Merrill Family Photos

from the

Baker Cemetery


Wayne County, NY

Contributed by Scott R. Davis

Tappin Merrill

Tappin Merrill

Elizabeth Merrill

Elizabeth Merrill, wife of Tappin Merrill

John M. Merrill

John M. Merrill, son of Tappin Merrill and Elizabeth

Merrill Obelisk

Merrill Obelisk
At top - "Erected by Elizabeth W. Merrill In Memory of Her Children"
David Sutphin
John M. Merrill

Merrill Obelisk

Merrill Obelisk
Caroline M. Lawrence
Abigail R. Merrill

Merrill Obelisk

Merrill Obelisk
Sarah C. Merrill
William M. Merrill
Margaret A. Merrill

Sarah Merrill

Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Merrill

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