We negotiate loans on good improved farm property in this and adjoining counties.

We deal in property, of all kinds, outside this county as well as in it.

If you mean business, come and see us, or write us, and we can help you.

Please notify us a day or two in advance when coming to see us, to avoid delay.

A Word to the Public.

The Agency hereby expresses it gratitude to the public for the patronage which has so rapidly sprung up in this office during the past month. This large amount of business shows that such an agency was in demand for the public convenience. From present indications the business is to increase, rather than diminish. It will be our endeavor, by care, promptness, fair and just management, and general "attention to business:, to convince people that our work is a necessity and that we can render them real and valuable aid. As will be seen by reference to our rules and regulations, we give the advantage of very extensive advertising. Our exchange with other agencies enables us to cover a large field.

As we remarked in our first issue, it will be our aim to introduce parties to each other, to put in circulation such information as will bring buyers and sellers together, and enable them to deal with each other.

We shall deal in REAL and PERSONAL property; and are prepared to sell property at AUCTION or PRIVATE sale.

Our paper, enlarged, will be issued from month to month, and will circulate far and near.

We can render important aid to those wishing to sell or buy FARMS, DWELLINGS, BUSINESS BLOCKS, STORES, HOTELS, MILLS, SHOPS or any property whatever, in this county _________.

This Agency has on its books desirable property in Genesee, Orleans, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga and other counties, and operates in every part of the state. It also has excellent facilities by way of correspondence, for dealing in western and southern lands.

We shall be glad to correspond with those who have any business in which we can aid them: or to see them at our office, Stuart Block, 2d floor, Newark.


Our village is having a substantial growth. The "boom" which began with the coming of the West Shore road has proved to be a permanent awakening, and a healthful "start," toward larger thrift, enterprise, and business activity. Indeed, for the last dozen years this place has been making substantial advancement. In that time half the brick buildings of the place have been reared: nineteenths of the fine residences, in which our village excels every other in Central New York, have been erected; nearly all the flag pavement has been laid; the lighting of streets has been introduced; hotel accommodations have been increased to such an extent that now no place can boast of better; while the increase of substantial residences has been unsurpassed in any village, and still goes on - the demand for houses being as urgent now as at any time in the past.

Our public schools are of the best, _________, and the expenditure of a few thousand dollars in enlargement, that we shall have buildings adequate to this important public interest. The churches, in which Newark out-numbers any surrounding village, are generally well sustained and prosperous. We are to quite an extent "a church-going people." We have too many saloons, and yet fewer to the square inch than most license villages of our size.

Our railroad accommodations are clearly unsurpassed. With the transfer completed at Fairport, our citizens can step on board the West Shore or Central trains at any desirable hour of the day, and in 60 minutes be in Rochester. Important transfer arrangements between the N.C. and W.S. roads, will in a little time constitute Newark a more important point for the coal and freight business, than has been heretofore dreamed of. As yet our town has derived only benefit from the purchase of the W.S. by the N.Y.C. railroad company.

Newark has been flatteringly distinguished by the state, as the permanent location of the Custodial Asylum - an institution of noble charity which in time must become the rival of Willard, in kindly beneficence. In a business way we shall derive increasing benefit from this institution.


If in time past anyone had inquired for the town in Wayne county most resembling an old-fashioned New England town - orthodox; gently Puritanic, well founded in the Plymouth Rock ideas and principles and usages - high-toned and intelligent, we would doubtless have been constrained to answer, Palmyra. A somewhat different generation has now arisen, and yet the claim to this pre-eminence is not wholly extinct. Palmyra has solid people, good society, strong churches, and a high standard of education. While it is the Mecca of the Mormons, it is famed for many other things in which it takes vastly more pride than in this fact.

A new life seems to be in store for this village, as the result of fresh awakening to business advancement. A large committee having been organized of leading citizens, to make overtures to desirable manufacturing companies, the way seems to be opening now for the welcoming there of the Cox boot or shoe manufactory, which contemplates removal from Rochester. This interest established will make way for others; and the substantial benefits to a town of manufacturing enterprises will soon prepossess the people in favor of them, and lead to generous and zealous efforts to secure them. Any village along the line of these great railroads has a new lease of life, the hour it invites good manufacturing enterprises. And the way to make the invitation effectual is to show liberality and enterprise. A few thousand dollars hypothecated, by those who love their own town and wish to see it grow, would bring a sure reward in many ways.


