1896, 8y Baby
HEITZENREIDER Jacob d May 2,1851, 85y
HEITZENREIDER Florence BASSETT wife of R. 1892-1918
RICH Philip 1820-1901
RICH Eva wife 1832-1913
RICH August son 1872-1936
RICH Philip son 1850-1937
RICH Helena 1876-1954
RICH Anna 1874-1955
FEL Eva 1869-1957
FELDMAN Peter 1848-1900
FELDMAN Barbara wife 1845-1915
FELDMAN Katherine dau 1876-1886
BUISCH Margaret 1877-1931
BUISCH Infant son D.E. & M.F. d Oct.30,1914
BROCK Herman 1898-1943
BROCK C. 1871-1929
BROCK Kate wife 1878-
BROCK Raymond 1895-1955
GREENABLE Jacob 1863-1909
GREENAGLE Theresa S. wife 1875-1943
GREENAGLE Max son J.S. & T.S. 1899-1953
GREENAGLE Jacob no dates
NELLIS Lillian G. dau J. & T.S. GREENAGLE d 1902(?)
AHRENS Henry April 18,1875-Oct.9,1896
(north end of first row)
This row of lots starts directly east of Blakeley-Lewis lot, pg.1
ARBOGAST Philikp d Mar.21,1882, 68y 5m 8d
ARBOGAST Magdalena wife d Nov.15,1903, 82y 10m 3d
ARBOGAST Philip Co B 27th N.Y. Vol., Co D 9th N.Y.H. Art. 1845-1929
ARBOGAST Louisa wife 1851-1926
GRIMM Katharina d April 28, 1859, 62y
DIEFENBACK Michael April 8,1789-July 15,1861
ARBOGAST Charles F. Oct.5,1856-April 6, 1924
ARBOGAST George A. son Philip & Louisa 1877-1895
ARBOGAST Mary Jane dau Philip & Louisa d. Feb.25,1871, 3m
SATTERLEE James S. Mar.29,1777-Aug.14,1855
SATTERLEE Theodosia wife Mar.13,1782-June 28,1852
SATTERLEE James A. d. Mar.15,1874, 68y
SATTERLEE Mary wife d. Dec.26,1869, 55y
MOORE Zebulon Sep.13,1813-Apr.23,1869
MOORE Ann Jan.10,1811-Sep.1,1875
MOORE Catherine WHITNEY wife of Charles H. 1844-1914
MOORE Charles H. 1841-1909
Also two graves marked Z.M. & E.M.B., probably foot stones
HOLMES Nellie A. dau S.D. & E.M. 1856-1862
THORNHILL Mary Grace wife of E.H. 1868-1899
RAY Charles H. 1854-1895 [see note at bottom of page]
RAY Harriet Pearl wife 1858-1922 [see note at bottom of page]
RAY Emma TINSLEY wife of Reginald P. RAY, May 10,1880-June 9, 1948 [see note at bottom of page]
RAY Reginald P. 1880-1960 husband of Emma [new addition; see note at bottom of page]
WICKSON Children, Little Georgie & Mary Louise, no dates
GRAY John 1819-1908
GRAY Mary wife b. Scotland 1814-1871
GRAY James 1846-1923
GRAY Mary wife 1856-1925
GRAY Margaret 1848-1932
GRAY Mary A. 1855-1879
GRAY John A. 1851-1912
BOEHEIM Frederick W. 1825-1905
BOEHEIM Phillippina wife 1824-1929
BOEHEIM Frederick 1854-1929
BOEHEIM Saloma wife 1850-1937
BOEHEIM Charales 1861-1928
BOEHEIM Elizabeth wife 1864-1905
BOEHEIM Charles G. 1888-1953
BOEHEIM Bessie B. 1884-
LEHMAN Jacob d Jan.4,1899, 87y 8m
LEHMAN Maria wife of J. d Sep.13,1883, 73y 6m 3d
LEHMAN Joseph 1848-1923
LEHMAN Louisa wife of Joseph 1852-1938
LEHMAN George 1873-1917
LEHMAN Rubold son J. & M. d 1853, 3y 6m
BURNS Robert A. 1871-1951
BURNS Mamie wife of Robert 1872-1912
KRUGMAN William 1850-
KRUGMAN Christina wife 1856-1924
KRUGMAN Charles H. son 1874-1876
KRUGMAN Ernest 1802-1881
KRUGMAN Louisa S. wife of E. 1808-1852
