Centenary Cemetery

Town of Sodus

Wayne County, NY

Centenary Cemetery

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Located on Centenary Road, Sodus. Record taken from tombstone inscriptions and the Clark records.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 104 West out of Sodus. Right heading North onto North Centenary Rd. Cemetery is on the Right hand side just past Middle Rd.

George, Dec 16 1886 84y 4m
Catherine, wife, Feb 21, 1876 64y 8m
Elizabeth, wife of W.T., July 10, 1896 62y

Elizabeth, wife of W. T., July 10, 1896 62y 3m 13d

George W. , Aug 10, 1883 73y 4m 10d
Rachel, wife, Dec. 18 1878 67y 6m
George F., son, Centerville, Va Feb. 20, 1863 22y 17d Co. III, reg. NYS Vol. 1861-1865

"O cherish him in memory bright
Who sleeps beneath this sacred sod,
He died for freedom and for right
For home, for country and for God."

Elnathen, July 15. 1861 75y 11m 21d
Rachel, wife of Elnathen, Feb 7, 1851, 60y 5m 5d
Anna, dau, March 27, 1835, 17y

"Approach my soul the mercy seat
Where Jesus answers prayer
There humbly fall before his seat
For none can perish there."

Royal, Aug 24, 1840 24y

"Pass a few swiftly fleeting years
And all that is bodies live
Shall omit like me the vale of tears
Their richness sentence to receive."

Mary M., dau R. and E ., Oct 2, 1860 6y 1m 21d
Eliza, wife of Riley, Sept 13 1858 38y 3m 13d
Jonathan, May 4, 1864 76y 8m 13d

"How blest is our Brother bereft
Of all that could burden his mind;
How easy the soul that has left
This wearisome body behind.
This languishing head is at rest
Its thinking and aching are o'er,
This quite immovable breast;
Is heaved by affliction no more."

George, Feb 26, 1840 80y

"Jerusalem my happy home,
O how I long for thee.
When will my sorrows have an end
Thy joys when shall I see."

Patty, wife, Dec 12, 1836 74y
Willard, son George and Celinda, Dec 6, 1849 21y 7m 10d

Orange, Oct 3, 1851 38y 3m 21d

"Thus fade our sweetest comforts here
Our dearest friends they disappear
When the loud call from God is given
They sleep in death to wake in Heaven."

Jerusha Maria, dau Orange and Jane, July 2, 1853 17 y 3m

"Come then O soul meditate on that day
When all things in nature God's voice shall obey
The trumpet shall sound and the dead all arise
Ascend up together with God in the skies."

Debra Ann, wife of Jonathan, Feb 6, 1857 72y
Sally, dau, July 2, 1835 9y

"There shall I bathe my weary soul
In seas of heavenly rest
And not aware of trouble roll
Across my peaceful breast."

Ira, Aug 29, 1861 65y

"When languor and desease invade
This trembling house of clay
Tis sweet to look beyond my pains
And long to fly away."

Margarett, wife, Sept 15, 1864 60y
Olive, dau, Dec 19, 1849 11y
Lite, dau, Sept 20, 1821 - Oct 30,1838 17y
Euphrasia, dau J. and M.,July 12, 1860 28y

Thomas, Nov 12, 1885 55y
Rachel, wife, Oct 19, 1821 - Aug 31, 1888

Martha, dau Wm. and S.A., May 21, 1871 7m 11d

Ellen E. Tummonds, wife of Thomas, 1849 - May 22, 1873, 24y 2m 16d
"Gone but not forgotten"
On Tummonds Plot

George A., son of Wm. and Jane, Feb 11, 1856 1y 5m 11d
"And he took little children in his arms and blessed them"

Glenn J, son of Jon Jr. and Mary E., April 9, 1883 6d

George, 1815 - 1881
Eliza Ellis, wife, 1822 - 1906
George, son, 1843 - 1864
Sarah, Nov 5, 1871 20y 5m 25d

"The fairest bud that flowery nature knows
Oft near unfolds but withers ere it blooms."

