DaBoll Farm Cemeteries

Town of Galen

Wayne County, NY

DaBoll Farm Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Two cemeteries on DaBoll farm, Town of Galen. Second road left off Route 31 east of Clyde, about one mile on right. One plot is on a hillside South of house with creek below; the other across the road a little back from the highway.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 31 West out of Clyde. Make left onto Daboll Rd. Follow to the corner of Noble Rd. The cemetery with the Bivins is located on the Left side of the Road. The cemetery with the Wise burials is on the Right side of the road in a field.

Burials on first plot mentioned above:

BIVINS John A., son of Leander & Sarah J., 1852
BIVINS Lester A., son of Leander & Sarah J. Sept. 18, 1855, 2y
BIVINS Franklin A., son of Leander & Sarah J. Sept. 28, 1855
BIVINS Harriett A. wife of Leander May 26, 1850, 26y

WISE Sylvester, Nov. 1843 in his 25th year

Burials on second plot:

WISE Israel, July 28, 1842
WISE Hannah, wife (dates buried)
WISE Betsy, wife of Azel, Mar. 22, 1830 in her 33rd year

POWERS Joseph, March 9, 1840, 49y
POWERS Allis, dau of P. & E. Oct. 14, 1850

NELSON Catherine A., dau of Richard & Jane, Aug. 18, 1844, 2y 9m 11d

BARNEY William, Apr. 20, 1839 in his 81st year


GRAHAM, Daniel, son of William & Jennett, July ___, 1824, AE. 16y/ 6y ? 3m

The Following 7 Photographs Contributed by and
© 2006 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Israel & Hannah and Israel Wise Stones

Israel Wise Died July 2_, 1842
Hannah Wife of Israel Wise

Betsey Wise Stone

Betsey wife of Azel Wise, Died March 22, 1830 in the 33d year of her age

Allis Powers Stone

Allis daughter of P. & E. Powers died Oct. 14, 1850 Aged __ yrs & 6 mos.

Catherine Nelson Stone

Catherine A. daughter of Richard & Jane Nelson died Aug. 18, 1844 Aged 2 yrs 9 mos. & 11 ds.

William Barney Stone

(William Barney) in the 81 year of his age

Daniel Graham Stone

Daniel son of Richard & Jennett Graham died July ___, 1824, A.E. 6 yrs 3 mos.

Israel Wise & Daniel Graham Stones

Wise Stones, with Daniel Graham Stone at right side

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