Transcribed and Contributed by Leola Sutton

District No. 1
NamePartyP.O. Address
Acker, Orville R.RepublicanSouth Butler
Aikins, Alta L.Republican South Butler
Aikins, John B.RepublicanSouth Butler
Aikins, William J.RepublicanSouth Butler
Armstrong, Addie Republican Wolcott
Baldwin, GeorgeRepublican South Butler
Baldwin, Jennie Republican South Butler
Baldwin, John E.Republican South Butler
Barber, Ella J.Republican South Butler
Barber, Leon D.RepublicanSouth Butler
Barber, Owen L. RepublicanSouth Butler
Barcliff, Juline C. ProhibitionSouth Butler
Barcliff, WilliamRepublican South Butler
Bennett, HoseaRepublicanSouth Butler
Borden, GeorgeRepublicanWolcott
Borden, MaryProhibitionWolcott
Bragman, Louis J. RepublicanSouth Butler
Braymer, John C.RepublicanSouth Butler
Braymer, Rose M. Blank South Butler
Calhoon, NettieRepublicanSouth Butler
Candee, George RepublicanSouth Butler
Candee, Leslie J.RepublicanSouth Butler
Candee, Midred R. RepublicanSouth Butler
Candee, Nettie RepublicanSouth Butler
Candee, Wilber L. RepublicanSouth Butler
Caren, MorganRepublicanWolcott
Carpenter, BertRepublicanSavannah
Carpenter, ClarenceRepublican South Butler
Carpenter, Jane E.Republican Savannah
Center, Ida E. Blank South Butler
Center, SheridanRepublican South Butler
Clark, William H. Republican South Butler
Coick, Franklin M. Republican Savannah
Colvin, Charles A. Republican South Butler
Cool, Andrew L.Republican Savannah
Cool, Hulda V. Republican Savannah
Cool, Nettie E. Blank Savannah
Cool, WilliamRepublican Savannah
Cooney, Fred RepublicanSouth Butler
Courtermarsh, Fred DemocratSavannah
Covell, J. A. Republican South Butler
Cox, PearlRepublican South Butler
Cox, RolloRepublican South Butler
Craw, Annie E. Republican South Butler
Craw, Julian A. Republican South Butler
Crofoot, Delbert D. Republican South Butler
Crofoot, Duane C. Republican South Butler
Crofoot, Eva L. RepublicanSouth Butler
Crofoot, TheresaRepublicanSouth Butler
Cuddeback, CharlesRepublican Savannah
Cuddeback, J. Belle Republican Savannah
Cyphers, Clarence W. RepublicanSavannah
Davis, Eva J. Republican South Butler
Dratt, AzelRepublican South Butler
Dratt, Carrie E.RepublicanSouth Butler
Dratt, Ernest L. Republican South Butler
Dratt, Helen Republican South Butler
Drury, George DemocratSavannah
Eakins, Carl Republican South Butler
Eakins, Cecil P.RepublicanSouth Butler
Eakins, George P. RepublicanSouth Butler
Eakins, Harold S.Republican South Butler
Eakins, Harriet W. Republican South Butler
Eakins, John J. Republican South Butler
Eakins, Lillian E.Republican South Butler
Eakins, Lillian F.Republican South Butler
Eakins, Lucile M.DemocratSouth Butler
Eakins, MaeRepublicanSouth Butler
Eakins, NathanielRepublicanSouth Butler
Eakins, Ruth L. Republican South Butler
Eakins, Stella BlankSouth Butler
Eakins, William DemocratSouth Butler
Everhart, Bert H.RepublicanWolcott
Everhart, Frank B.RepublicanWolcott
Everhart, Hugh RepublicanWolcott
Everhart, MableRepublicanWolcott
Everhart, William H. RepublicanWolcott
Fanning, GeorgeBlankSouth Butler
Fanning, GroverRepublicanSavannah
Fanning, Marcia E.BlankSouth Butler
Ferris, Ida M. RepublicanSouth Butler
Ferris, Paul J.RepublicanSouth Butler
Forshee, GarryRepublican South Butler
Foster, Frank E.RepublicanSouth Butler
Foster, Ida MaeRepublican South Butler
Fowler, Charlotte E.RepublicanSouth Butler
Fowler, Clarence M. RepublicanSavannah
Fowler, Ethel I. RepublicanSavannah
Frazer, Anna RepublicanWolcott
Frazer, Charles Republican Wolcott
Fry, Frank W. Republican South Butler
Fry, F. PercyRepublican Savannah