1. On all property sold for cash we charge a commission of 2 per cent. On the selling price.

2. On property exchanged, a commission of 1 per cent. Will be charged up to the exchange, and 2 per cent. On the amount above the exchange.

3. No commission will be required of the purchaser, as we look to the seller and not the buyer.

4. Property placed in our agency will remain one year, and longer unless written notice is given to the agency.

5. Should we introduce parties by letter or otherwise and the sale is made, it will entitle us to our regular commission.

6. In all cases, when property is placed in our hands, the owner must be responsible for a perfect title.

7. All property registered in our books will be considered on sale at the prices named to us by the owners.

8. Property left in our charge for sale will be advertised one year, unless a sale is sooner effected, or the property withdrawn.

9. To any reasonable distance we convey parties desiring to visit property with the view of buying, FREE OF CHARGE.

This agency will do no jockeying, but a straight-forward commission business, on terms uniform to all.

Now is the time to put in your application, or your advertisement, if you are ready for a deal. You may want to buy or sell, but who will know it, unless you say so. Advertising, like the telescope or microscope, helps people to see things they could not see in any other way.

Our descriptions of property are reliable, and we deal in no exaggerations for the sake of making sales. To do so would not only be very unfair, but would in the end prove very foolish.

We have the best facilities for bringing the buyer and seller together with greatest possible speed.


No. 6. Farm 80 acres, located in the town of Sodus. This farm is well adapted to raising grain, grass, fruits, etc. Quite level, soil a dark loam. Will sell for $65 per acre, or will exchange for village property. House and lot in Newark preferred. Payments easy.

No. 7. Farm 30 acres, good house and barn, 2 acres raspberries in bearing, other fruits in abundance, a nice home for a man of small means. Located 2 miles west of Newark. Price $3,000. Terms: easy. Would exchange for a small house and lot.

No. 9. Farm 65 acres, in town of Ontario, known as the Sanford S. Coggswell farm. Owner being in Michigan desires to sell. Price $3,000. Terms: one-half down, balance, long, easy payments. Correspond with this agency.

No. 14. Farm 55 acres, soil mostly gravel loam. Located in the town of Palmyra, 3 miles north of N.Y.C.R.R. depot, 3 miles south of Marion village, 2 miles west of East Palmyra post-office. Fair house and barn. 7 acres of raspberries in bearing. Price $70 per acre; one-half down, balance long time if desired.

No. 19. Farm 103 acres. Good house, 2 good barns. This farm is now used as a milk and dairy farm, keeping 25 cows. This is a grand opportunity for a party desiring to continue the milk business. The owner wishing to go west now offers it for sale, or will exchange for dwelling in Newark, Lyons or Palmyra. Payments to suit the purchases.

No. 22. Farm 87 acres. Located 4 miles north-east of Newark. Good house and barn, 3 acres of orchard in bearing, also a new orchard of one acre. Well fenced, soil a dark loam, and in fine condition. This is a splendid farm for either grain, grass, or fruit. Good location. It has the advantage of being a ___ mile from churches, school, and near a small village with post office. Foreign buyers should look after this farm as an investment. Easy terms or on long time if desired, or all cash accepted. Call or correspond with agency.

No. 23. Farm 64 acres, six miles north of village of Newark. Buildings, house and barn. Barn with basement, 4 acres apple orchard, plenty of small fruits, price $80 per acre. This farm belongs to a widow lady who would take in payment a medium priced house and lot in some good village.

No. 24. Place of about 30 acres, on which are 14 acres of choice grapes in full bearing of the following varieties: Concords, Hartfords, Delawares, and Dianas. Also 200 cherry trees, very fine varieties, all in good bearing. There is a cider mill, peppermint distillery, and box factory combined, with 8 horse power steam engine. This could be made a profitable business. This place is beautifully located just outside of the corporation of Newark. Price $13,000, or would take a medium priced residence in exchange. Owner is getting old, and wishes to retire from business. Correspond with agency.