DAILEY Hattie KRUGMAN wife of S.J. Dailey 1872-1916
FRANK Karl 1817-1904
FRANK Elizabeth wife 1818-1910
BERNS Otto 1879-1943
BERNS Bena C. 1878
MARTIN Adam 1844-1925
MARTIN Charlotte wife 1844-1912
MARTIN Alvin F. son 1882-1891
MARTIN Frank son, no dates
UNGERER Michael 1821-1901
UNGERER Christina wife 1824-1897
UNGERER Barbara dau 1861-1882
UNGERER George 1856-1944
UNGERER Louise wife 1865-1931
BECKER George 1853-1901
BECKER Emma SITTERLEE wife 1859-1917
BECKER M. 1858-1915
BECKER Julia wife 1854-1928
BECKER Henry 1866-1955
BECKER Martha wife 1868-1945
BECKER Baby, no dates
MORRIN Christopher, Co G 15th U.S. Inf. d Feb.27,1887, 60y
"A friend to his country, and a believer in God"
MORRIN Norah wife d May 18, 1899, 63y
MORRIN Maggie dau d Apr.13,1886, 17y 8m
"Gone but not forgotten"
MORRIN William son d Jan.23,1890, 29y 8m
"May he rest in peace"
MORRIN John son d May 12, 1896, 36y
MORRIN Daniel d Nov.1,1908, 54y
HANO Henry 1855-1927
HANO Mary wife 1852-1905
HANO Elizabeth 1886-1930
HANO Gertrude 1888-1935
WARREN Harry D. 1858-1929
WARREN Hattie E. RANKERT wife 1856-1908
MALCHOW John 1842-1914
MALCHOW Frederica wife 1840-1896
Mother and Grandma, no dates, same lot
ROSE William 1876-1961
ROSE Emma wife 1880-1952
ROSE Freddie son 1903-1904
BRAMER Augusta 1852-1914
REPPENHAGEN Williams d Sep.5,1894, 72y
REPPENHAGEN Elizabeth wife d Apr.3,1895, 68y
KAUFELDT Ernest 1884-1906 "John 3:16"
FORD Patrick d Sep.26,1897, 79y
MORAN James B. d Nov.2,1894, 29y
MUELLER John d Aug.21,1861, 19y 16d
SHULER Amandus 1847-1926
SHULER Frederika wife 1849-1921
SHULER William H. 1880-1943
SHULER Mother, Susie M. SHULER d 1886
BACKER Frederick 1859-1934
BACKER Dorothea wife 1854-1931
BACKER Henry, Father 1823-1897
WILKE Bertha dau J.& M. 1897-1916
LENDT Christian 1840-1905
LENDT Louisa wife 1839-1899
(north end of second row)
This row of lots starts at north end of cemetery directly east of Lendt lot.
BREMER Frederick 1843-1912
BREMER Louisa wife 1845-1890
HOUSE Amanda E.
LENDT William 1874-
LENDT Louisa wife 1871-1955
LENDT Emelia dau W. & L. 1886-1901
STORMS Charles 1871-1939
STORMS Rosa wife 1872-1928
WILKE Julius G. 1858-1936
WILKE Wilhelmina 1865-1940
WILKE Pauline wife of Edward 1861-1898
WILKE Frederick 1899-1919
SEIDEL Amos C. 1888-
SEIDEL Mada N. wife 1892-
SCHLIEMANN Pvt. Frank Fred, 5th Reg. Marines 2nd Div. July 2,1900-June 12,1918
SCHLIEMANN Anna W. 1869-1947
SCHLIEMANN Henry F. 1863-1938
SCHLIEMANN William F. 869-1937
SCHLIEMANN Caroline 1876-1950
MATTEO Tomo 1889-1011
DELGROSSO Rocco 1892-1912
TROMBINO Francesco DeGuiseppe noto 1906 emorto 1906
SUESZ Magdelina wife of Lewis d Apr.19,1849, 27y 4m 27d
BLANK Charles 1854-1945
BLANK Minnie 1853-1939
BLANK Theodore aged 64
BLANK Charles L. 1876-1951
LOTZ Frederick 1854-1906
LOTZ Fredericka 1852-1931
FELDMAN Peter 1848-1900
FELDMAN Barbara wife 1845-1915
FELDMAN Katherine dau 1876-1886
REULE Matthias F. 1841-1883
REULE Elizabeth wife 1843-1898
REULE William F. 1882-1903