Hannah E., dau G. and E., Dec 9, 1864 2y 10m 9d
"Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

Elizabeth, wife of William, Jan 9, 1840 55y 6m 21d

Ann, wife of Joseph, Aug 5, 1848 22y 6m 17d
On Stone Plot

Harriet P., dau C. and H. Hanby, wife of Albert Currier, Oct 1, 1871 30y
On Hanby plot

Ann M., dau of Robert Howcroft and wife of J. P. Curtis, Jan 19, 1868 65y 7m 17d [Clark says 35y]
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
On Howcroft Plot

Sarah, wife of Thomas, May 24, 1847 61y

"O shades beloved this last memorial take,
It's all alas thy weeping friends can make
In this frail stone to mark holds thy truth and worth
And claim the spot which holds thy sacred earth."

Margaret, wife of William A., May 20, 1846 36y
Hannah, dau W. H. and M., Oct 8, 1855 21y 2d
Luis, son W.H. and M., 1848 2y 2m (June 5, 1848)

Susannah H., wife of Adrian March 8, 1887 46y 8m 16d
On Howorth Plot

James, Sept 2, 1846 41y

"Farewell my dear brethren, my Lord bids me come,
Farewell my dear companions, I'm now going home,
Bright angels are whispering sweetly in my ear.
Away to thy Savior, my spirit will hear."

Samuel, 1794 - 1876
On Box Plot

Thomas, July 1, 1891 87y
Elizabeth Northern, wife of Thomas Ewer, Nov 3, 1874 65y Buried in Wisconsin
On Northern Plot

Elizabeth, wife of John, July 26, 1864 52y 7m 16d
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
Fannie E., dau John and Elizabeth, Aug 11, 1847 2y 1m 23d

"She sleeps in Jesus and is blest
How sweet her slumbers are.
From sickness and from sin released
And freed from every care."

John, Jan 30, 1886 74y 1d
Elizabeth, wife, Oct 20,1884 68y 10m
Rev. Joseph, Sept 1, 1831 40y
"The gospel which I preached to others in England and America, I found to be sufficient for myself. It was my support in life and my comfort and triumph in death, and opened up for me a boundless prospect of immortality and eternal life."
Elizabeth, wife, Feb 10, 1856 75y
"Prepare to meet thy God."
Mary, dau, Feb 22, 1838 19y 4m 5d

"The violets budded, they are dead
The roses bloomed, their bloom is sped,
Reader, you may be gathered to the tomb
In prime of life, in early bloom."

Laura A., dau of J. and E., 1849 2y 10m
Mary J., Aug 14, 1932 92y 10m
William B., son J. and E., Dec 20, 1849 10m

"Pleasant children how much we loved you
And we wept that you must die
But we yield you to the Saviour
To enjoy his love on high."

Thomas, Nov 27, 1850 (No Age)
Jane, wife, July 8, 1868
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Robert, May 11, 1866 63y

Rebecca, wife of Winthrop, Dec 2, 1845 84y 5m 13d

"Farewell my brethren and sisters dear
Though I am dead yet sleep I here
My end you know my grave you see
Therefore prepare to follow me."

Simeon, March 31, 1846 48y 9m 9d

"Farewell my dear brethren my lord bids me come
Farewell my dear companion I am now going home
Bright angels are whispering so sweet in my ear
Away to the saviour my spirit will bear."

Lana, wife of Simeon, Aug 26, 1866 66y 2m 22d

Charles H., son of Peter and Hannah, May 9, 1854 19y 2m 19d

"Farewell farewell our own sweet boy
Tis hard to give thee up.
Yet he who wills its bitterness,
Can help us drink the cup.
Oh may his plentious grace sustain
And soothe our bursting hearts,
While with our cherished one,
We thus so early part."

Harriet, wife of Charles Jr.,Sept. 8, 1842 36y
James, son, Jan 11, 1836 9m 3d

Charles Sr., Oct 2, 1849 74y
Charles Jr., Sept 19, 1809 - June 22, 1887
Catherine Gates, wife, July 10, 1814 - Aug 3, 1888
Chas, son of Chas and Harriet, July 15, 1866 26y GAR Flag
"Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth."

