Small Cemeteries, Part 1

Town of Arcadia

Wayne County, NY

Old Marbletown or Hinkley Cemetery

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

Marbletown Cemetery

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Situated in the township of Arcadia, Wayne County, N.Y. 1/2 mile west of Marbletown Corners on the west side of road, north of Mr. Sweede's farmhouse. Copied in 1939.

2005 Driving Directions - Continue down Vienna street from East Newark Cemetery and turn Left onto Sweed Rd. Continue around bend in Sweed Rd. Cemetery is on the Left hand side of the road.

AVERILL William Harrison b Jan. 9, 1820 d Nov. 26,1863
AVERILL Arathusa wife of Asa d. Feb. 10, 1853, 63y
BAILEY Lucy wife of Ephriam d. Mar. 4, 1816
BAILEY Lucy wife of Benjamin d. Aug. 29, 1839, 16y
DANIELS Hiram son of Joseph & Phoebe d. 1836, 26y
DANIELS Phoebe wife of Joseph d. Oct. 7, 1811, 68y
DANIELS Joseph d. Sep. 15, 1818, 48y
DANIELS Lucy dau of Joseph & Phoebe d. Sep. 5, 1818, 16y
DANIELS George son of Joseph & Phoebe d. Jul. 17, 1818, 14y
DANIELS Lucy wife of Amos d. Dec. 1825, 63y
DANIELS Timothy d. Jan. 16, 1851, 52y
DANIELS Polly Ann wife of Timothy d. Nov. 30, 1836, 16y
DANIELS Anson d. Jun. 17, 1846, 48y
DANIELS Elizabeth wife of Nicholas d. Feb. 26, 1854, 23y
DANIELS Catharine wife of N. dau of E. & P. KELLY d. Mar. 18, 1860, 27y
DANIELS Phoebe wife of Samuel Dec.15, 1828 - Oct.1 ,1857
DANIELS Emma dau of S. & P. Feb. 20, 1855 - Oct.14, 1857
DANIELS Barney M. d. Jan. 29, 1851, 21y son of George & Elizabeth
DANIELS Elmer son of George & Elizabeth d. 1861
DANIELS Henry H. B. son of George & Elizabeth d 1856
DANIELS Lura wife of Ansen d. Jul. 16, 1872, 71y
DUBOIS Lovina loving consort of Jonas d. 1817, 20y
GORSLINE Sally wife of Gilbert d. Apr. 14, 1857, 56y
HOWLAND Lydia wife of John d. Jul. 14, 1838, 38y
HOWLAND Briggs son of John (gravestone sunk in ground)
HILLMAN Phineas son of Seth & Clarysa d. 1815

"Thus on the tender rose
The worm corroding lies
And there it to perfection grows
It withers, fades and dies."

JONES Hilman d. Feb. 12, 1826, 62y
JONES Hannah wife of Hilman d. Dec. 1, 1825, 62y
JONES Patty wife of Walter d. Apr. 27, 1828, 31y
LANDON Frank son of A. S. & N. d. 1854, 4y
LAY William d Apr.30, 1816 age 28y
LUCAS Moses 1749 - 1829, 206 R. (probably a Revolutionary War)
LUCAS Eunice BARNS wife of Moses d. 1827
LUCAS Samuel d. Jan. 13, 1860, 70y
LUCAS Jane wife of Samuel d. Mar. 7, 1824, 27y
LUCAS Charity wife of samuel d. Jul. 8, 1843, 61y
LUCAS Lavina wife of Horace d. Mar. 19, 1865, 59y
MARBLE William d. Dec. 22, 1857 (stone sunk)
MARBLE Dolly wife of William d. Jun. 1, 1873, 79y
MARBLE Ebenezer d. Mar. 25, 1841, 41y
MARBLE Nathaniel d. Jun. 8, 1802, 82y
MARBLE Abagail wife of Nathaniel d. Apr. 1, 1825, 92y
(Ebenezer was the son of Abijah; William G. the son of Nathaniel)
MILLER Ann Eliza d. Aug. 20, 1849, 11y
OLMSTEAD Margaret wife of Darius d. Oct. 25, 1848, 62y
REED Charlotte wife of Gilbert d. Jan. 27, 1853, 59y
REED Jame b. Jun 27,1804 d. Jan.1, 1862 or 1867
REED Lucy wife of James b. Sep.2, 1804 d. Oct. 7, 1871
RUSH Charlotte wife of Gilbert d. Jan. 27, 1853, 59y
(stone beside this one fallen, probably her husband)
RUSH Catherine wife of George d. Sep. 17, 1837, 65y
RUSH George d. Jan. 11, 1850, 76y
RICHARDS Abagail wife of Jesse d. Mar. 10, 1842, 36y
RICHARDS Jesse d. Jun. 28,1863, 63y
TOOLEY Ephriam d. Aug. 14, 1831, 21y (1835)
TOOLEY John d. Aug. 29, 1838, 22y
TOOLEY Jane dau of E. & H. d. Aug. 27, 1849, 16y
TOBIA Adeline dau of Lew B. & Sarah 1852, 2y
TIFFANY Elizabeth wife of Benj. d. 1819
VANHOOSEN Willis son of Hezekiah & Lydia d 1857, 1m 2d
WARNER Aurelia wife of J. B. d. Sep. 4, 1874, 51y

This cemetery is on land once owned by Nicholas Marble, a pioneer settler of the township of Arcadia, Wayne County, N.Y. The cemetery is in a completely riotous condition. Ray Marble, a descendent is now living in Newark.

