Two Small Cemeteries

Town of Wolcott

Wayne County, NY

The Old Livingston Cemetery and the Kimball Farm Cemetery are located in the Town of Wolcott. Both readings were made August 7, 1941, by Mrs. R. W. Kimball of the Irondequoit Chapter of the N. S. D. A. R., Dr. R. W. Kimball and Miss Dorothy Rice. The two cemeteries were said to be close together. Old Livingston, further north, was in poor condition, with stones fallen and the grounds overgrown. No further information on the families in these cemeteries.

Old Livingston Cemetery

Town of Wolcott
Wayne County, NY

Old Livingston Cemetery

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2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 104A heading North toward Fair Haven. Left onto Blind Sodus Bay Rd. and Left onto Kakat Rd. Second right is Livingston Rd. The Cemetery is the first one on the Left.

BENNETT, James N.1821 - 1908

BENNETT, Janed. June 20, 1873ae 48yr 4mo 2dawife
BENNETT, Emily E.Sept. 27, 1857ae 8yr 10modaughter
BENNETT, Josephined. Feb. 18,1866ae 12 yr 5mo 23dadaughter
BENNETT, Christinad. Apr. 26, 1898ae 61 yrswife of James N.
BENNETT, Catherined. June 7, 1875ae 52yr 2mo 22dawife of James N.
BESHURES, George R.b. Jan. 25, 1848
d. Nov. 29, 1892

BESHURES, Lucy Janeb. May 11, 185_

BESHURES, Frankd. Oct. 16, 1870ae 1yr 10moson of Geo. and Lucy
BESHURES, William1845 - 1900

BESHURES, Emma1850 - 1938
BESHURES, Ernest1879 -
BESHURES, Ida Ann1885 - 1886
BESHURES, Mary Estella1887 - 1889

CARRIS, Myrtied. Oct. 4, 1874ae 2yr 9mo 1dadau. of Lewis and Harriet
CARRIS, Willied. Mar. 17, 1871ae 1yr 15dason of J. I. and C. J.
COX, Hughd. Apr. 15, 1862ae 10 yrsson of Abbot and Mary
FIELD, Calvind. Jan. 5, 1858

FIELD, Thankfuld. Dec. 18, 1855ae 57yr 10mowife
FIELD, Calvind. Apr. 17, 1850ae 17 yrsson
FIELD, John M.d Mar. 1, 1877ae 18 yrsson
FIELD, Silasd. Sept. 3, 1868ae 45yr 9mo 7da
FIELD, Walbert A.d. Aug. 30, 1863ae 2 yrsson of Silas and Maria
FIELD, Mariettno dates
dau. of Silas and Maria
FINEOUT, Sarah L.d. July 4, 1859ae 3 yrsdau. of James H. and Amy
GAGE, Charles S.b. Feb. 5, 1820
d. Aug. 9, 1900

GAGE, Malindab. Oct. 3, 1840
d. June 12, 1899

GAGE, Maried. Apr. 13, 1884ae 3 yrsdaughter
GAGE, William J.1856 -

GAGE, Nancy1854 - 1909
GAGE, Dollyd. Apr. 22, 1889

GAGE, Dorcasd. Sept. 5, 1865ae 82 yrswife of N.
GAGE, Johnd. Apr. 29, 1872ae 58 yrs
HOWLAND, Charlesb. Mar. 14, 1810
d. Mar. 28, 1892

HOWLAND, Eliza Van NORTWICHb. Aug. 23, 1813
d. May 2, 1903

HOWLAND, Eliza J.d. June 17, 1860ae 5yr 11mo 6da
HOWLAND, Cordelia M.d. Sept. 6, 1868ae 29yr 11mo 13dadau. of Chas. and Marie E.
HOWLAND, Carolined. Oct. 16, 1848ae 4mo 15dadau. of E. and E. W.
LIVINGSTON, George H.d. Sept. 11, 1844ae 77 yr
LIVINGSTON, Maryd. Mar. 3, 1855ae 71 yrswife
LIVINGSTON, Peterd. June 16, 1854ae 38 yrs
LIVINGSTON, George H.d. Apr. 7, 1860ae 10yr 27dason of A. and M.
LIVINGSTON, Arthurd. Jan. 30, 1891ae 10 yrsson of Gifford and Marie
LIVINGSTON, Jacobd. Oct. 12, 1895ae 87yr 6mo 24da
LIVINGSTON, Lucindad. Jan. 27, 1880ae 56yr 10mowife
LIVINGSTON, Burnettiab. Dec. 11, 1866
d. July 23, 1891

wife of J. H.
McARTHUR, Robert H.d. Oct. 1858ae 70 yrs
McARTHUR, Clarad. Aug. 1859ae 73 yrswife
McARTHUR, Irvingd. Mar. 2, 1857ae 8yr 8mo 15dason of J. and E. A.
McARTHUR, Theodored. Aug. 20, 1864ae 11yr 4moson of J. and E. A.
McARTHUR, Wesleyd. Mar. 28, 1843ae 3yr 11mo 13dason of J. and E. A.
McARTHUR, Ellihued. Jan. 29, 1841ae 2 weeksson of J. and E. A.
McARTHUR, Margaretd. Oct. 20, 1848ae 2yr 1mo 24dadau. of J. and E. A.
PRINE, James E.d. Sept. 25, 1841ae 1yr 3moson of Luke and Rebecca
RINEHART, Annd. Mar. 27, 1865
wife of P.
RINEHART, Lina E.d. Mar. 27, 1865ae 20yr 5dadau. of P. and Ann
SCOTT, Edwind. May 24, 1860ae 35yr 3mo 23da
SCOTT, Phebe E.d. Apr. 21, 1852ae 7modau. of E. and M. E.
SPINK, Sally J.d. Dec. 13, 1854ae 27 yrswife of John
Van ALSTYNE, Abrahamd. Jan. 15, 1873ae 83yr 8mo 12da
Van ALSTYNE, Nancyd. Aug. 30, 1859ae 71yr 2mo 19dawife
Van ALSTYNE, Nancyd. Jan. 1, 1840ae 8 yrsdaughter
Van ALSTYNE, Peterd. Oct. 12 1851ae 33 yrs
Van ALSTYNE, Harlowd. Oct. 6, 1846ae 1 yrson of J. and E.
Van ALSTYNE, Infantd. Jan. 1, 1854
dau. of J. and E.
Van SCOY, Delosd. Oct. 9, 1874ae 50 yrs
Van SCOY, Mary A.d. Sept. 21, 1889ae 65yr 4mo 28dawife
Van SCOY, Nelly Janed. May 25, 1873ae 5yr 11mo 22dadaughter
Van SCOY, Rosard. Jan. 25, 1876ae 12 yrsdaughter

Kimball Farm Cemetery

Town of Wolcott
Wayne County, NY

CORTWRIGHT, Nancyd. Dec. 15, 1819in her 26th yearwife of Martin
CORTWRIGHT, Martind. Mar. 14, 1828ae 1yr 6mo 18dason of Martin and Sally

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