Fry, Jeanie Republican Savannah
Fry, RaymondRepublican Savannah
Fry, Susie Republican South Butler
Garrett, CarrieRepublican South Butler
Garrett, James Republican South Butler
Gay, J. Earle Republican South Butler
Gay, Maude V. Republican South Butler
Gould, Harlow Republican South Butler
Grant, Nathan J. Republican South Butler
Griffing, Loraine C. RepublicanSouth Butler
Griffing, LynnRepublican South Butler
Griffing, RaphelRepublicanSouth Butler
Halstead, NellieRepublican South Butler
Hamilton, Annie W. Republican South Butler
Hammond, IsabelleRepublican South Butler
Hammond, William R. Republican South Butler
Harder, AllieRepublican South Butler
Harder, Elmer M. RepublicanWolcott
Harder, GlennieRepublican South Butler
Harder, James M.Republican South Butler
Harder, Jennie L.Republican Wolcott
Harder, Orson M.RepublicanSouth Butler
Harper, CarlyleRepublican South Butler
Harper, MaryRepublican South Butler
Hibbard, FremontRepublican South Butler
Hill, John S. Republican South Butler
Hill, MaudRepublican South Butler
Hoad, WilliamProhibitionSouth Butler
Holdridge, Daniel Republican South Butler
Holdridge, Edith Republican South Butler
Horton, Clara L.Republican South Butler
Horton, Elezer H.Republican South Butler
Hough, Hattie E. Republican South Butler
Howard, John BlankWolcott
Howell, EmmettRepublican South Butler
Howe, James C. Void Savannah
Irving, Joseph Republican South Butler
Kasson, Frank BlankSouth Butler
Kasson, Elizabeth D.Republican South Butler
Kasson, Lulu M.Republican South Butler
Kleist, AltheaDemocratSouth Butler
Kleist, William Democrat South Butler
LeGrave, Margaret L.Republican South Butler
Livingston, Charles H. Democrat South Butler
Lockwood, Ella M. Republican Savannah
Lockwood, ErnestDemocratSavannah
Lockwood, Lorin DemocratSavannah
Loveless, George E. BlankWolcott
Loveless, Lloyd E. Republican Savannah
Mack, Ira M. Republican South Butler
Marcellus, JaneBlank South Butler
Martin, Albert RepublicanSouth Butler
McArthur, Marian RepublicanSouth Butler
McArthur, WardRepublicanSouth Butler
Meade, Charles L. RepublicanSouth Butler
Mead, HarryRepublican South Butler
Mead, Nellie M. Republican Wolcott
Meehan, Martin D. DemocratSavannah
Montana, Theron Republican South Butler
Morley, Flora E. Republican South Butler
Newton, Morgan G.Republican Wolcott
Nichols, EugeneRepublicanSouth Butler
Nichols, LyleRepublican South Butler
Nichols, Margaret RepublicanSouth Butler
Nichols, Nellie J.Republican South Butler
Parsons, Valeria W. RepublicanSouth Butler
Parson, George RepublicanSouth Butler
Pasco, Della B. Republican South Butler
Pasco, Iva B.Republican South Butler
Pasco, William M. RepublicanSouth Butler
Patterson, Daniel H. RepublicanSouth Butler
Patterson, Emma ProhibitionSouth Butler
Pitts, Lewis L.RepublicanSavannah
Pitts, Rose N.RepublicanSavannah
Reed, Charles R.Republican South Butler
Reed, Clarence A.Republican South Butler
Reed, Dudley S.Democrat South Butler
Reed, Ethel Republican South Butler
Rising, Mary RepublicanSouth Butler
Rising, Myron W.RepublicanSouth Butler
Rogers, Hiram RepublicanSouth Butler
Scott, AdrianRepublican South Butler
Seaman, Frank Republican South Butler
Seaman, Maude RepublicanSouth Butler
Searle, Grace B.Republican South Butler
Searle, Lillian A.Republican South Butler
Seeley, Almon W.RepublicanSavannah
Seeley, HattieRepublican Savannah
Senior, Lily Republican Savannah
Senior, MarkRepublican Savannah
Shoecraft, Jethro L.RepublicanSouth Butler
Shoecraft, PhoebeRepublicanSouth Butler
Simpson, Fred Democrat South Butler