Bease Family Cemetery

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

Three miles southwest of Lyons near District No. 4 school house, in northeast corner of farm owned by Frederick Arso, Arcadia Township, Wayne County, N.Y

2005 Driving Directions - unable to locate.

BEASE Howard 1809 - 1853
BEASE Madeline wife 1811 - 1847
BEASE Isaac son 1839 - 1898
BEASE Martha dau 1841 - 1901
BEASE Alice dau 1842 - 1854
BEASE Priscilla dau 1845 - 1905
*HALL William d. 1835
HALL Lydia A. wife d. 1813 (these added to record in 1952)

Hall Family Plot or Bease

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

Located across road from No. 4 school house in Arcadia about a mile south of Blue Cut Road. From all indications (May 1952) there were no other burials than those listed below. On Sutton-Miller Road in corner of lot up a grade, east side of road.

2005 Driving Directions - unable to locate.

*HALL William d. Sep. 21, 1835 in his 67th y
HALL Lydia A. wife of William d. May 2, 1848 aged 76y
HALL Southward son of W. & L. d. Sep. 19, 1825 in his 30th yr

*The addition to Bease Cemetery was reported by someone who found the stones, but I got the second record and know it is correct and found no Bease stones. Date of Lydia's death is incorrect in Bease Cemetery. M. Merhoff

Tibbets or Culver Cemetery

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

Located on west side of Sand Hill Road, town of Arcadia, just north of Road #142. It is back from road on farm formerly owned by C. Culver under 1 or 2 pine trees. Located on East Palmyra-Hydesville Road, 1/2 mi. east of Slab City on north side of road and east of the farm house. Farm now owned (1942) by Mrs. Mills. This is the Sand Hill Corner.

2005 Driving Directions - unable to locate.

TIBBETS Maretta wife of Joseph d. Apr. 11, 1813, 18y 11m 1d
TIBBETS Sally wife of Joseph d. Jul. 25, 1842, 65y 1m
There are a few foot stones but no other headstones. April 1952.

Another record from the LDS (1942) says:
TIBBITTS Marretta A. wife of Joseph d. Apr. 5, 1813, 28y 10m 4d
TIBBITTS Sally wife of Joseph d. Jul. 23, 1822, 33y 1m
TIBBITTS George son of ?
William MILLS

Ehrhardt Cemetery

Original Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

This cemetery is located on a hilltop back of the farmhouse on old Ehrhardt farm now owned (1952) by Frank Hartnagel on an East and West crossroad north from Fairville Station. It is in deplorable condition, being entirely overgrown with brambles and fallen trees. It is surrounded with an ornamental iron fence.

2005 Driving Directions - unable to locate.

EHRHARDT Dedrick Sep. 21, 1868, 73y 6d
EHRHARDT Dorothea wife May 22, 1877, 82y 7m
EHRHARDT Philip son Nov. 10, 1839, 11y
EHRHARDT Michael son Nov. 23, 1852, 16y 10m 19d
TRAUTMANN Margaret M. Aug. 10, 1852, 19y 7m 21d
SCHEER George son of J. & E. Sep. 26, 1851, 9m 11d
SCHEER Caroline D. dau of J. & E. Aug. 26, 1861, 2y 9m 17d
SCHEER Emma E. dau of J. & E. Dec. 16, 1858, 3y 11m 2d
STUDER Henry b Heimersweiler, Elsass Sep. 28, 1798 - Jan.29,1843
BRACONIER Michael son of Philip & Eva Nov. 18, 1850, 13y 10m 14d
SCHULER Diedrich son of G. & M. Sep. 27, 1852, 2y 5m

County Home Potters Field
aka Poorhouse Cemetery

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

County Home Potters Field Cemetery

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Across Route 31 from the County Home there was at one time a small burial plot where county charges from the home were buried. There were no markers and has now completely disappeared (1952).

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 31 East toward Lyons. After you pass the WATS transportation, the Cemetery is on the Left, on top of a hill mound off from Rte. 31.

Potters Field

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

Potters Field Cemetery

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2005 Driving Directions - This second Potters Field in Newark is located from Rte. 31. Go south on Vienna St. Go past the East Newark Cemetery and toward NDC (Newark Developmental Center). Across road from the Cobblestone Terrace is a stoned road. Make Left hand turn onto road. The cemetery is a short distance down road on the Left hand side.

Potters Field Cemetery

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© 2005 Daryl VerStreate Jr. and Amanda VerStreate

Miscellaneous Cemeteries

Town of Arcadia
Wayne County, NY

On Northwest corner of first left hand road, east of the intersection of County Roads #126 & #220, at one time there was an old cemetery. All that now remains is the lower half of one stone with no inscription (1952). There are some other stones unable to read.

Comstock Farm Cemetery, town of Arcadia. At the southwest corner of Route 210 and Steele Point Road under a tree near the road. Old residents related that all died of smallpox. Old Rogers farm, now George Wilks farm, east from Marion Upper Corners, town of Arcadia (Mar. 30,1952)

COMSTOCK Mary E. dau of Joseph & Harriet Mar.22,1841, 14y 11m 14d
COMSTOCK Joseph Dec. 31,1832, 31y
COMSTOCK Louise dau Aug.16,1834

VANHOUSEN - A cemetery by this name is reported to have been located on Swamp Road just South of railroad crossing, near Zurich. Can find no trace nor anyone knowing about it.

At Whiting's Corners North of Newark village about 35-40 years ago a small cemetery there was abandoned, the bodies either moved or completely covered over. No trace remains.

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