Pastors of the South Butler Methodist Church
1879 - 1981

Sources for the following information are: Files of the former Butler Town Historian - Howard Williams, and the church record book "Register of the South Butler Methodist Protestant Church". When there were discrepancies between the two, both sets of information have been included.

Rev. A.L. Stinard 1879
Rev. W.H. Bentley 1881
Rev. W.W. Sanford 1884
Rev. H.W. Beaker 1887
Rev. Baker 1888
Rev. V.A. Barley 1889
Rev. Boughton 1890
Rev. H.N. Gardner 1893
Rev. D. Shorts 1896
Rev. John R.(?K) Waggoner 1897
Rev. J.(?I)A. Brice 1901
Rev. D. Shorts 1905
Rev. Juan(?I.J.) Howland 1908
Rev. W.H. Bentley 1915
Rev. E.C. Weaver 1921
Rev. E.D. Ridgeway 1924
Rev. Elmer Johnson 1925
Rev. George S. Martin 1927
Rev. James Larkin 1933
Rev. DeFlyer 1941
Rev. Forster Prynne 1942
Rev. John McCombe 1947
Rev. John Beers 1948
Rev. Raymond Smith 1952
Rev. Orson Case 1953
Rev. Charles James 1961
Rev. Hani Khoury 1964
Rev. Lewis Broadbent 1966
Rev. Charles Banks 1969
Rev. Ralph Williamson 1969
Rev. Charles Pomeroy 1973
Rev. Oletha Williams 1975
Rev. James Williams 1980
Rev. Roy McCaffery 1981

Methodism in the area of South Butler village was present for many years before a church was finally erected in 1881. The earliest records of the South Butler Methodist Episcopal Church (later known as South Butler United Methodist) can be found in a book "Register of the South Butler Methodist Protestant Church". About 1879, a meeting of interested families was held at the residence of R.H. Arnold. They were anxious for a church of their own, so that they would not have to travel to other areas for services. With the assistance of Rev. Philip Swift, then President of the Onondaga Methodist Conference, local prayer meetings were begun. Arthur Skinner was chosen as the leader of the first class. Charter members were: Mrs. R.H. Arnold, Mrs. Clara Bacon, Mrs. Hattie Cole, John Chapell, Andrew Pincall, Oliver Secor, Mrs. R.A. Sedore, Mrs. Sofie Skinner, Mrs. G. Stickles, Henry Stuck, Mrs. Emeline Stuck, Charles E. Wescott, and Mrs. Fannie Wescott. In January, 1880, when the group became too large to meet in private homes, a hall was rented over a local Hardware Store. Rev. A.L. Stinnard became the first pastor of the group. It was his first charge.

As the group continued to grow over that Winter, a need for their own place of worship became apparent, and subsequently a building committee was formed. Rev. W.H. Bentley was now the pastor, and he circulated a subscription which secured $1,000 toward a new building. Over the Winter, stone and lumber were drawn in, and in the Spring, ground was broken on a plot very near the four corners of South Butler village. Construction was completed, and the new church was dedicated that Summer of 1881. By then, there were more than 65 church members.

Beginning with Rev. DeFlyer, in 1941, the South Butler and Butler Center Methodist Churches shared pastors. During Rev. Lewis Broadbent's term of service, the Butler Center congregation joined with South Butler once a month. Starting with Rev. Charles Banks, the South Butler Methodist and Countryside Church in Conquest shared pastors. This continued with Rev. Williamson. In 1980, with the arrival of Rev. James A. Williams, the South Butler Church combined with the Savannah United Methodist Church to form the Savannah-South Butler Parish.

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