Smith, Adelaide V. Republican South Butler
Smith, Azel Republican South Butler
Smith, Georgianna Republican South Butler
Smith, Harry Blank South Butler
Smith, Mary A. Republican Wolcott
Smith, SimonRepublican South Butler
Southwick, BertRepublican Wolcott
Stewart, LymanRepublican South Butler
Stewart, Mary E.Republican South Butler
Stewart, Mattie R. RepublicanSouth Butler
Sweeting, GraceRepublican South Butler
Taylor, Charles D. Republican South Butler
Taylor, J. MelvinRepublican South Butler
Taylor, Mary Republican South Butler
Taylor, Ray RepublicanSouth Butler
Thatcher, EthelRepublican South Butler
Thatcher, WilliamRepublican South Butler
Turvey, Martha H.RepublicanSouth Butler
Tyler, Fannie L.Republican Wolcott
Tyler, Howard L. RepublicanWolcott
Tyler, Stanley E.RepublicanWolcott
VanBuren, Guy L.RepublicanSouth Butler
VanBuren, JohnRepublican South Butler
VanDeusen, EugeneRepublicanSouth Butler
VanDeusen, Sarah RepublicanSouth Butler
VanHoosen, Frank P.Blank South Butler
VanHoosen, Myrtle E. Republican South Butler
VanNortwick, Dollie Republican South Butler
VanNortwick, Floyd Republican South Butler
VanNortwick, GipsonRepublican South Butler
VanPelt, GeorgeRepublican South Butler
VenPelt, Morris Republican South Butler
Viele, CharlesRepublicanSouth Butler
Warner, Fred B.RepublicanSouth Butler
Warrick, Ada B.Republican Wolcott
Warrick, Albert S.Republican Wolcott
Washburn, GuyRepublican Wolcott
Washburn, NettieRepublican Wolcott
Weaver, Elisha C. Republican South Butler
Weeks, Doris V. Republican South Butler
Weeks, George Republican South Butler
Weeks, Grace L.Republican South Butler
Weeks, Valeria A. Blank South Butler
Wells, MyrtieRepublican South Butler
Wetmore, Eva L.Republican South Butler
Wetmore, Henry G. Republican South Butler
Wheeler, DeWitt C. Republican South Butler
Wheeler, Nettie H.Republican South Butler
White, Minnie F.RepublicanSouth Butler
White, Walter Republican South Butler
Wilde, MarionRepublican South Butler
Williams, Clara RepublicanSouth Butler
Williams, Ethelyn L.BlankSouth Butler
Williams, James H. Republican South Butler
Williams, Leslie A.Republican South Butler
Wilson, George W. Republican South Butler
Winchell, Giles M. DemocratSavannah
Wood, Eugene J. RepublicanSouth Butler
Wood, Talitha RepublicanSouth Butler
Yates, HarryRepublican Savannah

District No. 2
NamePartyP.O. Address
Aldrich, FloydRepublican Red Creek
Allen, Daisy M. RepublicanRed Creek
Allen, William E.RepublicanRed Creek
Anderson, Mary L. RepublicanWolcott
Anderson, S.C. Republican Wolcott
Armstrong, Arthur RepublicanWolcott
Austin, BerthaRepublican Red Creek
Austin, George M. Republican Red Creek
Bacon, Stanley Republican Red Creek
Bacon, Sumner N.Republican Red Creek
Baker, Earl H. Republican Wolcott
Baker, Fred W. Republican Wolcott
Baker, Martha Republican Wolcott
Baldwin, Andrew J. RepublicanRed Creek
Baldwin, Leon S.Republican Red Creek
Baldwin, Sarah L. Republican Red Creek
Bassett, BernardRepublican Wolcott
Benjamin, EdithRepublican Wolcott
Benjamin, Mary Republican Wolcott
Bennett, DelmarRepublican Wolcott
Bessy, Blanche L.Republican Wolcott
Bessy, Vernon B. Republican Wolcott
Blauvelt, Isaac DemocratRed Creek
Brady, Michael J.DemocratRed Creek
Brewster, Fred H.Republican Wolcott
Bullock, Alfred C.DemocratWolcott
Burgdorf, Ballard Republican Red Creek
Calkins, C.V.Republican Wolcott
Calkins, Frank H. Republican Wolcott
Chaddock, JohnDemocratWolcott
Chaddock, Susan DemocratWolcott
Chapin, Lena M.Republican Wolcott
Chapin, Ross G.RepublicanWolcott
Colvin, BurdetteRepublican Wolcott
