Contributed by Leola Sutton

This is a listing of names from a day book kept by Irving Webster Crane (1865-1926). Mr. Crane owned a farm on Crane Road, about one mile north of Butler Center during the late 1800's, until his accidental death in 1926. The book is a record of persons who worked as laborers on the farm during the harvesting of the cherries, berries, pears, peaches, and apples. A few businesses are also listed.

There is no indication as to what time period the book details, but it seems to be from the years 1900-1910. The writing in the book is in pencil, and difficult to clearly read in some places. It is interesting to compare these names with the Town of Butler 1904 Plat Map.

Raymond Crane
Ora Crane
Curtis Van Vleck
A.C. Wing
George Worek
Myron Harwood
Henry Wadsworth
Alta Hill
Grace Fry
Tamie Fry
Jimie Wing
Willie Wing
Sarah Wing
Mrs. Sherman
Mrs. Murray
Hugh Wing
Larrie Hill
Mrs. Hill
Mrs. Barrel
Altie Hill
George Weeks
Louie Weeks
Laura Colburn
Willie Harwood
John Hill
Mable Collins [see note below]
Mate Hillabrandt
Fanie Fry
Adrian Scott
Ernie Hillabrandt
Elmer Harder
Joe Watson
Hugh Everhart [see note below]
H.A. Graves
V. Henderson
D. Miller
Frank Knapp
Mr. Van Vleck
Dan Wadsworth
Fred Knapp
Will Brown
Cole Bros.
A.C. Foster
Charlie Cartner
Fred Fry and wife
Mrs. Quinn
Mr. Quinn
Mate Pritchard
John Strait
Metcalf & Wood
Ruth Washburn
Mary Mead
Charlie Mead
John Hill
Fay Van Vleck
Mrs. Mcgonigal
Dan Miller
Allen Van Vleck
A. Burgdorf
John Van Buren
Mrs. Osbourne
Eugene Van Deusen
John Pritchard
F. Washburn
Mrs. Cartner
H.A. Graves
J.A. Tyrell
Nellie Tyler
Grace Tyler
Dollie Chapin
Lillie Parrish
Maud Bassett [see note below]
Winnie Bassett
Ruth Washburn
Ambrose Parrish
Mrs. Penner
Hattie VanNortwick
Lloyd Crane
Ethel Crane
Myron Harwood
Mate Pritchard
Winnie Bassett
Mrs. Kane
Charles Howe
Emma Marten
Mr. Murray
Jake Carter
Larry Van Vleck

Contributed by Leola Sutton.

Who's Who in Mr. Crane's Day Book

    Re: Mabel Collins - "Mable [sic] COLLINS was my maternal grandmother. She was born in 1879 to Joseph COLLINS and his wife Margaret EVERHART. She grew up in Town of Galen, mostly in Lock Berlin. After moving to Niagara Falls (c. 1904) she married George WATTS and started her family. She died in LaSalle (now Niagara Falls) in 1941. I am her oldest grandchild, having been born in 1947." Erik Jensen

    Re: Hugh Everhart - "Hugh Ross EVERHART was Mabel COLLINS' first cousin. Hugh was born in 1876 in Galen to William Henry ('Tip') EVERHART (1840-1929) and his wife Elizabeth ROSS (1846-1916). Hugh grew up mostly in the Town of Butler. Hugh EVERHART married Maude May BASSET, who may be the same Maude appearing in the CRANE Day Book. Maude May BASSETT (1876-1949) and Hugh EVERHART were the parents of Hazel Mae EVERHART (1898-1978) and Mildred E. EVERHART (1899-1990)." Erik Jensen

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