More Small Cemeteries

Town of Galen

Wayne County, NY

Mead Cemetery

Town of Galen
Wayne County, NY

Mead Cemetery

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Located on Route 150 Southeast of Clyde village on the present Devereaux (1952) farm. At one time there were a few more red sandstone markers which are now undecipherable.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 414 South heading out of Clyde. First Left onto Tyre Rd. Follow around bend to the right as if heading toward Maple Grove Cemetery. Bend to the Left on Tyre Rd. Continue as road makes a sharp right hand turn. Cemetery is about 1 mile up road on the right hand side in a Hedgerow.

BAKER Truman Aug. 12, 1833, 1m 11d
BAKER Mary Aug. 11, 1833, 1m 13d
(children, twins, of Abijah & Eve Ann BAKER)
MEAD James Dec. 21, 1841, 48y
MEAD Sally wife May 6, 1832, 31y

Hubbard Cemetery

Town of Galen
Wayne County, NY

The following gravestone is in a clump of bushes at top of first hill West of the present (1952) Grant Atkins farm on Old Route 31 between Lock Berlin and Clyde village.

HUBBARD Eli, Aug. 3, 1822, 99y

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 31 West heading out of Clyde Take Reed Rd. to the left. Reed comes to an immediate end. At the end of the road are two driveways. Take the driveway to the Left. Follow up Private drive to the house. Behind the house is an old Oak tree. Looking into the pasture at the Northeast end is where the Cemetery used to be. Information provided from neighbor. (According to neighbor, the stone(s) where taken down by a previous owner due to prowlers in his fields and headstone(s) placed in the hedgerow.) No owner was home. Did not have permission to go on property for pictures.

Clum Cemetery

Town of Galen
Wayne County, NY

2005 Driving Directions - location unknown.

A small cemetery up lane on farm now owned (1952) by Orville Clum just off Clyde-Marengo Road about 2 miles North of Marengo. There are probably several stones buried but the two listed below and the myrtle and snowberry bushes which completely cover it is the only trace of what was at one time a fair sized plot.

WEED Selleck, Sept. 22, 1853, 78y 7m 7d
WEED Lewis, son of S. &T. Feb. 15, 1842, 15y 1m 17d

It has been reported several times that a Revolutionary soldier was buried near the tracks of the West Shore R.R. crossing on Marengo Road but no trace was found. 1952.

Cemetery lists, from the Office of the County Historian, contributed and typed by Co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry

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