Colvin, Lucy B. Republican Wolcott
Cook, Charles H.BlankWolcott
Cook, Clara L.DemocratWolcott
Cooper, HenriettaRepublican Wolcott
Cox, Ethel K. DemocratWolcott
Cox, StellaProhibition Wolcott
Crane, Dee V.Republican Wolcott
Crane, FrancesRepublican Wolcott
Crane, Irving W.Republican Wolcott
Crane, Ora H.Republican Wolcott
Crane, Raymond I. Republican Wolcott
Crego, ViolaRepublican Red Creek
Curtis, Andrew F. DemocratWolcott
Curtis, Hattie M.Democrat Red Creek
DeLaney, George H. Republican Wolcott
DeLaney, Ida Republican Wolcott
DeVoe, Benjamin F. Republican Wolcott
DeVoe, Hulda Peterson RepublicanWolcott
DeWitt, Robert DemocratWolcott
Dobbin, Albert Republican Wolcott
Dobbin, Alice M.Republican Wolcott
Dobbin, Emma J.Republican Wolcott
Dobbin, Leroy Republican Wolcott
Donk, Mary M. Republican Wolcott
Donk, Peter J. Republican Wolcott
Doty, Bertha E.RepublicanWolcott
Doty, Eugene Republican Wolcott
Douglass, Albert C.Republican Wolcott
Douglass, Ella MaeBlank Wolcott
Dusenbury, Nettie Republican Wolcott
Dusenbury, Newton E. Blank Wolcott
Dusenbury, Olive Republican Wolcott
Eberle, Adam F.Republican Wolcott
Eberle, Mary Republican Wolcott
Ellis, Clare Republican Red Creek
Everhart, Edgar F. Republican Wolcott
Everhart, Foist H.Republican Wolcott
Everhart, Henry E. Blank Wolcott
Everhart, Ida Republican Wolcott
Everhart, R. Adele Republican Wolcott
Farnum, BelleRepublican Wolcott
Farnum, Edwin S.BlankWolcott
Farnum, Eugene D.Republican Wolcott
Farnum, Harry A. Republican Wolcott
Farnum, MargueriteRepublican Wolcott
Favreau, Carrie Republican Wolcott
Fink, Eliza Republican Red Creek
Fink, LeonRepublican Red Creek
Fitch, Arthur E. Republican Wolcott
Ford, Agnes Republican Wolcott
Ford, Mary Republican Wolcott
Fuller, Julian H.Republican Wolcott
Gaylord, E. S. Republican Wolcott
Gaylord, F. L. Republican Wolcott
Gaylord, W. A. BlankWolcott
Green, HiramBlank Red Creek
Guillaume, AugustusRepublican Wolcott
Guillaume, MaudeProhibition Wolcott
Hall, Crayton Republican Wolcott
Harder, Howard L.Republican Wolcott
Harper, Alice C.Republican Wolcott
Harper, Chauncey Republican Wolcott
Hart, Thomas E.Republican Red Creek
Hayes, Claude H.Republican Wolcott
Hayes, Phoebe Republican Wolcott
Holtfolter, GeorgeVoid Wolcott
Jacot, GeorgeRepublican Wolcott
Jacot, Lucy M.Prohibition Wolcott
Jenkins, E. E. Republican Wolcott
Jenkins, VilettaRepublican Wolcott
Johnson, John HarveyRepublican Wolcott
Johnson, Ruby Republican Wolcott
Johnson, W. D.RepublicanWolcott
Jones, Lucia Republican Wolcott
Kasper, Elizabeth DemocratRed Creek
Kasper, Joseph A.DemocratRed Creek
Kellecutt, Alice Republican Wolcott
Kellecutt, Charles B. RepublicanWolcott
Knapp, Emily Republican Wolcott
Knapp, Franklin E.RepublicanWolcott
Knapp, Lee Republican Red Creek
Koch, William F. Republican Wolcott
Lamb, Ann M. Republican Wolcott
Lamb, Rutherford H. Republican Wolcott
LeFevre, Bertha A. Republican Wolcott
LeFevre, Roy C.Democrat Wolcott
LeGasse, John Republican Red Creek
Loveless, AdelaideRepublican Wolcott
Loveless, HarveyRepublican Wolcott
Loveless, Seward Republican Wolcott
McDorman, MichaelRepublican Red Creek
McDorman, OranRepublican Red Creek
Mead, Joseph H.Republican Wolcott
Miller, HarrietRepublican Wolcott
Miller, Samuel J.DemocratWolcott
Monroe, EmilDemocratWolcott
Moore, Betty Republican Wolcott
Moore, Eugene M.Republican Wolcott
Neal, Joseph Republican Wolcott
O'Brien, Ada B. P.DemocratWolcott
O'Brien, John F. DemocratWolcott
Olin, ErnestBlankWolcott
Olmstead, MyrtaRepublican Wolcott
Olmstead, W.J. Republican Wolcott