Peter, Nov 2, 1858 44y 6m 19d

"Just in the last distressing hour
The Lord displays delivering power.
The mount of danger is the place.
Where we shall see surprising grace"

Howcroft, Robert, April 2, 1875, 85y
Ann, wife, March 26, 1851 58y
Delia E.,1832 -1909

William, Aug 20, 1877 74y 1m 19d
Parnell, wife, Sept 24, 1889 77y 9m 4d

Howorth Joseph, son of Wm. and P., Nov 8, 1860 22y 2m 3d
Henry B, son Wm. and P., July 30, 1866 21y 1m 25d
Annie, dau of Wm. and P., Dec 28, 1875 18y 9m 13d
John H., son of Wm. and P., Feb 20, 1877 28y 9m 11d
Wm., son of Wm. and P., Dec. 29, 1877 24y 1m 19d
Lovina, dau of Wm and P., Jan 24,1890 46y 10m 3d

Henry A., son Alpheus and Ruth, March 9, 1840 10y
Vialette, dau. T. and B.A., Sept 24,1849 2y 19d

"Thus fades our sweetest comfort here,
Our dearest friends they disappear
When the loud call from God is given,
They sleep in death to wake in heaven."

Infant dau of Wm. and A., Oct 21 1849 12d

"Ere sin could blight our sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
The opening bud to heaven conveyed
And bade it blossom there."

Millia, wife of Thomas, May 6, 1872 27y 9m 13d

David, Aug 31, 1891 75y
Ann, wife, June 16, 1881 76y

Edward P., May 1882 68y
Orpha, wife, June 14, 1887 66y 2m
Hattie A., dau E.P. and O. A., Oct 2, 1881 19y 1m 14d
Sarah Agnes, dau Edw. And Orpha, Oct. 1, 1849 2y 7m 22d

"This lovely bud so young and fair
Called home by early doom
Just come to show how sweet a thing
In paradise shall bloom."

George, April 4, 1866 39y 7m 18d

"Then cease to weep, he is happy now,
The signet of hope is on his brow.
Death brought to him a happy release
From sorrow and pain, he sleeps in peace."

Fannie, dau George and Ann, Nov 18, 1864 9y 5m 2d
"She shall wake again in Paradise"

Helen, dau Geo and Ann, Nov 7, 1864 8y 3m 19d
"Thus fades the rose, thus falls the leaf."

Joseph G., 1860 - 1928
Estella, wife, 1860 - 1892
John W., June 9, 1863 26y Co. C 8th NY Cav., Flag
John, Jan 1875 77y War of 1812 Inf. Flag
Thomas, 1821 - 1904
Elizabeth, wife, March 9, 1873 53y
Myron T., son T. and E., May 14, 1862 4y 5m 12d

"A little casket hid from view
Among these ashes lie
The gem is safe with Jesus Christ
Resplendent in the sky."

George E., son of Thomas and Mary May 1, 1849 9m 21d

"Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
The opening but to heaven conveyed
And bade it blossom there."

Mary, wife of Thomas, May 2, 1852 29y 7m 10d
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Geo., son J. and H., March 30, 1848 5y

"Stop mortal read this solemn tale
On young and old death doth prevail
The flower springs up and is cut down,
The rose is withered in its bloom.
No age exempt from death's decree
The next that dies it may be thee."

William W., son of R. and M., Feb 19, 1855 9m 15d
William G., son of R. and M., June 27, 1861 2y 2m 27d

Helen, wife of John, June 21, 1854 55y

Polly, wife of Benjamin, Oct 5, 185878y 8m 25d

"God in creation thus displays
His wisdom and his might.
While all his works with all his ways
Harmoniously unite."

George, Feb 2, 1879 58y
"He was a good Man."
Hannah, wife, April 26, 1866 45y 1m 20d
Carrie, wife, Aug 27, 1876 37y [Clark says 27y]
John, Sept 20, 1862 68y
Elizabeth, wife, Aug 6, 1847 52y 8m 29d
"For I know that my Redeemer liveth and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth."

