1891 - 1892

"Giving the names of the assessed property owners, number of acres for which they are assessed, and their post-office address."


Property Owner Number of Acres Post Office Address of Owner
Abrams, Hiram20South Butler
Aikens, Charles 50Westbury
Aikins, James 50 Westbury
Aikens, John B.62Butler Center
Aikens, Oliver 49Westbury
Aikens, Samuel, estate42Butler Center
Aikens, Samuel, estate130Wolcott
Ammerman & Schank62Wolcott
Andrews, Baxter 46 Wolcott
Angus, Elijah 10Wolcott
Armstrong, Granville 124Wolcott
Armstrong, Manford 63 Butler Center
Aurnard, George M. [Aurand?]102 South Butler
Aurand, Norman E. 130South Butler
Bacon, Edward10Westbury
Bacon, Harvey 98Spring Lake
Bacon, Nathan 190 Westbury
Bacon, Rufus 91 South Butler
Baker George O. 72 Clyde
Baldwin, Sanford 17 South Butler
Barcliff, William96 South Butler
Barnard, William21 South Butler
Benjamin, Sarah A. 11 Wolcott
Bennett, Hosea 8 Spring Lake
Bishop, Benjamin 73 South Butler
Bishop, B. (guardian) 20 South Butler
Bishop, Joel 118 Red Creek
Blass, George 80 S. Butler
Bottom, Lafayette Mrs. 38 Wolcott
Brewster, A. E. 47 Wolcott
Bullock, Hiram 58 Butler Center
Bulmer, John 96 Clyde
Bunce, John 88 Butler Center
Burgdoff, George 49 Westbury
Burgdoff, Jessie 55 Westbury
Burgdoff, Stephen 70 Westbury
Burke, William 13 S. Butler
Cady, Elias H. 14 S. Butler
Campbell, Syranus 14 Wolcott
Candee, Wilbur 49 S. Butler
Carkner, Jocob 30 S. Butler
Carkner, Smith 32 Westbury
Caywood, Abram 99 S. Butler
Caywood, Christopher 51 S. Butler
Caywood, William 71 S. Butler
Center, Abram 198 Butler Center
Chaddock, John 37 Wolcott
Chamberlain, C. P. 62 Butler Centre
Chapin, D. S. 69 Butler Centre
Christler, John 40 Wolcott
Clapp, Emerson 2 Westbury
Clark, Milton 10 Wolcott
Clark, William 10 Spring Lake
Cole, Hiram 92 Wolcott
Cole, Welcome, estate 218 Butler Centre
Colvin, A. P. 16 Wolcott
Colvin, Oliver C. 48 Wolcott
Conklin, Wm. C. 26 S. Butler
Cook, B. F. 105 Westbury
Cook, Hiram 115 Wolcott
Coolican, John 9 Westbury
Cornell, Wm. H. 18 S. Butler
Cowell, Mark, estate 98 Westbury
Cramer, William 68 Westbury
Crane, Irving W. 33 Wolcott
Craw, J. A. 55 Red Creek
Craw, R. A. Mrs. 24 S. Butler
Crawford, Charles 7 Westbury
Crounce, David 36 Westbury
Crounce, William 88 S. Butler
Crowell & Campbell 8 Westbury
Cuddeback, Moses 85 Red Creek
Cuddeback, Philo 50 Spring Lake
Cushman, Prentice 142 S. Butler
Daniels, Hiram 192 Wolcott
Darling, John 41 Wolcott
Darling, Martin 90 Wolcott
Davis, Rhoda E. 23 S. Butler
Deforest, Sallie Mrs. 30 Westbury
Delamarter, George, estate 109 Wolcott
Delamarter, John, estate 89 Wolcott
Dobbins, Albert 15 Wolcott
Donavan, Daniel and Maggie 38 Wolcott
Doolittle, Elva Mrs. 49 Wolcott
Doty, John L. 40S. Butler
Douglass, Lucius 49 Spring Lake
Douglass, Newton 34 Spring Lake
Dratt, L. H. 103 S. Butler
Durkin, Matthew 54 Westbury
Dutcher, Russell 5 Westbury
Everhart, Henry 185 Wolcott
Fanning, George 40 S. Butler
Fanning, Samuel 100 Westbury
Ferris, Harvey 68 Rose
Ferris, Ida Mrs. 21 S. Butler
Fish, T. S. 76 Wolcott
Fitch, Cyrus E. 70 Wolcott
Fleming, Gilbert 62 Westbury
Fowler, Frank M. 95 Wolcott
Fowler, Marcus 114 S. Butler
Fowler, William 58 Butler
Fox, Andrew 38 Butler Centre
Fox, William 24 S. Butler
Fry, Alfred 48 S. Butler
Fry, Frank W. 32 S. Butler
Galloway, William 75 Wolcott
Gibbs, Abram 72 Butler Centre
Gilkie, Alfred 80 Wolcott