Palmer, Levi H.Republican Wolcott
Parker, Addie J. BlankWolcott
Parker, Albert R.Republican Wolcott
Parker, Mae J.Republican Wolcott
Parker, William R.Republican Wolcott
Perkins, Rush Democrat Wolcott
Phillips,Clinton J.Republican Wolcott
Pierson, Edward RepublicanWolcott
Porter, John F.Republican Wolcott
Powers, Edward DemocratWolcott
Powers, Maude C. DemocratWolcott
Quick, Maude C.Republican Wolcott
Rasch, Anna M. Republican Wolcott
Raynor, Euletta Republican Wolcott
Raynor, FloydRepublican Wolcott
Raynor, J. R.Republican Wolcott
Redman, Charles M. DemocratWolcott
Redman, Lottie DemocratWolcott
Reed, JayRepublican Wolcott
Reed, Leon RepublicanWolcott
Reeves, Florence S. Republican Wolcott
Reeves, Glen B.Republican Wolcott
Reeves, Victor D. RepublicanWolcott
Rich, Ethel R.RepublicanWolcott
Rich, Frank C.RepublicanWolcott
Roe, Julia C. Republican Wolcott
Rorabeck, Hiram C. RepublicanRed Creek
Salisbury, John J.Prohibition Wolcott
Schuldt, Albert Republican Wolcott
Scutt, Blanche RepublicanWolcott
Scutt, Claude Void Wolcott
Scutt, Leroy H. Republican Wolcott
Seelye, JeanetteProhibition Wolcott
Seelye, Maurice G. Republican Wolcott
Shipley, HowardRepublican Wolcott
Shufelt, EdwardDemocratWolcott
Slack, Edward Republican Red Creek
Smith, Flora Republican Wolcott
Somes, NathanielRepublicanRed Creek
Soule, Charles E.RepublicanWolcott
Soule, FlorenceRepublicanWolcott
Sprague, AmbertDemocrat Red Creek
Spurr, Betty RepublicanRed Creek
Spurr, CarltonRepublicanRed Creek
Spurr, Emerson Republican Red Creek
Stillman, Alta Prohibition Red Creek
Stillman, Lewis C.Farmer LaborRed Creek
Stoddard, Harvey Republican Red Creek
Taylor, Alvira RepublicanWolcott
Taylor, Charles A.Republican Wolcott
Taylor, Wilbur L.Republican Wolcott
Terpening, FloraRepublicanRed Creek
Terpening, William F.Republican Red Creek
Trickler, GeorgeDemocratWolcott
Underhill, JasonDemocratWolcott
VanDeusen, JudsonRepublicanWolcott
VanOstrand, Aurelia S. RepublicanRed Creek
VanOstrand, John J. Republican Red Creek
VanVleck, Bertha E.DemocratWolcott
VanVleck, Frank DemocratWolcott
VanVleck, Hannah Democrat Wolcott
VanVleck, J. Keith Republican Wolcott
VanVleck, Lawrence S. Democrat Wolcott
VanVleck, Marenus Democrat Wolcott
VanVleck, Nellie E. DemocratWolcott
VanVleck, NettieDemocrat Wolcott
Vincent, Clarence E.RepublicanWolcott
Vincent, Ethel Republican Wolcott
Vincent, George E. RepublicanWolcott
Vincent, MaudeRepublicanWolcott
Walker, James K.Democrat Wolcott
Walker, Martha DemocratWolcott
Ward, Edmund C. Republican Wolcott
Ward, George G.Republican Red Creek
Ward, Ida C.Republican Red Creek
Ward, Joseph N.RepublicanWolcott
Watson, Frank L.Republican Wolcott
Wellott, Flossie Republican Red Creek
Wellott, George G.Republican Red Creek
Wellott, HenryRepublican Red Creek
Wells, WilberDemocratWolcott
Wendover, Frederick Republican Red Creek
Westfall, Emma R.DemocratWolcott
Whalen, James DemocratWolcott
White, Charles A. Republican Wolcott
White, FannieRepublican Wolcott
Wilson, George W. RepublicanWolcott
Wilson, Jessie M. Republican Wolcott
Wing, A. C. DemocratWolcott
Wing, CeliaDemocratWolcott
Wing, Hugh J. DemocratWolcott
Wing, James P. DemocratWolcott
Wing, Winifred B.DemocratWolcott
Wirth, Charles A. RepublicanWolcott
Wolvin, Edna Republican Wolcott
Wolvin, Ernest T.RepublicanWolcott
Wolvin, Ralph RepublicanWolcott
Wood, Edwin H. Republican Red Creek
Wood, Ernest E. DemocratRed Creek
Wood, George G.DemocratRed Creek
Wood, Nellie F. DemocratRed Creek
Wood, Sarah G. DemocratRed Creek

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