Ellen, wife of Silas, Feb 25,1885 54y 5m
George, son of Stiles & Ellen, July 14, 1876 21y 1m 2d
Philip, Jan 13, 1886 23y 11m 18d

Robert, Oct 3, 1880 58y 9m 24d
Margaret, wife, Feb 16, 1900 81y 10m 2d
Henry, Aug 9, 1847 73y
Deborah, wife, Feb 23, 1855 71y 11m 27d
Mary , wife of John, April 17, 1861 23y 9d
Philaster, Feb 10,1898 94y 9m 19d
Margaret, wife, Sept 22, 1856 52y 9m 11d
Agnes A., wife of Andrew, July 20, 1873 21y 7m 20d
Sarah, wife of Philaster,Aug 9, 1891 89y 3m 9d

William H., Nov 26, 1887 81y
Elizabeth, wife, June 28, 1878 72y 8m

Oliver, Sept 28, 1850 61y

"Friends and physicians could not save,
This mortal body from the grave,
Nor can they confine it here,
When Christ doth call it to appear."

Robert, son of Jacob and Lydia, Aug. 7, 1843 18y

"Friends and physicians could not save
My mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ my Saviour shall appear."

Emily, dau Abm. J. and Hannah Feb 16, 1844 17y

Nancy Richards, wife of Jeduthan Aug 1782 - Sept 16, 1870
Came to Sodus with her mother Mrs. Richards in 1794; Mrs Richards died 1849; In 1807 she married Jeduthan Moffatt

"The neighbors erect this stone to her memory as the last of the family that braved the dangers of the forest and made the first permanent settlement in Sodus. She lived to see the wilderness become a fruitful field and the desert blossom as the rose."

Jeduthan, 1860
Jeduthan, Nov 17, 1848 91y, War of 1812 Inf

Abner, Jan 23, 1903, 91y
Maria, wife, May 28, 1880 67y
Hannah M., No dates
Mary Ann, dau Abner & Maria, June 21, 1853 1y

Caleb M., son G. and A.M., Jan 30, 1867 2y 3m 27d
"Innocence is blest."

Allie B., dau O. and E., Oct 6,1874 1y 7m 20d
"Budded on earth to blossom in Heaven."

Manuel, Aug 22, 1905 86y, A Spiritualist
Mary Ewer, wife, July 10, 1896 78y
Father, 1904 - 1891

Lewis, May 2, 1812 - May 15, 1889
Patty, wife of Lewis and dau. of Elnathen Baker, Nov 18, 1814 - July 12, 1851 36y 7m 24d
Polly, wife of Lewis, Feb 8, 1820 - Sept 3,, 1893
David, son of Lewis and Patty, Aug 4, 1859 14y 7m 12d

Charles, son W. and M., June 23 1863 9m 9d

Mary and her babe, Mary E., wife of W.N. Ormsby and dau. of Rev T. and M. Jolly, May 2, 1872 25y
"She rests in hope."
Mary E., dau W.N. and M.E., Aug 12, 1872 4m 15d

Jennie M., dau of Wm. and Rachel, April 26, 1870 24y

Sarah Ann, dau Wm. and Rachel, Dec. 25, 1842 11m
"Pleasant in life and happy in death."

William, Sept. 28, 1812 - Dec 23, 1895
Rachel, wife, July 27, 1815 - March 10. 1897
William, March 2, 1868 78y
Ann, Aug 26, 1871 72y
John, son, Nov. 8. 1836 17y
Mary, March 10, 1855 26y
William, son of Mary, Jan 14, 1861 7y

Thomas H., Aug 5, 1805 - March 15, 1894
Jane S, wife, Feb 17, 1810 - March 17, 1889
Thomas, son, Mar 10, 1838 - Jul 6, 1857 19y 3m 27d

"Shed not for him the bitter tear
Nor give the heart to vain regret;
Tis but the casket that lies here
The gem that filled sparkles yet."

