Hubbard (formerly Everhart) Cemetery

Town of Butler

Wayne County, NY

Hubbard Cemetery

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Hubbard Cemetery, more recently known as Everhart, is located in the western part of the town of Butler near the intersection of Everhart and Livingston Roads, Town of Butler. Tombstone readings taken May 1965 by Mrs. Margaret Merhoff and Mrs. Dorothy S. Facer. This cemetery was prepared and contributed to the Wayne County GenWeb by Leola Crane Sutton of Clay, NY.

2005 Driving Directions - From Rte. 89 North toward Wolcott, make Left onto Everhart Rd. and right onto Livingston Rd. Cemetery is on the Left hand side of the road in the woods. Can barely be seen from the road during the summer.

ALLEN Ezra d. 26 Jun. 1838 69y
ALLEN Lucy, his wife d. 30 Apr. 1852 78y9m18d
BEMIS Hannah, wife of Harris d. 5 May 1849 50y10m16d

"As for me I will Behold Thy face in righteousness
I shall be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness."

CALKINS Hudson 30 Jul.1840 - 23 May 1872
CALKINS Ensign d. 19 Apr. 1844 23y
CALKINS John d. 11 Aug. 1851 66y
CALKINS Phoebe J. his wife 26 Jan. 1863 76y
CALKINS John W. d. 29 Oct. 1886 70y7m15d
"Beloved in life, lamented in death"
CALKINS Hannah his wife 7 Sep.1818 - 21 Feb.1881
CALKINS Mary J.dau. W & A d. 4 Jun.1863 4y7m20d
CALKINS Martin d. 11 Feb. 1895 77y 95th NYVol.
CARTER Elizabeth, wife of Abner d. 22 Feb. 1855 52y10m13d
CARTER Mary A. dau.Henry & Huldah d. 22 Feb. 1848 1y2m13d
CARTER Sarah E. dau.Henry & Huldah d. 2 Jul. 1849 7m29d
DEVOE Peter, son Peter C. & Eveline d. 5 Jul. 1842 2y1m12d
DOOLITTLE Stephen d. 4 May 1846 62y
DOOLITTLE Polly, his wife d. 4 Nov. 1850 65y
DOOLITTLE Stephen S. son George & T.C. d. 4 Jul. 1856 11m15d

"Oh God Thy works are marvelous
And Thy ways are past finding out."

EDMONDS Alexander d. 31 Dec. 1856 70y4m3d
FRAZER Levine, wife of Jared d. 25 Sep. 1849 67y
HALL Amy, wife of Joseph P. d. 25 Feb. 1851 22y3m14d

"Neither friend or physician could save
This mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ the Savior doth appear."

HALL Deborah, wife of Stephen d. 18 Jun.1839 36y
"Friends, behold as you pass by, etc....
HALL Deborah, dau. d. 15 May 1839 1m15d
HALL Elias d. 7 Dec. 1836 45y
HALL Jane, his wife d. 22 Jul. 1854 57y6m4d
HALL Elias T. d. 12 Aug. 1846 26y1m29d
HALL Joshua d. 29 Aug. 1830 in his 44th y
HALL Margaret d. 28 Jun. 1854 66y5m11d
HALL Thomas d. 2 Dec. 1843 in his 80th y
HALL Amy, his wife d. 18 Sep. 1829 64y
HAWS Lovina, wife of M. d. 15 Aug. 1893 64y

"Death has been here and borne away."

HOWARD Betsey, wife of Barzillai d. 17 Jul. 1846 70y
HUBBARD Civilian 1831 - 1898
HUBBARD Louise, his wife 1835 - 1900
HUBBARD John M. son Alonzo & Almira 18 Jul. 1853 1m18d
HUBBARD Coral dau. A. & C.H. d. 15 Sep. 1864 2y9m
HUBBARD Jennie May, dau. Civilian & Louise d. 15 Feb. 1874 3y7m2d
HUBBARD Orestes d. 20 Feb. 1865 74y9m14d
HUBBARD Sally, his wife d. 30 Jul. 1879 85y
HUFFMAN Amy, wife of Samuel B. d. 9 Aug. 1847 43y26d
JENKINS Ira S. son Theodore & Mary d. 27 Jan. 1854 1y4m
JEWELL Maranda, wife of Frank d. 6 Dec. 1887 24y4m
MERRILL Sarah, wife of Fernando d. 25 Jan. 1870 19y2m25d
MERRILL Huttie son of Fernando d. 1872 5m
PECK Alanson son Asahel & Mary d. 3 Jan. 1828 30y2m7d

"Time was I stood where thou dost now
And viewed the dead as thou dost now
Ere long thou'll lie as low as I
And others stand and look on thee."

