Lemuel Durfee Family Cemetery

Town of Palmyra

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Lemuel Durfee Cemetery

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2005 Driving Directions - Maple Ave out of Palmyra North. Third right onto Jeffry Rd. just before Walker Road on the Left is a steep embankment. The Cemetery is over embankment about 300 feet back. You must cross PRIVATE property.

The Durfees of Palmyra, NY were a most prominent family who came in the early 1790s from RI. It is notable that many, many of our early Ontario/Wayne County, NY ancestors were intermarried with the Durfee family for several generations. Below are several of that family. For more Durfee family burials be sure to look at the Palmyra Village and East Palmyra Cemeteries. Some gravesites will never be found as they were located on farm lands, and have now disappeared. [msl]

Parker - Lemuel Durfee Cemetery, Palmyra    1.

Durfee  Stephen, in memory of Stephen Durfee who died Aug. 5, 1818 in the 25th yr. of his age
Smith  Lucina, in memory of Lucina, wife of George W. Smith, who died Feb. 1, 1826, in the 21st year of her age
Bates  Irene, dau. of Lemuel & Prudence Durfee, and wife of Orlando Bates, died October 9, 1829, aged 26y 9d

PARKER PLOT (outside fence)

Parker  Amos, May 8, 1834, 88y 1m
Parker  Lucy, wife of Amos, Feb. 5, 1834, 82y 1m
Parker  Joshua, Sept. 24, 1828, 55y 22d
Parker  Susanna, wife of Joshua, July 18, 1838, 64y 11m 14d
Parker  Nancy, dau. of Joshua & Susanna, July 23, 1823, 21y 8m 13d
Parker  Avis, dau. of Joshua and Susanna, Oct. 6, 1836, 30y 4m 12d

Durfee Burying Plot

The foregoing inscriptions were copied from head stones to be found in the Durfee burying plot, in the orchard at the top of the Durfee Hill, north of Palmyra Village. Probably the Parkers were permitted to use the plot as they were near neighbors of the Durfee family. It seems strange that Henry Rees Durfee made no provision in his will for the perpetual care of this plot which is in a bad state of ruin, the gate of the fence around the plot being left open and sadly exposed.

Copied for Gen. John Swift Chapter, N.S.U.S.D. 1812
By Mrs. H.T. Jeffery, President, Palmyra, New York

Parker - Lemuel Durfee Cemetery, Palmyra    2.

Two Rows

Durfee  Oliver, Sept. 10, 1850, 58y 1m 5d, #1 nearest the gate
Durfee  Lucy, wife of Oliver, Aug. 3, 1870, 75y 11m
Durfee  Matilda, dau. of Oliver & Lucy, Sept. 15, 1824, 10y 10m 11d
Durfee  Almira A., dau. of Oliver & Lucy, Sept. 10, 1824, 5y 3m 13d
Durfee  Abigail, dau. of Oliver & Lucy, Aug. 30, 1824, 1y 1m 18d
Durfee  Maria, dau. of Oliver & Lucy, May 17, 1822, 7m 17d
Starkweather,  Nancy Durfee, my sister Nancy, who was killed passing a bridge on the canal, June 7, 1825, in the 25th year of her age (Lucy Durfee)
Wright  Chloe, consort of Dr. E.R., & dau. of Asa & Chloe Willmarth, of Addison, Vermont, Nov. 6, 1831, 25y

South Row

Young  Oliver D., son of Nelson & Achsah, Aug. 24, 1813, 2y 5d
Bates  Orin D., June 3, 1869, 42y 4m 21d
Durfee  Prudence, wife of Lemuel, Apr. 13, 1849, 83y
Durfee  Lemuel, Aug. 8, 1829, 71y
Durfee  Pardon, Aug. 10, 1814, 25y

This list was donated by the Office of the County Historian, Wayne County, NY.

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