Morris, son C and E.A., Oct 10, 1875 - May 31, 1876
Charles, 1841 - 1911
Emma A., wife of Charles 1842 - 1925

Emory L.,March 10, 1863 23y 11m Co E 111th NY Inf.
Mirian L., dau of A.A. and E., Jan 30, 1859 15y 6m 10d
"There is rest in Heaven."
Edwin L., son of A.A. and E., May 10 1859 18y 1m 8d

"When this you see remember me
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me."

Stephen, Dec 30, 1861, 58y 5d
Mary Ann, wife, Aug 12, 1891 77y 3m 22d

"This heart is no longer the seat
Of trouble and torturing pain
It ceases to flutter and beat;
It never shall flutter again."

Robert, Feb 16, 1879 75y 5m
"Gone but not forgotten."
Ann Chapman, wife, Aug 31,1891 68y 7m 3d

Joseph, Nov 11, 1846 90y 4m

George, Oct 4, 1804 - May 4, 1894
Elizabeth, wife, Jan 10, 1800 - April 7, 1842
Eunice, 2nd wife, Jan 6, 1806 - Oct 17, 1884

Mary, dau of Th. and J. Potwine, Wife of William Sergeant
Aug 27, 1835 - April 28, 1867 31y 8m 1d
On Potwine Plot

"Why should our tears in sorrow flow
When God recalleth his own
And bids them leave a world of woe
For an immortal crown."

Phebe Howcroft, dau Robert, wife of Asbury W. Shipley, Jun 2, 1869 33y

Mary E, dau W. and H. Vosburgh, wife of R. A. Smith, May 12,1875, 20y 5m 14d

"Farewell to all below,
Jesus has set me free
From every earthly care
For Jesus loves even me."
On Vosburgh Plot

Esbon B., 1852 - 1820
Mary E.Tummonds, wife, 1851 - 1913
Nellie May, dau, 1890 - 1893

John G., Jan 26, 1871 83y 14d
Margaret, wife, Sept 7, 1880 85y 11m
"At rest."

Mary Amelia, dau of Wm. H, and Nancy M., Jan 7, 1850 1y 3m 10d

"Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

Ann, wife of Peter, April 26, 1887 60y 6m 22d
On Lowley Plot

Emmanuel, Nov 5, 1872 72y
"Gone but not forgotten."
Hannah, wife, March 12, 1843 40 y
Joseph, son, April 15, 1842 1y 3m 15d
George, Oct 25, 1858 24y 9m 10d

Catherine, wife of Emanuel, Aug 29, 1875 75y

Lovina, wife of Benjamin, June 18, 1818 35y 1m 22d

Charles H., 1845 - 1913
Mary J., wife, 1850 - 1882
Elizabeth, 1852 - 1937
Nellie, wife of W.J., Feb 22,1885 25y 3m 10d
Clarree, infant
Frank W., 1878 - 1957

Thomas, July 20, 188344y 1m 8d
Mary, wife, March 19, 1902, 58y 5m 3d
Eddie N., son T. & M., Sept 8, 1882 5m 9d

Richard, 1832 - 1919
Ann, wife, 1832 - 1876
Rachel, wife, 1844 - 1913
Angeline, 1866 - 1888
John, Nov 1, 1882 81y
Sarah, wife, March 27, 1886 77y 8m 12d
William M., 1848 - 19
Salome, wife, 1848 - 1915

John, 1833 - 1910
Ann E., wife, 1835 - 1929
Mary E., 1860 - 1903
Annie R., 1870 - 1910

Ida M., wife of B.F., May 31, 1881 22y

Anna, 1865 - 1913
Huldah, wife of George, 1825 - 1903
Julia Maria, dau G. and H., 1846 - June 23, 1871 24y 8m 29d

George, son G. and H., 1861 - March 11, 1862 10m 7d
Myron, son G. and H., 1866 - April 6, 1869, 2 8m 10d
Thelma Mae, infant

William, March 17, 1858 82y

"Friends go home and shed no tears
I must lie here till Christ appears."