REULE Mary A. wife 1872-1907
REULE Conrad E. son M. & E. 1866-1874
REULE George F. 1870-1945
KLAHN Ernest L. 1854-1923
GREENWALD Frederick 1844-1905
GREENWALD Wilhelmina wife 1842-1913
GREENWALD Henry 1869-1895
GREENWALD Louisa 1879-1953
KRUSEMARK Frederica d Mar.8, 1896, 77y
KREISS J. Henry 1842-1908
KREISS Phillippina wife 1854-1914
KREISS Willie son 1887-1894
KREISS John H. 1877-1921
KREISS Freda 1884-
KREISS Margaret 1879-1933
CONWAY James E. 1882-1912
CONWAY Elizabeth wife 1877-1937
HURLBURT George S. 1849-1893 Father
HURLBURT Salomia wife of G. 1850-1887 Mother
HURLBURT Henry 1879-1951
HURLBURT Charles G. 1883-1934
BREIDENBOCKER Jacob Co D N.Y.H. A. no dates
BURGES Ransom Co 98th N.Y.S. Vol d Sep.10,1888, 73y
DURKEE Shubael Co I, 18th N.Y. Vol. d Nov.5,1887, 52y
WILSON Henry Co H 2nd Pa. Art. d Jan.15,1884, 43y
ARNOLD Louis Co C 160th N.Y.S. Vol. d Oct.9,1886, 61y
SEIGRIST Henry Sgt. Co T N.Y.S. Engrs. d Mar.20,1890, 57y
"May he rest in peace"
PAVONNET Alphonso Co I 6th Conn. Vol. Inf. d Apr.27,1891, 72y
WOLMER Conrad Co. I 17th N.Y.S. Vol. d Nov.20,1862, 62y
BUSH Jacob d Dec.1,1893, 69y
ROGERS Murray M. Co C 160th N.Y.S. Vol. d Jan.8,1892, 52y
DONNELLY Michael Co K 30th Wes. Vol. d Apr.9,1892, 54y
RICH John Co H 9th N.Y.H. Art. d Apr.28,1895, 52y
FATRE John Co. C 160th N.Y. Vol d Jan.29,1897, 78y
WINTERS Charles Co G 9th N.Y.H.A. d July 28,1906, 81y
RAIL Moses P. Co C 160th N.Y. Vol d Apr.25,1902, 82y
KACKRITZ Robert Co C 160th N.y. Vol. d Oct.24,1878, 68y
ROOKER William H. d Jan.25,1919, 83y
ROOKER Caroline R. wife d Oct.31,1926, 84y
ROOKER George P. son d Dec.20,1882, 15y 11m
LADUQUE Arthur 1856-1929
LADUQUE Susan wife 1854-1940
LADUQUE Gordon 1897-1933
STOETZEL George W. 1859-1943
STOETZEL Mary E. wife 1863-1942
STAUCH Frederick C. 1840-1892
STAUCH Eva HEINER wife 1844-1915
MYERS Frans 1818-1891
MYERS Catherine wife 1821-1887
MYERS Theodore 1852-1876
MYERS Frank 1863-1913
MYERS Ella WHITLOCK wife of Frank 1860-1910
MYERS John J. 1817-1894
MYERS Henry 1853-1914
BENJAMIN Charles H. 1861-1921
SCHREIBER Henry 1837-1916
SCHREIBER Frederica 1834-1876
SCHREIBER Edward 1872-1873
SCHREIBER Matilda 1860-1943
SCHREIBER Henry 1867-1950
ZITTER George d Feb.14,1888, 64y 6m
ZITTER Mary Eva wife d Jan.24,1881, 71y 9m 14d
SCHATTNER Jacob d Aug.14,1852, 66y
SCHATTNER Juliana HAUSER d Feb.1,1873, 85y
SCHATTNER Adam 1838-1911
SCHATTNER Magdalena wife 1843-1915
SCHATTNER Georgie d 1872, 5m
SCHATTNER Albert d 1873, 5y Children of A. & M.
SCHATTNER Jessie d. 1881, 9m
RANDALL Catherine F.
RANDALL Willie R. no dates
MATTHES Henry Apr.8,1826-Nov.28,1900
MATTHES Katherine wife June 27,1830
MOHRHARDT Henry 1800-1888
MOHRHARDT Maria E. wife 1792-1876
BORCK Frederick 1817-1907
BORCK Dorothy wife 1829-1857
BORCK Dorothea wife 1823-1909
BORCK Philip C. 1860-19
BORCK Freda wife 1858-1919
HILLIARD Thomas 1819-1895
HILLIARD Mary wife 1821-1896
HILLIARD Sarah dau 1845-1858