Gould, Samuel 18 S. Butler
Graham, E. P. 200 Wolcott
Graham, George 7 S. Butler
Graham & Coon 112 Wolcott
Green, Luther 12 Westbury
Halstead, John 81 Spring Lake
Hamlin, William H. 234 S. Butler
Harder, Abram 48 S. Butler
Harder, Lincoln 54 Red Creek
Harder, Michael 72 Butler Centre
Harder, Stephen 25 S. Butler
Harwood, Sylvester 84 S. Butler
Henderson, Francis 84 Wolcott
Henderson, Grove 67 Butler Centre
Henderson, Morgan 48 Wolcott
Henderson, Valois 62 Butler Centre
Hibbard, Civilian 109 S. Butler
Hitchcock, Elmina Mrs. 25 Fair Haven
Holdefolter, George 24 Wolcott
Holdefolter, Joseph 24 Wolcott
Holdridge, Wallace 60 Spring Lake
Hough, J. E. 123 S. Butler
Hoyt, Evlyn, estate 44 Westbury
Hunt, William S. 340 Clyde
Ingersoll, Hiram 72 Butler Centre
Jeffers, Robert 132 Wolcott
Jones, H. B. 82 Westbury
Jones, Isaac 95 Wolcott
Jones, William P. 4 Westbury
Judson, Normand 98 Butler Centre
Kasson, Alex 111 S. Butler
Kasson, Frank 110 S. Butler
Knapp, A. R. 25 Butler Centre
Knapp, John 77 Butler Centre
Lampman, Casper Mrs. 58 S. Butler
Laughron, George 59 S. Butler
Lefavor, James 3 Westbury
Lefavor, Samuel 3 Westbury
Leonard, Bartlett 17 S. Butler
Livingston, Peter 100 S. Butler
Lockwood, Ambrose 120 S. Butler
Loveless, Columbus 266 Wolcott
Loveless, Frank 8 Wolcott
Loveless, Nathan 54 Wolcott
Loveless, Ransom 40 Wolcott
Loveless, Washington 68 Wolcott
MacIntyre, Wright 38 Wolcott
Mack, Hannah Mrs. 86 S. Butler
Mack, Isaac 260 Red Creek
Matthews, Lawson 60 Wolcott
Matthews, Royal 102 Wolcott
Maynard, Emmet 4 S. Butler
McCarthy, Ward L. 50 Spring Lake
McCaughan, John 86 Butler Centre
McCurty, John 86 Spring Lake
McGonigal, Charles 5 S. Butler
McGonigal, James 43 S. Butler
McGovern, John, estate 16 Wolcott
McGraw, Martin 4 South Butler
McKoon, Merritt 94 South Butler
McKoon, Merritt, estate 24 South Butler
Mead, Aaron 47 Butler Centre
Mead, Calvin 46 S. Butler
Mead, Dwight 29 S. Butler
Mead, Michael 126 S. Butler
Meehan, John, estate 140 S. Butler
Merrill, Charlotte 62 Wolcoott
Merrill, Fernando 3 Wolcott
Miller, Isaac 35 Spring Lake
Miller, J. D. 161 Butler Centre
Miller, M. F. 77 S. Butler
Mitchell, Elias 28 S. Butler
Monroe, Henry B.123 S. Butler
Moore, F. H., estate 48 Wolcott
Moore, Orin 24 Wolcott
Morehouse, Alvia 7 S. Butler
Morehouse, G. 21 S. Butler
Newton, A. B. 103 Butler Centre
Olmstead, D. B. 120 Westbury
Olmstead, Ira 63 Wolcott
Orr, Sarah Mrs. 50 Wolcott
Paddock, W. W., trustee 108 Wolcott
Parks, A W. 61 Butler Center
Parsells, James 40 Westbury
Patterson, John 80 Wolcott
Paylor, John 100 Wolcott
Peck, Arvine 15 Wolcott
Peck, Harlow 22 Wolcott
Phelps, Appleton 15 S. Butler
Phelps, Edgar 6 Wolcott
Phelps, Jerome 116 S. Butler
Phelps, Myron 97 S. Butler
Phillips, John 75 Wolcott
Phillips, Wilber 89 Butler Centre
Pierson, F. R. 102 S. Butler
Pitts, William 33 Wolcott
Pool, William 57 Wolcott
Porter, Nelson 75 Lyons
Post, Alonzo 75 Wolcott
Pray, Leonard 77 S. Butler
Pray, L. H. 32 S. Butler
Pritchard, Edward 67 S. Butler
Pritchard, James 52 S. Butler
Pritchard, John 48 S. Butler
Pulver, James 55 Spring Lake
Putnam, H. N. 40 Butler Centre
Rathbone, Henry 26 South Butler
Raynor, Matthew 70 Wolcott
Roe, John S. 116 Wolcott
Roe, J. H. L. 78 Wolcott
Roe, William 40 Wolcott
Roe, Willis 79 Wolcott
Rosenburgh, Mathews 54 S. Butler
Royce & Hill 8 Wolcott
Salisbury, John 61 Wolcott
Saxton, Martin L. 21 S. Butler