No. 25. Farm, 52 acres, three miles north-west of Newark, N.Y. A good brick house, good barn with basement, 5 acres orcharding in good condition, soil a dark loam, with a few acres of muck. Price $110 per acre, easy payments to suit the buyer.

No. 26. Farm 108 acres; three miles north-east of Newark. Two sets of buildings, two good houses, two barns, two fine young orchards just coming to bearing. This farm can be divided about equally, as a road passes between the two sets of buildings. Price of whole $10,000; for sale only, no exchange.

No. 27. Farm 222 acres, a very fine brick residence, 34X44, with additions, large barns in first class condition. 20 acres of fine orcharding. This is one of the best farms in Wayne county, located 2 miles south of Sodus village post-office. Price $85 per acre. Correspond with agency at once.

No. 32. Farm 150 acres, 2 miles south-west of Newark. Fine residence, also good tenant house. A part of this farm is located in Wayne and a part in Ontario county - the county line passing about mid-way through it. Choice land, none better. Has 4 acres apple orchard, 10 acres quince orchard. This farm must be seen to be appreciated. Those wishing a desirable home should correspond with this agency at once.

No. 33. Farm 164 acres, 2 miles north of N.Y.C.R.R. depot, Newark. Good dwelling, new barn, also large tenant house and hay barn. This is a choice farm for either grain or stock raising. 4 acres apple orchard, small fruits in abundance, such as pears, cherries, peaches, quinces and grapes. Will exchange for a small farm or house and lot in village as the owner is out of health.

No. 40. Farm 20 acres, 2 miles north east of Newark, on which is a new house and barn, 5 to 6 acres of berries in bearing, good well, good cistern, etc. Price $3,000. Will sell or exchange for a larger farm or village property.

No. 43. Small farm of 28 acres, 3 miles south of Newark, good soil, good location, will sell or exchange for house and lot in Newark.

No. 49. Farm 75 acres, located six miles south of Newark, ______ ____ with basement. Very handy. Road passes through farm so that 1/3 is on the east side and 2/3 on the west side of highway. Two acres of apple orchard and 5 to 6 acres of timber. Will exchange for a medium priced house and lot in Newark. Price $70 acre. Correspond with agency.

No. 51. Small farm of 13 acres, just west of N.Y.C. Depot at Newark. House and barn, 6 acres of raspberries, 1 acre of strawberries. Will sell for $2,000, or will exchange for a larger farm.

No. 60. For sale very cheap, 25 acres of land, located near Mud Pond in Arcadia. This property must and will be sold cheap to close an estate. 10 acres of this mostly cedar timber, some black ash, balance cleared. Here is a chance to make money, and a great bargain, with title perfect. See this agency.

No. 64. Farm 80 acres 6 miles north of Newark, town of Arcadia, on which is good house, large grain barn and horse barn, corn house and shop, 192 young apple trees in bearing, small fruits in abundance. Price, $85 per acre.

No. 66. Farm 106 acres, fine brick house, good grain and horse barn, young orchard of eighty-five trees in bearing, also another orchard of 1 acres in splendid shape. This is a chance that seldom occurs, as this farm was never offered before. Price $10,000. About three miles south of Newark.

No. 70. 35 acre farm south side of Newark, bordering on corporation.


Successor to
Offers a Big Assortment of Hardware.
Old Location - No. 15 Main St. - West Side.
Newark, N.Y.

Complete Stock of Boots & Shoes.
First door east of Post-office.
Newark, N.Y.

*S.N. KEENER, Architect,
Office in Rowland Block, Newark, N.Y.

Newark, N.Y.

Newark and Lyons, N.Y.

Newark, N.Y.

Drugs and Medicines
Sign: Illuminated Mortar.

Warranted Clear Havana. Free from Artificial Flavor.
Manufactured by
P.H. KENNEDY, Newark.

Dealer in Phosphates,
Homestead, Pacific Guano and Buffalo Brands;
Also, Champion Mowers and Reapers, Self Binders
And Champion Rakes.
Parties in Wayne County correspond with me and get prices.
Office, N.Y.C.R.R., Newark.

Dealer in Groceries and Crockery
Fine Teas a Specialty

Dealer in Furniture & Undertaking

Lyons, N.Y.
H.W. Evans, Proprietor.

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