"Sacred marble safely keep
Her dust that under thee doth sleep
Til the last trumpet sound will bid her rise
To meet her Saviour in the skies."
HILLIARD Stella d Mar.28,1885, 1m 10d
HILLIARD Fannie d 1879
BRUBACHER Martin d July 18,1873, 28y
BRUBACHER Magdalena wife 1844-1922
BRUBACHER Charles 1871-
CLAUSZ Michael d Aug.8,1885, 70y
CLAUS Magdalena wife d Dec.11,1899, 80y
CLAUSZ Philip 1856-1936
CLAUSZ Anna B. 1863-1938
CLAUSZ William E. d 1901, 39y
CLAUSZ Orval R. son Geo. & Louisa M. 1892-1892
CLAUSZ Edna M. d 1885, 3d
TOURNAY Mary CLAUSZ 1853-1930 (on Clausz lot)
CONKLIN Ralph 1868-1940
CONKLIN Emma M. 1867-1942
AUL William C. 1864-1940
AUL Mary BECKWITH wife 1865-1909
SCHWEICKART Frederick 1823-1909
SCHWEICKART Saloma wife 1810-1880
METZ Christoph 1833-1885
METZ Elizabeth 1835-1915
EDITELMAN F.B. Sep.18,1866-Jan.12,1872
(GUITELMAN) "Here rest in God" (translated from the German)
MENTZ Cornelius 1838-1882
MENTZ William D. 1861-1899
(The following graves are near the circle outside the line of graves)
HARTNAGEL Frederick 1801-1886
HARTNAGEL Barbara wife 1804-1886
HARTNAGEL Bennie G. son 1874, 6m
HARTNAGEL Rosa dau d 1877 "Gone but not forgotten"
GARDNER William d 1874, 74y
GARDNER Sarah d 1873, 64y
(The following are back in the regular line of lots)
SCHWARTZ Stephen 1818-1901
SCHWARTZ Barbara WEBER wife 1829-1901
SCHWARTZ Margaret C. dau d July 5,1861, 6y 7m 8d
SCHWARTZ Caroline d Nov.12,1853, 7m 26d
YOUNGS William d Jan.1,1842, 33y
YOUNGS Philanie C. d July 29,1852, 25y
RICE Caleb Mar.10,1815-Apr.20,1874
RICE Sarah Louise wife Oct.14,1824-Sep.29,1856
RICE Elizabeth and Clare no dates
CRANE D. Warner no dates
CRANE Mary RICE no dates
KNOBLOCH Jacob B. d Washington D.C., Sgt. Co L, 57th Inf. WWI 2/3/1888-2/13/1956
KNOBLOCH Frances K. 1855-1941
HOYT Mary B. 1820-1910 Mother
HOYT Eliza J. 1840-1917 Sister
FELLER Nicholas in Revolutionary War d Nov.18,1834, 80y
BOYST John Co D 9th N.Y.H. Art. Sep.2,1841-Feb.1,1911
BOYST Harriet wife Feb.16,1843-June 28,1918
RICE Mary GILBERT wife of Amos Aug.10,1827-Jan.13,1899
RICE C. Edward son A. & M. Jan.11,1857-Sep.1,1870
GILBERT John Dec.13,1789-July 21, 1882
GILBERT Mary DEITZ wife July 18,1805-July 18,1888
GILBERT Charles son J. & M. Dec.12,1838-Nov.19,1853
GILBERT Elizabeth June 6,1835-Dec. 18,1891
GILBERT John P. Dec.27,1829-Jan.7,1911
GILBERT Mary E. TYLER wife of John P. July 2,1835-Nov.2,1882
GILBERT E. Joanna dau J.P. & M.E. Dec.24,1867-Sep.2,1868
SHEIBLEY Sebastian d Mar.4,1831 in his 67th yr
SHEIBLEY Naomi wife d May 6,1857, 73y
SCHEIBLEY Jacob d May 26,1845, in his 34th yr
"Here you see as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so shall you be."
BAILEY Sylvanus 1845-1915
BAILEY Rosa wife 1850-1904
GUENTHNER C. Frederick July 9,1842-Sep.18,1896
GUENTHNER Christine wife Mar.8,1847-June 27,1917
GUENTHNER Carrie dau May 12,1871-Jan.9,1886
GUENTHNER Frank A. Apr.25,1880-Sep.21,1913
GUENTHNER Fred 1877-1924
GUCKER George B. 1877-1941