Helen A., wife, Jan 3, 1841 55y

"Farewell my dear brethren my Lord bids me come
Farewell my dear children, I'm now going home.
Bright angels are whispering so sweet in my ear,
Away to they Saviour thy spirit we'll bare."

Charles, July 6, 1811 - May 18, 1886
Ann C., wife, June 5, 1818 - Feb 26, 1871, 52 y 8m 21d

"She was; but words are wanting to say what,
Think what a wife should be, and she was that."

Charles R., son of Charles and Ann, Jan 12, 1844 4m 2d

"I take the little lambs said he,
And lay them in my breast.
Protection they shall find in me
In me be ever blest."

B. F., July 25 1844 - Jan 30 1898
Sarah H., wife, Nov 4, 1866 - April 19 1896
Raymond F., son, June 16, 1891 - Sept 8, 1891
Anna, dau, Jan 21, 1893 - March 24, 1893

Maerttie E., wife of Chas. H., Aug 21, 1886 31y 10d

Nathan M., 1856 -1910
Eliza L., wife, March 25, 1864 - Sept 6, 1897
Sarah I., dau, April 20, 1886 - Feb 7, 1888
William, 1839 - 1920
Emma C. wife, 1855 - 1921
William E., infant son of William and Emma C.
Joseph, May 21, 1838 - July 15, 1875
Benjamin, May 3, 1804 - Jan 3, 1878
Ann Watson, wife, Nov 21, 1811 - Sept 21, 1865
Benjamin W., son,Jan 15, 1851 - June 1, 1854

Vosburgh, William S., 1812 - 1899
Henrietta, wife, March 22, 1817 - Sept 10, 1869

"Farewell husband and children dear,
I am not dead but sleeping here,
While on earth in Christ I did believe.
So now in Heaven with him I live."

Emma, dau, Feb 28, 1857 1y 4m

Vosburgh, Peter E., 1832 - 1904
Sarah A., wife, 1837 - 1915
On Toor Monument

Silas H., Jan 4, 1899 64y 6m 7d

Wares, Henry, Oct 1, 1852, 49y 6m 18d
Mary A., wife, May 14, 1888, 76y 6m 14d

Warner, Nathan, May 2,1848 73y 4m 3d (Clark says 23y)

"He is gone we trust to a land of love
His cares and afflictions are no more
And may we soon meet him above
When our troubles and trials are oer."

William, May 4, 1861 55y

"I tho chief of sinners am
But Jesus died for me."

Webster, John, March 22, 1890 77y
Ann, wife, No Dates

Charles E., 1869 - 1914
On Toor Plot

James, b. 1813 in England, died Nov 9, 1888

William W., Oct 23, 1856 53y 2m 7d
Lydia F., Nov 24, 1884, 79y 2m 22d

Ellathen B., son O and E., Oct 27, 1857 7y 25d
On Baker Plot

William Sr., Sept 18 1854 88y

"Blessed are the dead which die in the lord - from henceforth, yea saith the spirit that they may rest from their labors."

Alice, wife, Oct 6, 1848 77y

"She was member of the Methodist Church for 63 years and lived a happy Christian. She was an affectionate wife and mother and died in the full triumphs of faith. The Memory of the just is blessed. Proverbs 10:70."

John, son, Oct 25 1849 49y

"Surely he shall not be moved. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance. Psalms 112:6."

Hannah, wife of Wm., born Bambymore, Yorkshire, Eng., died Geneva, NY Dec 6, 1876, 82y
William, husb. of Hannah, born Sutton, Yorkshire, Eng., died Sodus NY May 26 1867 72y
Robert, 1803 - 1904
Mary, wife, June 28, 1843 38y 8m
Barbara, wife, June 28, 1864 64y 6m

James, March 8, 1859 45y 5m 18d

"For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God an house not made with hands eternal in the Heavens."

Sarah E, wife of J.H. Yeomans, Nov 2, 1843 - Feb 10,1873
Appears to be on Selby lot

C. Elizabeth, wife of Geo C. and dau of Chas and Catherine Hanby, April 1, 1874 27y 1m 27d
"Though lost to sight, to memory dear."

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