Newark, New York

Fourth Quarter - 1910

These listings are for St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Newark. The diagram was a large paper with the pews drawn. The names were typewritten in each pew. Apparently it was something that was distributed to church members. Some of the names appear to be mis-spelled but they are as written.

Allyn Hess Perry
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Newark, New York

Fourth Quarter - 1910

Backens, Edmund
Bailey, Frank
Bayaret, M.
Beck, John
Berringan, James
Bomeline, Henry
Bomeline, Leo.
Bostwick, Mrs. Thos.
Bradley, Dennis
Bradley, James
Brown, Patrick
Brown, Richard
Buck, Mrs. Chas.
Burke, J.H.
Burns, Eliza
Burns, Mrs. A.
Burns, Thos.

Cakebeke, Philip
Calacino, A.
Camp, David
Camp, Peter
Campe, Emma
Clouse, Mrs. C.A.
Connor, Elia
Corey, Mrs.
Cornelis, Edw.
Cosgrove, Mrs. M.
Cosgrove, Mrs. Thos.
Costello, Michael
Craine, Jacob
Criel, Alois
Critelli, Cath.
Crowe, Patrick
Curtin, Anna

Dale, Alice
Dale, Augustina
DeBaere, Chas.
DeCoster, Chas.
DeCoster, Mrs. C.
DeFrayne, Mrs.
DeLoose, Thos.
DeMay, Peter
DeMott, M.
DePauw, C.
DePauw, Jacob
DePauw, Leo
DeVaney, Mrs. Mary
DeVelder, Chas.
DeVelder, Frank
DeWeaver, August
DeWeaver, Frank Sr.
DeWert, Leonard
DeWilde, Andrew
DeWilde, Chas.
DeWindt, August
DesCamps, Angelus
Decker, Mrs. Jacob
Dee, B.J.
Denis, Aaugust
Denning, Patrick
Donck, Frank
Donck, Mrs. Leonard
Donnatelli, Geo.
Downs, James J.
Downs, Michael
Driscoll, M.
Driscoll, Timothy
Dugan, Anna

Eagen, T.W.

Fanning, Benj.
Farrell, Rose
Finewood, Emil
Finewood, Jacob
Flatley, M.
Flood, Nicholas

Galens, Ed.
Gavin, M.
Gibbons, Mary
Gibbons, Rose
Grieves, Clara
Grieves, Mrs. T.
Gray, Mrs. Peter

Hale, Mrs. W.A.
Herenon, Mrs. M.
Hoebert, Ed.
Howard, Mrs.
Howley, F.M.
Hurton, Mrs. Thos.

Jaansens, Cornelius
Johnson, Winifred

Kennedy, J.J.
Klefeker, Mrs. C.
Krebbecks, Bernard

Lally, Margaret
Lally, Mrs.
Lamens, Dominicus

McCarthy, J.H.
McDermott, John
McDermott, Thos.
McDonald, Dr. N.L.
McDonnell, Anna
McEvoy, Mrs. Ed.
McEvoy, Peter
McGauley, Stephen
McGinness, M.
McGory, Frances
Maartens, Jacob
Maartens, John
Maartens, Peter
Martin, John
Miller, Mrs. Wm.
Monahan, John
Mooney, Martha
Moran, John
Morrissey, Dr. J.A.
Morrissey, Michael
Murphy, James

Nayaert, Chas.
Newman, Adam
Nieskes, Peter
Nolan, Eva

O'Connell, Mrs. Cath.
O'Conner, W.J.
O'Hara, Thomas
Ostrye, Barbara

Parys, August
Parys, Jacob
Parys, John
Parys, Peter
Parys, Peter
Plyghter, Mrs. Jas.

Quirk, M.

Rehklau, Mrs. D.
Ringwood, M.
Roche, Thos.
Roche, W.B.
Roots, John
Ross, Chas.
Rotella, James

Scully, Mrs. Cath.
Seider, Mrs. E.
Serens, Philip
Shannon, Mrs. Julia
Shannon, William
Siegrist, Mrs. A.
Slater, Thomas
Smith, Mrs. S.
Snyder, J.C.

Tackley, Chas.
Talboo, John
Toner, James
Torrey, Mrs. Fred
Torrey, Mrs. H.

VandenHemel, August
Vanderbrook, Jacob
Vandermoortel, E.
Vandermoortel, Jacob
Vandermoortel, Louis
VanDura, Frank
VanParys, Louis
VerCrouse, Edw.
Vermaere, August
Ververs, August
Ververs, Frank

Wade, Mrs. B.
Wade, Thos.
Waegh, Louis
Walsh, Patrick
Webber, Sebastian
Weifles, Edmund
White, P.S.
Wiebelt, Joseph
Wiebelt, Joseph

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