GUCKER Francis GUENTHNER 1880-19
MARSHALL Lovina U. Mother 1878-1941
MARSHALL William W. 1908-1952
UNGERER Michael 1848-1923
UNGERER Salome wife 1854-1928
UNGERER Harriet S. dau 1875-19
UNGERER Herbert L. 1897-1947
MARSHALL Stephen d Apr.1,1883, 78y
MARSHALL Polly wife d May 5, 1895, 88y
MARSHALL Hiram d Jan.14,1887, 52y
MARSHALL Harriet wife 1834-1917
WOLF Emma M. 1872-1917 (on above Marshall stone)
MARSHALL Charles E. d May 24,1855, 25y
MARSHALL Wiulliam H. d Oct.3,1859, 20y
MARSHALL Eliza J. d June 5,1858, 17y
MARSHALL Theodore d July 10,1852, 21y
MARSHALL Sarah d June 9,1853, 15y
HEADLEY Parmelia 1850-1905
MARSHALL William W. d May 23,1875, 25y
MARSHALL Eliza d Aug.27,1863, 2y
MARSHALL Charles G. d Jan.12,1891, 31y
MARSHALL William 1878-1912
MARSHALL Kenneth 1903-1909
STERRETT Henry d Sep.10,1849, 45y
STERRETT William son H. & H. d Aug.27,1849, 18y
GINDER Frederick N.Y. Ord. Sgt. U.S. Army Jan.1,1854-Mar.18,1932
ALLEN Charles d Sep.26,1858, 46y 10m 18d
ALLEN Marietta LEACH wife d Apr.7,1893, 77y 3m 14d
ALLEN Jacob L. Co G 160th N.Y.S.V. d Aug.21,1887, 42y 6m 21d
PITTS Fammie B. ALLEN wife of S.W. Pitts 1847-1921
PITTS John son S.W. & F.B. 1878-1881
ALLEN Ezra son C. & M. d July 9,1840, 1y 2m 18d
ALLEN Lucy dau C. & M. d Nov.16,1842, 1y 10m 2d
CRAMER George H. Sep.10,1852-Apr.3,1923
CRAMER Laura E. SUTTON wife July 5,1852-Apr.29,1943
CRAMER George W. Mar.29,1815-May 20,1882
CRAMER Mary Jn. HALLIDAY wife Sep.2,1819-Sep.19,1894
HALLIDAY Chauncey Apr.24,1793-June 21,1885
HALLIDAY Mary Sep.15,1798-Apr.23,1858
HALLIDAY Chauncey son C. & M. d 1816, 8m 24d
SUTTON Oliver C. d Jan.7,1877, 55y
SUTTON Harriet M. ROSS wife d Oct.7,1902, 76y
SUTTON Emma J. d Apr.9,1884, 29y
SUTTON William R. d Feb.12,1882, 31y
SUTTON Julia Ann wife of R.B. d Jan.14,1858, 76y
SUTTON Orrin R. son J.A. & R.B. d Feb.27,1845, 20y
ROGERS Luther S. Corp. 11th N.Y. Vol. Oct.8,1843-May 5,1864, Wilderness
ROGERS Captain Lyman A. 98th N.Y. Vol. May 7,1838-July 10,1864, Cold Harbor
ROGERS B.R. June 20,1807-June 10,1880
ROGERS H.J. no dates
ROGERS Belinda wife of Capt. B.R. Aug.20,1807-Jan.30,1864
ROGERS John C. Nov.9,1845-Jan.7,1887
ROGERS Lena B. Sep.22,1858-July 17,1955
ROGERS Hiram C. July 18,1835-Oct.25,1888
ROGERS Lillie P. dau Hiram & _ d Sep.4,1875, 1y 2m 28d
BOSTWICK Maria wife of Charles Nov.1,1830-Apr.9,1906
BOSTWICK Linda dau C. & M. 1859-1887
CARMER Minnie beloved wife of Willis G. 1862-1892
MANN Hiram, MD departed hence Oct.24,1866, 77y
"Be ye always ready"
MANN Sophia B. wife slept in peace Mar.19,1871, 81y
"To depart and be with Christ which is far better"
MANN H. Bigelow son H.& S. entered into rest June 26,1839, 17y
"If he sleeps he shall do well"
STONE Artemus d 1859, 74y
STONE Mary wife d Nov.28,1860, 75y
LEACH S.L.-J.L.-E.A.-T.A.-M.S.-O.E.-G.R. (no dates, may be footstones)
LEACH Electa H. 1809-1850
LEACH Almira G. 1825-1891 wife of Miles S.
LEACH Miles S. 1810-1875
