Fellows Cemetery

Town of Lyons

Wayne County, NY

The transcript of Fellows Cemetery was contributed by the Office of the County Historian and typed by Co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry. For further information on this cemetery or the individuals buried therein, please contact the Office of the County Historian.

Located on the South side of DeBusse Road near its intersection with the Layton Street Road in the town of Lyons.

OST John Apr. 2, 1861, 23yr, Co D, 9 A.T.N.Y.S. Vt. died at Ford Hood, Md.
OST Dorothy, wife of Phillip, Mar. 20, 1859, 55y
SHERMAN Benjamin, June 4, 1891, 85y
BARCLAY Margaret MCGIBBONS, wife of Foster, 1880, 41y
SNYDER Margaret, wife of Stephen Oct. 14,1864, 87yr SNYDER Stephen, July 25, 1849, 74y
SNYDER Mary Alberteen, dau Apr. 11, 1861, 4y
RIGGS Benjamin, Dec. 24, 1849, 82y
RIGGS Elizabeth, wife, Oct. 25, 1854, 79y
RIGGS Phineas, March 17, 1853, 48y 17d
RIGGS Joseph, Oct. 8, 1855, 67y
RIGGS Anna, wife, Sept. 18,1853, 60y 5m
BARCLAY Abram, Nov. 2, 1900, 91y
BARCLAY Abram, Nov. 2, 1900, 91y
BARCLAY Gardner V.W., son, Mar. 16, 1854, 15y
BARCLAY Adoniram Mar. 30, 1882, 50y
BARCLAY Melvin J., Jul. 15, 1901, 68y
HOWARD Edward G.R., son of E.G. of Parsonage Farm, 1843, 26y
MINKLER Margaret E., 1846, 28y
MINKLER Samuel Sr., 1847, 61y, at Schenectady, NY
MINKLER Naomi FERGUSON, wife, 1837, 40y
MINKLER Rachel, dau, 1844, 22y
MINKLER Sarah, dau, 1846, 21y
MINKLER Elizabeth, dau, 1848, 19y
MINKLER Maria, dau, 1848, 15y
MINKLER Martha, infant, dau 1835
MINKLER Samuel, 3rd (no dates) Naomi(no dates)
AUSTIN Phineas B., 1840, 55y 4m
AUSTIN Betsey, dau of Phineas & Sarah, 1830, 12y
AUSTIN Francis, son of Phineas & Sarah, 1831, 6y
AUSTIN John J., 1837, 43y
AUSTIN Ira, son of John & Lucina, 1830, 8y
SWEET Margaret, consort of Charles, June 7, 1826, 69y
HOAGLAND Jacob, Aug. 31, 1845, 51y
HOAGLAND Katharin, wife, Sep. 12, 1832, 29y
BARCLAY Mary, consort of Lawrence, Dec. 20, 1834, 30y
BARCLAY Elizabeth, wife of William, May 30, 1844, 19y
PATTEN Charles, son of Charles & Rachel, Apr. 13 ,1843, 42y
FULLER Charles A. (no dates)
FULLER Charle A.H., son, Jan. 30, 1850, 40y
FULLER Ella H., dau of J.A., Nov. 1,1853, 2y
WODTKE Adele, Apr. 8, 1907, 4y
WODTKE Bertha Ottilie, infant, Apr. 27, 1905
HUFF Ruth Ann, dau of J.R., Aug. 25, 1834, 3y
AUSTIN Moses, Jul. 15, 1858, 77y, War of 1812
AUSTIN Ann, wife, Feb. 24, 1853, 55y
AUSTIN Ruth, (no dates)
AUSTIN Stephen, Jan. 24, 1832, 7y
COLBURN Sarah, wife of John, Jan. 26, 1837, 22y 4m 25d
WOODRUFF Isaac, Apr. 11, 1858, 81y
WOODRUFF Elizabeth, wife, Oct. 29, 1866, 85y 5m 18d
RIGGS David, Jan. 27, 1834, 85y
RIGGS Sarah, wife, Nov. 27, 1843, 66y
GEE Joseph H., Sep. 27, 1840, 10y
GEE John, son of R. & L. Sep. 26, 1842, 3y
GEE Sarah, dau of R., Feb. 28, 1846, 11y
CRAFT George, son of D. & E., Oct. 27, 1840, 7m
CRAFT Charles E., son of D., Mar. 10, 1846
BARCLAY Lilly, dau of H., Mar. 8, 1863, 2y
BARCLAY Gilbert, son of H. & B. Sep. 28, 1841, 10y
BARCLAY Sylvester, son of H. & B., Apr. 3, 1844, 5y
BARCLAY Hannah, wife of Peter, Jun. 15, 1832, 28y
BARCLAY Peter, Jul. 4, 1866, 63y
ROSSITE Sally, wife of J.J., Feb. 23, 1843
GUILA George, son of Albert, Aug. 13, 1824, 1y
LANE Martha, wife of William, Jan. 6, 1865, 83y
BURCH William, May 8, 1830, 66y, formerly a resident of New Jersey
WATSON Dudley, Dec. 18, 1848, 76y
WATSON Polly, wife, Apr. 22, 1844, 68y
WATSON Phebe S., Dec. 17, 1853, 33y
WATSON Almon A., son of Dudley, Dec. 12,1833, 1y
WATSON Elias, May 15, 1833, 21y
YOUNG Andrew, Nov. 7, 1874, 63y
YOUNG Betsey Ann, Nov. 29, 1876, 62y
YOUNG Joseph Spencer, Sep. 18,1888, 1y
WELCH David, Apr. 30, 1903, 85y
WELCH Harriet V.A. SEWARD, wife of Capt. David, Aug. 10,1894, 74y
LARUE Ann, May 22, 1853, 52y
MORFORD Mary A., wife of Cyrus W. Dec. 26, 1830, 26y
SKOONOVER Henry, Jul. 21, 1844 (no age)
SCHOEN Max, 1897, 25y
BLOOMER Benjamin, Jan. 4,1839, 49y
VANWINKLE Sarah G., dau of J.R. Jr. & M.A., Nov. 11, 1851, 5y 2m 11d
VANWINKLE John S., son of J.U. Jr. & M.A., Dec. 3, 1851, 4y

Following are additions and corrections taken April 27, 1961

BLOOMER Mary, dau of Benjamin & Susan, Nov. 6,1838, 2y2m
SWEET C.S., 1836
BARCLAY Peter, Jan. 29,1803 - Jul.4,1866
BARCLAY Hannah, wife of Peter, Jun. 15,1832, 28y
MINKLER Samuel Sr., 1847, 61y, d at Schenectady, NY
MINKLER Naomi FERGUSON, wife of Samuel, 1837, 40y of Fergusons Corners, town of Galen and parents of Samuel Jr. of Collins, Ionia County, Michigan
MINKLER Samuel 3rd (no dates) and Naomi (no dates) children of Samuel Jr. & Margaret, dau of P. & M. AUSTIN
HOWARD Edward G.R., born at Detroit 1817, d at Lyons 1843, 26y, son of E.O. Howard & Catherine REDDER of the Parsonage Farm
HOWARD Margaret, 1818- 1848, dau of Samuel & Naomi MINKLER & parents of Sophia E. FARLAND of Dearborn, Michigan

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