Carpenter or Langdon Cemetery

Maple Avenue, Palmyra, N.Y.

Wayne County, NY

Carpenter Cemetery

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2005 Driving Directions - Maple Street North as if heading toward Swift Cemetery. Just before hill and rail road tracks, cemetery is on the Right hand side of the road, set off a short distance.

Stoddard  Col. James S., Jan. 31, 1784-Oct. 22, 1870, 87y
Stoddard  Hannah H. Hall, wife, Oct. 28, 1870, 90y, she was sister of Ambrose Hall
Stoddard  Hannah, only daug., Sept. 18, 1844, 19y 7d
Stoddard  Simeon, May 29, 1768-May 10, 1818, 50y
Stoddard  C___ (rest of inscription gone)
Stoddard  Elkanah N., son of Simeon & Lucy, Aug. 2, 1824, 8y 13d
Stoddard  M___, March 7, 1808
Stoddard  Hannah, Jan. 15, 1808, 8y
Stoddard  Eunice, Feb. 12, 1808, 17y
Stoddard  Tabitha, Nov. 28, 1807, 12y
Sheffield  Silas Stoddard, son of F.U. & L.N., Dec. 3, 1831, 1 week
Stoddard  Calvin, Nov. 19, 1836, 35y
Stoddard  Mrs. Bates Stoddard, wife of Silas S., Nov. 30, 1841, 84y (Bethsheba)
Leach  Eunice, wife of Levi, Nov. 21, 1825, 31y
Allyn  Julia A., wife of Nicholas, Apr. 24, 1828, 28y 9m
Sheffield  Paul, March 24, 1837, 75y, born 1762
Sheffield  Hannah Allyn, wife, Jan. 15, 1846, 87y 10m 4d
Sheffield  Tabitha, Feb. 16, 1872, 25y 9m
Gallup  Edward P., son of L.C. & N.W., Aug. 20, 1841, 3y 5m
Gallup  William, son of L.C. & N.W., Aug. 19, 1841, 17 m
Lannon  William, son of Thomas & Margaret, Sept. 12, 1851, 5m

This list was donated by the Office of the County Historian, Wayne County, NY.

Volunteer typist: Allyn Hess Perry of Lyons, NY

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