LEACH Miles S. son A.T. & M. July 19,1893-Jan.11,1894
LEACH Henry 1855-1859
LEACH Henry W. Oct.21,1822-May 31,1886
LEACH Christina wife of Henry W. Sep.5,1820-Dec.14,1887
LEACH Leon G. 1884-1947
LEACH Anna S. 1887-19- wife of Leon
LEACH Augustus T. 1852-1899
LEACH Madeline G. 1852-1935
BARCLAY Gavitt A. 1875-19
BARCLAY Gertrude A. 1873-1946
BARCLAY Genevieve 1914-19
COOK Adelia Mar.4,1843-May 20,1844
TAFT Lorinda Ann wife of H.N. Feb.23,1810-May 27,1840
TAFT Mary Lorinda Nov.21,1839-Jan.16,1844
TAFT Harriet Emily July 6,1833-Dec.10,1847
TAFT George Willard Oct.9,1828-Jan.27,1848
NELLIS Nelson Sep.18,1828-Apr.13,1894
SISSON Hon. William d Dec.7,1863, 77y 26d his last words "now I'll sleep"
SISSON Caroline C. wife d Mar.7,1892, 77y 21d
"Looking unto Jesus"
SISSON Betsy GALE wife of William Mar.21,1847, 55y 5d
SISSON T. Drury Gale son Wm. & Betsy b Lyons, NY Dec.9,1822, d Lyons NY
Feb.17,1844, 21y 2m 8d
"He was fair, and on his open brow
Truth and virtue had their seal
None spoke of him but to praise
None knew him but to love."
HILLMAN Elizabeth J. SISSON wife of Dr. L.C. Hillman, Oct.26,1818-Oct.26,1852
Also their daughter, Drurietta Clare d May 28,1853, 10m 5d
"Death claimed the lovely flower nor spared the tender bud"
"Tombstone of Italy thou hast engraved upon thy sculptured marble
the name and age of her whose immaculate spirit exalted (their lives)
and noble soul was the joy of him whose life she left desolate.
Cherub of beauty and flower of innocence, last rosy ray of hope of
thy stricken father, thou didst take thy flight with all thy loveliness
which thy blessed mother (has?) in heaven.Thy father is far from thee,
but the kind father of thy dear departed mother did with an agonized
heart see that thy obsequies were properly performed."
GANZ Maria Eva 1813-1871
(Gansz) Philip 1802-1892
GANSZ Dorothy 1764-1852
GANSZ Balthazar 1773-1860
GANSZ Eva 1836-1849
GANSZ Barbara 1847-1868
GANSZ Frederick 1842-1925
GANSZ Barbara C. 1848-1929
GANSZ Philip Oct.11,1840-Jan.23,1895
GANSZ Magdalena wife July 17,1840-May 6,1892
GANSZ Edward P. Sep.11,1862-Sep.26,1886
GANSZ Josephine 1872-1948
GANSZ Milton 1872-1943
GANSZ Elizabeth S. Mother 1864-1938
KELSEY Bliss H. 1887-1940
KELSEY Edna G. 1887-19
RORABACH Uriah d Oct.7,1853, 51y 2m 8d followed by his wife S.E.
(This row ends at south driveway)
The following start at the south driveway, first row of lots proceeding north.
WOOD Byron B. son Wm.C. & Sarah M. d June 3,1819, 5y 3m 9d
WOOD Sarah M. d Mar.21,1853,45y 11m 2d
BROOKS Augustus C. Co M 16th N.Y.H.A. d Oct.25,1906, 73y
BROOKS C. 1835-1920
BROOKS G.M. 1833-1885
BROOKS M.A. 1858-1931
BROOKS E.A. 1858-1926
SIEGRIST George M. Oct.4,1871-Oct.21,1905 "At rest"
LANGDON Mary Louise 1926-1933
STARR James T. Oct.31,1858-Feb.14,1898
STARR Mary I. wife July 24,1867-Apr.8,1920
STARR Frances C. Feb.27,1890-Oct.20,1918
STARR John L. 1884-1954
STARR Bessie wife 1882-19
SISSON George E. Apr.2,1820-Mar.25,1884