PECK Frances E. dau. Harlow & Betsey d. 9 Sep. 1855 1y9m14d
PECK George F. son Harlow & Betsey d. 22 Jun. 1865 4y1m19d
PECK Horace d. 19 Nov. 1865 76y5m22d
PECK Anna, his wife d. 1 Aug. 1880 87y4m
PIERSON Josephine dau. O. & J.A. d. 28 Sep. 1848 2y7m16d
PURDY Merritt d. 16 Jan. 1874 65y
PURDY Almanda, his wife d. 12 Oct. 1869 54y
PURDY Caroline dau. M. & A. d. May 1845 3y
RICE Franklin J., son J.G. & L.H. d. 19 Aug. 1858 8y16d
RICE Levine dau. S.D. & L.J. d. 16 Apr. 1859 7m10d
SCOTT Ira d. 20 Jan. 1852 59y
SCOTT Artemas G. son A. & L. d. 7 Aug. 1867 33y3m10d GAR.
SCOTT Ezekiel d. 13 Sep.1848 90y
SCOTT Olive, his wife d. 3 Oct. 1835 73y
SCOTT Hester d. 9 Aug. 1859 18y10m23d
SCOTT Jesse D. d. 9 Sep. 1844 24y
SCOTT Phoebe L., wife of A. d. 11 Mar. 1875 63y10m20d
SCOTT Zelina, wife of Ira b. 20 Jul. 1796 at Winsted, CT d. 8 Jul. 1871 at Butler,NY
SCOTT Almeda, dau. d. 8 Oct. 1824 6y3m
SEARS Annis, wife of Orange d. 17 Sep.1841 59y

"I shared my part in Worldly cares
When living as you are
But now I'm dead. Behold you see
And hasten to eternity.
Go home, dear children, dry up your tears
Here I must lie until Christ appears."

SEARS Charlotte, dau. Oscar & Mary d. 4 Jul. 1845 2y8m13d
SEARS Mary E., dau. O. & M. d. 22 Nov. 1841 8m2d
SOUTHWICK Warren 1832 - 1906
SOUTHWICK Sarah d. 15 Jan. 1887 86y10m15d
SOUTHWICK Joseph d. Sep. 1848 56y
SPENCER Frederick L. d. 25 Apr. 1853 32y8m3d
SPENCER Peleg d. 12 Dec. 1830 66y
STIEGELMAIER Carrie V., wife of Wm.H. d. 2 Nov. 1868 29y2m22d
STIEGELMAIER Little Rena, dau. d. 1868 8m
SYLVESTER, Palmedia, wife of N. & dau. Eli & Jemima Murdock d. 25 Mar. 1839 41y
TINDALL Delia, wife of Philip P. d. 4 Nov. 1861 23y7m19d
TUCKER Benjamin M.D. d. 28 Aug. 1833 66y
TUCKER Eve, his wife d. 22 Feb. 1834 55y
TUCKER Roderick C. son S.B. & S.H. 2 Jan. 1849 - 18 Nov.1849

"Dust to dust, spirit joined
Each to its infinitude consigned."

TUCKER Benje Ann, dau. S.B.&S.H. d. 29 Apr. 1845 1y7m

"Called to leave this sinful world
Now she dwells with Christ above."

VANANTWER John d. 17 Apr. 1865 27y7m11d Co.G. 9th H.A.
VANANTWERP Emeline, his wife d. 31 Jul. 1864 21y2m20d
WHEELER Eli b.12 Jan. 1770 in North Fairfield, CT d. 10 Aug. 1847
WHEELER Grizel, his wife b. 17 Jan. 1776 Fairfield, CT. d. 28 Mar.1868
WHEELER Cynthia their 3rd dau. d. 12 Jul. 1826 24y
WHEELER Laura Jane their 4th dau. d. 12 Jan. 1828 in her 15th y
"Erected by her affectionate brothers" [both stones]
ZELUFF Charles D. d. 4 Jul. 1859 28y1m25d

"Beloved husband, tho thy worn and wearied body lies mouldering in the tomb, yet thy spirit is still with me speaking words of consolation, telling of that glorious day when I too shall off my prison chains and burst the iron door of death, then we will fly to our sweet home to part no more forever."

Additional information from Bill Dean's Records:

CALKINS, John W. Jr., b. 1816, mar. 1838, d. 1886, parents John and Phebe Jane WELLMAN, wife Hannah Harriet ALLEN, b. 1818, d. 1881
John CALKINS (1785-1851) and Phebe Jane Wellman (1787-1863) mar. 1808, also parents of Ensign CALKINS (1820-1844) and Martin CALKINS (1822, mar. 1844, d. 1895; date diff. from reading above) Ezra Hudson CALKINS, son of John W. and Hannah Harriet (b.1840, mar. 1882 to Clarissa ___)

Adelia SCOTT, b. 1838, mar. 1860, d. 1861

HUBBARD, Coral, b. 1862, d. 1864

HUBBARD, Civilian, b. 1831, d. 1898, son of Orestes and Sarah, mar. 1866 to Louisa ___)

HUBBARD, Orestes (1790-1865) mar. Sarah Sally WHITE (1794-1879)

Submitted and Prepared by Town of Butler Editor Leola Crane Sutton of Clay, NY

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