Scott, Sarah Mrs. 108 Wolcott
Seamons, Irving 21 S. Butler
Seymour, L. D. 73 Wolcott
Shaw, James 5 Wolcott
Sherman, John 44 Wolcott
Shoemaker, John 110 Spring Lake
Sibley, Timothy 371 S. Butler
Smith, Jacob 18 Spring Lake
Soule, A. T., estate 143 S. Butler
Southwick, Byron 93 S. Butler
Southwick, Samuel 30 S. Butler
Southwick, Simon, estate 54 S. Butler
Southwick, Susan 6 S. Butler
Spencer, Andrew 93 Butler Center
Spickerman, Ann Eliza 25 Spring Lake
Sprague, Charles 99 S. Butler
Sprague, Cyrus 81 Butler Center
Sprague, David Mrs. 45 Wolcott
Sprague, John 132 Butler Center
Stanley, Helen E. 40 S. Butler
Stiles, William P. 65 S. Butler
Stone, E. P. 138 Spring Lake
Sweeting, M, F. 45 S. Butler
Tainter, Luther 28 S. Butler
Taylor, Elias 46 S. Butler
Taylor, William 78 S. Butler
Teachout, Hiram 66 Westbury
Terpening, Peter L. 3 Westbury
Thompson, Camilla 49 S. Butler
Thorn, T. P. 48 Clyde
Thurber, Thomas estate 88 Westbury
Titus, William 50 Butler Center
Tompkins, Jane P. 46 Wolcott
Towlerton, James 28 Wolcott
Treat, Aaron 69 Westbury
Tyler, Henry M. 55 Butler Center
Tyler, Mary A. 58 Butler Center
Underhill, Jason, estate 42 Wolcott
Upham, Daniel 53 Westbury
Upham, Ebenezer 50 Westbury
Upham, Frank 9 Westbury
Uphram, William 10 Westbury
Van Buren, John 110 S. Butler
Vandyne, Ezra 56 S. Butler
Van Nostrand, Eugene 230 Wolcott
Van Nostrand, Wilson 72 Butler Center
Van Tassel, James, estate 48 Spring Lake
Van Vleck, Curtis 59 Wolcott
Van Vleck, Ernest and Lawrence, Jr. 90 Wolcott
Van Vleck, Harvey and Frank 90 Wolcott
Van Vleck, Lawrence 100 Wolcott
Viele, Lucius 200 Butler Center
Vincent, George 60 Butler Center
Wade, Joseph 78 Wolcott
Wadsworth, D. H. 20 South Butler
Wadsworth, Philip 27 South Butler
Wager, Alfred 489 Wolcott
Wager, Charles 10 Westbury
Waldron, Cornelius 94 S. Butler
Walker, Granville, estate 73 Wolcott
Walker, Sarah A. Mrs. 49 Wolcott
Ward, Joseph N. 75 Wolcott
Washburn, Ernest 90 Butler Centre
Watson, Elizabeth 71 Wolcott
Welch, Patrick Mrs. 5 Westbury
Wells, Albert 165 Wolcott
Wells, George 44 Wolcott
Wendover, Abigail Mrs. 6 S. Butler
Wendover, Garret 12 Spring Lake
Wendover, Martin 77 Westbury
Wendover, Stephen 4 Westbury
Wendover, Thomas 57 Spring Lake
Wescott, Charles 132 Butler Centre
Wescott, George 10 South Butler
Wescott, John F. 175 South Butler
Wetherill, Darius 117 Wolcott
Whalen, Michael 20 S. Butler
Whalen, Thomas 56 S. Butler
Wheeler, H. H. 181 S. Butler
Whitbeck, Andrew, estate 67 S. Butler
Williams, Thaddeus 104 Red Creek
Wilson, George 10 S. Butler
Wilson, John 17 Wolcott
Winchell, G. M. 42 Wolcott
Wing, Philip Jr. 12 Butler Centre
Wolrin, David 15 Wolcott
Wood, Byron B. 90 Spring Lake
Wood, Charles 45 Savannah
Wood, Cornelius, estate 209 Spring Lake
Wood, George 320 Westbury
Wood, Henry 186 Weedsport
Wood, Henry L. 50 S. Butler
Wood, Noah 66 Wolcott
Wood, William 175 Westbury

Source: The Wayne County Directory for 1891-92. Newburgh, N.Y.: L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers., 1892.

Although some of the spellings are incorrect, for historical accuracy, spellings of first and last names have been transcribed exactly as given in the original resource, and will not be changed. The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions about individuals to the Office of the County Historian.

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