SISSON Louisa PARKER wife Feb.2,1819-Apr.14,1882
TANNER Frank A. Oct.6,1853-Sep.1,1913
TANNER Harriet A. Feb.1,1855-Mar.19,1911
SCHLEE August C. 1847-1934
SCHLEE Elizabeth 1851-1928
SCHLEE Maude L. 1879-1889
LEACH H.J.-E.G.-G.H.-J.C.-H.I.-M.E.-G.A.-A.E.-M.J.-A.M.-E.J.R.
LEACH Frederic J. 1873-1941
LEACH Anna M. 1885-
LEACH Mortimer son Augustus M. & Mary J. d June 3,1859, 9m
BOURNE Robert M. 1871-1872
BOURNE Emma J. 1869-1870
BOURNE John H. 1861-1862
BOURNE Charles S. 1863-1864
BOURNE Alice 1857-1862
BOURNE John H. 1826-1885
BOURNE Jane 1859-1861
BOURNE Mary J. 1833-1911
HECOX Sarah M. d June 6, 1890, 68y
"She hath done what she could"
HECOX Cornelia wife of Cyrus d May 23,1851, 70y 2m 10d
MALONEY Belle M. 1873-1956
DWINELL Myron H. Co B 27th N.Y. Vol. d May 30,1895, 50y "At Rest"
DWINELL Susan A. wife 1843-1892 Mother
DWINELL Rhodah dau I. & M. d 1854
SNITZEL Philip d June 14,1902, 81y 9m 14d
SNITZEL Catherine M. d Nov.3,1904, 84y 9m 20d
SNITZEL Elizabeth dau d Mar.13,1899, 51y
SNITZEL Sarah - Emma K.G. - Mother - Father (no dates) Sarah dau Aug.2,1851
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his ?"
WILLIAMS Alexander Bigelow son A.B. & S.M. d May 11,1846m 2y 10m
GRIEVE Catherine S. WILLIAMS 1849-1911
DAVIDSON Thomas d May 9,1860
DAVIDSON Sarah wife d June 11,1871
DAVIDSON John d Oct.24,1868
LANE Jennie Adair WELLING 1847-1922
WELLING Joseph Mar.22,1822-Mar.18,1897
WELLING Mary A. DAVIDSON wife June 1,1824-Nov.28,1902
WELLING Robert D. son d Sep.11,1850, 1y 10m 11d
WELLING Sarah D.P. dau d May 9,1854, 5y 6m 8d
HILL Peter d Oct.27,1863, 62y
HILL Barbara wife d Sep.11,1879, 70y 9m 8d
HILL Mary E. only dau d Jan.10,1863, 16y 24d
HILL Edmund May 11,1834-Apr.12,1918
HILL Augusta R. wife Oct.11,1842-June 24,1925
HILL Edmund Augustus son Sep.15,1887-Nov.10,1928
HILL Lewis H. son d Jan.9,1865, 15y 4m 28d

OWEN, Hugh
OWEN, Abigail

The Tinsley Monument
TINSLEY, William T.
several young TINSLEY children

NEW 5/1/10

Hello -

There are some omissions in Part 1 of the Lyons Rural Cemetery:

Shortly into the cemetery past the house on the right beyond the TAFT plot is the RAY plot. There are 4 graves here, but only 3 are listed: Emma Tinsley Ray, Charles Howell Ray, and Hattie Pearl Ray. Missing is Reginald P. Ray (1880-1960), husband of Emma. Charles and Hattie are Reginald Ray's parents.

Opposite the RAY plot on the left of the road is the TINSLEY plot. There is a tall monument with several names on it as well as smaller graves surrounding it. William T. TINSLEY and Emma Guiteau TINSLEY are buried here along with several children who died young. William and Emma are the parents of Emma Tinsley Ray, mentioned above.

Please check out these plots and add them to your database. I took pictures of them in 1988.

Many thanks,

Jonathan Merrill

Tombstone photos of the Owen Family

Volunteer Typist - Nancy E. Taillie

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